2004 chrysler crossfire coupe 2d

2004 chrysler crossfire coupe 2d DEFAULT

Chrysler Crossfire

Two-seat sports car produced by Mercedes-Benz and marketed by Chrysler

Motor vehicle

The Chrysler Crossfire is a rear-wheel drive, two-seat sports car that was sold by Chrysler and built by Karmann of Germany for the to model years.

Developed during the union of Daimler and Chrysler, the two-seater is based on the Mercedes-Benz R platform which shares 80% of its components with the first generation SLK.[3][4] The second generation SLK was built on a new R platform starting in the model year; the R platform was essentially handed down to Chrysler for use in building the Crossfire. Having initially arrived in as a concept car styled by Eric Stoddard,[5] the Chrysler was further refined by Andrew Dyson[6] before production began in for model year sales.


The name "Crossfire" refers to the two character lines that run from front to rear along the body sides — their crease directions cross below the mirrors on the door panels.[7] Conceived during the period of Chrysler's ownership by Daimler-Benz, the name also refers to the collaboration of the two companies.

The "crossfire" character lines of the bodyside change direction of their creases on the door

The Chrysler Crossfire concept car was introduced at the North American International Auto Show and the production version unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show as a model "is as faithful a translation from concept to production as any in recent memory."[8][9] The concept car was made "to evoke a strong, passionate, emotional response. We had to retain that. We want to polarize our audience—we want people to love it or hate it."[8] Conceived to be a two-seat image building or halo car for the Chrysler brand, the marketing objective was also to make use of available components using a two-seat roadster chassis. The production car shares about 39% of its parts with Mercedes-Benz vehicles and Chrysler dealers were required to invest in special equipment, tools, and parts to be able to sell the new luxury model.[10] The rear-wheel-drive Crossfire coupe design objective was to make an "impression" with looks that are "unique, almost sculptural."[11]

The Crossfire's visual presence includes a wide body raked over relatively huge inch rear wheels and inch front wheels.[12] The most distinctive design element is the fastback roof and broad rear fenders made for a rear end design that prompted automotive journalists and writers to compare the new car to American Motors' – AMC Marlin.[13] The "distinctive boat-tail rear end that reminds more than one observer of the old Rambler Marlin."[14] For example, Rob Rothwell wrote "&#;when I first espied the rear lines of the Chrysler Crossfire I was instantly transported back to and my favorite car of that year, the Rambler Marlin."[15]Motor Trend also compared the "provocative boattail theme" of the Crossfire's sheetmetal to that of the AMC Marlin fastback.[16] Likewise, the new Chrysler's boat-tail is "formed as the edges of the roof converge into a kind of teardrop shape, leaving the rear fenders to flare out over the rear wheels."[12]

Construction and features[edit]

Roadster with the top down

Chrysler executed the interior and exterior styling. All other elements of the car such as wheelbase, track, engine, transmission, chassis structure, suspension components, are shared with the R platform.[17] An example of this is the engine bay of the Crossfire, which is virtually identical to the Mercedes-Benz SLK on the R platform. The seats from the Mercedes-Benz SLK would bolt directly into the Crossfire chassis. The dashboard layout, controls and instruments are also similar to those on the Mercedes-Benz SLK

The standard transmission is a 6-speed manual with an optional 5-speed automatic. Base (standard) and Limited models, originally sold beginning in the model year, were equipped with a Mercedes-Benz M &#;L, valve, SOHCV6 engine that was rated by Chrysler at &#;hp (&#;kW) and pound force-feet (&#;N⋅m) of torque.[18]

The SRT-6 models were equipped with a supercharged version of the M engine built by Mercedes' performance branch, AMG. The SRT-6 models came only with the 5-speed automatic transmission, consistent with AMG cars of the same era. The 6-speed transmission used by the Chrysler Crossfire is a variant of the Mercedes sourced NSG The 5-speed automatic transmission in the Crossfire (known as 5G-Tronic) is also Mercedes sourced and a variant of the family. The automatic achieves a better EPA fuel efficiency rating over the 6MT, mostly due to the difference in gear ratios.

