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Naruto: 7 Characters Who Deserved To Die (& 7 Who Should Have Lived)

Like every anime series, Narutohad moments that made the fans tear up and several other moments which made them annoyed. There is a huge number of characters in the Naruto universe and obviously, there are both good and bad characters that the fans like.

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Even though the series is finished now, many fans feel that some characters deserved to have a better ending to their story and that they should have continued living on instead of some villainous characters. In this post, we will take a look at five Naruto characters who deserved to die and five characters who should have lived.

Updated on November 9th, 2020 by Josh Davison:Naruto provided a lot of heroism and heartbreak over the course of the series. Many lovable characters perished fighting back against the tides of chaos and villainy. Other more hated figures got to advance their malignant agenda for far too long before being punished. A few rather revolting shinobi even managed to survive all the way through to Boruto. However, there are still others that deserve to be commented upon and recognized--whether for deserving a kinder fate or deserving the brutal fate they received. It's time to dive back into this list with another two characters who deserved to die and two more that deserved to live.

14 DESERVED TO DIE: Madara Uchiha

If there is a figure in all of Naruto who deserved to have their moment of victory brutally snatched from them, it was Madara Uchiha. He wrought untold devastation and misery upon the world all to serve his distorted quest for "peace." He was able to unlock the Rinnegan, unleash the power of the Ten-Tailed Beast, and everything seemed to be coming up Madara. Unfortunately for him, he was toying with forces he didn't quite understand and was betrayed by Zetsu in order to bring about the resurrection of Kaguya. Madara was a brutal and vicious warmonger and earned the fate he received.


Konan lies on the opposite end of the spectrum from the aforementioned Madara in several ways. She was an orphan of war and among the victims of ambitious powerbrokers like Madara. She lost a beloved childhood friend in Yahiko and ultimately joined up with Nagato's crusade to strike back at the world that took so much from them. Ultimately, Konan thought she was on a crusade of peace as well, as she nor Nagato knew of the forces they were really serving. In the end, Konan thought she was honoring the memory of a dead friend, and she deserved more than to be brutally cut down as she was.

12 DESERVED TO DIE: Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi is a figure who committed some pretty acts in the service of Orochimaru and helped set the stage for the Fourth Great Shinobi War by unleashing the Edo Tensei. Kabuto was a brutal and sadistic operator, but he had his "true identity" restored by Itachi Uchiha in the chaos of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. In a way, the villainous Kabuto died then--but there is the question as to whether the villainous Kabuto was the "true Kabuto." He lost his memory at such a young age that the villainous Kabuto has had more time to forge his identity and has better claim at being Kabuto. What we're dancing around here is that Itachi maybe should have just pulled the plug on the Kabuto Yakushi altogether. He got to live while others died in pain and fear.


Another orphan of war and chaos, the young Haku was taken in by the brutal killer known as Zabuza Momochi. Zabuza became a father figure for Haku and helped teach the young shinobi to defend himself. However, both Zabuza and Haku became pawns in the machinations of the crimelord Gato and were put on a colission course with Kakashi Hatake and Team 7. In the end, Haku sacrificed himself to save Zabuza from Kakashi's Lightning Blade. Haku definitely deserved a better fate and a longer life, but fate and the powers that be proved to be far more cruel than that.

10 DESERVED TO DIE: Danzo Shimura

Danzo Shimura is one of the most hated characters in the series. He was responsible for many tragedies in Naruto. The fans hated him most for the pain he caused to Itachi Uchiha. Danzo forced to Itachi to kill his entire clan. He also took one of Shisui's eyes and implanted it in his arm. Danzo's crimes don't end there. He also caused problems for the Amegakure orphans. He lied to Hanzo which resulted in Yahiko sacrificing himself and thus, it lead to the creation of Pain.

9 DESERVED TO LIVE: Minato And Kushina

Minato and Kushina were the parents of Naruto Uzumaki. They were very caring people. Minato was the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. Kushina was one of the few remaining members of the Uzumaki clan. She was brought to Hidden Leaf in order to become the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails. Minato and Kushina married each other and on the very day that Naruto was born both of them sacrificed themselves in order to protect the Hidden Leaf and their son. It is one of the greatest tragedies that a child is separated from his parents.

8 DESERVED TO DIE: Black Zetsu

Black Zetsu was the manifestation of Kaguya's will. He was created during the time when Kaguya was sealed by her two sons. Zetsu was responsible for stirring up a feud between Hagoromo's sons Indra and Asura.

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The feud between them lasted for several generations and it was only ended when Naruto and Sasuke made peace with each other. Zetsu created problems for so many people and countless people lost their lives due to him.

7 DESERVED TO LIVE: Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha's entire life was filled with sadness. He had to do the sordid job of killing his entire clan which also included his family members. He was forced by Danzo to end the rebellion of the Uchiha clan. Itachi had no other choice but to oblige. However, he couldn't bring himself to kill his younger brother, Sasuke. Itachi became a rogue ninja and even after that, he looked after the village. When he finally died, he tried to protect his brother from Obito by planting Amaterasu in his eye.

6 DESERVED TO DIE: Orochimaru

Orochimaru is a member of the Legendary Sannin, which had Jiraiya and Tsunade as its other members. Orochimaru is an innate genius and he has created many successful experiments. Hiruzen was considering him for the role of the fourth Hokage, but when he found out about Orochimaru, he chased him out of the village. Orochimaru is responsible for leading Hidden Sand's invasion. He also killed Hiruzen Sarutobi.


Neji is one of the most loved characters in the series. He was born in the Branch Family, due to which a seal was placed on his forehead. Neji had to suffer a lot just because of the seal.

