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Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories

Printable paper dolls are such an amazing tool for learning and play. Your kids will have hours of fun dressing up their new little friends! Includes 6 characters, lots of clothes, and wait for it…a unicorn onesie!

To Print:Scroll to the “materials” box below and click on the little scissors icon. After you enter your email, a link to download will appear.

Sprinkle Dress Girl Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories

Ways to Use These Paper Doll Cutouts

  • Use these dolls for various activities including dress up and pretend play. These paper dolls to print are also perfect for storytelling!
  • Dress the dolls up in paper doll clothes for a fashion show.
  • Each free printable paper doll template comes with clothing and accessories. Dress your dolls up for a day on the beach, or as a unicorn or mermaid!
  • Paper dolls aren’t just for girls–there’s a boy paper doll template included in the pdf files.
  • Print paper doll sets to give as gifts – how fun would a laminated set of these!
  • Customize the free paper dolls. Print out the black and white version onto card stock and color them however you like. Design fashionable outfits for your paper doll along with matching accessories–what paper doll wouldn’t love to sport a pair of sneakers, swimsuit or colorful pants?

What You Need to Make Printable Paper Dolls

To make these paper doll cutouts, you’ll need white cardstock, scissors (an exacto knife may be helpful too!), and the paper dolls printable template. I’ve included instructions and cutting guides on the download, so you know exactly where to cut, score, and fold.

To Print:Click to the “materials” box below and click on the little scissors icon. After you enter your email, a link to download will appear.

How to Make the Paper Doll Cutout:

Step 1: Print

Download the printable paper doll PDF and print on 8.5 x 11″ white cardstock (I use Neenah 65# Bright White).

To Print:Scroll to the “materials” box above and click on the little scissors icon. After you enter your email, a link to download will appear.

Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories

Step 2: Cut

Use scissors, exacto knife, or die-cutting machine to cut along the edges.

Tip: To make the paper dolls last longer, laminate before cutting. I use this cheap laminator from Scotch & it works great!

Mix and Match Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories

Step 3: Time to Play!

Arrange the dolls and clothes into their separate piles. Now it’s time for an endless array of paper doll activities! Another option is to laminate the printable, then cut them out and add magnet dots the back of the paper dolls. You can use it on a cookie sheet or any other magnetic surface.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Use Printable Paper Dolls:

Paper dolls are fun on so many levels. They help young children develop vocabulary and fine motor skills. Older kids can practice coloring and cutting skills. Paper dolls are always great for imaginative play.

What’s included with the paper doll cutouts?

In the printable dress-up paper dolls freebie file you can find 6 paper dolls, 3 male and 3 female, along with various colorful outfits, costumes, and swimwear.

What ages are printable paper dolls for?

The paper dolls with clothes to print pdf are great for kids ages 2-8 (or older). It’s totally okay for big kids and grownup to play alongside with the littles too.

Watermelon Shirt Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories

What paper weight is best for these?

I used 65lb. White cardstock for the paper dolls printable free template. You definitely want something thicker than normal computer paper, otherwise, the paper dolls will not be durable. To make the paper dolls last longer, laminate before cutting. I use this cheap laminator from Scotch & it works great!

How should I store the paper doll cutouts?

Store the paper dolls in a pencil box or in a metal lunch box (if you have magnets on them).

How to store printable paper dolls in pencil case

More Free Summer Printables for Kids

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Templates to Make Your Own Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories

Paper Doll Template

When you print out the paper doll body in the link, you have a few options. You can use a variety of colored cardstock sheets, print out the desired templates on magnet sheets so your kids can play with their dolls on the fridge, or even use printer sticker sheets for one-time use dolls. While plain white printer paper works too, it doesn't stand up to very much use, so something thicker is best.

Color in the doll's body and create facial features using crayons, markers, colored pencils, or whatever medium strikes your child's fancy. Consider using yarn or embroidery floss for hair, or make wigs using felt scraps. Another idea is to make paper dolls that look like your child and their friends by using photos. If you use cardstock or regular paper, consider gluing the paper doll onto a lightweight cardboard base to make it sturdier. To protect the finished dolls, laminate or cover them with clear contact paper.