Unlike most cars of its time, the Crossfire does not use a rack and pinion steering system; instead, it utilizes a recirculating ball system as employed on the donor R platform.[17] Front suspension is unequal length (SLA) double wishbone suspension with 5 point multi link in the rear.[19] Just like the concept car, all Crossfire models were built with two different wheel sizes measuring 18xinch on the front and 19x9-inch on the rear.[20] Standard all-season tires were /40R18 on the front and /35R19 on the rear.

The first production Crossfire was driven off the assembly line on 3 February , by Chrysler Group's COO Wolfgang Bernhard in Germany.[21]

Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 with Mercedes-AMG Engine


The Chrysler Crossfire's standard features included large alloy wheels with performance-rated tires, a Becker (part of Harman/Kardon)–sourced AM/FM stereo with anti-theft system and a single-disc CD player, keyless entry with security alarm, a power-retractable rear wing spoiler, leather-trimmed seating surfaces, dual power front sports bucket seats, full instrumentation, a &#;L V6 engine with a manual transmission, rear-wheel-drive (RWD), a leather-wrapped and stitched steering wheel, a power-retractable cloth convertible roof (for convertible models), front floor mats, and air conditioning.

Optional features on the Chrysler Crossfire included an automatic transmission, a six-speaker premium Infinity sound system with two "subwoofers" mounted directly behind each seat, a CD-based GPS navigational system, exterior paint colors, and additional interior color choices.

Sales and production numbers[edit]

The original contract with Karmann to build the Crossfire was for about five years with an annual sales target of 20, units in the United States.[22] Sales of the Crossfire were slow, with an average day supply of the vehicles during November A small number of Crossfires were imported to the United States and Mexico for (and almost all of these were roadsters).[23]

Chrysler discontinued the Crossfire after the model year, as part of its restructuring plans.[24] The last Crossfire rolled off of the assembly line on December 17,

Model TypeModel Year
Grand Total
Crossfire Coupe00
Crossfire Limited Coupe
Crossfire Limited Coupe (RHD)0
Crossfire Limited Roadster (both LHD and RHD)0
Crossfire Roadster00
Crossfire SRT-6 Coupe04700
Crossfire SRT-6 Coupe (RHD)0267900
Crossfire SRT-6 Roadster06900
Crossfire SRT-6 Roadster (RHD)07800
Grand Total
LHD = Left hand drive (or steering wheel on the left side)
RHD = Right hand drive (or steering wheel on the right side)
Crossfire Coupe and Crossfire Roadster refer to the "Base" model
Note: Cars produced in one calendar year may be marketed as the following model year.


Model Years Engine Displacement Power Torque Handling &#;mph (97&#;km/h) Top Speed
Limited L V6&#;cu in (&#;cc)[1]&#;hp (&#;kW; &#;PS)[1]&#;lb⋅ft (&#;N⋅m)[1]Skid pad g

70 – 0&#;mph in &#;ft.[28]

sec (6-speed manual)[29]

&#;mph (electronically limited)
Base (Standard)
SRT-6 Supercharged L V6&#;hp (&#;kW; &#;PS)[2]&#;lb⋅ft (&#;N⋅m) Skid pad g

70 – 0&#;mph in &#;ft.[28]

sec (5-speed automatic)[30]&#;mph (electronically limited)

Base and Limited[edit]

For the first model year (), only the coupe was offered (with no trim levels), equipped quite similarly to the next year's Limited model. In model year , there were two models available; Coupe and Roadster, each with three trim levels: Base (with fewer amenities), Limited, and SRT-6 (supercharged). There was an SE Roadster model (essentially a base model) in available only in Blaze Red Crystal Pearl and with black accented spoke SRT-6 style wheels. Base Crossfire models, both Coupe and Roadster, have black painted windshield frames, black filler plugs (in place of fog lights) in the front fascia, and fabric seats with separate, movable headrests. Limited and SRT-6 models, both Coupe and Roadster, all have silver painted windshield frames and are equipped with fog lights. The Limited has leather upholstery. The SRT-6 model has unique Leather/Alcantara upholstery. All Base and Limited Crossfire models included an electronic wing on the back hatch that would go up at about 65 mph and comes back down at 45 mph. The wing had a manual switch to raise it and lower it at any speed.