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It wasn't until he fought Naruto that he realized he could still choose his own destiny. Neji was talented and he became Jonin after the time-skip. However, he met an untimely death during the Fourth Great Ninja War. His death was completely unnecessary and he should have stayed alive.


Hidan was a rogue ninja from Yugakure. He joined the Akatsuki after leaving the village. Hidan worshipped a deity named Jashin, which allowed him to become immortal. Hidan used to sacrifice humans to Jashin in exchange for immortality. Hidan was a sadist and he loved to inflict pain on his opponents. He would torture his opponents in the most sick and sordid way possible. When Hidan and Kakuzu were on their way to the Hidden Leaf, they came up against Asuma and co. Hidan killed Asuma in a grotesque manner.

3 DESERVED TO LIVE: Obito Uchiha

Obito was presumed to be dead during the Third Great Ninja War after a cave had collapsed on top of him. He was a member of Minato's team. Obito has done a lot of bad things after being manipulated by Zetsu and Madara. Obito was naive and believed in their plan of Infinite Tsukuyomi. Obito took responsibility for actions during the Fourth Great Ninja. He atoned for his sins by saving Naruto and then he also sacrificed himself to protect all of them. Obito also helped Sakura to look for Sasuke after he had been sent to one of Kaguya's dimensions.


Rasa was the father of Gaara. He was the fourth Kazekage of the Hidden Sand. Rasa was a fairly powerful shinobi and he possessed the magnet release kekkei genkai. With his magnet release, Rasa was able to manipulate gold dust. Rasa might have been a good leader, but he definitely wasn't a good father. Rasa turned his own son into a monster and wanted to use him as a weapon against the Hidden Leaf Village, but before he could see the result of his plan he was murdered by Orochimaru.


The final character on the list is Jiraiya. He was one of the legendary Sannin. Jiraiya had the highest level of espionage skills. He would always give his all for the sake of his village. Jiraiya even warned Tsunade, whom he loved very much, that he would eliminate her if she caused the Hidden Leaf any problem. He was also a great mentor and he taught Naruto a lot of things. Jiraiya laid his life down in order to figure out the secret of the Six Paths of Pain. He could have easily escaped, but Jiraiya thought of his student and what impression it would have his mind. It just goes to show how honorable he was even in his death.

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Who killed Orochimaru and in which episode?

Who killed Orochimaru and in which episode?

Sasuke “killed” Orochimaru in episode 114 of Shippuden.

Who did Orochimaru kill in Naruto?

6 DESERVED TO DIE: Orochimaru Orochimaru is responsible for leading Hidden Sand’s invasion. He also killed Hiruzen Sarutobi.

How did they kill Orochimaru?

How did Sasuke kill Orochimaru? He didn’t. When Orochimaru attempted to take over Sasuke’s body using the Living Corpse Reincarnation technique Sasuke ends up overpowering him and absorbs him into his body.

What happened to Orochimaru in Naruto?

He is still alive and kicking, he has made appearances in Boruto and looked a lot younger than before. Since then he has stopped attacking Sasuke or the village itself. He still continues to conduct gruesome experiments, but their intensity and number of civilians he used to victimize has fallen drastically.

What does Orochimaru do in the second part of Naruto?

Two-and-a-half years later, in the second part of the series, Orochimaru confronts Naruto and his friends when they attempted to track down Sasuke. Later, when Sasuke attempts to kill Naruto, Orochimaru stays his hand by pointing out the boy’s use in taking down the Akatsuki and thus lessening the number of enemies he has.

How did all of the Naruto characters die?

Hidan – Died die to lack of nutrition. Kakuzu – Killed by Kakashi Hatake/Naruto Uzumaki. Orochimaru – Killed by Sasuke but gets revived later. Deidara – Blew himself up with C0 in an attempt to kill Sasuke. Manda – Killed by Deidara’s explosion after being used as a shield by Sasuke. Jiraiya – Killed by Pain.

How did Sasuke reconstitute Orochimaru after he died?

After Orochimaru physically died, as Kabuto heavily modified his body with various genetic sources, including Orochimaru himself, Sasuke used a sample of Kabuto’s flesh as a basis to reconstitute Orochimaru.

Who was the 4th Kazekage that Orochimaru killed?

It might be possible that there was 4th kazekage who was killed by orochimaru before the invasion on konoha. Fortunately, hiruzen able to stop it by performing some hand seals. The coffin said 4 but it never specified it was a hokage. It could have been the kazekage that Orochimaru killed and impersonated during the exams.

Does Orochimaru have a son?

In Boruto, the Naruto sequel series following the next generation, Orochimaru has a son . Mitsuki is the product of a cloning experiment, though the details of his genetic parentage aren’t entirely clear. He’s at the very least got some of Orochimaru’s DNA, but just who else might be one of his “parents” hasn’t been revealed yet.

Who was the 5th Hokage?

The fifth Hokage of the Village Hidden In The Leaves (Konoha) was Lady Tsunade, who was the granddaughter of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju.

Did Orochimaru die?

Orochimaru has technically never died. During the time being referenced he had been ‘sealed’ by Itachi. This is a two part answer so here we go. 1.) This guy credited for this glorious explanation, because I couldn’t have said it any better.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/miscellaneous/who-killed-orochimaru-and-in-which-episode/
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How did Orochimaru die a second time

Orochimaru has technically never died. During the time being referenced he had been 'sealed' by Itachi.

This is a two part answer so here we go.

