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It was not that long after midnight when Hoodie was in his bed enjoying the somber quiet that was a rarity in the mansion, so he was going to enjoy it while it lasted. Suddenly Hoodie heard a soft almost cute sound coming from the room next to his--yours. At first he had no idea what it was and just attributed it to you sleeping, but when it became louder and more distinct that thought radically changed.

His extremely sensitive hearing allowed him to imagine the entire scene with extraordinary detail. He could see you naked body on your bed wrapped in a sense of ecstasy. He saw your fingers move in and out of your dripping wet core in time with your moans. The faster you went the louder you moaned.

While all of this was going on Hoodie could feel his member grow big and hard, pressing against his pants. He had always liked you and couldn't help but get this way around you. This time though it was a lot harder to fight the urges.

"H-Hoodie," he heard you moan out. At that point he couldn't stand it any more. He quickly left his room went next door to yours and threw the door open.

"HOODIE!" you screamed, trying to cover yourself up." I THOUGHT YOU WERE OUT?!"

You heard a deep chuckle leave Hoodie's mouth as he slowly made his way towards you. It didn't take him long to make his way to your bed. He gently glides his hand down your cheek, around to the back of your neck and pulls you into a soft passionate kiss. You instantly melt into it bringing your bodies closer together. When you to finally separated you're lips clashed with each other once again.

During the passionate kissing you somehow ended up underneath Hoodies toned strong body. His hands weaved their way through your (h/l)(h/c) making you moan softly. He soon transitioned to your neck nipping and kissing your sweet spot making you arc your body against his feeling hours hard member through his pants. You started rubbing against it making him moan and grow even harder.

"Ah~(y/n)," he mumbled. You took this moment of weakness to get on top, turn so that you were looking at the bulge in his pants, took them off and placed his big hard member in your mouth. Hoodie instantly threw his head back and began thrusting his hips making him go deeper into your mouth.

He moaned louder when you flicked your tongue around the top of his member. Suddenly you tasted the bitter tang of his precum trickle into your mouth. You then started to put him even further into your mouth, that's when he began licking your soaking wet core.

"Ah ~", you moaned pushing yourself deeper into the sweet sensation," P-please... I want it..."

Hoodie then put a finger all the way inside you as her teasingly said, "You want what (y/n)?"

"Ah ~... I want you inside me Hoodie. P-please I-I can't take it a-any more."

"OK then baby. It's all yours."

You then positioned yourself over his big, hard member and slowly put it inside you. A loud moan escaped your open mouth before you started moving your hips. As you moved Hoodie placed his hands around your (b/s) breasts and began massaging them. This made you move faster and harder, feeling him deep inside you.

"(Y/n)... I'm about to-" Hoodie said before his own pleasurable moans interrupted him.

"Me too ~," within seconds of saying that the two of you came screaming each others names.

For the rest of the night you stayed in each others arms, even while you slept, until your blissful peace was destroyed by the return of everyone. But at least you two enjoyed it to the fullest.

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(Y/N) sat in her room, opening a large, long package. Masky had dropped it off at her door, saying that he didn't need it anymore and would hate to see it go to waste.

Throwing her scissors aside, she pulled at the lid until it gave way. With a few promising sounds, it popped open.

(Y/N) brushed a few stray hairs from her face before peering into the cardboard box.

Inside sat dusty, well worn keyboard and bench. (Y/N) smiled and pulled it out, rubbing her sleeve across it. On one side was a power switch, which she pressed. The keyboard seemed to be battery powered, which was good because the only place for it did not have any outlets near it.

(Y/N) rested her fingers on the keys and played a crappy C chord. The only experience she had with music was when she snuck into a Pellegrino's at night and had played on their pianos without experience until sunrise. Looking back inside the box, she searched for anything else.

Shoved in the bottom of the box was a music ethics book, also worn and a little folded. (Y/N) reached into the box and pulled it out. It was extremely dogeared and faded, but when she opened it, she was able to read the music.