See also: Street and Racing Technology

Crossfire SRT-6 Coupe in Sapphire Silver Blue

The SRT-6 trim level, as both coupe and convertible, featured an Mercedes-Benz AMG M L V6supercharged engine delivering &#;hp (&#;kW) and &#;lb⋅ft (&#;N⋅m) of torque.[2] Other SRT-6 model-specific features included suspension and brake modifications, a front fascia air dam and a fixed rear spoiler. The Crossfire SRT-6 model used the same drivetrain, suspension, and braking components as those used on the Mercedes-Benz SLK 32 AMG. The standard tires were upgraded to Z-rated Michelin Pilot Sports, sized /40R18 on the front and /35R19s in back.[31] The SRT-6 cars did not feature the electronic wing that the Base and Standard cars featured.

In , the SRT-6 was changed to special order only.


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_Crossfire
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Chrysler Crossfire User Reviews

Chrysler CrossfireReview

GuruZD84P writes:

I love these cars!! Nice quiet cabin and a blast to drive. I still regret selling mine.

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CarGurus has nationwide Crossfire listings starting at $2,.

Chrysler CrossfireReview

DodgeVWTDI writes:

I have owned a crossfire in the past and conversed with ten other similar crossfire owners whom all proclaim the same high standard of satisfaction driving this car despite the well known short comings every historical reviewer of noteriety mentions.

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Chrysler CrossfireReview

MikeyisMikey writes:

Everyone who knows cars knows that Mercedes Benz is a fine vehicle. But they also know how expensive they are to own. The Crossfire is the next best thing to a Mercedes yet its a Chrysler. The look, the features, the quality, it all says quality. Yes, certain parts can be scarce due to the vehicle being out of production, but treated right, it can be a fine automobile for many years.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

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Chrysler CrossfireReview

Guru9W7B1J writes:

The Chrysler Crossfire is basically a Mercedes SLK Comfortable, quick and timeless style. This is not a racecar, more of a touring coupe. The steering takes a little getting use to due to the Hydraulic power-assist re-circulating ball steering which offers little feedback and will require the driver to due a bit of correcting. The coupe is aggressively styled and the power to weight ratio is decent but performance upgrades would be needed to chase down other small coupes or roadsters. The biggest issue would be the lack of cup holders.

0 of 1 people found this review helpful.

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Chrysler CrossfireReview

Guru9CKCVV writes:

Classic styling. This car drives and handles as well as it looks. LIVE IT !

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Chrysler CrossfireReview

Roger writes:

Flash, fun, looks, rarity, ok milage. Its a Chrysler! Nice ride.

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Chrysler CrossfireReview

Jbasco writes:

I loved this car and I hope to get another one in the future it’s fast and it handles like no car I’ve ever driven the one I had was an automatic but I recently test drove the stick shift one and that gave the car a completely different feel a different kind of power it’s a beautiful looking car sleek all around really rare you won’t see many on the streets and that kinda gives you a unique appearance the bass is that it’s for a small person and fortunately for me it fit me perfectly the seats are not that comfortable there’s no cup holder but it’s not that bad of a trade off and you can always make the best of it but if you’re tall this car is not for you

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Chrysler Crossfire Review

Nancy says:

vs Chevrolet Corvette

Chrysler Crossfire winning categories:

  • Power
  • Handling
  • Looks/Style
  • Front Seats
  • Back Seats
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Family Car
  • Value
  • Would Buy

Cargo CapacityRanked Chevrolet Corvette worse.

"The crossfire has a deeper compartment area and you can pack alot in this little car."

ValueRanked Chevrolet Corvette better.

"I think the inside of the corvette has a nicely built inside, bigger seats,all around better made inside of this car. Dash, console all better than the crossfire which is all around better value than the crossfire."
14 of 15 people found this review helpful.