1.) This guy credited for this glorious explanation, because I couldn't have said it any better

Alright, I'll try to explain this is the easiest way possible, because it can be very confusing. First lets start out with the Orochimaru's Curse Mark, also know as Orochimaru's Juinjutsu, Orochimaru injects the victim with a mixture of Jugo's Transformation Enzyme, Orochimaru's Senjutsu Chakra, and some of Orochimaru's own consciousness. With his own consciousness in the victim, Orochimaru can remotely control the Curse Mark and the user to a limited extent. This is shown by Orochimaru's will manipulating Sasuke's own will during Sasuke's use of his respective Curse Mark. Now for your question. Orochimaru's body can be completely destroyed or sealed and he still can't be considered completely dead. As long as at least one Curse Mark remains, Orochimaru's consciousness still exists inside a person, i.e. Anko, and he is aware of all activities happening around him. The catch is Orochimaru can't influence these events in any way, as he has no physical form. However, if some one, i.e. Sasuke, uses the Evil Releasing Method, on a victim of the Curse Mark, the Curse Mark will be released and the mixture of previously stated objects will be released. So if for some reason, there was some of Orochimaru's DNA lying around, Orochimaru's consciousness would use the Senjutsu Chakra and Jugo's Enzyme to restore himself to a physical state. In conclusion, Orochimaru can be brought back multiple times, implying a specific set of requirements are met, since they were, Orochimaru has been brought back to life. But he can't exist twice since he has only one soul. He seemingly escaped the sealing of Itachi's Totsuka Blade, by using the these pieces of his consciousness.

2.) This Site gives a episode description of Orochimaru getting 'sealed' in the 'Fated Battle Between Brothers' episode. Particularly important is the last sentence.

During the battle with Itachi, Sasuke ran low on chakra and Orochimaru was able to emerge from his cursed seal using his signature Eight Branches Technique. He marvelled at the fact that he would finally have the chance to take Sasuke's body, but was immediately pierced through by the blade held by Itachi's Susanoo. At first Orochimaru boasted that it would take more than that to kill him, but he soon realised that he had been pierced by the Totsuka Sword that he himself had been searching for. Orochimaru was then sealed away by Itachi's Susanoo, which had the effect of removing Sasuke's cursed seal in the process. Three white snakes escaped from Orochimaru's body as he was sealed, but at least one of these snakes was subsequently killed by the black flames of Amaterasu.

Sours: https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/126827/how-did-orochimaru-die-a-second-time
Pain Vs Orochimaru - Full Fight {English Dubbed}
Naruto poster.jpg

Naruto is an anime series based off the manga by Masashi Kishimoto.

Note: Reanimated shinobi getting incapacitated and/or sealed is counted as a death, as this is the closest they can get to it

Before Part I -

Before the Warring States Period

  • Aino - Death caused by her protecting Kaguya from a wave of arrows
  • Suzaku - Taken by Kaguya's Infinite Tsukuyomi and bound to the roots of the God Tree
  • Genbu -Taken by Kaguya's Infinite Tsukuyomi and bound to the roots of the God Tree
  • Tenji - Taken by Kaguya's Infinite Tsukuyomi and bound to the roots of the God Tree
  • Haori - Sacrificed to the God Tree through its sacred ritual
  • Shiro - Killed trying to save Ashura from a wild boar
  • Hamura Ōtsutsuki - Passed away in bed, surrounded by his clan
  • Futami - Unknown cause of death
  • The Sage of Six Paths - Died in bed, surrounded by his family.
  • Mitsuo - Unknown cause of death
  • Taizō - Unknown cause of death
  • Indra Ōtsutsuki - Unknown cause of death
  • Asura Ōtsutsuki - Unknown cause of death
  • Kanna - Unknown cause of death

TheWarring States Period:

  • Kawarama Senju - He became a casualty to the Uchiha and the Hagoromo clan during the ever-waging battles
  • Itama Senju - Killed by Uchiha clan members
  • Tajima Uchiha - Unknown cause of death
  • Butsuma Senju - Unknown cause of death
  • Izuna Uchiha - Mortally wounded by Tobirama Senju

First Shinobi World War:

  • Madara Uchiha (Leader of Uchiha clan)- Kill by Hashirama Senju (later revived himself using Izanagi)
  • Hashirama Senju (First Hokage) - Died during the war
  • A (First Raikage) - Died during the war
  • Byakuren (First Mizukage) - Died during the war
  • Reto (First Kazekage) - Died an untimely death at the hands of assassins
  • Ishikawa (First Tsuchikage) - Died during the war
  • Sasuke Sarutobi - Died during the war
  • A (Second Raikage) - During a formal ceremony he and the Second Hokage were attacked by the Gold and Silver Brothers witch A probably didn't survive
  • Tobirama Senju (Second Hokage) - Killed by Kinkaku
  • Gengetsu Hōzuki (Second Mizukage) - Gengetsu had a mutual enmity with the Second Tsuchikage, which ended in both men killing each other in what would be their final confrontation
  • Mū (Second Tsuchikage) - Mū had a mutual enmity with the Second Mizukage, which ended in both men killing each other in what would be their final confrontation
  • Shamon (Second Kazekage) - Killed at the hands of assassins

Second Shinobi World War:

  • Kinkaku - Died during the war
  • Ginkaku - Died during the war
  • Furui - He was killed by the Eight-Tails during one of its scuffles
  • Blue B - The Third Raikage subdued the Eight-Tails by sealing it into the Kohaku no Jōhei, resulting in his death
  • Nawaki - Nawaki died in battle after running into an explosive trap
  • Nagato's parents - Killed by konoha-nin
  • Chibi - Wandered too close to the battle between Hanzō and the Sannin, was killed in the crossfire
  • Dan Katō - Fatally wounded during a battle, succumbed to his injuries
  • Mito Uzumaki - Died from extracting the Nine-Tails from within her
  • TheThird Mizukage - Died during the war
  • "Sasori's Father" - Killed by Sakumo Hatake
  • "Sasori's Mother" - Killed by Sakumo Hatake
  • Sakumo Hatake - Kills himself after being slurred at

