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The Norco Sight C1 isn’t a full-on enduro bike according to the Canadian brand. Instead, it’s positioned between their trail bike, the Optic and the now somewhat outdated Range enduro bike. After a promising first ride review, we were excited to see how it would fare against the competition.

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: The best enduro bike 2020

Almost every enduro bike on the market today is “long and slack”. However, few are as packed full of smart details as the Norco Sight C1, which combined 160 mm travel up front with 150 mm at the rear. The stock bike comes equipped with a 170 mm dropper post, made possible by the very short seat tube and the equally low top tube to offer the most possible freedom of movement. Apart from that, Norco have opted to vary the length of the rear end to suit the length of the front triangle across the range of available sizes to achieve optimal weight distribution for each frame size. Besides offering enough space for a water bottle, there are additional mounting points in the front triangle for a spare tube and tools. The components on the € 6,999 Sight C1 are equally trimmed for real-world performance. The RockShox suspension consisting of a Lyrik Ultimate fork and a Super Deluxe Select+ shock perform just as well as the CODE RSC brakes and the DT Swiss M1700 wheelset. Although the aluminium cockpit won’t wow you quite as much, there is nothing to fault with the Deity handlebar and Norco stem. A setup guide on the Norco website gives you all the information you need to dial in the setup to suit your weight and riding style – nice!


Fork RockShox Lyrik Ultimate 160 mm
Rear Shock RockShox SuperDeluxe Select+ 150 mm
Seatpost RockShox Reverb Stealth 175 mm
Brakes SRAM Code RSC 200/180 mm
Drivetrain SRAM X01 Eagle 32 - 10/50
Stem Norco Alu 40 mm
Handlebar Deity Ridgeline 800 mm
Wheelset DT Swiss M1700 Spline 29

Geometry and size of the Norco

Norco know that it takes more than long reach or a slack head angle to make a great bike. The Canadian brand are one of the few that haven’t spared the effort of adapting the length of the chain stays to suit the length of the front triangle on every frame size for a more balanced bike. On top of that, they’ve also kept the top tube low and the seat tube short and straight throughout. In combination with a long dropper post, this gives you as much freedom of movement as possible on the Sight and more fun and confidence on the trail.

Seat tube370 mm395 mm435 mm465 mm
Top tube564 mm593 mm621 mm649 mm
Head tube90 mm100 mm110 mm120 mm
Head angle64.0°64.0°64.0°64.0°
Seat angle77.0°77.3°77.7°78.0°
Chainstays430 mm435 mm440 mm445 mm
BB Drop25 mm25 mm25 mm25 mm
Wheelbase1,183 mm1,222 mm1,262 mm1,301 mm
Reach425 mm455 mm485 mm515 mm
Stack603 mm612 mm621 mm630 mm

The Norco Sight C1 29 on the trail

The moment you swing a leg over the Norco Sight, you’ll hear a voice in your head whispering “Ride it like you stole it”. The long front triangle combined with the low slung top tube gives you plenty of freedom to move around. This motivates you to stay loose on the bike and get it sideways as you hit turns, flicking it playfully through corners. Despite its length, the bike is well balanced and you’ll always have enough weight on the front wheel. On the descents, you feel well integrated between the wheels. With the Super Deluxe shock installed, the rear linkage is rather firm and direct, resulting in a poppy feel that gives you plenty of feedback from the trail. While this makes for very agile handling, a little more sensitivity would improve the traction on offer.

The Norco Sight C1 29 rewards an active riding style with tons of speed!

On fast, big hits the rear end also hardens noticeably, transmitting the impacts on to the rider. If you want to go fast and rough on the Sight C1, it’ll do so without flinching but you’ll simply have to hold on to the handlebar that much tighter. However, what is annoying is the loud rattling from the chain hitting the metal chainstay where the protector is way too short. Thanks to its steep seat tube angle and efficient suspension, the Norco will get you up the climbs without issue. The rider is positioned very centrally and upright on the bike, making easy work of climbs.

Steep seat tube angle meets efficient suspension – climbing couldn’t be more relaxed on the Sight.

