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Christmas lights without the fuss: Hire a pro like Shack Shine Mississauga

November 5, 2020

When I was a little girl, my dad would climb up a tall ladder and install the Christmas lights on our house. I’ll never forget that magical feeling when they were first turned on and everything was bathed in warm, colourful light.

Years later and now it’s my turn to create that festive magic for my little ones. In our house hanging the Christmas lights marks the start of the holiday season.

Except that tall ladders and I don’t mix.

And tall ladders and my hubby don’t mix.

We moved into our house in 2018 and that first Christmas we wrapped lights around our porch. We did our best and it looked OK, but it didn’t feel… right.

Last Christmas we had a newborn. DIY-ing lights simply wasn’t happening.

Enter Paul, Sam and Aman from Shack Shine Mississauga—aka Santa’s helpers.

Shack Shine Mississauga is a family run business led by local dad Paul Molinaro. Custom Christmas light installation is one of their most popular seasonal offerings, along with gutter cleaning, window cleaning and power washing.

We hired Shack Shine to do a proper light installation. They came to our house for a free consultation to discuss design, colours and cost, and then returned a few days later to custom fit and professionally install beautiful coloured lights on our house.

The quality of the lights is amazing. Shack Shine uses only high-quality, commercial-grade and energy efficient lights in their installations—no old or store-bought lights. One of my biggest gripes with LEDs is how cold and stark they can look. These were much warmer in tone than the store-bought LEDs we used the year before.

We were also able to custom pick the exact colour combination we wanted. You can do all white or any of the colours. We went for the rainbow look—the nostalgia from my childhood and my eldest daughter’s love of colour.

This year we had Shack Shine Mississauga back. The lights had been fit from the previous year, so it was a quick install expertly tackled by Paul, Sam and Aman. And the best part—they also offer a removal service, so they’ll be back in March to take them down!

Another impressive part worth highlighting is their customer service. Last year one of our green bulbs burnt out. We emailed Paul to let him know and by the time I got home from work the next day it had been fixed. That’s part of their guarantee—they return to fix burnt out lights at no additional cost.

And—it needs to be said—staying inside on a cold day while a professional is outside safely installing your Christmas lights, well, that is some holiday magic this mama can get behind!

We look forward to having Paul and the Shack Shine Mississauga team back next year to do it again.

For more information about Shack Shine Mississauga’s Christmas light installation service, visit To receive a free, on-site estimate call 1-888-808-7751.

✨We are spreading some holiday cheer with Shack Shine Mississauga. Enjoy 10% off of installation and take down this year! Use promo code SSMommy10 when booking.✨


Christmas Light Installation

Christmas lights made easy

Shack Shine’s Christmas lights are no ordinary big box store lights! Our commercial-grade lights are 100% customized to your home. We measure and cut the lights to fit your unique roofline and landscaping. You can choose from various shapes and colors with products that range from traditional to contemporary.

Our professional-grade lights are LED, super-bright, and energy-efficient. In fact, they utilize less energy than your typical store-bought Christmas lights. When you purchase and install your lights with Shack Shine, rest assured that you are purchasing high-quality lights that shine brighter and last longer than your typical retail Christmas lights. It’s a smart investment that will keep your house looking lovely for many holiday seasons to come. When we return each year, you won’t have to buy new lights—you’ll only pay for installation and takedown after the first year. 

Our design experts work with you to create the perfect display for your home. Our outdoor Christmas light installation service includes roof lines, landscaping, fences, windows, and trim, which means you’re not limited when it comes to design. We can add lights to trees, gardens, structures, and just about any other surface. We have several different types of lights and accent features that will turn your whole yard into a winter wonderland! Be sure to ask our design experts about options for add-on features during your consultation.

Christmas light products we offer

At Shack Shine, we offer a variety of light and decoration options, so that you get the perfect light display for your home

  • Custom-cut holiday light strings
  • Flood lights
  • Curtain lights
  • RGB lights
  • Deluxe holiday wreaths 
  • Decorative garlands
  • Decorative spheres

Christmas light installation FAQs

Q: Do I have to pay for installation and takedown?

A: When you book Shack Shine’s Christmas light installation services, you’re getting the installation, takedown and the lights themselves bundled all into one, high-value package!

Q: How early can I have my lights installed?

A: As early as you like! Want to throw a Christmas party in July? We’ll be there.

Q: Can you install lights on my property or just my house?

A: Our Christmas light installation services are not limited to just your home. We can add lights to trees, gardens, fences, and just about any other surface you desire!

