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RM, Suga, Jin, V, Jungkook, J Hope or Jimin; Who is the funniest BTS member? VOTE NOW

by Dishya Sharma  |  Updated on Jun 05, 2020 11:18 AM IST  |  12.4M


RM, Suga, Jin, V, Jungkook, J Hope or Jimin; Who is the funniest BTS member? VOTE NOW

On stage, BTS is among the most talented singers in the world today. But off-stage, the Bangtan Boys are the goofiest international stars we've seen. RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, V and J-Hope are the perfect blend of wit and emotions when they are not setting the stage on fire with their performances. We've seen the septet bring out their humorous side on numerous platforms. Be it through the fun-filled episodes of Run BTS or their banter during Bon Voyage, every member has a unique sense of humour. 

Namjoonie lightens up the situation with the help of wordplay and sarcasm. Such Chandler Bing vibes! Given his knowledge of numerous languages - Korean, Japanese and English - he manages to poke fun at a situation regardless of the country he is in. Jin would definitely turn out to be a great dad. Why? Well, he cracks the perfect dad jokes. Seokjin has given us some precious dad jokes. Remember his: "What did the dog say to the wall? Wolwol!" Oh, the windshield laugh that follows after makes our day. 

Anyway, moving along, while Jin gives us numerous dad jokes to laugh on, Suga turns things darkly funny with his self jibes and sass. One such example was when the band was in Berlin visiting a landmark where Yoongi joked, with a stoic face, that his mother found him under a bridge. We want the courage to throw ourselves under the bridge to leave people in splits. While he leaves the ARMY in splits, Yoongi feels Kookie and Mochi are the funny men of the band. In a V Live host a couple of months ago, Suga admitted that there are numerous hilarious moments when the band reunites. But the Agust D hitmaker feels Jungkook and Jimin are funny. "When I look at Jimin and Jungkook, they’re funny and cute.”


ChimChim has a non-traditional sense of humour. We've seen him leave the band members in splits with his dirty jokes and his wild, wild thoughts. As for Kookie, JK doesn't poke fun at his fellow band members often. But when he does he hits the softest spot. Being the youngest, he pokes fun at Jin for being old and makes fun of Jimin for his height. Moreover, we've seen him play numerous pranks and give us some amazing gifs.

J-Hope doesn't need words to exhibit his sense of humour. He's a man of action, facial expressions, and loud voices. YouTube is filled with videos of Hobi performing animated actions and it just brightens up the day. So does Taehyung. He lights up Weverse with his funny faces. But he does poke fun at his members when he is granted the opportunity. 

But who is the funniest of them all? Vote now and let us know! 

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Anonymous : yes my biases are in the maknae line but we can't deny the fact that Jin is the funniest! That's a big fat DUH, so stop dissing the maknae line (to whoever is doing it)

REPLY41 year ago

Anonymous : Ma boy Jin won the poll so so you motherfooker Maknae line slaves just got a slap on the face

REPLY41 year ago

Anonymous : Personally I like Jin,his dad jokes and his windshield wiper laughing lol

REPLY61 year ago

Anonymous : There is no doubt, that jinkook is the funniest member of BTS

REPLY41 year ago

Anonymous : Jhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope But when they are together nothing is funnier

REPLY71 year ago

Anonymous : Even without reading the useless comments i know wht will be d results this fandom.is too much!!! Believe me if there is going to be voting on bst rapper n v is in options people will stilll vote him!!!

REPLY01 year ago

Anonymous : Jimin V jin all are funny but I think kookie is funniest

REPLY31 year ago

Anonymous : They all have their funny sides, but for me the funniest in general by themselves would be Jin and J-Hope, but Suga's and RM's sarcasm fit my sense of humor best. But they're all funnier when together too (Jin with the maknae line never stops making me laugh, and Sope is just hilarious together, and RM's and Suga's occasional snarky side commentary when with the group is just too much, and whenever Jimin acts like a hyung with trying to scold someone--when he's not being serious about it--is just some of the best comedy I've seen, along with Jungkook's and V's mischievousness).