How does the Norco Sight C1 compare?

Norco might not be labelling the Sight C1 an enduro bike, but it doesn’t have any problems keeping up with most of the bikes in the test field. The suspension feels very similar to that of the Trek Slash, but the longer geometry is more composed and makes it more capable on the climbs. In rougher terrain, it’s the lack of traction on the rear that has it falling behind bikes like the RAAW Madonna or the Specialized Enduro.

Tuning tip: properly fasten the cables | extend the chainstay protector

Riding Characteristics



  1. sluggish
  2. efficient


  1. cumbersome
  2. playful


  1. nervous
  2. confident


  1. demanding
  2. balanced


  1. harsh
  2. plush

Fun Factor

  1. planted
  2. poppy

Value for money

  1. terrible
  2. very good


The Norco Sight C1 29 is one of the best bikes on the market for those who are out to have fun. It’ll win you over with its lively, agile handling, excellent climbing characteristics and huge freedom of movement. It is only when the trail becomes very rough that the firm tune of the rear suspension can’t keep up with the better bikes in the test field. There is also room for improvement in terms of the quality of the workmanship.


  • very lively and fun handling
  • excellent climbing characteristics
  • a lot of freedom of movement on the descents


  • rear-end struggles absorbing hard impacts
  • rattling cables
  • paint damage to the chainstay

You can find out more about the Norco Sight C1 29 at

The test field

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: The best enduro bike 2020

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Words: Christoph Bayer Photos: Christoph Bayer / Finlay Anderson / Markus Frühmann


Norco Cycling products

Norco, truly Canadian

Norco Bicycles was founded in the rugged mountains of British Columbia, Canada. The brand started with a simple vision, to build better bikes and since 1964, this is exactly what Norco has been doing. From being one of the first North American companies to deliver ten-speed drivetrains to then adding suspension forks to their frames, Norco bikes have been built to handle whatever is thrown at them.

With a long history of producing class leading bicycles, the experience of the ride is very important to Norco, and to create the very best experience, the brand makes and lives by three promises: listen, innovate and ride.

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Technological innovations are key goals for bike companies to develop. Norco bikes are created through constant design and innovation and its history has allowed the development of a wide range of features.

Gravity Tune

Gravity Tune system optimises the brand's mountain bike geometry to make a more balanced ride for all riders regardless of size. Using a fixed ratio between the length of the front of the bike and the length of the rear over all sizes of frames, Norco’s Gravity Tune ensures that when the rider is standing, their weight is always optimally distributed.


Standing for Applied Ride Compliance, this technology is built into the range of road bikes. There is an ARC Endurance and an ARC Race, each with specifically optimised compliance. The race ARC has a stiffer frame with more emphasis on power transmission, while the endurance versions have optimised frames that deliver more stability and comfort for longer rides.

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Norco’s large range of bikes cater for many types of riders and many types of roads or trails.

Mountain bike

Norco’s mountain bikes are well known for excellent ride qualities while covering a number of ride disciplines. Options are available in both hardtail and dual suspension configurations and with aluminium and carbon framed versions. Bikes in the mountain bike category will follow two numerical hierarchies, those with a ‘7’ in their name will have 650b or 27.5" wheels and a ‘9’ refers to 29er wheels.

Popular Norco mountain bike models include:

  • Storm: entry-level hardtail
  • Charger: cross country hardtail
  • Revolver: competitive cross country and marathon
  • Fluid: entry-level dual suspension
  • Optic: trail dual suspension
  • Sight: Aggressive trail and all-mountain dual suspension
  • Range: Enduro dual suspension
  • Aurum: downhill

Road, Cyclocross and Gravel

Norco also produces several road bikes that vary from the endurance-focused Valence models to the do-it-all Search. If you seek a cyclocross bike with a little race pedigree, then the Threshold range could be for you.


There's also a great range of city and recreational bikes to help you get around in built-up areas. So, if you ride on smooth paths or bike lanes and you’re looking for a commuter bike to get to work, check out the range of VFR, XFR and Indieflat bar, hybrid and city bikes.