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Chrysler CrossfireReview

Nancy writes:

So Far excellent! — this car is a great sports car and long trips are excellent . The car handles the road beautifully and it will runs like a bat outta hell. Gets excellent gas mileage! The looks and color of the car are a real head turner. The car is very fun to drive!

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: very good gas mileage! Leather heated seats

Cons: The window knobs are upside down. it only carries 2 people!

12 of 12 people found this review helpful.

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Chrysler Crossfire Coupe RWDReview

CrossFire04 writes:

Exciting And Fun! — I love this car. It's amazing, it runs like a race car and looks hot. The control and handling is more than awesome. This car is great to drive on the weekends and during the week. It can go the long haul or quick dive. It takes corners like an Indy car. It's all you want in a sports car.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Looks hot, drives fast, handles amazingly

Cons: Not a family car, only two seats.

11 of 12 people found this review helpful.

Is this helpful? Yes | No

Sours: https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/Chrysler-Crossfire-Reviews-c
2004 Chrysler Crossfire Sport Coupe-Walk Around Video-In Depth Review-Test Drive

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Sours: https://www.carfax.com/Used-Chrysler-Crossfire_w

Crossfire coupe chrysler 2d 2004

Limited 2dr Coupe
Chrysler Crossfire Specs

Front head room37 &#;
Front shoulder room53 &#;
Front hip room53 &#;
Front leg room &#;
Luggage capacity cu.ft.
Maximum cargo capacity cu.ft.
Standard seating2
Length &#;
Body width &#;
Body height &#;
Wheelbase &#;
Curb3, lbs.
Fuel tank capacity gal.
EPA mileage estimates17 City / 25 Hwy
Base engine size liters
Base engine typeV-6
Horsepower hp
Horsepower rpm5,
Torque lb-ft.
Torque rpm3,
Drive typerear-wheel
Turning radius &#;&#;
Show More
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Here's why the 2004 Chrysler Crossfire is a future classic car. - Doug DeMuro Style (PARODY)

Synergy used to be a perfectly inconspicuous word tucked pages deep into Webster's New World. We never used it for fear of sounding like a guy who would use a French term when a perfectly serviceable English term would do.

It means "combined or cooperative action or force." Things working together. Nothing confusing there. It's just that in the orgy of automotive mergers and acquisitions of the '90s, we would almost daily hear some suit say something like: "Can you get your head around thinking outside the box regarding synergies?"

Few companies reached for that word more often than DaimlerChrysler. As a corporate catch phrase, it was de rigueur. Of course, when you're talking about car companies and synergies, you're talking about co-developing and sharing parts. So if all the synergy talk sounded a bit hollow between the merger and now, it's partly because it takes several years to develop a new car.

Now we are to believe that the car pictured on these pages is the embodiment of the word. "Route 66 meets the autobahn," says Chrysler. This is not entirely accurate.

True, under the hood of the Chrysler Crossfire two-seat sports coupe, with its winged Chrysler badge, reside mechanical bits from Mercedes-Benz, another company owned by DaimlerChrysler. But because the Crossfire uses the existing Mercedes SLK platform (including suspension pieces, engine, and transmission), the creation of the Crossfire is less a cooperative effort than a rebody.

The real synergies will arrive with the so-called LX sedans that replace the LH cars (Chrysler M and Concorde and Dodge Intrepid) beginning next year. Those cars will use about percent Mercedes hardware but will feel less like existing Mercedes cars, says Chrysler.

With the Crossfire, Chrysler is betting that styling and suspension tuning will sufficiently differentiate its new Audi TT-fighting coupe from its donor car.

And although the Crossfire is built on the SLK-roadster platform, it looks nothing like a Mercedes. Chrysler was intent on making it look quintessentially American, pointing out art deco design touches such as the ribs on the hood. This Americanness, the company hopes, will help sell the car in Europe. We're not sure exactly what constitutes quintessential American design anymore, but we will say the Crossfire is striking and endlessly interesting to behold.

