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As its name suggests, RandomThings is a mod that adds a variety of miscellaneous objects to Minecraft. Most of these serve as utilities to make gameplay more convenient, such as Fertilized Dirt to grow crops more easily and quickly, or Item Collectors for picking up drops. The mod also includes minor changes to vanilla that allow coloring Glass, Blocks of Redstone and Redstone Lamps.

Beyond its items and blocks, Random Things has several other features all of which can be customized or turned off from its config file. Most individual items and blocks can also be selectively disabled.

Bloodmoon 5% chance any night is a Bloodmoon, with prolific mobs that can appear much closer to the player. Sky and moon turn red.
Hardcore Darkness Blocks with no light will be completely black. Video
Fast Leaf Decay Leaf blocks not connected to a log will decay rapidly. Video
Throwing Momentum Thrown objects and projectiles will use the player's momentum.
Spectre Dimension Personal pocket dimension accessed by the Spectre Key.
Modified Loading Screen Makes the loading screen use a random block texture rather than always dirt.
Spirit Spawns Killing a mob has a small chance of spawning a passive Spirit mob that drops Ectoplasm.
Sours: https://ftbwiki.org/Random_Things

The Random Things mod adds a ton of new items that can aid in your everyday crafting and building. Many of the items are aesthetic but many are also pretty handy. You can combine bricks with various dyes to make colored bricks that fit with your designs. Now your choices aren’t strictly limited to red or grey bricks.


You may come across biome crystals in random dungeon chests. These can be combined with stone and glass to become biome specific. That means that their color will vary depending on which biome they are placed in. They’re all essentially a greenish color but that hue will change as soon as you enter a new biome.


The Ender Bridge is a neat way to travel long distances. It’s not like other teleporters in that it only works in a straight line. So in essence it will limit usage but you can be creative with them for specific places. You can craft them out of endstone but you can also make a prismarine version that teleports faster. They need an Ender Anchor placed in an unobstructed straight line wherever you want to go. Then they just need a redstone current like a pressure plate on top of them. Standard ones will take about 5 seconds and prismarine are almost instant transfers.



Platforms are neat wood slabs that you can walk through but also on top of. So essentially you can place this amongst other wood blocks and it will function the same. The great thing about it, though, is that when you hit ‘shift’ while standing on it you will fall through. So you can make a secret entrance to a secret room that only requires standing in the right spot and tapping ‘shift’ to enter.



And finally you may come across beans throughout the world. These can be surrounded by gold nuggets to make lesser magic beans. When planted they’ll instantly grow into bean stalks that you can climb. If you happen upon true magic beans then there will be a bean pod at the top of the stalk full of goodies to grab when broken.



There are many more new things added with this mod so be sure to check out the forum for more info.

DownloadForumInstall Guide

Sours: https://www.minecraftmods.com/random-things/
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What Does the Random Things "Minecraft" Mod Do?

Cliffwalker is a writer who focuses primarily on video-game related articles but will write about any of his many interests.

Most publicly released mods for Minecraft are built with a specific goal in mind. Typically, mods are designed to upgrade a certain aspect of the experience or add in a new system, but it is extremely rare to see a good mod that has no specified goal. Most of those were built solely for personal use, and while they do a great job of consolidating all of the needs of the mod's developer into a single file, most people only desire one or two of the changes and find fault with the rest.

But while Random Things is indeed just a collection of features that the developer wanted while playing, it also comes with the ability to disable any unwanted aspects of the mod, meaning that it should be considered even if only a single feature is desired. In this article, we'll examine this mod and its many features.

Hardcore Darkness

There is a huge number of items and settings to choose from, but the option that will affect most player's games the most is Hardcore Darkness. This setting simply removes most of the ambient light from Minecraft, meaning that the game will be almost pitch-black when no torches, sunlight, glowstones, or other sources of light are present.

Obviously, this makes moving around in caves and at night far less safe, but that is the feature's selling point. By dimming the lights, monsters of all kinds can get closer to players before being spotted. Nights become terrifying again on a level that most players have not experienced since their first days in Minecraft. Monster-adding mods like Lycanite's Mobs and Mo' Creatures work especially well with this setting, as they can supply other beasts to scare players with and even more worrisome sounds to the darkness outside of player's homes.

It is worth noting that Hardcore Darkness is a lot closer to pure shadow than regular Minecraft, and if the game is set to the "bright" setting, players can still see in dark areas, but there is an additional option to lock the game's gamma for those who wish to disable that form of "cheating."

Terraria-Style Bloodmoons

And Hardcore Darkness is not the only new reason to fear the nights; players can also choose to include Terraria-style Bloodmoon events in their game. These are nights where the moon, the fog, and all of the lighting turn blood red, and monsters of all kinds start appearing far more frequently. This forces players to always be careful of the time, especially if they have Hardcore Darkness enabled, as being caught out during a Bloodmoon sometimes ends with the player being attacked by upwards of fifty enemies at a time.