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  3. Youtube minecraft zombie

Printable Paper Dolls For Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall

Are you working on a weather unit in your preschool themes this year? Then check out these awesome paper doll template pack that includes paper doll dresses, paper doll cut outs, season themed activities that focus on Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring. These dress up printables could work for your weather unit too!

Printable Paper Dolls

Our Winter Paper Dolls dress up busy bag was SO popular on the blog that I had so many requests for a spring and summer version. I’ve done even better than that though! I have created a full activity pack that includes a coloring page worksheet type of activity and incorporated more season learning. I will give you all the details about the full paper doll pack a little later on.. First let’s get to the freebie!

Materials Required

Whats included?

paper doll dresses

In the printable paper dolls freebie file you can find 4 paper dolls, 2 male and 2 female.. although you can get more free paper dolls in the winter dress up printable activity!

This time, the paper doll dresses and paper doll clothing you receive is summer and spring themed.

You can then laminate and add magnets to these paper dolls. You can use it on a cookie sheet or any other magnetic surface. Here is an example from the winter dress up pack

printable dress up clothes winter busy bag

You can find the paper doll dress up template and mini-pack at the bottom of this post.

Now let me tell you ALL about the new Seasons Printable Paper Doll Dress Up Pack.

I wanted to enhance the learning of seasons so I’ve added some seasonal back drops. Children can use the printable paper dolls on the horizontal or vertical backgrounds or use the small cards and dress the dolls with the appropriate clothing for the season.

Here are some examples of questions to ask:

What would you wear in the summer? What would you wear in the spring?

If you wear shorts in the winter, how would you feel?

What does fall look like? What does fall feel like?

You can also use the backgrounds and add in some printable paper dolls for storytelling activities. This paper doll template pack really has SO many options.

preschool themes

I’ve created a lot of variety in the printable paper doll pack so that you can print out what is most suitable for your class.

The seasons printable pack includes two sizes of paper dolls. The bigger size is almost the size of a normal piece of paper. This is for children who may have difficulty working with small pieces and need bigger ones.

I have also included printable worksheet/coloring pages so that children can choose a doll and create the doll and dresses according to their own imaginations. This worksheet was ADORED by my children.

Here is an example of what the worksheet looks like once you cut and color it. You can either leave it so that children can interchange the clothes or you can have them glue on their outfits. This activity is wonderful for a creative child.

I have included a few dolls that already have seasonal clothing on. You can use these as a visual perception activity. Have children add on the correct clothing items. The summer ones are easier since there are normally just a dress and shoes but as you progress to winter clothes there are multiple items including boots, pants, a top, a hat and a scarf.

Here are what the Season pages look like. Children can match the clothing to the season.

This shows you the sizes of the printable paper dolls. The one you see on teh left is what is available with our free downloads. The one on the right includes the size of one of the options on the Seasons Dress Up Dolls Pack.

Here you can see an example of one of the dress up doll worksheets. Here children can create their own dolls.

I love our Lakeshore Learning People Colors for skin tones. I purchased the colored pencils version. I have not tried the crayon version so I can’t say which one is better. I do love that the colors come in a wide variety of tones so that we cover all skin tones! Crayola has a marker multi-cultural skintone version here, which I just purchased to try out.There are Crayola Crayons and they have a classroom set of markers too.

art worksheets for kids

For the clothing we tried out crayons and markers. Crayons are on the left, Markers are on the right. I think the markers were much more vibrant so I am really keen to try out the skin tone markers above. I do like that the Lakeshore crayons gave the skin tone a softer look, as skin should look. I might just opt to do the hair in marker instead. These would ALSO be amazing to use with some watercolor paint.


paper doll cut outs

You can get the full printable paper doll activity by clicking the image above or here:  Paper Doll Dress Up Seasons or here on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can also see a preview file here that shows you more close up details.


Get the Free printable paper dolls for summer and spring here:

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Today we have an original free printable paper dolls template so that you can design your own paper dolls set.

I loved to create paper dolls when I was a kid so printable paper doll templates which allows you to customize details like accessories, clothing, hair, skin tone and more is definitely a favorite. This makes this free paper dolls set perfect for kids of all ages.