REPLY71 year ago

Anonymous : All of them are funny BUT i cant with Jin and Jimin HAHAHAHA

REPLY31 year ago

Anonymous : It is seen that Tae is always number one in everything...if we talk about most handsome Guy , hot boy , romantic Tae or sweetness and cuteness, he is number one in every thing ... according to me he is funny..make every one happy , after tae Jin and jungkook also funny

REPLY21 year ago

Anonymous : For me they all are equally cute funny & lovable I love my universe my Bangtan

REPLY21 year ago

Anonymous : They both are funny but especially v jungkook & jin are the funniest

REPLY21 year ago

Anonymous : Jhope jin taehyung jungkook are the funniest members from bts...♡♡

REPLY21 year ago

Anonymous : Jhope,Jin,Taehyung and Jungkook are the funniest members... Love them alll♡

REPLY21 year ago

Anonymous : Jin is the funniest when he says 'Iam Worldwide Handsome'

REPLY41 year ago

Anonymous : These days V is making jokes with a straight face and it is so hilarious honestly.

REPLY31 year ago

Anonymous : Worldwide Handsome KIM SEOKJIN is the MOST funniest but other members are funny too sometimes!!

REPLY41 year ago

Sours: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/hollywood/rm-suga-jin-v-jungkook-j-hope-or-jimin-who-funniest-bts-member-vote-now-538812
BTS' V saying the funniest things with a straight face

BTS' V saying the funniest things with a straight face 

Key Highlights

  • BTS' V has a reputation for saying the most hilarious things with a straight face
  • It is commendable how he can maintain a poker face when even the members are laughing
  • Check out some of the most iconic things he has ever said

BTS' V is the absolute authority in maintaining a poker face while saying the most hilarious and silliest things ever. From finding comfort in a book cover, to dressing up for press that wasn't even there, the saga of V cracking everyone up because of his dry humour is almost never ending. 

BTS are known for their deep meaningful lyrics, but V found a way to make even that absolutely funny! It is commendable how effortlessly hilarious V actually is and Army sure as hell knows it. You cannot stumble across a BTS Army who is not aware of his iconic moments!

Check out some of V's funniest moments when all he needs is a straight face to make everyone roll on the floor wheezing of laugher:

When only a book cover can provide you comfort too. Who said you have to read the whole thing? It's all about the emotion on the cover.

V naming his goldfishes No.1 and 2 will never not be funny! The fact that he looked so proud makes it funnier. 

Who can blame him for this one? We love the Oh na na na too!

Bow ow ow is in the running too as it should!

When Taehyung asks you to say Papa, you say PAPA! There is no way around it.

V has been recycling since he was born and we totally believe it!

From recycling since he was born to being a bottle cap in his previous life, V is quite a character!

"Stop talking dead cells are coming out of your mouth" - Taehyung, 2017

If this doesn't crack you up and brightens your day, then you might want to watch compilations of several other times he has proved himself to be effortlessly funny! His talents are so well known that you will find tons of such instances!

Let us know which moment has been your favourite one so far?

Sours: https://www.zoomtventertainment.com/korean/article/all-the-times-bts-v-said-the-most-hilarious-things-with-a-straight-face/796716
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BTS’s JIMIN, Who Makes Funny Face Whenever Camera Aims Him

Photo from BTS's official Twitter

Photo from BTS's official Twitter

JIMIN, a member of the group BTS has spouted cute charms with a unique self-camera video.

Fans are already fascinated with JIMIN's hilarious face!

Three videos of JIMIN’s hilarious face were uploaded on the BTS’s official Twitter on August 6.

In the first video, JIMIN, who was bending down his head waved his eyebrows and shacked his face when a camera aimed him.

Photo from BTS's official Twitter

Photo from BTS's official Twitter

He opened his nose and mouth widely and distorted his face to make a funny face.

The video filled with JIMIN’s face gave the fans a lot of fun with his various hilarious facial expressions.

Photo from BTS's official Twitter

Photo from BTS's official Twitter

In the next video, again, JIMIN started to wiggle his eyebrows when JUNGKOOK aimed a camera to him.

Photo from BTS's official Twitter

Photo from BTS's official Twitter

It was JIMIN who fascinated the fans all around the world with his sexy eyes and charismatic dance. However, this time was different. The fans who saw the video said, “This is so funny”, “He's facial expression is 100 out of 100!” and showed their hot responds.

By Bongbong and Chaeyeong Kim [email protected]

Sours: https://www.joongang.co.kr/article/22877101
Jimin making cute and funny face 😂

The 10 Most Iconic BTS Memes

The seven young men known as BTS have millions of fans worldwide, sold out shows around the globe, and talk shows basically fighting over the opportunity to have them as guests. Everyone with an internet connection has at least heard of them and their fandom just keeps on growing and growing in numbers.