By default, monsters are generated three times as often and much closer to the player than on other nights, but both of these settings can be changed for those who feel Bloodmoons should cause massive invasions or be almost normal nights. The mod can also be configured so that sleep is forbidden during such events, thereby stopping players from simply skipping them, and all of the color changes can be disabled individually as well. Normally, a Bloodmoon only occurs on five percent of nights, but this can be adjusted as needed, or the event can be disabled entirely.

Near-Instant Leaf Decay

But not all of the settings are dangerous, Random Things also includes in a simple change to tree leaves that most players will love: near-instant decay. Normally after a tree is cut down, clumps of leaves will float in the air for a while, sometimes even several minutes, before finally breaking down and occasionally dropping saplings when they do. Beyond being both horribly ugly and ridiculous, this forces players to either clear the leaves manually, or wait before they can use that land for anything else. But Random Things has an option to cause all leaves to decay within just a few seconds of the last piece of wood being removed from a tree, meaning saplings are dropped nearly instantly, and the space is cleared for building within just a few seconds. And like most aspects of the mod, players can tweak or disable these changes if they feel the need.

Spirits and Items

There are also a number of new items added to the mod, and many of these will require an item dropped by Random Thing's only new creature: the Spirit. Spirits are small flying ghosts that have a tiny chance to be generated anytime players kill an entity, whether from the original game, or ones added by mods. They do not attack or cause trouble in any way, but they can still be hard to defeat thanks to their durability, their ability to fly, and the fact that they vanish within less than a minute of being generated. But if the player can slay one of these spirits, they can harvest the Ectoplasm from them to craft a number of useful items, such as a powerful sword that slows enemies and causes them to generate spirits more often, or armor that heals players after every attack. Players can also make Spirit Binders which will let them to move any of the game's Mob Spawners, allowing them to easily set up monster-farms wherever they wish, and Spectre Glass that only players can walk on, allowing for powerful traps and mob-grinders.

Spectre Keys

But what might be the coolest item that can be made with Ectoplasm is the Spectre Key, an item that allows players to access their own personal dimension. This item is surprisingly cheap to make, and when used takes the player to a small area in which they can safely store goods, or utilize as a mobile home. Unlike Witchery's Magical Mirrors, players can only have a single area bound to them, but if they lose their key they can simply create another one to gain access to the same location. And while this space is not normally shared between players, administrators, or those who have cheats enabled, can use an special version of the key to access any player's private dimension.

Whitestones (And Bloodstones)

Whitestones are another useful and powerful item, though they can only be found in dungeon chests. They start out uncharged, and require the player to stand outside at midnight during a full-moon to gain power, but once they are charged they can fully heal and buff a dying player once before needing to be re-energized. These Whitestones can also be turned into Bloodstones during a Bloodmoon, and while they lose their life-saving capabilities, the Bloodstones gain a constant healing power dependent on the number of monsters slain by their holder. They can also be used as part of a ritual to force Bloodmoon events for those who wish slay hordes of monsters or cause all kinds of trouble for their friends.

Biome Capsules and Painters

And in the newest version there are an interesting pair of items that allow players to change which biome an area is in, although it is a slightly odd process. Players will first need to construct a Biome Capsule out of several expensive items, such as diamonds, emeralds, and obsidian, and then toss it on the ground in whatever biome they want to change a zone into. After about ten seconds, the capsule will change colors and start charging itself at a rate of about one charge per second, with a maximum charge of two hundred and fifty-six. Players can then store the capsule in their inventory and use a Biome Painter on the ground to change a small area of land into that biome. Each meter of space uses a single charge, meaning that it will take a very long time to convert a city or town, but it can be effectively used to change the color of foliage in an area, or force biome-specific beasts to spawn closer to home.

Lapis Lamps, Non-Phase Sensors, Wireless Levers, and More

There are several other neat tools to make as well. Lapis Lamps are light-emmiting blocks that do not stop creatures from generating, allowing players to brighten up dungeons and mob-grinders without preventing their opponents from spawning. Two new versions of Minecraft's old hoppers known as Item Collectors can pull in objects from a fair distance, with the stronger variety able to be configured over a larger radius and to not accept certain items. Players can create moon-phase sensors that will activate a redstone signal on the full moon, and Wireless Levers that do not even need Redstone to power their machines. Those who like alchemy might consider building an Imbueing Station and making one of the new potions, all of which last five minutes on default settings and give powerful effects such as withering opponents or increasing experience gain. Voidstones are a cheap and effective solution for players who have collected unwanted items in their travels, allowing them to delete items without needing to build an incinerator, and Drop-Filters can prevent certain types of items from being picked up in the first place.