It was when her bedroom door open that she dropped it. Looking up, she saw Hoodie standing in her doorway.

"Oh, hey," she smiled, "What's up?"

Hoodie walked into her room and held out his hand. She took it and stood, asking,

"Are we going on a walk or something?"

Hoodie shook his head solemnly and made a gun with his fingers. (Y/N) understood what he meant and grabbed her shotgun from her closet. Before she could utter another word, Hoodie grabbed her hand and drug her outside and into the woods.

Panting, he pulled off his mask and bent over.

"Hood— Brian, what's wrong?" (Y/N) asked, placing a hand on his back.

Brian panted before pulling his mask back over his head and standing up.

"We need to get farther away from the house," was all that he said.

As they walked further into ether forest, (Y/N)'s concerns began to get the best of her. She was worried that Brian was mad at her, or that he was going to break up with her, or he would lead her all the way out here then ditch her.

Lost in her thoughts, (Y/N) didn't realize that Brian had come to a stop in front of her. She ran face first into his back with an oof!

"Brian what's—"

"Shhh..." he cut her off, his finger to his masked lips.

(Y/N) wrapped her arms around his waist, but all he did was look around at the surrounding trees, as if looking for something. When he didn't see anything, he continued walking, tearing out of (Y/N)'s hug like it was a spider web. (Y/N) herself stood there for a moment, pained, before trotting after him.

"Are you not going to tell me what—"

Brian cut her off again by shushing her, harsher this time. (Y/N) could feel tears sting the corner of her eyes, but she blinked them away. Again, her thoughts began to race.

What've I done wrong? She asked herself, I mean, I've been talking to a lot of guys recently, but they're like brothers to me, not anything more. Am I not paying enough attention to him? Does he need more than I'm giving him? Am I just not good enough for him?

The last thought was enough to get the tears flowing. As she wiped them away, she tried her best to keep the sniffles silent, as to not get Brian mad.

Brian stopped again, this time in a large clearing. The sunlight peeked through the canopy, gently lighting the forest floor. Usually, (Y/N) would be amazed by the scene, but her tears made everything blurry.

"We're here," Brian said in a flat tone.

Before Brian could take another step forward, (Y/N) spun him around to face her. She grabbed him by the collar of his sweatshirt and pulled him down to her level. After pushing up his mask halfway, she kissed him. He seemed shocked at first, but his arms snaked around her waist as he pulled her closer.

After they broke away, Brian finally saw (Y/N)'s face. It was stained with tears and she was constantly sniffling. He raised his hand to her cheek, wiping tears away as he asked,

"What's wrong? I'm here, it's okay."

(Y/N) wiped her nose on her sleeve before answering.

"I thought you were mad at me," She responded thickly, "You've been so flat this whole time and you're never like that with me. I was worried."

A pained look crossed Brian's face and he kissed her again.

"I could never be mad at you," he smiled.

(Y/N) sniffled again before saying,

"But you've been acting like it a lot."

Brian tucked a few stray hairs behind her ear.

"I guess I'm up caught up in my own thoughts," he sighed, "I'm sorry (Y/N), I really am. I've just been worried about this mission."

"This is a mission?" (Y/N) asked.

Brian facepalmed and cursed himself.

"I'm so stupid," he muttered before looking back at (Y/N), "We're out here to talk to the Rake. I reported to Slender that he's made an alliance with Zalgo, and Jeff has said that he's seen him hanging around the woods. This is more diplomatic than anything."

(Y/N) glanced at the gun slung on her back and the one in Brian's pocket.

"And these are for...?" She asked.

"If he doesn't comply."

They heard a chuckle come from a bush.

"No promises there~" a voice called out.

Hoodie's soft expression turned to one of fear as he yanked his mask back down and pulled (Y/N) to the center of the clearing.

"Come out Rake," he called, "We just want to talk."

A hunched creature came out of a bush in front of them. He had long, spindly arms and legs, with sunken eyes and razor sharp teeth and claws.