Along with the city bikes, Norco produces bikes for dirt and skate parks, as well as a range of kid’s bikes.

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Founded in in British Columbia, Canada, Northern Cycle Industries was deemed too long for a downtube decal or headtube badge and was shortened to Norco Bicycles in 1968.

Norco Bicycles began manufacturing its 10-speed drop bar road bikes in 1975 after spending some time on full suspension BMX bikes. In 1984 Norco began designing and manufacturing mountain bikes, becoming one of the first North American companies to address this emerging market.

Through hard work and dedication, Norco Bicycles introduced the Rampage: North America’s first front suspension-specific mountain bike. Global sales go wild and Norco bicycles dives into a new market and produces the Super Cross 125 and 250, two of the world’s first Street/Dirt Jump-specific mountain bikes. In 2016, the Norco Search wins a Design and Innovation Award. Editors called it “a new way of thinking – a bike for those who want to continue onwards when the asphalt runs out “.

Basecamp Cyclery carries multiple Norco Bicycles for adults and youths. Take a look below at the different Norco bicycles we carry and stop in to demo them for yourselves!


Adult Bikes

Norco Search XR Carbon

The Search XR Carbon is non-conformist yet familiar, pushing the limits of what you’d expect from a drop bar bike. With tire clearance up to 700 x 45c, rack, fender and bottle mounts, and a lightweight carbon frame, the Search XR takes you off the beaten path and allows you to ride every road and trail your heart desires.

Explore single-track, tackle a gravel grinder or load up for a bike-packing trip. The Search XR is for all the adventures you can imagine, and for those you have yet to dream up.

Norco Search XR Steel

The Search XR Steel is not just head-turner. The strong but lightweight steel frame has a ride feel that is unique to steel as a frame material. The vibration-damping material properties combined with thoughtful frame design make the bike a pleasure to ride.

With tire clearance up to 700 x 45c, rack, fender and bottle mounts, the Search XR Steel is ready for any adventure, whether that is urban utility or exploration off the beaten track.

Youth Bikes

Norco Charger

The Norco Charger comes complete with premium components such as stainless-steel spokes, a quality lightweight saddle, soft krayton rubber grips and Jr. BMX pedals selected specifically for durability, safety and, long-lasting performance.

Norco Fluid HT

Super responsive, snappy with the ability to explode up technical climbs, the Fluid 4.3+ features a responsive aluminum hardtail frame designed around 24” wheels for a guaranteed fast and efficient ride. Get ready for more than capable handling with extra-wide 2.6” tires and applied trail geometry for a short, stiff rear end that will have your little ripper charging around corners, climbing hills with ease and flowing through rocky, rooty descents.

Norco Fluid FS

The Fluid FS brings all the trail capability of the Fluid series to smaller riders. With no-compromise geometry in a youth-sized frame, the Fluid FS is optimized to get maximum fun out of very trail.

Hydraulic disc brakes deliver all the modulation and stopping power they’ll need to handle the rougher stuff, while the trail tuned A.R.T. suspension will help them take their riding to the next level.

Norco Mermaid Run

The Mermaid 10” and 12″ Run Bike is the perfect way for little ones to learn the basics and develop a love of riding. Featuring 10” and 12″ air tires and a lightweight aluminum frame with lower stand over to fit smaller riders, kids can start riding early and often. As your little ripper discovers their need for speed, they can get used to controlling it with the easy-to-use rear v-brake and small adjustable lever.

Norco Ninja Run

The Ninja 10″ and 12” Run Bike is the perfect way for little ones to learn the basics of balance and develop a love of riding. Featuring 10″ and 12” air tires and a lightweight aluminum frame for petite riders, kids can start riding early and often. The 10” and 12” Ninja run bike allows your little ripper to discover their ability to balance through the bumps and stop with their feet, preparing them for moving up to a peddle bike when they are ready.

If any of these Norco adult or youth bikes caught your eye, you’re in luck. Base Camp Cyclery is your local mountain bike shop that has these in store. If you want to test them out, stop in to rent or demo one of these bad boys! Our robust collection of Norco mountain bikes should impress you. Stop by the shop or call us at 720-612-4962!