Third Shinobi World War:

  • A (Third Raikage) - Died battling a force of ten thousand shinobi single-handedly
  • Mahiru - Killed by Minato Namikaze
  • Taiseki - Killed by Obito Uchiha
  • Kakkō - Killed by Kakashi Hatake
  • The Third Kazekage - Kidnapped and killed by Sasori in order to turn him into a human puppet
  • Jinin Akebino - Killed by Might Duy
  • Kushimaru Kuriarare - Killed by Might Duy
  • "Previous Hiramekarei holder" - Killed by Might Duy
  • Jinpachi Munashi - Killed by Might Duy
  • Might Duy - Killed by overexertion from opening all eight gates
  • Kie - Killed by Obito and/or Zetsu
  • Kyūsuke - Attempted to petrify Obito, knowing that he would die in the process but Obito escaped by teleporting away which resulted in his death
  • Daibutsu - Killed by Obito Uchiha
  • Yahiko - Threw himself into Nagato's kunai
  • Kumade Toriichi -Killed by Zabuza Momochi at some point during the war
  • Rin Nohara - Sacrifices herself to be killed by Kakashi after having a Tailed Beast put in her
  • Kosuke - Killed by a enraged Obito Uchiha
  • Madara Uchiha - Died from old age

Post Shinobi War:

  • Hanzō of the Salamander -Killed by Pain
  • Karura - Died during childbirth
  • Ikkaku Umino - Killed during the Nine-Tails' attack
  • Kohari Umino - Killed during the Nine-Tails' attack
  • Taji - Killed by Obito Uchiha
  • Biwako Sarutobi - Killed by Obito Uchiha
  • Kushina Uzumaki - Killed by the Nine Tailed Fox
  • Minato Namikaze - Died after using Reaper Death Seal to seal the fox in Naruto
  • Tenma Izumo - Killed by Obito Uchiha
  • Yashamaru - Detonated a series of explosive tags hidden within his jacket n an attempt to kill Gaara
  • Nonō Yakushi - Critically wounded by Kabuto's chakra scalpel
  • "Entire Kaguya clan" (except for Kimimaro) - Killed by Mist Village
  • Shisui Uchiha - Commits suicide by leaping off a cliff.
  • "Entire Uchiha clan" (except for Sasuke, Itachi, and Obito) - Killed by Itachi
  • "Head Ninja of Kumogakure" - Killed by Hiashi Hyūga
  • Hizashi Hyūga -died so he can save Hiashi Hyūga
  • Jūzō Biwa - Mortally wounded by Yagura Karatachi
  • "Kakuzu's Partner" - Killed by Kakuzu
  • Cypher division- Killed by kisame hoskigaki to protect intel from being leaked to konohagakure
  • Fuguki Suikazan - Killed by Kisame Hoshigaki
  • Yagura Karatachi(Fourth Mizukage) - Died after getting the Three-Tails extracted from him
  • Kaiza - Publically executed by Gatō.

Part I

  • Haku - Killed by Kakashi's Lightning Chidori while protecting Zabuza.
  • Gatō - Falls off a bridge after getting slashed repeatedly by Zabuza with a kunai.
  • Zabuza Momochi - Dies from his injuries after his fights with Kakashi Hatake and Gato's men.
  • Rasa (Fourth Kazekage) - Killed By Orochimaru
  • Shiore - Killed By Orochimaru
  • Shigure - Killed by Gaara's Sand Waterfall Funeral
  • Midare - Killed by Gaara's Sand Waterfall Funeral
  • Baiu - Killed by Gaara's Sand Waterfall Funeral
  • Dosu Kinuta - Killed by Gaara
  • Hayate Gekkō - Killed by Baki's Blade of Wind.
  • Zaku Abumi - Sacrificed for Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation
  • Kin Tsuchi - Sacrificed for Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation
  • Shiba - Killed by Gaara
  • Midori - Killed by Gaara
  • Sajin - Killed by Shikaku Nara
  • Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage) - Died using Reaper Death Seal on Orochimaru
  • Aoi Rokushō - Fell to death after being hit by Naruto's Rasengan
  • Jirōbō - Killed by Chōji
  • Kidōmaru - Killed by Neji
  • Tayuya - Killed by Temari
  • Sakon - Killed by Kankurō
  • Ukon - Killed by Kankurō
  • Kimimaro - Succumbs to his illness while attempting to kill Gaara
  • Kagerō - Died by sacrificing her life to save Jigumo and Kamikiri
  • Jigumo - Killed by Arashi
  • Kamikiri - Killed by Arashi
  • Kagero - He attempted to kill Naruto by synchronising their heartbeats and stopping his, but Sakura cut the chakra threads connecting them with a seal obtained from Sasame, resulting in only him dying.
  • Arashi - Crushed by debris in a Cave collapse
  • Raiga Kurosuki - Kills himself in midair with one of his own bolts of lightning (he kinda knew his death as he was falling off a cliff, so partly suicide)
  • Misumi Tsurugi - Killed after Ino used her Mind-Transfer Jutsu to make him tie himself around the pillars of Orochimaru's collapsing hideout.
  • Yoroi Akadō - Killed by Shino and sinks to bottom of the sea
  • Third Hoshikage - Killed by Akahoshi and his henchmen
  • Natsuhi - Killed by Akahoshi and his henchmen
  • Ruiga - Killed by Jiga
  • Jiga - Sucked into an iron sand vortex
  • Gennō - Passed away from old injuries
  • Shura - Killed by Naruto Uzumaki
  • Monju - Killed by Rock Lee
  • Menma - Died during a Avalanche from explosive tags
  • Kujaku - Killed by Temari
  • Ryūgan - Killed by Kankurō
  • Suiko - Killed by Gaara
  • Hōki - Sacrificed his own body and life force to revive Seimei
  • Seimei - Killed by Gaara