Design My Own Paper Dolls created by Jen Goode - finished printable paper dolls pdf shown

Dress up dolls have so many possibilities for pretend play & imaginative play and area easy to take with you and fun to make accessories for. You can get creative and design whatever you’d like for clothing and color them however you want. Then comes in the imagination and the story telling. Paper dolls are such a wonderful way to learn and play while having a great time during hours of fun.

This article contains affiliate links.

Design Your  Own Paper Dolls

With this printable paper doll set, you can design the character and clothing however you’d like:

  • Make a boy with blue jeans and a baseball shirt.
  • Design a little girl with a pretty skirt and happy face shirt.
  • Make fabulous paper dolls clothing designs like a winter dress, party hat, brilliant color shirts.
  • Dress a Halloween paper doll, Thanksgiving paper dolls or other holiday attire!
  • Use your history lessons as a guide to vintage paper doll dresses and more.
  • You decide what the dolls look like and what color their clothes are.
  • Add glitter and sequins or yarn and mini buttons.

However you color, paint and decorate these free printables…have fun and get creative!

Design My Own paper doll kit by Jen Goode - pdf template for paper dolls clothes and accessories shown

Free Printable Paper Doll Template pdf Files

This free download printable paper doll kit comes with 1 base doll figure and a variety of clothing (see neon green button below).

Use this awesome paper doll template pack pieces as is or cut out and use as templates to make your own patterned paper or fabric outfits. Color with crayons, markers or even watercolor paints. And, you can draw in your own designs and fun decorations.

Cutting out the paper doll bag accessory

Paper Doll Accessories

A tip for cutting out the bag. For best results, to cut out the center of the handle on the bag, simply cut across the top of the bag on one side of the handle and then cut the center out. If you have a child helping cut out pieces, this is a much safer way to cut than poking a hole while still working on fine motor skills. The bag will still stay on the doll even with the handle cut like this.

Design My Own Paper Doll Set created by Jen Goode - finished paper dolls with accessories

Download & Print this Paper Doll Set pdf Files Here

More Paper Doll Printable Paper Crafts from Kids Activities Blog

I hope you have fun with this Design Your Own Paper Doll printable set. It’s a fun activity to do with friends, family and even in the classroom.

Kids can make themselves or make their whole family with this free printable paper dolls.





Dolls clothing printables paper

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These printable paper doll templates print in black and white and are ready for your kiddos to add color and personality!

Printable paper doll templates to color…

These dolls print in black and white.  It’s economical and allows for your kids to add their own dash of creativity as they design the clothes and the dolls.

I suggest printing on card stock if you have it available.  It’s a bit heaver and will give your paper dolls and their clothes a bit of stability as your young artists make and play with them. As always- use what you have!

printable paper doll templates- boy and girl dolls to color

Color first, cut later….

Add color in whatever way you like.  Markers or crayons are quick and easy suggestions. But watercolor paints, collage, or tissue paper could be also be fun options.  If you leave the options wide open your kids will be sure to have the best suggestions!

One important tip- be sure to have your kids color their shapes before anything is cut out.  It’s much easier for little hands to color when they don’t have to worry about their marker or crayon going off and on the paper.  It’s hard and distracts from the fun of coloring!

Color first and then anything outside the lines gets cut clean off as the clothes get cut out!

color your own paper doll templates- boy and girl dolls to color

Cut your paper doll templates out…

These paper dolls do have lots of little parts to cut out and around.  If your kiddos have the scissor skills to cut these out themselves – that’s amazing! If this level of detail is frustrating to them they may need some help cutting these doll shapes out. Or you could even try taking turns cutting!

Hint….you will need to cut the line where the girl’s hair meets her shoulder.  This will actually help hold the clothes on as the “tab” will be held easily in slit.  DO the same with the line where the arms attach to the body. Cut all the way up to the armpit area to make room for the shirt tabs.

Once your paper doll shapes are cut out they’re ready to play!  I hope your kiddos have at least as much fun playing with their printable paper dolls as they did making them!

free printable paper dolls with clothes and accesories

Using the tabs on paper doll templates…

These paper doll templates have tabs on the side that fold over the doll itself and hold the clothes on.  I’m not going to lie- these can be tedious.  Clothes shift and move easily because there is no adhesive involved.  I included the traditional tabs on these clothes because they remind of the paper dolls I played with when I was little.

