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These DIY Fortnite Halloween Costumes Will Stand Out In A Crowd Of Cosplayers

My son is absolutely obsessed with Fortnite. He doesn't just play it, he watches people on YouTube play it, he acts it out with his friends, and all of his writing homework has had a distinctly Fortnite theme for some time now. Needless to say, when it came to choosing a Halloween costume, he was pretty dead set on any number of potential Fortnite characters. Of course, that meant I immediately tried to figure out the best easy DIY Fortnite costumes, because, I am not heading into a Halloween store this close to the holiday. I don't have that kind of patience.

Honestly, unless you are a truly gifted cosplayer, there are some Fortnite skins you're just not going to be able to replicate at home. Character skins like Valkyrie and Venturion would require multiple layers of shaped foam and fabric and hours of close attention to detail. However, the simpler skins, like Rapscallion or Far Out Man, are a bit easier to assemble if you know where to look. Also, pay close attention to styling. If you need to, certain elements can be easily painted on using fabric paint and require basically no tailoring whatsoever. Plus, if you make your own costumes, you can avoid the very real possibility of having the same popular disguise as at least half of the other trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood.

If you want to stay current, we're in the 6th Season of Fortnite, and the character skins are more elaborate than ever. Thankfully, the rare skins and epic skins remain the same, as well as the old favorites, so there's plenty to choose from.


Scoundrel And Rapscallion

Century Star Unisex Kids Knit Slouchy Hat ($9, Amazon)

SSLR Stripe T-Shirt ($18, Amazon)

BACKBONE Cargo Pants ($10, Amazon)

Lightweight Shin Pads ($13, Amazon)

Scoundrel and Rapscallion are essentially identical, except that one has a mustache. They're dressed like old-school silent film burglars, and the look is easy to put together. You'll just need some black gloves with the fingers cut off, any silly backpack, and a face paint mask, and you're done. Best of all? Most of it is reusable. (Save the gloves you've ruined.)


Agent Rio

Night-vision Glasses ($25, Amazon)

Tie ($12, Amazon)

Elite Tactical Vest Kit, ($8, Amazon)

Pencil Skirt ($23, Amazon)

The great thing about Halloween and Fortnite costumes is that it doesn't matter if it's silly. In this instance, a Nerf tactical vest is just as good (if not better) than a true tactical vest. You're not taking yourself too seriously. Pair this look with a button down, tights, and boots, and you're winning Halloween.



Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket ($15, Amazon)

Ford Cobra Hoodie in Black ($29, Amazon)

Fingerless Gloves Kids ($14, Amazon)

Tactical Boot ($69, Amazon)

This really only works for older kids, as the sweatshirt Maverick wears is loosely based on the Ford Mustang Cobra logo, and those are only sold in adult sizes — but a small for women is a large for boys. Unless you're really good with the printed transfer, that is, in which case you could print out a cobra .png image onto an iron-on patch and apply it to any old black hoodie, and you're good. Also, just assume your kid will be using the boots for other stuff, because there is no such thing as a cheap tactical boot. But, they're great in mud and snow. Add a backpack, and you're good.


Skull Trooper Fortnite Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay & Halloween

Skull Trooper: DIY Cosplay Guide

Take some time off from Fortnite Battle Royale this Halloween to terrorize your neighborhood with a real life Skull Trooper costume!

The Skull Trooper skin is one of the most popular outfits in Fortnite. Released as a limited edition skin for Halloween as part of the Fortnitemares Update, it’s garnered a cult following which has led to many fans demanding its return. But even if you can’t play as Skull Trooper in the game, you can bring the skin to life with this epic Fortnite cosplay.

Skull Trooper wears a black tactical military outfit which has a skeleton painted over it. This is a costume that will be instantly recognizable to any Fortnite fan and is relatively easy to put together.

You can find many of the items to create a high quality Skull Trooper costume in our DIY cosplay guide below:

Skull Trooper Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Skull Trooper from Fortnite Battle Royale


The Skull Trooper wears a white baclava to cover his ears and hair. He also has a skull shape painted on to his face. While there are ready made masks to give you this look, if you really want to get creative you can use white and black face paint to replicate the Skull Trooper’s distinctive look.

Skull Trooper Face Paint Tutorial:


The Skull Trooper wears an all-black military outfit, including a tactical vest, tactical pants and combat boots. A white skeleton shape is painted over the entire outfit to give him the look of a walking skeleton in the darkness of the night.

To put this costume together you will need to find a matching pair of black tactical pants, some black combat boots, black shin guards and tactical gloves. You can use a black and white skeleton body suit underneath this garb to get the right base. Now use some white fabric paint to add the rest of the skeletal elements to the outfit. Simple and fun!


To complete the look you will need just a few more items, including a black scarf, a dog tag necklace and a sickle.

You can purchase custom dog tags and a black looping scarf online or at a military supply store. As for the sickle, you can purchase a sickle prop at a halloween store or try to make your own version using foam, wood or recycled materials.

About Skull Trooper

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Skull Trooper in Action

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Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Unlock Face Paint And Every Other Cosmetic Reward

By Callum ArcherUpdated


Horizon Zero Dawn offers a lot of cosmetic rewards, including face paint. Here's how to unlock them.

