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Living Room Paint Colors Storyteller Sherwin Williams Sea Creatures Sherwin Williams Icy Br Paint Colors For Living Room Living Room Paint Paint Colors

Calm Breeze Kelly Moore Click The Image To See Similiar Colors By Other Brands Valspar Dutch Boy Paint Dutch Boy

Calm Breeze Kelly Moore Click The Image To See Similiar Colors By Other Brands Valspar Dutch Boy Paint Dutch Boy

Billowy Breeze Relaxed Khaki Pearly White Mountain Air Sherwin Williams Color Palette Sherwin Williams Paint Colors Paint Color Inspiration

Billowy Breeze Relaxed Khaki Pearly White Mountain Air Sherwin Williams Color Palette Sherwin Williams Paint Colors Paint Color Inspiration

Zephyr Breeze Dutch Boy Kelly Moore Paint Glidden Paint House Paint Exterior

Zephyr Breeze Dutch Boy Kelly Moore Paint Glidden Paint House Paint Exterior

Wall Breeze 552 Bench And Wooden Panels Discrete 10429 Home Living Room Home Decor Coffee Table

Wall Breeze 552 Bench And Wooden Panels Discrete 10429 Home Living Room Home Decor Coffee Table

Gentle Breeze By Clark Kensington Exterior Paint Colors Aqua Paint Colors Paint Colors

Gentle Breeze By Clark Kensington Exterior Paint Colors Aqua Paint Colors Paint Colors

Morning Breeze Olympic Lighter Color Sherwin Williams Paint Colors Green Paint Colors Matching Paint Colors

Morning Breeze Olympic Lighter Color Sherwin Williams Paint Colors Green Paint Colors Matching Paint Colors

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Ocean Breeze 1042 By Clark Kensington Wall Color Best Exterior Paint Exterior Paint Green Exterior Paints

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Bahama Breeze Paint Color Bahama Breeze Paint Colors Color

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Discover your coastal decorating style

From dated “Peanut Butter” to Beachy Blue, a Master Bedroom gets a needed paint makeover

One of my most favorite and easiest ways to add coastal style to a home is PAINT!

My mother used to say: “A coat of paint is a wonderful thing.” It’s true.

Without spending a ton of cash you can transform a space without being fully committed.

Hate it later? Paint over it.

This goes for walls, floors, and furniture too.

You can’t say the same for an expensive piece of custom upholstered furniture. Note to self: Make a slipcover for that ugly, what were you thinking, Colonial floral Wing Chair. (It was the 80s. Need I say more?)

Paint your WALLS

Let’s start with the largest room surface — walls — because it will make the biggest impact for cheap money.

A well chosen paint color on your walls sets the tone for the entire room.

Which is why, after much deliberation,  I chose Sherwin-Williams Tradewind for my bedroom.

Wanting a calm and serene feeling of a coastal blue-gray-green color (focus on blue) I went back and forth between Sherwin-Williams Tradewind (SW 6218) and Sea Salt (SW 6204), my first choice.

Although my eye went to Sea Salt, it had been noted by several bloggers, and on the Sherwin-Williams website, that green is the dominant color.

I’m leaning more towards blue for the bedroom…but Sea Salt keeps whispering “pick me!” For crying out loud, it’s just a can of paint, right?

Sherwin Williams Tradewind paint color | Top beachy blue color by interior designers |

But, I’ve never met a blue I liked.

If I sound a bit hesitant still, it’s because my EVERY attempt at painting walls “blue” has resulted in one disaster after another.

Then I read The Best Paint Colors for Beach House Bedrooms in Coastal Living Magazine and saw that Tradewind was a top pick among interior designers. I started to get hopeful with this blue color paint.

Lastly, I watched the instructional video from KylieMInteriors comparing my two paint color choices. Since all the house trim color is already Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC 117) she said it’s the better choice for Tradewind.

Work with what you have

The master bedroom faces both north and west,
has vaulted ceilings and gets lots of natural light (thanks to two skylights) plus four windows.

Its current wall color is a very dated Peanut Butter from Behr Paints (270F-4). It’s been fourteen years (yikes) since the room has been painted. Back then I was newly experimenting with a “beachy” decor. Maybe thinking it resembled dune grass….now all I see is dead dune grass!