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For 2018, Norco mountain bike ranges cover the majority of riding options from recreational towpath riders to downhill racers.

>>> Trail Bike of The Year 2018

Canada has been responsible for some of the most progressive mountain bike brands thanks to the terrain and environment. Norco remains one of the North American countries bigger brands to have broken through into other countries.

Norco mountain bikes range explained

Norco split the ranges of mountain bikes into several distinctive categories to make it easier to identify which range is best suited to your chosen riding preferences.

Norco also use a very simple numbering system to divide ranges. Lower models start with high numbers, the top end model of each range is always indicated with a ‘1’, e.g. Norco Sight C1.

In addition, aluminium framed models tend to be indicated with an ‘A’ and carbon with a ‘C’. Easy!

The availability of certain models does depend on your country of origin, with the Canadian and US markets enjoying a slightly wider range than the UK and other countries. We’ll go through the entire range so you can get to grips with what’s available.


If you are taking your first step into the world of mountain biking or looking to upgrade to something a little more capable without spending thousands then Norco has you covered with the Storm and Charger models.

The entry point Storm range consists of three main models but also includes two female specific models. Each bike uses a 6061 aluminium frame and also includes a 100mm travel suspension fork for soaking up the bumps. Wheel size is dependent on frame size, smaller sizes get 27.5″ wheels, larger get 29ers.

The Storm 3 is where the range starts. Retailing for £400, it includes a Shimano 3×8 speed drivetrain, SR Suntour suspension fork, Tektro mechanical disc brakes and WTB branded tyres.

Norco mountain bikes

The entry point Storm has a beefed up aluminium frame to cope with the trails.

If you are looking to progress to the next level then the Charger is the bike for you. A simple, two bike range (female specific models are available in some countries), everything is pushed up in quality from the Storm.

In essence the bikes will ride fairly similar thanks to a shared geometry and 100mm suspension fork. So nothing too extreme in terms of handling but Norco are quick to point out that the Charger sees an increase in strength, less weight and a stiffer ride quality. All areas that point to the Charger being a touch more capable on challenging terrain. The frame is more refined than the Storm, adding including double butted main tubes to reduce weight and both models feature RockShox suspension forks and hydraulic brakes.

Norco has given the top end Charger 1 an up-to-date component list. For example the RockShox Judy Gold RL fork features BOOST spacing and a 15mm bolt through axle to keep things stiff and to improve tyre clearance. The price for the Charger 1 sits at £895.

Norco mountain bikes

Full carbon, full speed for the XC race Revolver.

XC Race Norco mountain bikes

Norco produces both hardtail and 100mm travel, full suspension Revolver cross-country race bikes. Neither range is available in the UK presently. All Revolver models feature lightweight carbon frames and high-end, lightweight components. Each range consists of four full bike models plus a frameset only option.

Norco mountain bikes

The supremely popular and reasonably priced Fluid 1.

Trail Norco mountain bikes

For Norco, Trail encompasses both hardtail and shorter travel (120-130mm) full suspension bikes. Two main platforms make up the Trail category, Fluid and Optic. Curiously both based around 120mm of rear wheel travel, the difference is in the geometry and frame material options.

The Fluid has steeper angles making it more like a longer travel Revolver, whereas the Optic has its wheels closer to the slacker angled, longer travel All-Mountain bikes like the Sight and Torrent. The Optic is a higher specced range than the Fluid and also features carbon framed models.

Read our Norco Fluid FS review here

Read our Norco Fluid 1 HT review here

Norco mountain bikes

The exotic Optic C1 has high end parts to match its carbon frame. Sadly it’s not available in the UK.

Norco also make a hardtail version of the Fluid. This features a strengthened aluminium frame, wider 650B+ 2.8in Plus tyres and a 120mm travel suspension fork for comfort, performance and grip. It also has a slack head angle for added confidence on steeper tracks.

In the UK, only the Fluid HT and Fluid FS are available.