"Guns don't talk," Rake growled.

Hoodie sighed.

"We won't have to use them if you just listen."

The Rake chuckled again and began to slowly approach them. Hoodie instinctively moved (Y/N) behind his back, and Rake followed her with his eyes.

"Oh! And who's that?" He asked, "Does widdle Hoodie have a girlfwend?"

"Yes, I do," Hoodie growled.

The Rake tilted his head and smiled widely.

"It would be a shame if something were to, I don't know, happen to her!" He said wickedly.

(Y/N) whimpered and hugged Hoodie from behind, and this time he held her hand.

"Stop avoiding the matter at hand, Rake," he said, "We're here to discuss your removal from here and that's all."

Rake tore his eyes away from (Y/N) and grinned at Hoodie.

"My removal?" He asked with fake innocence.

Hoodie swallowed.

"Yes, your removal," He said, "You need to leave this forest on behalf of—"

"Woah woah woah, hold your horses," Rake cut Hoodie off, "On who's behalf, Slenderman's? Sorry to break it to you, Hoods, but I don't work for him. Now Zalgo, he's my boss. And he told me to come here, kill that girl, and promised that I would live a life of power."

Hoodie and (Y/N) stood in silence as they gripped each other's hands.

"Doesn't that sound nice, power?" The Rake continued, "It's what I've always wanted. I've always just been The Rake, just some creature that lives in his own little woods. Just a myth. But I'm tired of that. And my only way to get what I want is to kill that girl."

Hoodie firmly shook his head as (Y/N) hid her face in his back.

"Just hand her over, Hoodie," Rake almost crooned, "Just that and it'll all be over. Maybe I'll save you a finger you remember her by."

Hoodie whipped his gun out of his pocket and shot at The Rake. With almost lightning speed, The Rake stepped to the side and avoided the bullet.

"Protective, I see," He smiled then, "Well then, you shot the first shot so that means that whatever happens next is your fault."

The Rake began to run in rapid circles around them on all fours. (Y/N) released Hoodie and pulled her gun off her shoulder, standing back to back with him.

"Are you okay?" He asked over The Rake's thundering footsteps.

"I am now," she called over her shoulder, "I just realized that this guy sounds like an 80 year old smoker, so why should I be afraid of him?"

Hoodie gently laughed and tired to focus his gun on the blur of The Rake. As he ran, he called out insults and profanity to them, laughing and jeering the whole time.

(Y/N) soon realized that trying to train her eyes on The Rake was completely useless, it only made her feel nauseous. It was only when he called out,

"You're a monster, just like me (L/N)! Just like me!" That something happened.

Anger washed over (Y/N) as her fur stood on end and she cocked her gun.

"You know nothing about me," she growled.

Pulling the trigger, a bullet sped out of the barrel and into The Rake's chest. He toppled to the ground, panting and wheezing, but a huge smile on his face.

He slowly struggled to stand, a hand over his bleeding wound.

"You're a good shot, (L/N)," he grinned, "But this isn't it. This is only the beginning of a long long war."

Both Hoodie and (Y/N) pointed their guns at him.

"Go," Hoodie growled, "Leave and don't come back."

With one final smile, The Rake turned away and slowly walked in the other direction. It was only until he was completely out of sight when Hoodie pulled her into a hug.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

(Y/N) laughed and hugged him back.

"You always ask that, and of course I'm okay," she smiled.

Hoodie squeezed her tight before letting her go. She then noticed that happiness was radiating off of him.

"What?" She asked with a sly smile, crossing her arms against her chest.

"I just can't wait to tell the others that my girlfriend just clean shotted the fastest creature we know," he smiled.

(Y/N) sighed happily.

"We better get a move on then."