Part II

  • Fu (Jinchuriki) - Died after The Seven-Tails was extracted from her.
  • Tsubusa - Killed by Yūra
  • Suname - Killed by one of Deidara's explosive clay spiders during the course of his watch
  • Mukade - Killed by Might Guy with his Morning Peacock taijutsu
  • Yūra - Killed by Naruto Uzumaki with his Big Ball Rasengan
  • Gaara - Died after The One-tails was extracted from him (later revived by Chiyo)
  • Sasori - Core destroyed by Chiyo's puppets
  • Chiyo - Sacrificed her life to save Gaara
  • Chiriku - Killed by Hidan and/or Kakuzu
  • Yugito Nii - Wounded by Hidan and Kakuzu, died when Two-Tails was was extracted from her.
  • Asuma Sarutobi - Killed by Hidan
  • Hidan - Died die to lack of nutrition
  • Kakuzu - Killed by Kakashi Hatake/Naruto Uzumaki
  • Orochimaru - Killed by Sasuke but gets revived later
  • Deidara - Blew himself up with C0 in an attempt to kill Sasuke.
  • Manda - Killed by Deidara's explosion after being used as a shield by Sasuke.
  • Jiraiya - Killed by Pain.
  • Roshi - Die after The Four-Tails was extracted from him
  • Itachi Uchiha - Succumbed to his illness while fighting against Sasuke (reanimated by Kabuto snake cloth)
  • Han - Died after the Five-Tails was extracted from him
  • Tsurugi - Killed by Pain's Giant Multi-Headed Dog.
  • Utakata - Died after getting the Six-Tails extracted from him
  • Kōsuke - Killed by Danzō Shimura
  • Kakashi Hatake - Used up all his Chakra protecting Choji and Choji's dad from Pain. Later revived by Rinne Rebirth.
  • Shizune - Killed by Pain after reading her mind to track down Naruto. Later revived by Rinne Rebirth.
  • Fukasaku - Killed by Pain. Later revived by Rinne Rebirth.
  • Nagato - Sacrificed himself due to Rinne-Rebirth.
  • Danzō Shimura - Killed by Sasuke
  • Agara - Killed by Kabuto Yakushi
  • Kisame Hoshigaki - Summons three sharks and commits suicide by allowing the sharks to devour him
  • Konan - Killed by Obito Uchiha
  • Muta Aburame - Blown up by Deidara
  • Shin (Reanimation) - Disintegrated after seeing the picture of Sai and Shin holding hands in Sai's picture book
  • Sasori (Reanimation) - Disintegrated after hearing Kankuro's comforting words
  • Torune Aburame - Neck Snapped by Obito Uchiha
  • Fū Yamanaka - Sacrificed for Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation
  • Haku (Reanimation) - Cut in half by Zabuza and later sealed
  • Zabuza (Reanimation) - Paralyzed and later sealed
  • Ginkaku (Reanimation) - Sealed into his own weapon by Darui
  • Kinkaku (Reanimation) - Restrained by Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji, then sealed into the Kohaku no Jōhei
  • Hanzo (Reanimation) - Sealed after injuring himself
  • Asuma Sarutobi (Reanimation) - Immobilized by his students then sealed
  • Toyosa(Medical Unit) - Assassinated by a White Zetsu clone disguised as Neji Hyūga
  • Takemaru(Medical Unit) - Assassinated by a White Zetsu clone disguised as Neji Hyūga
  • Hino(Medical Unit) - Assassinated by a White Zetsu clone disguised as Neji Hyūga
  • "Two Medics" - Assassinated by a White Zetsu clone disguised as Neji Hyūga
  • Yurui - Killed by a resurrected Ameyuri Ringo
  • White Zetsu - Killed by Sasuke Uchiha as a test subject for his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
  • Mabui - As the Ten-Tails reached maturity, the beast fired a Tailed Beast Ball straight towards HQ, killing Mabui
  • Inoichi Yamanaka - As the Ten-Tails reached maturity, the beast fired a Tailed Beast Ball straight towards HQ, killing Inoichi
  • Shikaku Nara - As the Ten-Tails reached maturity, the beast fired a Tailed Beast Ball straight towards HQ, killing Shikaku
  • Neji Hyūga - Got killed as the Ten-Tails shot a piece of debris at Naruto and Hinata didn't push Naruto and shielded him and Neji stood in front of her taking the hit.
  • Obito Uchiha - Sacrifices himself to save Naruto and Kakashi's lives
  • Madara Uchiha - Died after getting all Tail beasts and Demonic statue of the outer path taken out from him
  • Tadaichi - Struck with a shuriken by a barrier team member which caused his body to explode
  • Amino - Took a knife and stabbed herself in the neck, causing her body to explode
  • - Ran into the explosion's flames, dying in the process

