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~*~Kathleen~*~ said:

My home depot has no stoves.

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Have you checked Home Depot on line? They're likely not discounted, but when I went to look on line at the Englanders a while back, the site said they deliver for free. I don't know for certain they'll deliver if your local store doesn't have them in stock, but I'm pretty sure that they do.

You may not want to buy a stove without eyeballing it first, nor do I, but Englander and Woodstock have such over-the-top stellar reputation here that I'd feel completely secure in buying sight unseen.

Just in case-- have you checked for clearances in your home where you want to put the stove? That's another advantage of the Englander NC is very small clearances, so the stove can go just about anywhere.

Tractor Supply stoves -- perhaps unfairly, I don't know -- don't have a good reputation. Englander stoves have a fabulous word of mouth. If they're close to the same price, get the Englander and have peace of mind about it, I'd say.

Oh, boy. Good luck. I know where you're at with the finances and the cold.


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Wood Stove from Tractor SupplyAny Advice?

I'm thinking of getting one of these wood stoves from Tractor Supply

United States Stove Wood Stove with Blower, Large, EPA Certified - | Tractor Supply Company

the U.S. Stove LN, complete with the triple-wall chimney system. Total cost would be about $ Does anyone have any experience with these stoves? Anyone own one?

I recently built an sqft home with full, walk-out basement (about sqft total). I plan to put the stove in the basement and run the pipe through the wall and up the house. I'll need something like 28' of pipe (at about $33 a foot!:(). Heating bills during the coldest part of the winter last year (December through April) were almost $ per month. I'm hoping that this stove will make a serious dent in that.

I've got lots of split wood stored upshould be enough for a couple of years. And I really enjoy the cutting and splitting process.

Anyway, I thank you in advance for your input.
*UPDATE* Logwood wood burning stove-3 years in

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Supply tractor us stove

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US Stove US1100E-BL Review

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