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aFe Power’s Twisted Steel Header/Y-Pipe combo for the 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma with V6-4.0L engine is in stock at Turn 14 Distribution. This system was updated with a new Twisted Steel Y-Pipe and now fits 2 and 4 wheel drive models. The combination of aFe’s Twisted Steel headers and y-pipe in testing produced a max gain of +22 horsepower and +29 lbs. x ft. torque verified by aFe’s in house dyno. The Twisted Steel headers are constructed of 1-5/8” 16 gauge mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing and come 100% hand MIG-welded for strength and durability. The headers include dual 48-state legal 400 CPSI catalytic converters and also retain the factory air injection giving you provisions for all factory emissions. The massive Y-Pipe is constructed out of mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing and designed with a mitered merge collector with a 2-1/2-inch into 3-inch tubing transition for optimum flow. The systems come with all necessary hardware and use factory mounting locations for a hassle-free installation.

Y-Pipe Features:
  • Constructed out of stainless steel tubing for strength and durability
  • True 2-to-1 mitered merge collector eliminates dead zone for improved flow
  • No modification to stock system or location for hassle-free installation
  • Mandrel-bent 2-1/2-inch into 3-inch piping transitions for better power

Twisted Steel Headers Features:

  • Replaces restrictive cast-iron stock manifold
  • Retains factory sensors
  • Constructed of 1 5/8-inch 16-gauge stainless steel tubing
  • 3-to-1 mitered collectors
  • Retains factory air injection
  • Comes complete with 3 exhaust flange gaskets
  • Comes with 49-state legal 400 cell high flow catalytic converters

Application: 2012-2015 Tacoma V6 4.0L 2 & 4 Wheel Drive

Sours: https://www.nedautoparts.com/products/afe-power-twisted-steel-header-y-pipe-toyota-tacoma

URD Mark 2 Competition Y-Pipe 2005-2015 Tacoma V6


URD\’s Mark 2 Competition Y Pipe for 2005-2015 Tacoma V6

URD has updated the design of the Tacoma Y pipe and now fit both 2×4 and 4×4 trucks.  We have also added an extra O2 sensor port to make it easy for you to install your wideband AFR Gauge sensor!!

The stock Y pipe has flow impediments.  It has many bends and pinches down to some very small cross sections.

We wanted to offer the ability to remove this flow restrictive section of the exhaust system and unleash maximum power.

Tests of the Y Pipe show how well it frees up the exhaust system on both stock engines and engines with our supercharger system.

URD uses the best flanges and gaskets that emulate yet are much higher quality than OEM gaskets and flanges.  URD\’s flanges are made for strength and durability. They are CNC machined to exacting standards so that the stock Toyota exhaust gaskets could be used which always seal perfectly and stay sealed.  The flanges have recesses machined into them that are the perfect depth for the gaskets.  The stock Toyota gaskets are crushing O-Ring type.  When the bolts are tightened down all the way so the flanges come completely together, the gasket crushes just enough for a perfect seal.  With the flanges firmly flat against each other they stay put and don’t bend and cause leaks like some aftermarket systems and headers do.

The piping is 2.25” high grade 304 stainless that is a heavy gauge for durability and is TIG welded. This Y pipe will outlast the vehicle.

The URD Competition Y Pipe was designed for off road competition and racing events.  For that reason it does eliminate the rear catalytic converters for maximum performance.  The URD Competition Y Pipe is not for on road use and is absolutely not emissions legal anywhere on public roads and it likely never will be.

The URD Competition Y Pipe does include ports for the rear O2 sensors.  It will not cause a check engine light from elimination of the rear catalytic converters.  On the 1GR-FE engine the rear O2 sensors are installed between the front and rear catalytic converters and they only monitor the health of the front set of catalytic converters.  You will not need a rear O2 simulator to run this competition Y pipe.

If you want the ultimate in racing performance out of your 4WD Tacoma V6, you are ready for The URD Competition Y Pipe.

Note-Not compatible with sub-frame type lifts that lower the front differential.  The change in the angle of the front propeller shaft causes an interference problem.



Legal in California Only for Racing Vehicles Which May NEVER be Used on a Highway.

