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Evan-Moor Daily Science Workbooks

Providing daily supplemental activity pages for elementary to early middle school, this Evan-Moor series reinforces scientific knowledge, reading comprehension and vocabulary development. Short, 10-15-minute activities organized around reading passages are easy to implement and schedule into your educational day.

Organized into 6 topical Big Ideas Units each investigating a question from life, earth, or physical science and based on state standards. Each Unit is 5 weeks long, with Weeks 1-4 providing teaching on the key information. Weekly lessons begin with a Teacher Page that provides additional information and activity ideas. Student Activity pages follow. Days 1-4 include a variety of writing, comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking, visual literacy, oral language practice or hands-on activities. Day 5 is review. Week 5 is considered a Unit review with comprehension questions, visual literacy activity, vocabulary review and a hands-on activity related to the previous 4 weeks. From a secular publisher, there is evolutionary content. ~ Deanne

The Grade Level Teacher Book provides Teacher pages, reproducible (for one classroom) Student Activity pages, and an answer key. 192 pgs. pb

The Student Practice Book (Student Workbook) provides only the Student Activity pages. This book is not reproducible and does not include the answer key. It is designed to be used with an additional student or instead of copying the Student pages from the Teacher book.

Sours: https://www.rainbowresource.com/category/14715/Evan-Moor-Daily-Science-Workbooks.html

New Evan-Moor Top Student Workbook Review!

A review of the fun, new multi-subject activity workbooks from Evan-Moor. How do they match up to other workbooks, like Brain Quest? Is my kid going to enjoy them, or are they going to sit on my shelf of workbook-shame?

I'm a self-professed workbook addict.

Seriously, I can't be trusted in the book aisle at Costco, because when they have those beautiful, shiny stacks lined up, I just can't resist them...whether we need them or not. And honestly, typically we don't. Not that that stops me. But in reality, while we do sometimes use workbooks to supplement other curriculum, or when we need physical samples to turn in for our charter school, we don't use them as our primary learning method.

That being said, I've pared down our stash recently because there are a lot that were just sitting neglected on the shelf, collecting dust. The ones that I've kept, and actually made room for on the shelf, are all Evan-Moor! So of course I couldn't resist these new Top Student workbooks that just came out. They looked so amazing, and they did not disappoint!

These workbooks are huge, at almost 340 pages each, so they're a great value. I think my favorite thing about them is that where other comprehensive workbooks stop at Math, Language Arts, Science and some Social Studies (the latter two usually being small inclusions) the Top Student workbooks include ALL of that, PLUS Computer Science (which is basically beginning coding), Mindful Moments and Social & Emotional learning.

Grade 1 Mindful Moments example

Yes. A mainstream workbook that includes coding, as well as placing emphasis on the importance of mindfulness and social and emotional learning! I'm blown away by that. And it's goooood too, guys. The Grade 1 workbook begins to introduce the patterns in coding, while the Grade 3 introduces the concepts of algorithm and binary code. Coding even makes sense to me when I'm looking through these pages! And the Mindful Moments and Social & Emotional learning pages are just as amazing.

Yes. A mainstream workbook that includes coding, as well as placing emphasis on the importance of mindfulness and social and emotional learning!

I really love how they break them down for each age group.

And they even change the graphics up, so that the 3rd graders don't feel like they're being given 'babyish' instructions.

Grade 3 Mindful Moments example

What I'm finding that I really like about these vs the Brain Quest for example (not that I'm picking on those guys, they're just the most comparable workbook out right now, and we've used many of them in the past so it's something I'm confident comparing for you) is that these somehow actually feel really engaging, and less like 'busy work'. The graphics are fun and bright, but not overwhelming and each page is really balanced with just the right amount of information or work.

More importantly, I feel like they cover more challenging and thought-provoking material but in a really age-appropriate and interesting way!

The books even include STEM challenges that include really doable instructions (and pretty basic materials that you should have at home) with really clear focus on the process,

so they aren't just results based.

This is the ideal way to teach the basics of the scientific process,

and project-type learning, so I love how they laid these challenges out.

They cover more challenging and thought-provoking material but in a really age-appropriate and interesting way!

These books would be perfect summer-slide prevention, or just as a great supplement to your homeschool curriculum. I can't wait to see how much my kids love diving into this and adding to their learning in fun, new ways.