New Era / Boruto

  • Kagari - Failed to survive the kama transfer and died
  • Sharingan Spying Creature - Killed by Sarada Uchiha's Cherry Blossom Impact
  • Shin Uchiha - Stabbed by his clones
  • Iori - Stabbed with a sword by Hidari and Ashimaru
  • Ashimaru - Killed by Sarada Uchiha's Cherry Blossom Impact
  • Kinshiki Otsutsuki - Devoured by Momoshiki
  • Momoshiki Otsutsuki - Killed by Boruto's Rasengan
  • Kakō - Overexertion
  • Akkun- Died after his mask was been destroyed by Kokuyō
  • Kokuyō - Killed by Chōchō's Human Bullet Tank
  • Kirara - Crushed by falling boulder
  • Sekiei - Overexertion
  • - Disintegrated by Ōnoki's jinton
  • Ōnoki - Dies from old age and overexertion
  • Urashiki Otsutsuki - Obliterated by Naruto and Boruto's Rasengan
  • Tsukiyo - Devoured alive by Shojoji
  • Benga - Killed by Shojoji's Pink Lightning
  • Kokuri - Devoured alive by Shojoji
  • Yamaoka - Devoured alive by Shojoji
  • Garashi Tōno - Commited suicide with a kunai
  • Anato - Killed by Victor's Company
  • Yoruga - Commited suicide using a jutsu
  • Sakuya - Killed by Asaka and Yūga with a poisoned kunai
  • Yūga - Commited suicide with a jutsu
  • Marui - Killed by Deepa
  • Kakui - Killed by Deepa
  • Hiruga - Killed by Deepa's carbon projectiles
  • Asaka - Commited suicide with a jutsu
  • Victor's Secretary - Disintegrated by Orochimaru
  • Victor - Burned by Koji Kashin's True Fire of Samadhi
  • Deepa - Disintegrated by Amado
  • Mugino - Fatally injured by Ao's concealed energy blade
  • Ao - Crushed by Koji Kashin's giant toad
  • Garō - Disintegrated by Kawaki's energy blast
  • Boro - Killed by a giant rasengan of Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki controlling Boruto's body
  • Jaggy - Killed by a bear. Later buried by Himawari Uzumaki and Kawaki.
  • Shirabe - Disintegrated by Delta
  • Tsuzumi - Crushed by debris when Delta attacked the space-time gate
  • Jigen - Burned by Koji Kashin's flames
  • Isshiki Ōtsutsuki - Body exhaustion
  • Kurama - Died due to the aftermath of Baryon Mode
Sours: https://listofdeaths.fandom.com/wiki/Naruto

Kills orochimaru who

Orochimaru (Naruto)

Fictional character from Naruto

For the Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari character, see Orochimaru.

Orochimaru (大蛇丸) is a fictional character from Naruto, a manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto. In the anime and manga, Orochimaru is a former ninja from the village of Konohagakure who is well known for his abilities. He is one of the three Legendary Sannin and a former member of the terrorist organization Akatsuki. He sought to gain power, conducted inhumane experiments to find a means to cheat death, and built his own ninja village Otogakure. He succeeded to some extent in obtaining immortality by transferring between different host bodies, which became one of his driving motivations throughout the series as he targets Sasuke Uchiha for his genetic heritage. While he was the main antagonist in Part I of the series, Orochimaru's role was overshadowed by the Akatsuki organization prior to the Fourth Ninja War arc. By the events of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, he has seemingly redeemed himself and has sent his son Mitsuki to Konoha to become a ninja, while he himself occasionally works with Naruto (who has become the Seventh Hokage) and Sasuke. Orochimaru has appeared in media outside the Naruto anime and manga, including several video games.

Based on Japanese mythology, Orochimaru was created as one of the series' main antagonists, and was intended to represent the opposite of the protagonists' morals and values.[4] His snake-like appearance features were intended to make it easier for the reader to recognize that he is a villain. Orochimaru is voiced by Kujira in the Japanese version, and by Steve Blum in the English dub.

Several anime and manga publications have praised and criticized Orochimaru's character. He has been praised as one of the series' premiere villains by reviewers for his lack of redeeming qualities and open malevolence. Among the Naruto reader base, Orochimaru has been a popular character, ranking within the top twenty in several polls. Numerous pieces of merchandise with Orochimaru's likeness have been released, including action figures, posters, and plush dolls.

Creation and conception[edit]

Yamata no Orochi fighting Susanno. This scene is similarly shown in Naruto.

Most of the traits of Orochimaru's character were taken from Japanese mythology. Orochimaru originates from the Japanese folktaleJiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari where he opposes the title character who also appears in Naruto as his former ally.[5] He wields a sword named Kusanagi, which is said to be related to the creature known as the Yamata no Orochi;[6] in Japanese mythology, Yamata no Orochi is defeated by the god Susanoo, a scene which is re-imagined in the manga and anime: Orochimaru uses a technique called Yamata no Orochi, but is ultimately defeated by Itachi Uchiha's Susanoo technique.[5]

The introduction of Orochimaru to the series was first suggested by Masashi Kishimoto's superiors to improve the series' popularity. Kishimoto believed the series grew personality based on the Chunin Exams story arc and wanted it to end normally with Shikamaru Nara's victory. However, he eventually accepted their advice and Orochimaru was used to interrupt the arc.[7] In an interview, Kishimoto asserted that making the villains "flamboyant" was one of his "guiding principles", and attributed this to his desire to have the villains have a "powerful aura".[4] When asked if Orochimaru was still good, Kishimoto answered that Orochimaru is "truly evil" and that he is one of the several "hopeless evil characters" that appear in the series.[8] Kishimoto originally planned to make Orochimaru look androgynous, but made him creepier due to the concept of him being a strong antagonist.[9] Out of most of the characters, Orochimaru was the hardest one to write. Kishimoto wanted him to be a terrifying opponent, so he wondered if that was really the way to go to make him sound strong[clarification needed]: "Then I started thinking it was good like that, he's strong and creepy, and the creepiness started increasing."[9]