The members and ARMY, of course, are currently celebrating the group’s sixth anniversary. And man, it’s been a wild ride. But here’s the thing: They have a (not so secret) secret. ARMY is in on it, but does the rest of the world know what’s coming for them? The truth is, the BTS members are actually seven lovable dorks with pure memes in their veins. In celebration of their sixth anniversary, let’s check out the 10 ultimate, iconic, must-know BTS memes!

Disclaimer: There’s obviously A LOT of BTS memes out there, and this was probably one of the hardest things to do, but I tried to select only the most essential ones. These are the memes that are being used so often that they have become part of the fandom lore and ARMY’s and BTS’s defining sense of humor. But it’s also just meant to be a fun list to remind everyone of hilarious memes from the past six years. Let’s get it!

1. The jam incident

This is unquestionably one of the – if not THE – most quoted memes by BTS. It was RM, who famously joked: “Jimin, you got no jams.” Referring to the Korean expression for “not fun” or “uninteresting,” it was obviously meant as a joke (because nobody in either ARMY or BTS would ever mean to insult Jimin) and instantly took off like a rocket. From the moment this “Bangtan Bomb” aired, it spiraled and quickly became BTS’s and ARMY’s most used (some would say overused) inside joke.

2. The dirty water vs. face-dilemma

Closely related to the infamous jam incident (because it happened only moments before) is the next item on this list. It really seems like the boys were on a roll on that trip. This time, J-Hope was complaining about Jimin spitting “dirty water” onto his face. He, even with his then limited English skills, said something that everyone, when confronted with someone who just gets too close for their comfort, might find useful: “Don’t touch my face.” Also, don’t forget: Hobi later also famously blessed us with the iconic quote “I hate snake” and to be honest, same. Seems like J-Hope has always had a gift for wording relatable one-liners – which makes perfect sense for a great rapper.

3. Jungshook

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the famous, the one and only, Jungshook meme. This one, like no other, serves the best pictures, gifs, and videos to send to your friends when you’re just exactly that: shook. Our golden maknae seems to have internalized the shook meme entirely, seeing as there are many, many versions of Jungkook just staring off into the distance with a more or less terrified expression. Whether it’s the choking version, bike helmet over hoodie version, or the “I-think-I-accidentally-ate-an-egg-with-its-shell” version, there’s truly a Jungshook meme for every life situation.

4. Do you know BTS?

Do you? Do you know worldwide handsome? Do you know the hyung with golden vocal cords who’s constantly showing his love for ARMY by pulling paper hearts seemingly from thin air? Of course you do. Because it’s none other than Jin, first of his name, wielder of giant blow-up light sticks, eater of every delicious food ever, and thrower of kisses. Some people might think his “Do you know BTS?” stunt is merely that, a stunt, but think about walking up to strangers and talking to them in a language that you’re only just learning, and with them not knowing “annyeonghaseyo.” That needs some serious courage, plus it makes for one of BTS’s most beloved running gags. In short: Jin, please never stob it!

5. Sipping Tae

Tae is not only a true master of derp faces, hilarious dances, and best ever would-have-been saxophone star, but also a lover of the arts such as photography, painters like Van Gogh, museums, and of course, the greatest art form of all: memes. No wonder the creative genius found a way of being a full-on meme without even saying a word or making a necessarily funny face. Everyone caught his low-key sassy sip from his mug on “The Ellen Show.” Regardless of whether it was supposed to be shady at the moment, it surely turned into a high-quality shady tea meme.

6. Min Suga genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong

Back in 2015 during “I Need U” promotions on a “Naver Starcast” live stream, fans were invited to add something to existing raps by the rap line. It just so happened that Yoongi’s final lines contained the words “Min Suga (rap) genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong.” Like the genius rapper he is, he performed it flawlessly and the nickname stuck with him ever since. Suga being a badass rapper but performing this freestyle especially captures the duality of his persona. He’s an incredibly hard-working producer and rapper but also a guy who wants to be reborn as a rock; “Min Suga, genius” and general badass, but also loving Kumamon, Holly, and celebrating J-HOOOOOPE like no other; and he’s Agust D but also Lil’ Meow Meow. Plus, he’s the creator of “Infires.” In short: Min Suga genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong.