A less frustrating option might be a reposition-able glue stick or even a touch of sticky putty.  As clothes get cut out cut those fold over tabs right off. Use whatever adhesive you choose to layer clothes on your doll.

printable paper dolls and accessories for boy or girl

Want to grab the PDF for these printable paper doll templates…

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free printable paper doll templates to color- boy paper doll and girl paper doll

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Free Printable Winter Paper Dolls

Get these printable paper dolls ready for winter with a free set of warm and festive winter clothes!

Printable paper dolls with free templates of winter clothes

What’s winter like, in the way of clothes? Well, that depends on where one lives… But in many northern places, it’s usually colder than the rest of the year, with rain and snow. On the other hand, in many countries of the world, winter is also a time for celebrations! Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, and other more localized festivities all happen at around the same time.

When making winter clothes for the paper dolls, I tried to create outfits that would reflect both of those realities – the cold weather and the holidays. If you want to take a look at our collection of Christmas paper dolls, check here!

You can find a link to the free winter doll templates at the end of the post!

Winter Paper Dolls Feature

  • free paper doll templates (four coloured + four colour-your-own dolls)
  • free templates for three full costumes (coloured + colour-your-own costumes)

The set includes a winter parka, a scarf, a hat, and a pair of winter boots for cold outdoors. It also comes with a set of clothes, both for a boy and a girl, that are supposed to be festive and warm.

Paper dolls include two boys and two girls

As always, there are four dolls included, and you can mix and match the outfits.

Paper dolls in their winter clothes

I like the bright colours for winter clothes. They help to fight the gloom of our northern winters. But if your children wants different colours? There are colour-your-own options – both for the dolls and for the clothes.

Free printable templates for making paper dolls

Would you like more festive clothes? You can check out this set, where our paper dolls have dressed up as winter gift-bringers from all over the world – Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Jultomten, Befana, Krampus, and many others!

Christmas paper dolls

Need more warm clothes? You can mix and match the winter set with our free printable autumn and spring paper dolls.

And if you happen to live in a place where it is summer all year round, here you can find the summer paper doll set.

How to Make Paper Dolls

To make the dolls, simply print all the templates on sheets of card stock and cut them out with scissors and/or hobby knife.

Paper dolls are charming old-fashioned toys, and they are great for developing fine motor skills in children. But if your children are not interested in fiddling with tabs, there is an easy solution for making them into magnetic dolls.

You can either use magnetic paper for printing or cut off the tabs and attach pieces of magnetic tape or magnet dots to the back of the dolls and the clothes.

How to Make Magnetic Paper Dolls

You can even laminate them for longevity! This is what I do for my three-year-old daughter, who loves playing with paper dolls, but can’t be guaranteed to not have sticky fingers.

Magnetic Paper Dolls with Winter Clothes

More Printable Paper Dolls

Amazing Women in History Paper Dolls

Using these paper dolls, dedicated to social history and women’s history, children will learn about twenty amazing heroines who changed the world! Featuring Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale, and many more.

Anatomy Paper Dolls

Study the human body anatomy with kids by making a set of printable anatomy paper dolls, with each layer showcasing a different body system! 

Black History Paper Dolls

Celebrate Black history while making a set of printable dress-up and magnetic paper dolls of fifteen inspiring people who changed the world!

School Uniforms Around the World

Explore cultural diversity with kids by getting the paper dolls ready for school and dressing them up in a variety of school uniforms around the world!

Christmas Around the World Paper Dolls

Learn about Christmas traditions around the world with fourteen gift-bringing characters from different cultures! From the famed Santa Claus to the mysterious Olentzero, from the sweet Christkind to the horrifying Krampus—the world is full of interesting and unique traditions, associated with the season.

Mermaid Paper Dolls

Enchanting mermaid live under the sea in fairy-tales and children's imagination, and they can make them from paper, using these printable templates!

Back to School Paper Dolls

For a back-to-school celebration, make a set of printable paper dolls with a wardrobe that will take them through a school year!

Emotion Paper Dolls: Female

Instead of clothes, this printable emotion paper doll changes poses and expressions and teaches children how to successfully read other people’s body language.

Emotion Paper Dolls: Male

Instead of clothes, this printable emotion paper doll changes poses and expressions and teaches children how to successfully read other people’s body language.

Winter Paper Dolls: Free Printable Templates

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