To follow the theme of distinguishing villains, Kishimoto attempted to make Orochimaru's face appear "pasty and sickly", which serves to emphasize the "scary looks" that Orochimaru expresses in the manga. Orochimaru's nature types are fire, earth, and wind. As these occurrences are his "trademark", Kishimoto modifies Orochimaru's appearance and the scene to focus on Orochimaru's face; for instance, highlights that are normally added to Orochimaru's hair are removed and the background is blanked out to create a "creepy atmosphere".[10]


In Naruto[edit]

Orochimaru acts as the primary antagonist for the first part of the series. After his parents were killed when he was young, Orochimaru's only source of affection was his teacher—Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage—and his two teammates.[11] As they grew older, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade collectively became known as the Legendary Sannin (伝説の三忍, Densetsu no Sannin) due to their exemplary ninja abilities in the Second Great Ninja War against Hanzo.[12] Many of Orochimaru's abilities deal with snakes, which he summons to battle multiple opponents while simultaneously keeping himself out of harm's way.[13] Through his experiments, he has been able to add some snake-like characteristics to his own body.[14][15] In his desire to attain immortality to learn every jutsu (lit. 'technique'), Orochimaru developed a forbidden jutsu to steal his victim's body. Although he is essentially immortal, Orochimaru learns the process can not be done more than once every three years.

Orochimaru craved more power than could be obtained from training with his master and began abducting Konohagakure villagers for various experiments, with Yamato among his surviving victims. Unwilling to bring himself to harm Orochimaru upon learning of his actions, Hiruzen allowed his former pupil to escape and flee the village.[16][17] Orochimaru eventually joined the criminal organization Akatsuki and became partners with a fellow rogue ninja named Sasori. However, after he attempted to steal the body of Itachi Uchiha through a forbidden jutsu to gain the Sharingan (写輪眼, lit. "Copy Wheel Eye", English manga: "Mirror Wheel Eye") failed, Orochimaru was forced to leave the organization.[18][19] Orochimaru then founded his own ninja village, Otogakure, populated with ninjas loyal to him. They mostly serve as test subjects in his experimentation to become an ultimate being and as pawns to do his dirty work.[20]

During the Chunin Exams, Orochimaru plans the invasion of Konoha with the ninja of Sunagakure to not only kill Hiruzen, but also claim the body of Itachi's brother Sasuke Uchiha.[16] To that end, Orochimaru infiltrates the Chunin Exam during the Forest of Death portion by killing a Kusagakure ninja named Shiore, assumes her identity, and personally tests Sasuke before branding him with a Curse Mark. He also faces Naruto Uzumaki, who effectively resists Orochimaru's giant snake jutsu using the chakra of the Nine-Tail Fox. Orochimaru, using the Five Elements Seal, blocks access to the chakra of the Nine-Tails by disturbing the balance of the original seal. For the duration of the Exams, Orochimaru lays in wait and secretly murders the Fourth Kazekage to assume his identity and get close to his mentor as the invasion begins. However, Orochimaru is forced to retreat when Hiruzen sacrifices himself through the Reaper Death Seal to take away Orochimaru's ability to perform jutsu, with his forces pulling back while Sunagakure later learns of Orochimaru's treachery.[21] Orochimaru attempts to get aid from Tsunade before seeking out another way to cure himself in an attempt to be able to use jutsu again. When all his efforts prove unsuccessful, Orochimaru sends his Sound Four to fetch Sasuke in the hopes that a body-transfer will allow him to use his arms again.[22] When Sasuke takes too long to arrive, Orochimaru is forced to switch to the body of one of his prisoners instead,[23] and decides to train him until the day that he will be able to take Sasuke's body for himself.[24]

Two and a half years later, in the second part of the series, Orochimaru confronts Naruto and his friends when they attempt to track down Sasuke. When Sasuke attempts to kill Naruto, Orochimaru dissuades him by pointing out the Naruto's use in taking down Akatsuki and thus reducing the number of enemies he has. Sasuke eventually uses his Sharingan to void Orochimaru's technique and retains control of his body while trapping Orochimaru's soul within him,[25] which gives Sasuke access to many of Orochimaru's abilities in the process.[26] During Sasuke's later fight with Itachi, Sasuke is left too weak to continue suppressing Orochimaru's soul, allowing Orochimaru to escape and try to take his body again. Before he can do so, Itachi seals him away.[27]

After Kabuto's defeat, Sasuke learns of Orochimaru's survival, as the Cursed Seals are revealed to hold copies of Orochimaru's consciousness in them, along with Orochimaru's cells that Kabuto injected into himself and subjugated. Using the Cursed Seal Orochimaru placed on his former student Anko Mitarashi, Sasuke releases Orochimaru and gives him a new body that Jugo provides with an absorbed part of Kabuto's flesh.[28] Despite expressing no interest in the ongoing war and still desiring to claim Sasuke's body, Orochimaru joins Sasuke in his quest for answers over the nature of ninja, taking him and Taka to the Nara Shrine, where he undoes the Reaper Death Seal and regains the use of ninjutsu before transferring his being into a White Zetsu clone placed on Sasuke. In his new body, Orochimaru brings the first four Hokage back to life with the Reanimation Jutsu to give Sasuke the answers he wants. Seeing that his methods were flawed from inside Kabuto and interested in observing his former apprentice's new path, Orochimaru aids the Allied Shinobi Forces by helping Tsunade and the Kage, and assists in subduing the Shinju. After the Fourth Great Ninja War ends, among those caught under Madara's Infinite Tsukuyomi before being freed[clarification needed], Orochimaru resumes his experiments, albeit in a more humane manner, with Sasuke's Taka teammates supporting him as lab assistants, though Konoha remains suspicious of him and keeps tight surveillance on him in case he resumes his former human experimentation activities.