Norco mountain bikes

The All-Mountain Sight gets either 140mm or 150mm travel dependent on wheel size.

All-Mountain Norco mountain bikes

Norco’s All-Mountain division is taken up by two model ranges, similar to the Trail category but this time the most significant difference is in wheel size preference. All-Mountain indicates bikes with mid-length travel and slacker angles to make them more confident and capable in rougher terrain. Not as specialised as the Enduro or DH ranges, these bikes are still designed to be ridden comfortably on longer climbs and all-day epics.

First up is the 130mm rear, 140mm front suspension Torrent, runing on 650B+ wheels. The Sight is available in both (normal) 650B and 29er versions. The smaller diameter wheels get an increase in suspension travel, providing 140mm at the rear combined with a 150mm suspension fork. The Sight is also available with a carbon frame to reduce weight further.

Read: Norco Sight review

Like the Trail range, there is a hardtail, In this case an aluminium framed Torrent HT. Geometry, wheel size and fork travel remains the same as its full suspension namesake.

Norco mountain bikes

The Range C2 is the second model from the top of the carbon framed series. Complete with RockShox Lyric fork, SRAM Eagle and E-13 wheels for £4600.

Enduro Norco mountain bikes

For Enduro, think longer travel and capability on the roughest, most technical downhill tracks. The Range is Norco’s Enduro model and it provides either 150mm or 160mm of rear wheel travel dependent on wheel size.

The Range is still designed to be ridden up hills but will be more of a sit and winch machine compared to the All-Mountain or Trail bikes. It’s a perfect bike for bike parks and trail centre red and black trails. Available with either an aluminium or carbon frame, it starts with the £2300 Range A3. This model features a RockShox Yari RC fork, RockShox Deluxe RL rear shock, Shimano SLX 1×11 drivetrain and Maxxis High Roller II tyres.

Norco mountain bikes

The Aurum is Norco’s downhiller killer. The aluminium framed A7 can be yours for £2700.

Downhill Norco mountain bikes

The Aurum is Norco’s downhill bike. Designed for racing and bike park uplift it features a ground swallowing 200mm of front and rear travel. Available with either a carbon and aluminium frame, each only has one full bike build but is also available in a frameset only option. The aluminium Aurum A7 features 650B wheels, RockShox suspension and SRAM GX DH drivetrain for £2700.

Norco mountain bikes

The top end Two50 is the choice for dirt jumps, pump tracks and skateparks.

Dirt/street Norco mountain bikes

Bikes built for the pump track, dirt jumps, skatepark and street riding. Norco has four range names but these are all single model (some do have different wheel size choice), so effectively they represent a single range. All are built around strong and durable frames, 100mm suspension forks, bombproof wheels and fast rolling tyres.

The Ryde is the start of the specific dirt/street models. it has a steel frame specifically built around a single speed drivetrain and is available in both 24″ and 26″ wheel sizes. Then comes the higher specced One25 with its full chromoly steel frame. At the top of the range is the Two50.

The aluminium Magnum is a little different to the three others as it has derailleur gears rather than a single speed design. It has a RST 100mm travel suspension fork and  Shimano Altus 9 speed drivetrain.

Norco mountain bikes

Fancy a bit of adventure? Norco has a shed load of fat bike options like this full carbon Ithaqua 1.

Fat bike Norco mountain bikes

With Canadian weather renowned as being a little extreme in parts it’s no wonder that Norco produce several fat bikes. Their high volume tyres are designed to cope with snow, sand and extreme conditions.

Starting with the Bigfoot, this aluminium framed fat bike can take up to 5″ tyres and is also available in a smaller 24″ wheeled version for younger or shorter riders. The Sasquatch pushes the spec with a carbon fork, dropper post and Shimano SLX drivetrain. At the top of the fat bike tree is the full carbon Ithaqua range, culminating in the Ithaqua SL with it’s wishlist parts sheet including Shimano XTR, Hed carbon wheels and Race Face finishing kit.


Mountain bikes norco

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The All-New 2022 Norco Range: High Pivot Goodness - First Look \u0026 Ride

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