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I've never posted here before; I made an account just to write this post. I've seen that a lot of people around the web are curious about Adore by Creative Image, so I thought I'd share my experience.

I came across it one day when I was checking out a store that I heard carried alternative hair dyes in my area -- I live in Seattle, so I prefer to walk most places, and the stores that are in the area are either prohibitively far or don't have a very good selection. Anyway, I called and they told me they were selling off their Manic Panic at 50% off because they weren't going to be selling it anymore, and that they were carrying this lesser-known brand called Adore. I got to the store, took a look at the swatches, and decided to try it out. You know, for science. (It was also half the price of SFX and MP, which didn't hurt at all.) The lady who helped me told me she had a friend who used Adore often, and the most important thing was to use heat, as the bottle directs you to do. Fast forward to post-soap capping the MP Enchanted Forest out of my hair, and I'm ready to apply it. The consistency was a bit thin, almost transparent when you start to apply it, which made me a little nervous, so I really drenched my hair and sort of massaged it in, then combed it to make sure it was even. I didn't have any shower caps, so I just used a plastic grocery bag (printed side out!) and applied heat using my hair dryer for 20 minutes or so. Rinsed with cool water until it ran clear, conditioned, rinsed, dried.

The color was very bright, and in some spots a bit darker than I'd expected, but I think that was just because of how much color I applied to my hair. I was a little nervous about it fading, and I generally shampoo once every 3 days and condition it the 2 days in between, but in retrospect, I could have easily been shampooing every other day. After a few days, the darker spots evened out with the rest of my hair, and now I have an even, vibrant color that matches the color displayed on the bottle exactly. It does run just a little bit, but only when wet, and more on porous surfaces (walls -- don't ask -- and pillowcases and such) than on skin. I go to the gym 5 days a week and haven't noticed any issues with sweat, so it's more that the color transfers to other things when hair is wet than it actually runs, if that makes sense.

TL;DR version: Use plenty of dye (on bleached hair for vibrant color that's true-to-bottle), cover with plastic and apply heat for about 20 minutes, and don't be afraid to wash it every other day or so. I wouldn't recommend if you want the color to fade quickly. Overall, GREAT value, especially if you don't want to spend a lot dying your hair every other week.

For people in the US, you can find most, if not all, of the colors on Amazon for a great price. :)


Creative Image Adore

Creative Image Adore is a company that focuses on semi permanent hair color. Their selection of hair dye started when there was a gap in the market for brightly colored hair colour that wouldn't last for as long as the other hair colour at that time. This introduced the Adore creative image with their selection of semi permanent hair dye.

Adore's exclusive formula is a perfect blend of natural ingredients, and has no ammonia and no peroxide. This product is perfect for providing rich color in a enhance shining semi-permanent hair color. It allows people to be able to have brightly colored hair without the fuss of all the other aspects of hair dying.

It's always important to read the product description, as Creative Image adore works best on bleach blonde hair to light brown hair. If you have dark hair then these bright colours aren't going to be as prominent. The adore semi-permanent hair color, has several different colours including a bright red called crimson, and a bright pink called magenta. The vibrant burst of luxurious color gives a healthy resilient shine and is definitely a hair colour to add to your wish list.

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Instructions for dyeing Creative Image ADORE

Be sure to read general instruction on the use of semi-permanent dyes.

To obtain significant results, the hair should be porous and clarified. When applied on natural hair, the results will differ depending on the structure and color of the hair. Without lightening, the paint can not give any results.

Before painting, wash your hair with shampoo, balancing pH. We recommend shampoo for washing hair before painting from La Riche. This procedure will establish the correct acid balance, which will lead to the achievement of the best results.

Run a paint sample on one strand. To be sure of achieving the desired results, apply the paint according to the method described below, on a small bunch of hair, before trying to paint a large area.

How to use:
1) Wash your hair with shampoo and pat dry with a towel.
2) Apply a protective cream around the hair line.
3) Apply evenly to the hair.
4) Put on the plastic cap and leave the paint for 15 minutes. on the hair.
5) Rinse off the paint, dry hair, make a styling, take a picture and send us photos [email protected]

A warning:
Due to the persistence of pigments, some paints can sometimes leave small spots on materials and surfaces.
The shades may vary slightly at the discretion of the manufacturer.
The paint lays better and lasts longer on chemically treated hair, that is, on hair with a chemical wave or bleached.
Do not use alkaline products, this will disrupt the acid balance necessary to maximize the absorption of color by the hair. If you use lotions, masks or balms for hair - make sure that they have a low pH and do not contain alcohol.


It also does not follow:
- Mix the paint with hydropyrite, peroxide, oxidizer, etc.
- Dye the eyelashes and eyebrows.
- Use shampoo with conditioner "two in one".


How long can I store the creative image adore or how many times can I use it?
-The storage period is 12 months after opening.



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Adore Hair Dye 12 Shade Review/Swatch

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