I rocked the whole monochromatic theme…walls, carpet, bedding, curtains…all shades of peanut butter. Was that ever “a thing”?

Right now I’m saving up for hardwood to replace the worn Berber carpet (it’s peanut buttery too) so I needed a paint color to complement the beach house vision in my head.

The furniture is dark. A pine armoire hides the TV. Two identical side tables flank a metal framed headboard. My current bed cover is a white cotton coverlet, because it’s dog friendly and washable.

Pick a color already!

Time for a change. Time to make a decision. Something lighter and brighter. Something blue-ish and beachy! It’s only a can of paint, right?

My heart is still with Sea Salt, but based on all the information and my lean towards more blue than green, I purchased 4 gallons of Tradewind.

Fingers crossed…

Sherwin Williams Tradewind Color Chart

Finding the “right” color is tricky

But finding the “right” color is more than a matter of taste. You need to take into account a few things like:

  • Sun exposure
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling
  • Furniture

Any of these may turn some paint colors into a shade you don’t like.

Case in point: We have red oak hardwood floors in the living room. I desired a pale yellow wall color, something subtle that would go with anything in the room.

Once up on the wall, the red in the wood messed with the yellow in the paint. Uh-oh.

Remember color combinations from first grade? Red and yellow make orange! Not the look I was going for.

After a few more “yellow” attempts I settled on Barely Beige CC-140 from Benjamin Moore and have repainted the same color twice in 14 years. It picks up just enough of a warm beige yellow without any brown you’d associate with “beige”. It’s an easy to live with neutralthat (still) fits in nicely with the coastal makeover look I’m after for the entire house.

So sometimes choosing the right color is a bit of trial and error.

Tradewind complements the expansive sky of the shoreline and encapsulates the ocean’s breeze. The way light dances off this color creates an aqueous environment and a serene space for rest.Lathem Gordon and Cate Dunning of GordonDunning Interior Design in Atlanta, Georgia;

Sherwin-Williams Tradewind Details

Here are a few things to keep in mind about this color:

  • It has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 63 which means it will reflect a lot of light and brighten your room.
  • There are lots of gray and green undertones to Tradewind. It’s on the cool side rather than warm. Sherwin Williams classifies the color under BLUE.
  • It will change color depending on other elements in your room.

Are you color phobic? No worries. Download our free DIY Guide: How to Pick Coastal Colors…in 5 easy steps.

Bedrooms painted in Tradewind


Cottage Bedroom | Sherwin Williams Tradewind paint color |

Shop the Look:

The bed in above photo (shown in queen) is from Legacy Classic Furniture – Summer Breeze collection. It’s also available in Twin and Full size.

Cottage Bedroom Set ideas from WAYFAIR

Shop the Look:

Blue Slipper Chair similar to this one from World Market. 

See more Coastal Blue Accent Chairs under $200.

I love the “Follow Your Heart” wall art sign. See how I make lettering without any fancy equipment in this blog post. Pick your favorite quote and have fun. Use a reclaimed wood piece or buy a ready made stretch canvas at a craft’s supply store like Michael’s.

There are so many ways to turn a favorite quote into a unique and memorable piece of wall or table art. Be creative! Have fun.

To replicate the artwork in the photo first download the

“Follow Your Heart” FREE PRINTABLE.

Here’s an Idea!

Print the image on 8 1/2″ x 11″ heavy paper or card stock, frame it and place on a bedside table as a sweetdreams reminder.

Here’s an Idea!

Upload the image to Shutterfly. They offer a 5″ x 7.5″ wrapped canvas print with an easel back. What a cute and inspirational gift idea for children, college bound students, people starting a new life chapter.

Here’s an Idea!

Print the image on large paper stock at a copy shop, like Staples. Frame it as you would any poster.

Here’s an Idea!

For a more substantial art piece consider a print on canvas place like and then frame it, or not.

Here’s a great DIY Idea!

Alternately, use a different lettering font. Print out the quote and use a projector to transfer the image directly on to a wall, your own canvas or piece of wood. Trace the image freehand.