(If you want a closer look, head to my Instagram page to look for the flip through! I'll do a little more in depth comparison of the 1st Grade vs 3rd)

(You can also get the Evan-Moor titles directly from them if Amazon is out, and be sure to check out their amazing Teacher File Box, if you always want a steady stream of printables and resources. You get access to over 450 of their books worth of material!! )

Sours: https://www.thehiphomelife.com/post/new-evan-moor-top-student-workbook-review
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Teaching ELA using Evan-Moor Grade 8 Daily Workbooks

This post contains affiliate links.

Last school year, I tried to implement more full curriculum into our homeschool. I figured since my daughters are getting older than maybe my approach to teaching them should change. I’ve heard many times in the homeschool community that as the kids get older parent-teachers start to feel pressure to change up their homeschooling approach. I didn’t think I would be that parent, but I was. After struggling with the unnecessary changes in our language arts for most of last school year and part of this school year, I decided to go back to what works for our homeschool which is working through resources that focus on specific grammar skills versus combining all the areas of English in one text.

Daily 6-Trait Writing is a twenty-five week five day writing program that covers ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, and voice. The units include five weeks of lessons that cover different aspects of the main topic. For example, the unit “sentence fluency” covers rhythm, structure and length, poetry, quotations, and writing a smooth paragraph. The weekly lessons are consist of a daily activity in the form of a worksheet for days one to four with a writing assignment on day five.

As a parent-teacher, I appreciate the rubric that is included in the writing program for evaluating the week five writing assignment. Since week five is the last week of lessons for each specific topic, there is a expectation of progress from week one to week five. The rubric allows be to grade without bias based on what my daughter has done, and what Evan-Moor’s curriculum expects to accomplish.

Daily Reading Comprehension is a thirty week reading program that covers a variety of comprehension strategies including monitoring comprehension, making connections, visualizing, organizing, determining important information, and asking questions. The program also covers comprehension skills such as making inferences, cause and effect, compare and contrast, predicting, and author’s purpose. The first six weeks of lessons focus on strategies, and the last 24 weeks focus on both strategies and skills. Each weekly lesson consists of five passages and questions related to the passage.

Using the “Daily” programs from Evan-Moor helps us stay on track with continually building English Language Arts skills. My daughter is a great English student and does really well when it comes to most assignments English related, but with all things there’s always room to learn more even in areas that are going well. I like that the “Daily” books highlight areas that I have not taught her explicitly. For us, these English grammar products aren’t teacher heavy which allows her to work independently. We do discuss the objective for the lessons, but she truly has freedom in doing the work without being held up by me unlike some of the other curricula we’ve tried to use. I’ve also found throughout our homeschool journey that short, straight forward lessons have a lasting impact versus heavy lessons.

If you’re looking for a way to include more ELA in your homeschool without the use of a cumbersome curriculum, consider including some of the Evan-Moor resources in your homeschool arsenal. It can make a world of difference especially if you are often feeling behind or if your child isn’t a fan of writing tons to prove he or she understands the concept.

Sours: https://joyintheordinary.com/curriculum/teaching-ela-using-evan-moor-grade-8-daily-workbooks
My Top 3 Evan Moor Books Ever

Selamat Datang Ditoko Kami, Semua Produk Kami Ready Stok, Silahkan Diorder. Barang Premium Engage your child in fun hands on projects that develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. The STEM challenges and activities encourage your child to think creatively and explore different ideas to solve problems. Parents act as facilitators, guiding their children through the problem solving process. Each unit includes stories and practice pages that help children understand science concepts and provide a foundation for completing each STEM challenge. A STEM journal activity helps guide children through the engineering design process: plan, create, test, and record. Topics within each STEM challenge target earth, life, and physical science. Each unit covers a specific scientific concept and includes: Science Story: Introduces each science concept Practice Activities: Support children s understanding STEM Story: Fictional story with a problem to solve STEM Challenge: Hands on activity to solve a problem STEM Journal: Provides a planning outline to help complete the challenge activity Includes answer key. 128pages each grade

Sours: https://shopee.co.id/Memobi-LKS-Evan-moor-smart-start-stem-workbook-activity-book-i.272607925.3155823700

Workbooks evan moor

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How to Homeschool with Evan Moor books

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