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hey, I know that this has become sort of a yandere story, but this is how I imagine hoodie. a possessive, mean, murderer who is very violent and demands obedience from anyone under his control. now if your worried that this is a 'reader hates hoodie' sort of thing, it isn't just read and find out alright?

hoodie p.o.v

      I woke up to find my baby girl sprawled out underneath me, a small smile playing on her lips as she dreamt. 'Ilovehersomuch, andonedayI willhaveachildtoloveaswell. I thought, carefully climbing out of bed to leave. after getting dressed and giving (y/n) another kiss I left, making sure to keep the hotel room key in my pocket for when I came back. Ican'twaittobragtomaskyandtobyaboutthis. I thought,
        "hello sir, did you have a nice stay?" the girl behind the counter said with a smile, it was a different girl from last night, this one had platinum blonde hair cut into a bob cut with a chipper smile on her face. "yes, but my girl is back in room 456 so may I keep the key incase we have to stay another night?"
         I asked nicely, "of course sir, I'll inform you if your wife checks out before you return." the blonde said sweetly as I left, a growing amount of butterflies fluttered in my stomach, shecalled(y/n)mywife!  I thought, my mind submerged in a sea of bliss and happiness.

your p.o.v

       you awoke in the hotel room cold and alone, hoodie had left and you were now weary and drained from last night. "what the hell is that guys problem?" you asked, tears welling up in your eyes for the millionth time that week. slowly, you trudged out of bed and collected your clothing, your underwear were scarcely recognizable and your bra had a broken strap, the rest of your clothes had survived but not without their battle scars. after using some found clothes pins to hold together your shirt and zipper you walked out into the bland hallway and down to the check out counter.
        "hello miss, anything I can help you with today?" the cheerful lady behind the counter said with a smile, her flowery perfume doing nothing but agitating your nose with its pungent odor. "yes, I am returning this key." you said handing her the key to room 456, "would you like me to notify your husband of your checking out ma'am?" she said as she took the small silver key from you, "um, I don't have a husband."
        you said in a confused tone, "then who was that man that came down here but only thirty minutes ago?" she asked, returning your confused expression, " oh, him! I am sorry, I'm a little messed up from last nights event." you said, to frightened to deny what ever story he had told her. the blonde blushed and laughed nervously, "ah well, that can happen sometimes!" she exclaimed
         " um, would you like me to inform him of your checking out?" she continued, "um, no thank you, I am going to surprise him with something and I really do not want him to know." you lied with a small blush on your cheeks, "oh O.K., have a good day!" she said happily as you left and walked out into the summer daylight, so, heconvincedherthatIamhiswife? howfuckedupisthisguy?
          you thought as you made your way down the street to the store, for some reason you had a bad feeling that gnawed at your insides persistently. cautiously you walked into the gas station and searched through the aisles for the item of your desires. finally you saw it between the pads and the hair growth medicine.
         "um, can you tell me where the bathrooms are?" you said with a growing blush as you paid for the pregnancy test. "around the corner, down the hall." the old woman said with a small smile on her face as she handed you a small key with a red tag attached to it and pointed. "um, thanks for the help."
           you mumbled and made your way to the bathroom with your eyes trained on the floor. getting to the bathroom you tried out the pregnancy test and waited impatiently for it to show the results. to your dismay, when it finally did show, it was a bright pink plus symbol.

duh duh duh!  that's right, your pregers with hoodies baby. now you can change the gender if you don't like but I would like to inform you that I am going to be speeding the process along so don't be weirded out by the fact that your about to give birth. peace!

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In no case am I ready to lose my beloved. - Sit down. We need to talk.

Reader wattpad x hoodie

Sorry. Oh. the buses don't run anymore, she murmured. - You can stay with me. (Oh yes!) - I'll sleep in the chair (Damn!) In the chair, of course, she didn't let him sleep.

yandere creepy pasta x reader one shots!

Then you know: as soon as I had time to swim and wash off Seregin's seed, my sleepy Dimon came. It turned out to be an interesting day - three times I washed off the male waste products and they never belonged to my husband. Everything. Now I'll see what we recorded on the camera there, and I'll go to the beach.

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