Dye Machines

A couple of new cosmetic items and machines have also been added by the mod. The new Dye Machine can change the color of tools and weaponry into any of the original sixteen colors, even if the item chosen was added by other mods. Random Thing's Fluid Display blocks also have full support for most other mods, and allow players to decorate their walls with perfectly safe blocks of still-molten lava, Flowing Spirit, or even Tinker's Construct's Pig Iron if they can think of a reason to do so.

Multiplayer Features

But while the general-purpose items are great, several of Random Thing's tools are actually made for multiplayer-use. Magnetic Force is a wonder for adventurous players, as it allows them to quickly warp to the location of a friend, although it is consumed upon use and costs an emerald and Ender Pearl to create. Players might also find several uses for the new Ender Letter, which is a tool that allows items and messages to instantly and quietly be sent to friends over a long distance, even if they are not currently on the server. Online Detectors are another neat item that generate a redstone signal whenever a specific player comes online, allowing for neat tricks such as powering their homes up when they log in, or detonating a nearby block of TNT the instant the player enters the game. But best of all are the new Ginto items, which allow players to resurrect their friends on the spot where they have died, rather than respawn back at home.

Tools for Other Mods

And finally, there are also a number of tools to aid users of other mods. Two varieties of Energy Distributes are available for users of Thermal Expansion and its related mods, with the better of the two machines being able to spread Redstone Flux to up to thirty machines without the need of any form of wiring. Player Interfaces can have goods piped into one of three receptacles corresponding to the player's hotbar, armor slots, and storage, allowing players to equip themselves with all they need for a long journey by simply pressing a button. And users of OpenComputers also have pair of new blocks, the Creative Player Interface, which adds a set of new commands, and the Notification Interface, which allows the user to send customized notifications to other players.

Bugs and Other Considerations

While some of Random Thing's items do have occasional problems with bugs, most notably the Spectre Key being lost after warping to the new dimension, overall there very few reasons not to include this mod in a pack. It strengthens many other mods directly or indirectly, but as most of its changes are utility-based, it is rarely overpowered compared to what else is included in a specific Minecraft install. With the possible exception of the Bloodstone, most of the standard additions are not overly powerful either, and even in that case it requires a long time to charge to useful levels. And even if there is an item or setting that becomes problematic either for balance purposes or due to bugs, it can be can be removed in the mod's configuration file, leaving almost no reason to dislike this mod.

The Takeaway

Even though Random Things does not try to add to or improve upon a specific aspect of the game, all Minecraft players will probably like some part of it. Adventurers will enjoy the darker nights and caves, while siege-lovers will have a nice challenge every time a Bloodmoon occurs. Tech-users can benefit from the new Thermal Expansion and OpenComputer items, and players in online mode have several new options to play with. Even if any unwanted parts of the mod exist, they can easily be taken out thanks to the well-designed configuration file and mod-options menu. So those setting up a new instance should feel free to add a few Random Things to their modpack. It may not have any kind of focus, but that actually helps it to become one of the most general-purpose mods out for Minecraft.

Sours: https://levelskip.com
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Modicon Random Things.png
Current developerslumien
Supported Minecraft versions
Magic World 2

Random Things is a mod by lumien. As the name describes, it does not have any specific theme. Instead, it adds a variety of unrelated blocks, items, and mechanics. It tweaks some of vanilla Minecraft's mechanics, for example, Hardcore Darkness.

External links

v &#; d &#; eRandom Things


Dyeing Machine&#;·
Ender Bridge&#;·
Light Redirector&#;·
Spectre Core&#;·
Contact Button&#;·
Creative Player Interface&#;·
Chat Detector&#;·
Imbuing Station&#;·
Lapis Lamp&#;·
Fluid Display&#;·
Portal Generator&#;·
Fertilized Dirt&#;·
Online Detector&#;·
Ender Mailbox&#;·
Crafting Table&#;·
Prismarine Ender Bridge&#;·
Entity Detector&#;·
Redstone Interface&#;·
Life Anchor&#;·
Player Interface&#;·
Contact Lever&#;·
Spectre Block&#;·
Quartz Glass&#;·
Block Breaker&#;·
Ender Anchor&#;·
Lapis Glass&#;·
Analog Emitter&#;·
Voxel Projector&#;·
Quartz Lamp&#;·
Rain Shield&#;·
Global Chat Detector&#;·
Potion Vaporizer&#;·
Pitcher Plant

Item Collectors

Item Collector&#;·
Advanced Item Collector


Nature Core&#;·
Nether Core&#;·
Ender Core


Nature Chest&#;·
Water Chest

Biome Blocks

Biome Stone&#;·
Biome Stone Bricks&#;·
Cracked Biome Stone Bricks&#;·
Biome Glass&#;·
Chiseled Biome Stone Bricks&#;·
Biome Cobblestone