In Boruto[edit]

In the sequel series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which takes place 15 years after Naruto, Orochimaru created two artificial humans based on his DNA, naming the youngest Mitsuki whom he considers a son and sends to live in Konoha to find his own path in life.[29] He also appears in the Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring side story with his younger appearance noted by the confused main characters.[30] In the post-credits scene of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Orochimaru is seen watching Mitsuki with his teammates.

Appearances in other media[edit]

Out of the five films on the series, Orochimaru so far has only appeared in the fifth Naruto film, Naruto Shippūden 2: Bonds.[31] He briefly appears in the fifth OVA "The Cross Roads". Orochimaru is a playable character in nearly all Naruto video games, including the Clash of Ninja series and the Ultimate Ninja series.[32][33][34] In some games, he utilizes variations of his techniques not seen in the anime or manga, and in the second installment of the Ultimate Ninja series, Sealed Arms Orochimaru is available as a separate character.[35]Gekitō Ninja Taisen! EX 2 marks the first appearance of Orochimaru in a video game set in Part II, with the second one being Ultimate Ninja 5.[36]

Orochimaru also appears in two light novels from the franchise: in Sasuke's Story, he aids Sasuke in a mission by providing him information about his target,[37] and in Konoha Hiden, he makes a cameo congratulating Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga's wedding.[38]


Orochimaru has been featured consistently in the Weekly Shonen Jump popularity polls, commonly placing in the top twenty characters.[39] However, in the last popularity poll, he was out of the top thirty characters.[40] Merchandise based on Orochimaru has also been released, including action figures,[41][42] plush dolls,[43] and key chains.[44]AnimeCentral listed him as the tenth best villain in anime due to his objectives and methods, particularly how he scares Sasuke Uchiha the first time seeing him despite Sasuke's strength.[45] In the book Listverse.com's Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists: Fascinating Facts and Shocking Trivia on Movies, Music, Crime, Celebrities, History, and More by Jamie Frater, Orochimaru was listed as the eighth most evil villain with the writer calling him "pure evil".[46]

Several publications for manga, anime, video games, and other related media praised and criticized Orochimaru's character. IGN writer Jason Van Horn compared Orochimaru's search for power and subsequent fall into villainy to that of Darth Sidious from Star Wars, and labeled Orochimaru as "something more than just pure evil".[47] Justin Rich from Mania Entertainment considered Orochimaru the "first real villain" of the series, noting that unlike Zabuza Momochi, the villain of the previous arc, he had no redeeming qualities.[48]DVDTalk's Todd Douglass Jr. celebrated the introduction of Orochimaru into the series, as well as the potential plot development from the curse seal Orochimaru placed on Sasuke, describing it as one of the best parts of the series.[49] Carl Kimlinger from Anime News Network stated that Orochimaru's influence over Sasuke kept the tension high, even when he had minor appearances.[50] Javier Lugo from Manga Life praised the fight between Orochimaru and the Third Hokage based on the surprises this encounter showed.[51] Bamboo Dong from Anime News Network labeled Orochimaru as a character that can not be killed.[52] IGN's Charles White considered Orochimaru as "one of the more interesting characters on the show" as he stateed Orochimaru "can literally steal the show at any time".[53] A. E. Sparrow from the same site praised Orochimaru's scenario in the 13th volume of the manga as he interrupts the story arc to engage with the Third Hokage in a possible deathmatch despite interrupting the fight between Sasuke and Gaara which readers had been looking for.[54]

After Orochimaru's fight against the Hokage, About.com writer Deb Aoki commented that Orochimaru was in such poor shape to the point where he was replaced by Akatsuki as the new antagonists.[55] In the book The Rough Guide to Manga, Jason S. Yadao noted Orochimaru's impact in Part I of the series due to his influence on one of the protagonists, Sasuke, to abandon his comrades and join him.[56] Holly Ellingwood from Active Anime described him as "sinister" and noted his proposal to revive Tsunade's loved ones in exchange for healing his arms made it appealing.[57] Additionally, Kimlinger considered Kujira, Orochimaru's Japanese voice actress, to be one of the best from the series.[58]

Despite the character's minor appearances in Part II, most of them were well received. The way Orochimaru angers Naruto Uzumaki in their battleand his management over events ever since his reintroduction are deemed as "near perfect" by Mania's Chris Beveridge.[59] Orochimaru's fight against Sasuke in later parts of the series is praised by Manga Life's Park Cooper due to how it changes "the nature of things" in a short time.[60] While Beveridge agrees with Cooper, he finds that the fight did not bring a certain end to Orochimaru, which he thought would have made it more entertaining. On the other hand, Beveridge likes how a flashback showed Orochimaru's backstory in Konoha, which helped explain the reason for his character during the fight between the two.[61] His apparent redemption to follow Sasuke in later parts of the story is criticized by writer Jason Thompson during a review of the manga.[62] On the other hand, Bryce Coulter from the Fandom Post finds Orochimaru's change based on Sasuke's new interest intriguing due to the future possibilities of becoming Konohagakure's ally.[63] Ramsey Isler from IGN praises the relationship between Orochimaru and his ally Kabuto as the former often wondered if Kabuto was ever going to betray him.[64] In the final episodes of the anime Naruto Shippuden, Orochimaru made small cameos during the preparations for Naruto and Hinata's wedding which Amy Mcnulty from Anime News Network found hilarious.[65]


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