Shop the Look:

Wall Sconces ideas from Birch Lane

Oval Ottoman ideas from Overstock

To prime the walls or not?

Depending on the color of your walls you may need to prime them before painting.

After testing Tradewind on “peanut butter” I decided the walls needed to be primed. I used BEHR primer for its low VOC. It gave off barely any odor, but please open the windows.

What a shock to wake up to blinding b-r-i-g-h-t white walls!

I forged ahead and painted one coat of Tradewind on one wall and then went over it again before it dried.

This wet on wet painting technique is used by fine art painters. I learned it from the professional who originally painted the walls before we moved in. Give it a try sometime rather than waiting a day to see if the walls need a second coat.

With all that, in the morning I didn’t love it. Frankly, it was a bit too blue for me. Then as the day went on and the sun moved around, the green undertones came out. Hmmm, I thought. This blue has promise.

I’m still dreaming of Sea Salt but charged forward with three more walls.

And here’s the result…

Bedroom painted with Sherwin-Williams Tradewind paint color |

What do you think of the color? I’m kind of loving it! Time to move on to the next room.

Take the Mini Makeover Challenge

Shop the Look of my Bedroom:

Brisa Slat Headboard purchased at local furniture store. I found the exact bed (for $100 less) at August Grove.

Soft Cotton Woven Throw was a steal at $20 from Home Goods.

White Coverlet similar to Abigail Quilt from Taylor Linens 

Blue & Green Coral Pillows at Kohl’s

Nautical Net Table Lamp is from Beachcrest Home. (Forgot to remove the plastic wrapping from the shade…oops).

Wall Paint Color is, of course,  SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Tradewind. Find the paint at a Sherwin-Williams store or at HGTV Home(TM) by Sherwin-Williams at Lowe’s.

Conch Shell is from a beachcombing day on Sanibel Island in Florida. If you enjoy shelling, check out these 15 best shelling and beachcombing beaches in Florida.

What's Your Coastal Style? Take the QUIZ

Other Posts you will like:

HOW TO PICK COASTAL PAINT COLORS– be color phobic no more! 5 easy steps to choosing colors like a pro. This step by step method will up your decorating game plan.

DIY BEACH COTTAGE COFFEE TABLE FROM WOOD PALLET– I created this coffee table from a rescued from the dumpster wood pallet. A bit of leftover TRADEWIND paint helped create the striped FINISH of the table top. Super easy. Sturdy. Appropriate for any beach house decor style, especially COTTAGE or COASTAL FARMHOUSE.

10 Popular Coastal Design Styles: How to Get the Look You Love (wherever you live)

Coastal Blue Accent Chairs Under $200


P.S. We want your browsing experience to be a great one. Find an error, missing or broken product link? Contact me here and I’ll fix it. Thank you!

Sherwin-Williams Tradewind Paint Color

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Best Home Decor Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

This paint color series will help walk you through some of the most popular home decor paint colors, along with some of my own personal picks. Today Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams is up—learn all about this color and how it will look in different rooms and lightings.

One of the most popular paint colors out there is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. It's a versatile blue/green/gray color, perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens! #seasalt #paintcolors #homedecorideas #homedecordiy #diyhomedecor #paint

When I hear “sea salt”, my mind always goes to the ocean. The color of the blue-green water mixed with cool gray undertones with a hint of warmth from sand and sun is a picture that’s not awfully far off from the paint color Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See my full disclosure policy here.

Not only is this paint color absolutely gorgeous, but it happens to be one of the most popular paint colors for a home. This is one of the blue paint colors that always makes me stop mid-scroll and re-examine a room. As much as I love my whites and grays, Sea Salt brings a welcome pop of moody color to any space.

NOTE: If you’re painting the room yourself, these tools will help tremendously. And this post will give you my best tips for painting a room in 5 easy steps. And if you’re ever confused about which paint sheen to use, this post will tell you which paint finish works in each room!

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Undertones

First, a word to the wise. Do not get the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint color mixed up with the Benjamin Moore Sea Salt color. They are very different and you’ll be disappointed if you have your heart set on one and end up with a few buckets of the other.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt has slightly cool, almost warm undertones that make the blue-gray hue quite livable. Like many other colors, Sea Salt is a chameleon color, which means it will look different in each room and lighting setting as different undertones are shown.

