408 mopar short block

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Short Block


This Mopar Small Block Short Block is based of the Chrysler. It features a seasoned block fitted with an internal balance, forged steel crankshaft, H-beam rods, and forged pistons. If you want to add some real American Muscle to your hot rod, this Mopar stroker is a wise choice.


Horsepower:Up to
Torque:Up to
Bore/Stroke: x
Fuel Type:-
Block: Chrysler
Crankshaft: Forged Steel
Rods: Forged H-Beam
Pistons:Forged SRP
Camshaft:Not Included
Heads:Not Included
Valves:Not Included
Rocker Arms:Not Included
Intake:Not Included
Oil Pan:Not Included
Valve Covers:Not Included
Power Adder:Not Included
Fuel Delivery:Not Included
Ignition:Not Included
Dyno Testing Image

Dyno Testing

Here at Prestige Motorsports, our “Dyno Promise” means that we dyno test every engine we build to verify the quality of our work, the integrity of each component, and the reliability of every engine we construct. Then, we deliver the dyno results for your project directly to you, the customer.

Engines will produce +/- 2% of advertised power at the flywheel. Advertised power levels are achieved using an electric water pump and specific induction and exhaust systems. Power will vary after pulley systems are installed or if changes are made to the induction or exhaust system (e.g. camshaft, cylinder head, compression, intake manifold, exhaust headers, air filters, etc.). Chassis dyno results measure power at the wheels and only calculate flywheel horsepower. Wheel horsepower is affected by a variety of vehicle-specific criteria including driveline design, body and chassis flex, air intake location, etc. Therefore, calculating flywheel horsepower from wheel horsepower is not an accurate representation of actual flywheel horsepower.

Warranty Image


This Prestige Motorsports engine is built to order and comes with a 3-year, unlimited miles warranty. Our warranty covers the base engine from intake manifold to oil pan.

Upgrades & Add-ons

Ready to upgrade your project? Add a kit from each area below to convert your base engine into a turn-key package. Kits come installed and dyno tested with your engine. Please note that not all of the options listed below are available for every engine. Contact us for more details.

Fuel Supply

Don’t waste time and frustration on that old carburetor. Fuel your engine with a dyno tested system for proven performance.

  • Quick Fuel SS
  • Holley Terminator EFI

Ignition System

You'll need a top-notch ignition system for trouble-free performance. Let us customize one for you with everything needed to keep the spark alive.

  • MSD Pro Billet System

Pulley Kits & Accessories

Pulleys drive vital components. Let us install a high-quality kit that keeps your engine running and provides max clearance for cooling systems. Available in multiple finishes!

  • Style Track Alt Power Steering
  • Style Track Alt PS AC
Sours: https://www.prestigemoto.com/custom-engines/mopar-small-block-engines/hot-rod-series/mopar-small-block-short-block-engine-mhr-sb.html
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The Mopar Stroker Crate Engine is the most popular small block we build. It's powerful, durable and makes an excellent foundation for high performance street and race applications. We offer the in several different configurations and power levels. Featured here is one of our naturally aspirated, fuel injected street brawlers. It's a great piece for not a lot of bucks. It's built for hi-po street duty but still makes a great weekend warrior at the track. Check out the specs.

  • BLOCK: ci roller, 2-bolt main With ARP main studs
  • CRANKSHAFT: " Scat crankshaft
  • CONNECTING RODS: " Scat I beam (rated to hp) 
  • PISTONS: Forged Pistons
  • PISTON RINGS: Speed pro file fit
  • CAMSHAFT: Hydraulic roller, duration @ / , lift: "/" LSA (optional camshaft)
  • TIMING CHAIN: 9 keyway adjustable billet double row
  • OIL PUMP: Precision Oil Pump
  • OIL PAN: 6 quart capacity
  • BALANCED: External
  • HEAD GASKETS: Felpro
  • HEAD FASTENERS: ARP head bolts
  • CYLINDER HEADS: New Magnum iron castings with Manganese bronze valve guides and " intake valves / " exhaust valves (These heads are level 1 ported)
  • ROCKER ARMS: ratio roller
  • INTAKE MANIFOLD: Dual plane EFI air gap intake


[email protected] 5, Rpm

btq @ 4, Rpm



See This and Our Other Small Block Crate Engines

Sours: https://www.performanceinjectionequipment.com/moparcrateengine-fuel-injected-performance
Project: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Part 1 - 408 Blueprint Engines mopar engine swap

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Block short 408 mopar

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Mean 750HP+ 1969 Dodge Dart 408 Stroker Mopar Build

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