Being an open-world action-adventure title, Horizon Zero Dawn is full of weapons and armor for Aloy to use. The majority have their own upgraded versions that slightly alter their appearance, stats, and modification slots. Once New Game+ was introduced, however, Horizon also incentivized players to continue playing the game, including various cosmetic rewards to change Aloy's appearance.

While most of these cosmetic rewards weren't present in the original release of the game, a handful could be obtained before New Game+ was introduced. However, they were much easier to obtain at the time, even on greater difficulties.

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Updated on July 21st, by Kim Dailey: Journeying through Horizon Zero Dawn on the harder difficulties is a long and rather arduous adventure. But throngs of players are taking on the monumental feat of beating the new mode on the hardest difficulty, in part to unlock all of those striking new cosmetic rewards introduced with New Game+. With so many players undertaking this tedious task, our article has been flushed out to meet the rising needs of adventurers everywhere and help them decide which cosmetics to set their sights on.

How To Unlock Face Paint

The main cosmetic rewards that players can obtain in Horizon Zero Dawn are the various face paints that they can use on Aloy and these were one of two cosmetic additions brought in with New Game+. These face paints are all unlocked by completing the game in a New Game+ mode, though each increasing level of difficulty will unlock an additional set of face paints to equip.

For the most part, the face paint patterns are inspired by the various tribes found in Horizon, with most of them being based on the Nora, Carja, and Banuk tribes. Due to their rejection of tribal culture and emphasis on advancing technology, there are no face paint options associated with the Oseram. However, this is fitting with the NPC designs of most Oseram characters.

There's a lot to choose from, so we've sorted them all out for you according to the difficulty level you'll need to beat New Game+ on in order to obtain them.


  1. Nora Scout
  2. Carja Noble
  3. Banuk Aspirant
  4. Nora Seeker

Very Hard

  1. Nora Brave
  2. Carja Champion
  3. Banuk Survivor
  4. Banuk Shaman

Ultra Hard

  1. Nora Deathseeker
  2. Carja Hawk
  3. Carja Stalker
  4. Banuk Chieftan
  5. Utaru Plainswalker

Related: Horizon Zero Dawn: The 10 Best Outfits (& How To Get Them)Although finishing the game on Hard or Very Hard difficulty will result in unlocking several face paints for the Nora, Carja, and Banuk tribes, if you finish the game on Ultra Hard, the highest difficulty, you will also unlock a unique face paint associated with the Utaru tribe, a splinter of the Banuk with few members in Horizon Zero Dawn, but who make the Forbidden West their home and are likely to appear more prominently in Horizon Forbidden West as a result.

Unlocking Focus Effects

Although the Focus is fairly innocuous and is often well hidden unless it is being used, there are a handful of skins that can be unlocked to change the color and appearance of the Focus. For the most part, they are simple pallet swaps of the base Focus, but on closer inspection, there seems to be more going on with the design of the hologram.

To unlock each new Focus effect, you will need to complete the game in New Game+ on Hard difficulty or higher, just like with the face paints, though you will only unlock one Focus effect per difficulty level rather than the four or five face paints unlocked. However, like the face paints, you can beat the game on New Game+ in Ultra Hard mode just once to unlock all of the cosmetic rewards. Let's take a look at the Focus' different hologram effects below.

  • Default - Blue, no-notch
  • Hard - Light Blue, one-notch variant
  • Very Hard - Red, two-notch variant
  • Ultra Hard - Gold, three-notch variant

Each Focus effect also has a small additional notch above the main hologram that can't easily be seen outside of photo mode. The light-blue Focus effect has one notch, the red effect has two, while the gold effect has three in the shape of the Cauldron doors. This is one of the only other times in Horizon where this shape appears and, considering the link to the Utaru color and their face paint's link to Horizon Forbidden West, it will likely hold more significance for the series in future titles.

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Unlocking Hunting Lodge Weapons

The original cosmetic rewards obtained in Horizon Zero Dawn, the Hunting Lodge weapons arereskinned versions of "The Weapons of The Lodge" quest rewards, which are also known to be some of the best weapons in the game. The Hunting Lodge reskins these weapons with a gold aesthetic, which may also link back to the Utaru in the future, given the tribe's association with the color in Horizon Zero Dawn.

You will need to complete the Hunting Trials scattered across the map (This excludes trials found in the Frozen Wilds DLC) and earn a certain ranking Sun from each in order to be rewarded with these esteemed weapons, respectively. ​​​​​​

Carja War Bow15 Half Suns
Blast Sling15 Full Suns
Ropecaster15 Blazing Suns

While some of these trials can be particularly difficult, the weapons gained by completing the Weapons of the Lodge side quest are actually beneficial in those said trials, making repeat attempts on New Game+ runs easier.

If these weapons are obtained in New Game+, you will still get the Lodge variations of the Carja War Bow, Blast Sling, and Ropecaster. The difference is that they will instead be Adept-level weapons and have an additional modification slot. Unfortunately, this doesn't carry over to the other Hunter Lodge weapon, the Tearblaster, which has no modification slots, to begin with, and, therefore, doesn't receive the Adept upgrade on subsequent New Game+ runs.

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Someone Made Squid Game Into A PS1 Game

Squid Game has now been recreated in Roblox, Fortnite, and also on PS1. Well, sort of.

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