Sours: https://urdusa.com/urd-competition-y-pipe-for-4wd-tacoma-v6-2005-2015/
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2016+ Tacoma Exhaust

Alright guys n gals. We are working on graphics for the flyer and the webpage as we speak. But in the mean time here’s some info:

This particular system will have to be sold as 4 parts. Some parts are mandatory for the system to work. And some are optional.

For this system to have the absolute best low end torque, and to not sound like a tractor we have to make the mid pipes equal length. As everyone knows stock driver side mid pipe is ‘weird’ to put it nicely. So it needs attention anyways.

Our site will have drop downs for all 4 parts of the system:

Mid pipes
Y pipe
Muffler section
And helmholtz resonator

The mid pipes are mandatory. As well as the y pipe and muffler. The helmholtz is optional.

I’ll start with options for the 4 parts:

A. Mid pipes;
You will be be able to order these a few different ways.
1. You can ship us your stock mid pipes and we will modify them to be equal length with the appropriate flanges for $100. You would have to pay shipping both ways. But that price wouldn’t be outta control. We ship a lot of big packages.
2. You can order brand new custom built mid pipes in aluminized steel for $460 or in stainless steel for $560. And we can add ceramic core cats for $300.

B. Y pipe;
The y pipe only has two options. Aluminized steel $380 or stainless steel $480. And to keep maximum low end torque the y pipe is of course equal length;)

C. Muffler section. There are several choices with the muffler section. This along with the mid pipes will dictate how your truck will sound. The two first choices are aluminized steel or stainless steel. After the decision has been made as to which material the muffler section is made of you will need to decide what sound you’re after. Because there are 4 choices for the muffler section;
1. Straight pipe $75 aluminized steel. $100 stainless steel. (Very aggressive. Not obnoxious but higher frequency. No raspiness.)
2. 12×5 muffler $250 aluminized steel $350 stainless steel. (Still very aggressive. But cleaner sounding than straight pipes. Still a kind of high pitch but by no means ‘ricer’)
3. 16×5 muffler same pricing (much more of a clean sound. Somewhat deeper. More subtle. But when you step on it the system still comes alive and is very aggressive!)
4. 20×5 muffler same pricing (clean. Deeper. Mellow. Yet still very aggressive when on the throttle.)

*All descriptions are based on having cats in the mid pipes. If you choose no cats in the mid pipes all of the above descriptions your truck will be substantially louder.
*We will likely add more muffler choices when we do more testing of non catted mid pipes.

D. Helmholtz resonator. This device is solely used to reduce drone. As a matter of fact this device is best described as flipping a switch and turning off the drone. While it’s not necessary to compete the system it’s a key part to allowing your truck to be very aggressive on the throttle yet nearly quiet as stock on the highway. Even if straight piped. This part is $150 aluminized steel. And $200 stainless steel. This same device is used in our tundra systems. And we shot a video a few years ago showing how to install it. It installs into a Tacoma almost exactly the same way as a Tundra.

SKU: N/ACategories: BAMuffler, Toyota Tacoma 2016+

Sours: http://dirtydeedsindustries.com/product/2016-tacoma/

URD Mark 2 Y pipe, Tacoma 2016+ V6


URD is now shipping our Mark 2 version of our Y pipe.  It is an updated version based on feedback we received from our customers.  The entire Y pipe says up above the frame rails for the maximum amount of ground clearance and better compatibility with aftermarket skid plates.  We have also resolved some fitment issues that were reported.

This Y pipe fits the 2016 and later Tacoma with the 3.5L V6 engine.

The routing of it takes it out from under the transfer case for better ground clearance.  It has an improved design for better flow and power.  It is like the other URD Y pipes.


  • 304 grade thick walled stainless steel
  • 2.25 and 3\” piping
  • All mandrel bent on CNC bender
  • Hand TIG welded for highest quality
  • Made in USA!
  • Compatible with stock manifolds and any cat-back system designed to bolt to the stock Y pipe
  • Extra bung provided for aftermarket AFR gauge sensor
  • Bungs provided for the stock rear O2 sensors

Note:  May not be compatible with some sub-frame type lifts where the front diff is lowered.  May cause contact with the front propeller shaft.

Sours: https://urdusa.com/urd-mark-2-y-pipe-tacoma-2016-v6/

Y pipe tacoma

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