7. Strong power thank you

RM basically having a second profession in translating on-the-go during interviews is a meme on its own – including shady facial expressions when answering the same question the 23rd time and hilarious intentional mistranslations if a member answers with too much sass. He’s done it so often he’s basically their official interpreter now, and that’s exactly why it’s great to see when he’s had enough and decides to have some fun with it. Years after famously clearing up that Tae’s alternative career would be a saxophone star and not the similarly sounding yet very different profession, it was again Tae’s words that Nams decided to tweak a little. Instead of accurately translating V’s words while thanking fans for giving him strength, he just said “Strong power thank you,” and everyone burst into laughter. This will forever be one of our favorite quotes.

8. Beach? B*tch?

Back to the really old BTS memes: this one is truly a classic, probably overused over the years, but maybe it’ll have a comeback at some point. This meme is the legendary conversation of Taehyung and Jimin on the “BTS Now: BTS in Thailand” DVD about the destination of their car ride. They were clearly going to the beach. But baby Bangtan had only just begun to practice their English – which, by the way, everyone knows has amazingly come a long, long way since then – and had some linguistic difficulties with the pronunciation and distinction of the word beach and the very similar sounding curse word. Either way, this is probably one of the most essential conversations in terms of BTS memes ever.

9. Jungkook-ism

It’s no secret that when it comes to JK, sometimes maknae does what maknae wants, and in some cases, what the maknae wants is to just have fun. The amount of meme-worthy content produced by Jungkook could probably make up a book, so this list item represents all the random weird, quirky, and hilarious actions JK has gifted us with over the years. For example, there’s the sunglasses/diving goggles vid, his “Naruto” run, or his hilarious derp dance during “Dope” promotions. And that’s not even the vocal part of his memes! There’s “Ding dong,” “Fireeeee,” the famous “International playboy,” “I know face but I don’t know name,” and the off-camera “Oh man, holy sh*t,” to the all-time favorite: “Pardon?”

Throw in a “Let’s get it” and the infamous “Jimin-ssi,” and we’re still only talking about the tip of the iceberg here. You get the idea: it’s a LOT.

10. Lachimolala

It all happened during “Run BTS! 2018” Ep. 41. The boys were supposed to play a round of the whisper game and try to read each other’s lips while wearing headphones. It went… semi-well. During the game, J-Hope was trying to communicate the word “Carbonara” to Jimin, but he just couldn’t read Hobi’s lips. Obviously being an Agust D fan, he started guessing with “Tony Montana” and then quickly switched to “Lachimolala,” which isn’t really a word in either Korean or English. But here’s the thing: Jin was able to guess it!
And at some point in the future, there will be a super mysterious TV-show about Jin and his ability to guess “Carbonara” from “Lachimolala.” Until then, and until this mystery is scientifically investigated, we’re convinced Jin has supernatural powers when it comes to food. Just look at him eating on “EAT Jin!” Everything suddenly makes sense! Either way, “Lachimolala” shall forever be remembered.

BONUS: The ultimate derp faces

Everybody knows BTS’s picture perfect photoshoot faces, when it looks like they jumped off of a runway. Of course, their on-stage faces while dancing are commonly known too, when they give their all and (very successfully) try to make both camera crew and the audience fall in love with them. If you’re new to BTS, this might be a shock to you, but seasoned ARMYs know and adore this side of their seven favs: The derp faces. Every single one of the members has been captured doing silly faces. Some occur more often and some are rare sights, but the one thing they all have in common is that they’re hilarious.

ALSO BONUS: Waltzing in like Jungkook

While it’s a relatively new meme, the intro of BTS’s performance of “Airplane Pt. 2” at MAMA 2018 in Hong Kong gained a lot of attention beyond the limits of the K-pop community, so we think it deserves a bonus spot on this list. The 30-second segment has Jungkook walking the stage towards a microphone and chair like he owns the place, and soon enough, the internet was summoned to create some seriously hilarious memes and tweets that had fans worldwide spit their drinks from laughing. Users had captions like “Tuxedo Mask on his way to do absolutely nothing to help Sailor Moon and the sailor scouts” or “Julius Caesar walking into the Senate not knowing that Brutus is about to betray him.” It’s obvious the meme machine BTS has done it again.