For example, the green hue is highlighted when Sea Salt is in a room with warm bulbs. However, in a room with diffused, filtered light, the color can appear more green/blue or even blue-ish.

A Simple Peachy Summer Kitchen with gorgeous open shelves, turquoise plates, peach stems and fiddle leaf fig

When Sea Salt is in a brightly lit room, the color becomes washed out. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it means the color becomes very light and subtle, which is important to know if you are shooting for a bold, moody hue. Of course, once the lights are switched off or the sun sets, the color changes. Isn’t paint fun? Yes!!

For this reason, I always recommend trying a sample in your home before painting the whole room! I like to paint a poster board or two with the sample color, then hang it on different walls through the room at different times of the day to see how the light plays with the color.

What Colors Coordinate with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

If you are looking for a complementary color to go with this shade, you have several popular options from Sherwin Williams, including

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in Different Rooms

Ready to see some examples of Sea Salt? I have them broken down by different rooms throughout the home, so you can see how the hue looks in different spaces and lighting.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in Kitchens

The kitchen is always my favorite spot to start. I LOVE Sea Salt in a kitchen—so much so that it’s the shade I chose for my own kitchen after a long debate of which color to choose.

Plus, this is a great example of the different shades Sea Salt can give off in different lighting. In my kitchen, the color looks blue-gray as you can see below.

However, in my eat-in kitchen, the Sea Salt looks decidedly more green on the wall on the right and a light gray color on the left. Fascinating stuff, right?

I love how Sea Salt turned out in the kitchen M Is For Mama put together. It adds the perfect shade of neutral blue-green to her space. The cabinets, by the way, are Sherwin Williams Dover Gray – they look fantastic together!

If you are a bit hesitant about painting your entire kitchen this shade, take a page out of How to Nest For Less’ book and use a gallon to cover a kitchen accent wall instead.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in Bathrooms

Sea Salt was practically made to be shown off in the bathroom. It adds a clean, water-y vibe to the space, which is perfect for an area right around the tub, like this gorgeous bathroom from Studio McGee.

If you love a costal vibe, you definitely need to give Sea Salt a try. Check out this soothing bathroom from Artsy Chics Rule—she definitely nails the costal cottage look.

Sea Salt in Living Rooms

If you’re looking for a livable green color in the living room, this could be the one! After seeing this gorgeous living room from Sand and Sisal, I have this color on my short list if I ever repaint our living room.

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams for Front Doors

Lastly, if you are unsure of where to add this fun color, try giving your home some major curb appeal by using it on your front door. You can paint the exterior only, or do both sides like this pretty home from Bria Hammel Interiors did.

Love this gorgeous front door painted with Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams!

As you can see, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt looks awesome wherever it ends up. Have I convinced you to give this fun color a try?

More of the Best Home Decor Paint Colors:

Tips for Painting a Room Yourself

I’ve gathered some of the best tools for painting a room yourself. First of all, you’ll want to check out this post I wrote: Painting a Room in 5 Easy Steps. These tools are the top tools I use when painting my own rooms, which is how they get painted 95% of the time!

  • Paint Brush – These paint brushes are a little more expensive than your basic brush, but they’re worth it! I’ve used these brushes for more than a decade and if you wash them out well after each use, they will last for years.
  • Painter’s Tape – a MUST have for taping off edges. You’ll need to tape off all edges if you don’t have a steady hand.
  • Drop Cloths – a must have if you don’t have any laying around the house already.
  • Paint cup – Sure you could use any old cup, but I’ve come to swear by this one. The magnetic piece holds your brush cleanly in place when you need to take a break. And it fits my hand perfectly, keeping it from cramping.
  • Roller Tray – I’ve found the only paint tray I’ll ever use again. The magnetic piece is great for holding the roller in place. And the liners are a luxury, but I won’t paint without them because it makes clean up a breeze!


COOL GRAY PAINT COLORS - Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

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Bedroom Color Ideas from Sherwin-Williams - Pottery Barn

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