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Decking the halls is a booming business

Interest has skyrocketed in recent years, and businesses say orders for twinkling festiveness are pouring in.

“I’ve watched (business) grow every year,” said Scott Martin, a division manager at ABC Home & Commercial Services. “Everybody loves holiday lights on their house, but not everybody loves the hassle and danger.”’

Companies say a strong economy is behind the boom, and more people are discovering they can hire someone else to do the job. The convenience is appealing, especially to busy parents, retirees and people who don’t want to spend their free time tinkering around the house. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a glittering display?

At ABC, Martin oversees holiday lights in addition to other home and lawn services in Austin, San Antonio, College Station and Corpus Christi. The company has installed more than 3,400 lighting packages this year across all four cities, and over 1,000 in the Alamo City alone, he said.

“We have such a strong economy right now,” Martin said. “Hanging Christmas lights is a luxury.”

Homeowners will pay at least $350, and the majority of jobs fall between $700 and $1,800, Martin said. But the price goes down after the first year, when people buy the lights and other materials. The vast majority of clients, he said, are repeat customers in part because they’ve already made the initial investment.

Business is so brisk that Marcus DeFosset, who runs Holiday Cheer Lights with his father Tom DeFosset, said they stopped advertising five or six years ago.

They’ve outfitted dozens of homes and businesses this year, primarily in Olmos Park, Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills, which translates to more than 5,000 lights. For first-time customers, the average cost ranges from $750 to $1,000. Some of the bigger jobs can reach north of $15,000.

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The economy has helped, and more people seem to be springing for holiday decor, DeFosset said, adding, “More and more people are realizing they can hire someone to do this.”

Preparation begins long before the holiday season. Businesses start ordering bulbs and cords that come in 1,000-foot bolts as early as April. Salespeople work with customers to come up with designs, which are diagrammed for those hanging the lights. The possibilities are almost endless, though getting a house to look like Clark Griswold’s might be a little difficult, Martin said, referring to the holiday light-obsessed character in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

Installers book up fast and start arriving with ladders and spools in the fall. Depending on the display, hanging the lights can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.

While hiring someone to put up your display remains pricey, Martin said, a shift from incandescent bulbs to LED lights has lowered costs. They last longer and don’t use as much electricity.

Hanging the lights is only the first of several steps, said Ruben Balderas, an ABC employee who was stringing lights Friday at a San Antonio home. With deer stepping on cords, squirrels chewing through wire and changes in the weather, there’s plenty of maintenance to be done.

Though he just got into the light-hanging business, Adam Snouffer said it’s been a busy season so far. He wanted to start his own company after leaving the military, and decided to become a Shack Shine franchisee in San Antonio last year. Shack Shine has locations across the country and offers an assortment of home-detailing services.

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Snouffer has done about 55 installations this season, with the cost for a new customer ranging from $800 to $1,200. Business is “excellent,” and it’s a fun job, he said.

While hanging Christmas lights may sound easy enough, it’s harder than it looks, the professionals say. For example, hanging lights from tree branches requires a lot of wiring and plugs, DeFosset said. The lights have to be straight. Garlands and wreaths can be more of a challenge. Then there’s the clambering up and down the ladders.

But you can absolutely tell the difference with a professional’s handiwork, Martin maintains.

“The bulbs are lined up and in place,” he said.

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Christmas Light Installation by Shack Shine

Shack Shine Blog

The holiday season is upon us, and if you haven’t gotten around to putting up your Christmas lights yet, it’s not too late! If you’re looking over at your neighbor’s elaborate display and wondering how you’ll ever manage to top it, don’t worry. We’ve got some great ideas to help you create your best light display yet. (And it doesn’t have to be all that hard, either!)

Christmas Light Decorating Ideas

Before you get started, you’ll need to make a big decision: white lights or colored lights. If you ask around, you’ll probably find that people have very firm opinions about which is better. Of course, it all depends on your personal style.

For those who favor minimalist designs, white lights are the way to go. The soft glow of white lights creates a truly magical look and definitely creates a winter wonderland vibe. White lights are simple, classic, and elegant.

On the other side of the coin, we have those who love to bring colored lights into their holiday decor. Multicolored lights offer up a festive and fun look that instantly puts you in the holiday spirit. With colorful lights, you have a ton of design options, too. For a more traditional look, you can go with the classic rainbow style strings of red, yellow, green, and blue. If you want a more unique design, try pairing red and white together for a candy cane inspired display. Or, you can pick strands of all one color for something a little different. The possibilities are endless!