We hope BTS will always keep their inner fools alive and continue to let them show from time to time. Here’s to many more years of music, entertainment, and fun with BTS! Happy sixth anniversary!

What’s your favorite BTS meme? How are you celebrating BTS’s anniversary? Tell us in the comments!

daisygonzo knows more about BTS than she’d like to admit and she can’t believe it has already been six years. Check out her Instagram for more!

Sours: https://www.soompi.com/article/1331485wpp/the-10-most-iconic-bts-memes

Face jimin funny

Sure, Jin is sometimes called a “Worldwide Funny Guy” and J-Hope makes people laugh with his dance moves. There are a few BTS performers, however, who fans consider to be the “funniest.” 

That includes Jimin, a singer, dancer, and songwriter for this group. Here’s what we know about BTS’ “Resident Prince Charming.”

BTS on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

His jacket malfunction during BTS’ New Years Eve performance

While appearing on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest for the first time, BTS performed “Make it Right” and “Boy With Luv.” During one dance move, Jimin’s silver jacket got caught on his head and stayed there, causing thousands of fans to tweet about the moment. Even the other BTS members laughed. 

“It was super fun. Jimin was so funny at the end,” Jungkook said, according to a translation from a Bangtan Bomb YouTube video following BTS’ performance. Jimin was next to Jungkook and demonstrated his impromptu dance move for the camera. 

“It wasn’t on purpose,” Jimin said. Jungkook added, “it was so funny [that] I laughed during my part.”

RELATED: Jimin From BTS Finally Puts the ‘Dumpling Incident,’ Mentioned During ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden,’ to Rest

His ‘Yes’ exclamations 

While fishing for answers with The Hollywood Reporter, the BTS members discussed their favorite songs, artists, and everything in between. Some of Jimin’s answers, though, made the other members laugh. When asked what artists they want to collaborate with, Jimin said, “RM.”

When RM asked Jimin to translate his answer about interacting with fans, Jimin just said, “Interact, I interact — yes.”

Jimin wouldn’t be the only BTS member to shout “yes” when they were at a loss for words. While performing on Disney’s Holiday Singalong, the members asked RM to sing, to which the rapper said, “yes.”

Jimin finding out the word ‘lovely’

English might not be his first language, but Jimin can still carry a conversation. During one clip from the Love Yourself Tour in Europe DVD, J-Hope was walking backstage. Right behind him was Jimin, who was shouting his love for the BTS ARMY. 

“Lovely ARMY! You’re so lovely! I’m so lovely! We’re so lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Lovely,” he said.

RELATED: Is Jungkook the Last BTS Member to Create a Solo Song? Here’s What We Know About ‘Still With You’ and the Mixtapes of These K-Pop Idols

Jimin ‘Dancing his Feelings’

In 2020, BTS virtually visited The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Aside from a week’s worth of performances, the members also did a few skits and interviews. One of the challenges was to “dance their feelings.” As a trained dancer, some expected this to come easy for Jimin.

His interpretation of being “shy” however, mostly involved hiding his face with his shirt and shaking his butt. He was eliminated shortly after. 

Jimin had a few memorable moments with Fallon. As a host pointed out, the two basically have the same name. The New Yorker didn’t want to pick a favorite, but he does have his own Jimin-related BT21 merch. 

Sours: https://www.cheatsheet.com

BTS‘s Jungkook won’t let anything stop him from winning — not even his good looks!

In Episode 155 of Run BTS!, BTS reenacted funny moments from past episodes of the show. One was a photo challenge where the members had to jump while expressing a word.

This was easier said than done!

One of the words Jungkook and J-Hope were given was “bizarre.” They literally jumped into action…

…and these were the results.

“Come on, Jungkook,” J-Hope said. “That’s not bizarre.” Jungkook, of course, disagreed. “Why? It’s bizarre.” What’s the problem? According to his members, Jungkook is too handsome to pull off “bizarre.” 

Challenge accepted! Not one to give up easily, Jungkook asked for a redo. This time, he nailed it.

In fact, Jungkook looked a little too bizarre for comfort. The photo was so funny that the staff censored it, and the members voted in favor of posting it on Twitter!

For more, check out the latest bickering battle between Jimin and Suga here:

BTS’s Suga Calls Out Jimin’s Questionable Fashion…Because Of Course He Did

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