Bean Sprout&#;·
Bean Pod&#;·
Magic Bean Stalk&#;·
Lesser Bean Stalk


Colored Grass&#;· Stained Bricks&#;· Colored Redstone Blocks


Grass Seeds&#;·
Sakanade Spores&#;·
Evil Tear&#;·
Spectre Ingot&#;·
Fire Imbue&#;·
Poison Imbue&#;·
Experience Imbue&#;·
Wither Imbue&#;·
Collapse Imbue




Hardcore Darkness

Sours: https://ftb.fandom.com/wiki/Random_Things

Random things minecraft

Random Things Mod for Minecraft [//]

A mode refers to a specific feature that can improve, upgrade as well as add-in new features and things into the game. These additional things make the game more interesting and fun. Each of the mod available comes with their own capabilities offered. Random Things Mod  is a good example of this.



Itis a useful and random utilities mod. It got its name random things because it is basically made out of, or added to a block in which the author felt is need while playing the game. Things that are added to the game world include new craft ingredients which serve as the core for a player. It is also used for crafting the online detector, as well as the player interface blocks. Other techniques include obsidian stick, player interface blocks, as well as the focused ender pearl.

Random Things Mod

At the same time, new blocks that are added to the Random Things Modinclude the block breaker, auto placer, block teleporter, block detector, entity detector, fluid display, fertilized dirt, inventory interface, imbuing station, advanced item collector, item collector, player interface, online detector, as well as shock absorber. All of these blocks come with their own capabilities. It would be best to learn about these capabilities after getting them.

Random Things Mod

The benefits of the Random Things Modare too many that it may spoil you to learn of all of them at one time. It may also spoil the fun and excitement upon getting this mod. In order to get the finest result, it would be best to check it out by yourself. At the same time, more items are also added, with a description of the item details.

There is no question that the Random Things Mod  version is a great addition to your collection. It is really cool with the extra features added. Its play interface in the Mobtrap is also amazing. By giving this mod a try, you will certainly know that this recommended mod can give you the benefits that you want and deserve in order to enjoy the game even better. The good thing about this mod is that it also provides support to other mod packs under Minecraft.

Mod Showcases:


  • Go to Random things mod wiki :http://randomthingsminecraftmod.wikispaces.com/
  • Block Detector: simple, whenever there is a Block in Front of the Red Side of the Block Detector it will emit a Redstone Signal.


  • Ender Porter: has 2 different States, when its powered with Redstone It will teleport down, if it isn’t it will teleport up. It will always Teleport you to the next Place on the y-Axis where there is space for you.


  • Inventory Interface: allows you to access a specific Side of an Inventory. Just place an Inventory in front of the green Side of the Block and choose the Side you wanna access in the GUI of the Block. The Inventory Interface will then act like its the Inventory in front of it and will redirect every items to the specified side. You can also pull Items out of the specified Side as well.


  • Item collector: Just place this thing on an inventory like a chest. It will then grab any items in a radius of 5 Blocks around the Inventory and put them inside it.


  • Colored lamps: allows you to color the vanilla Redstone Lamps with all vanilla dyes. This will override the Vanilla Lamps so it won’t require a block ID. This can be turned off in the config File


Reporting Bugs

If you wanna report a bug to me you have 2 options:

1. Make a post on this Thread

2. Create an Issue on my bug tracker (Link) (Preferred)

Please always include a crash log and (if possible) an image of your build.

Easy Installation:

  • Make sure you Need Minecraft Forge
  • Installing the Modis quite easy. All you have to do is to download it from the link provided. Drag and drop the file downloaded inside the mod folder.
  • After this, you can already launch the game, and see to check if your mod has already been installed completely. The process is so easy that you can start having fun after following the steps mentioned.
  • This mod is highly compatible with Minecraft’s latest version.

Download Links:

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

Credits: lumien

Sours: https://azminecraft.info/random-things-mod-for-minecraft/
Minecraft Random Item Challenge VS 2 Hunters

Random Things Mod / (Unrelated Objects, Mechanics)

Random Things Mod / adds a variety of new objects to Minecraft. Most of these serve as utilities to make gameplay more convenient, such as enhanced soil. The mod also includes minor changes to vanilla that for example allow you to color glass, Redstone blocks and Redstone lamps.

Random Things Mod


Random Things Mod Screenshots 1

Random Things Mod Screenshots 2

Random Things Mod Screenshots 3

Random Things Mod Screenshots 4

Random Things Mod Screenshots 5

Random Things Mod Screenshots 6

Random Things Mod Screenshots 7


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

Random Things Mod / Download Links:

Previous versions:

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft /

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

For Minecraft

Download from Server 1 &#; Download from Server 2

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Sours: https://www.9minecraft.net/random-things-mod/

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