Keep it simple

Not everyone is into having the flashiest house on the block, with elaborate displays featuring tons of accessories. If you want to be festive but not over the top, go with a classic outline design. Simply string lights along the roof, gutters, windows, and doors—this is a great way to show off the architectural elements of your home for the season. For the most minimal version of this look, you can simply go with the roof line on its own. From there, you can add more lights as you go if you decide you want to show off more of your home.

The perfect porch

Looking to build onto your basic light display? If you’ve got a front porch, it’s the perfect place to start. Highlight it by stringing lights around the edges of the roof, along the railings, and around the front door.

Create some contrast

If you have any particular elements of your house or yard that you want to highlight, consider using different colored lights for certain pieces. For example, you could use all white lights on your house, and multi-colored lights along a fence or on shrubbery. This creates some contrast and draws the eye to each individual element.

Showcase your trees

Trees look incredibly beautiful when they’re all lit up, no matter what size and type you might have in your yard. There are a couple of different ways to do it, and you can adapt these ideas to several different types of trees. For a more simple look, you can just string lights through the branches. However, if you really want to show them off, try wrapping the trees with multiple light strands. To do this, you’ll need to wrap the strand of lights around the base of the tree, and continue up, wrapping larger branches. Once your tree is wrapped, you can string additional lights through the upper branches for a truly magical design that will make your house truly stand out.

Go Christmas crazy

If you’ve ever seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, then you know what it means to go full Griswold. (Of course, your version won’t cause a large scale power outage!) If you’re ready to go beyond the outlines, it’s time to invest in more strands of lights. Anything is possible—if bigger is better in your world, you can incorporate pretty much all the ideas we’ve mentioned above. You can cover every inch of the front of your house in lights, and even extend them into your yard, winding around bushes and trees. It’s like turning your home into a real-life gingerbread house!

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Prices shack shine christmas lights

“Keep Calm and Hire a Cleaning Service!”

Some of our dearest friends just started a new business called Shack Shine and we are so excited for them for lots of reasons! First, they are such hard working people, we know the business will be a huge success. Second, we have already put them to good use and we can verify that their service is exceptional! House detailing & Christmas Lights with Shack Shine is now easier than ever!

House Detailing & Christmas Lights with Shack Shine

What is Shack Shine?Shack Shine specializes in window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing and even Christmas lights (cue the praise hands)! Since we recently remodeled our windows were extremely dirty, so it was perfect timing to have them come and clean. I honestly can’t believe how filthy our windows and doors had gotten, but when I saw the black streaming down it wasn’t hard to debate.

Here are some of the “BEFORE” photos…

House Detailing & Christmas Lights with Shack Shine

Here are some of the guys hard at work…

House Detailing & Christmas Lights with Shack Shine

House Detailing & Christmas Lights with Shack Shine

House Detailing & Christmas Lights with Shack Shine

They come with everything they need to clean, including their own water purifier so that it doesn’t leave any streaks or spots behind. They have the highest quality brushes and water fed poles to hand scrub any areas that may be more delicate. And don’t worry, no window is too tall, they can do them all.

The “AFTER” was astonishing! The house had so much more natural light, I couldn’t believe the difference it made!

House Detailing & Christmas Lights with Shack Shine

House Detailing & Christmas Lights with Shack Shine

House Detailing & Christmas Lights with Shack Shine

House Detailing & Christmas Lights with Shack Shine

Shack Shine also does Christmas lights and here are a few reasons they are different from the rest…

Custom fit to your home’s exact specifications. No ugly piles of extra cord hidden behind bushes.

Commercial grade lights are much brighter and durable than store-bought. No shattered bulbs at your house! If a bulb does happen to burn out, they will come right out and replace it.

Custom designed to your liking. All white lights? No problem! Loving multicolored? Easy! Want Red and Green lights only, or any other color pattern? They can do it!

They will install, take down lights AND store them for you all year, and then come back again next year and reinstall. Cost is lower the following years because you’ve already paid for the equipment.

Saves you so much time and stress to allow you to do the things you really want to do to prepare for Christmas, like spending time with family!

So what are you waiting for? Get your house detailing & Christmas lights with Shack Shine!! Go call Shack Shine today to get your FREE ESTIMATE! And tell BJ Purvis I sent you!;)

Want to see more of our home before we started construction? Check out THIS BLOG POST.



Shack Shine Christmas Lights

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