The Crossfire gets some of its striking profile from its huge wheels—the fronts are 18 inches in diameter, the rears A standard SLK wears inchers front and rear. These relatively heavy wheels alone call for substantial revision of the suspension tuning compared with the Merc's. But the Crossfire's structure is significantly stiffer than the SLK's. That the Crossfire comes only as a coupe—at least for now—and the SLK comes only as a convertible explains the improvement. Chrysler says the Crossfire's structure is stiffer than a Porsche 's. And it does feel as rigid as a six-dollar coal chisel. The rigidity allowed Chrysler latitude in tuning the unequal-length control-arm front and multilink independent rear suspensions. The Crossfire is fitted with larger front and rear anti-roll bars than the SLK and feels at least as resistant to body roll, while maintaining a comfortable ride.

Beyond styling and suspension settings, distinctions between the two models are less apparent. Chrysler has tuned its own center-exit exhaust to have a raspier timbre. And the automatically deploying rear wing, which rises up at 57 mph and lowers back at 39 mph, adds a high-pitched whirring noise that an SLK driver is not subjected to.

Chrysler says the Crossfire shares only 39 percent of its parts with the SLK, but it feels more like, oh, 87 percent. The controls are patently Mercedes. The steering is the same recirculating-ball unit with the same wooden feel as in the SLK, and the driver grips the same fat-rimmed steering wheel. The brakes, using the same inch front and inch rear rotors, feel like SLK brakes—which is to say strong, but with a spongy pedal. The switchgear has the familiar Mercedes style and heft to it—although covered in satiny silver paint.

Speaking of engines, Chrysler claims its version of the hp, liter V-6 somehow makes eight more pound-feet of torque (for a total of ) than Mercedes lists for the SLK. Chrysler engineers say the engine in the SLK actually makes pound-feet, too. Mercedes officials say it makes The synergies are apparently not yet fully synergized on that point. Either way, backed by the standard six-speed manual transmission, the Crossfire should get to 60 mph in about seconds, same as the SLK The Chrysler's standard six-speed manual has the same gearing as the SLK's. This will be a couple steps slower than an Audi TT with the hp turbo four or the new liter V-6 (see page ). The Nissan Z and the Mazda RX-8, both potential competitors, will whup the snot out of the Crossfire at the drag strip. Maybe so, but at least the Crossfire will cost more. Chrysler figures one of them will set you back about $35, when they go on sale this summer. That's cheap compared with a $45, SLK You'll notice, though, that the SLK's folding metal top comes down at the push of a button. The other guy—a hp Audi TT Quattro coupe—starts at $36,, and it has less standard equipment than the Crossfire.

On the upside, the Crossfire comes standard with a powerful sound system, leather interior, dual-zone climate control, and electronic stability control. The only options are all-season tires (in place of the standard and aggressive Michelin Pilots) and an excellent Mercedes five-speed automatic.

But a $35,plus Chrysler coupe? This synergy thing is going to take us a while to get used to.

VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 3-door coupe


ENGINE TYPE: SOHC valve V-6, aluminum block and heads, Bosch Motronic ME engine-control system with port fuel injection
Displacement: cu in, cc
Power (SAE net): bhp @ rpm
Torque (SAE net): lb-ft @ rpm

TRANSMISSIONS: 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic with lockup torque converter

Wheelbase: in Length: in Width: in Height: in
Curb weight: lb

Zero to 60 mph: sec
Zero to mph: sec
Standing 1/4-mile: sec @ 93 mph
Top speed (governor limited): mph

EPA city driving: mpg
EPA highway driving: 27 mpg


VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 3-door coupe


ENGINE TYPE: SOHC valve V-6, aluminum block and heads, Bosch Motronic ME engine-control system with port fuel injection

Displacement: cu in, cc
Power (SAE net): bhp @ rpm
Torque (SAE net): lb-ft @ rpm

TRANSMISSIONS: 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic with lockup torque converter

Wheelbase: in Length: in
Width: in Height: in
Curb weight: lb

Zero to 60 mph: sec
Zero to mph: sec
Standing 1/4-mile: sec @ 93 mph
Top speed (governor limited): mph

EPA city driving: mpg
EPA highway driving: 27 mpg


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Sours: https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a/chrysler-crossfire-first-drive-review/

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