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okin lift chair and recliner chair mechanism


Electric Lift and Recliner function.

1)  Three positions to suit the user's needs : Recline, Sitting & Lifting.

2)  Upholstery Option : PU, Cow Leather, Microfiber, Fabric.

3)  Friendly use dual remote controllers for massage / lifting.

4)  Casters on the base for more convenient chair moving.

5)  Optional : Individually or synchronized reclining (back / footrest) mechanism.

6)  Optional : the back-up battery.

7)  Maximum weight capacity : 150 kgs


Single Adjustable Massage Vibration Lift Chair Recliner

Single Adjustable Massage Vibration Lift Chair ReclinerSingle Adjustable Massage Vibration Lift Chair Recliner
Single Adjustable Massage Vibration Lift Chair ReclinerSingle Adjustable Massage Vibration Lift Chair Recliner

Single Adjustable Massage Vibration Lift Chair ReclinerSingle Adjustable Massage Vibration Lift Chair Recliner


Chair size (Seat~Recline)

88cm (W)* 99~160cm (D)* 100~79cm (H)

Seat width 


Seat depth 


Backrest height



1 set / carton,

Carton size : 87* 76* 76cm (17.75')


55 kgs


59.5 kgs


135 sets(MOQ)




(1) - One year quality guarantee       

(2) - Free pictures without logo could be offered if you need   

(3) - Customized package is accepted when quantity is good   

(4) - Customized Logo is accepted too when quantity is good   

(5) - OEM service to meet all your need    

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(7) - Popular model will be suggested,keep our customer updated for the information about the products     



A: Your inquiry related to our products and prices will be replied in 24 hours.

 B: Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.

C: Best quality and competitive price.

Sours: https://www.taiwantrade.com/product/okin-lift-chair-and-recliner-chair-mechanism-1126351.html

熱い販売 SUNSTAR CB400SS スプロケット関連パーツ KE35147 スプロケット&チェーンキット(ゴールド) サンスター - 駆動系パーツ

熱い販売 SUNSTAR CB400SS スプロケット関連パーツ KE35147 スプロケット&チェーンキット(ゴールド) サンスター - 駆動系パーツ
  1. ホーム
  2. 駆動系パーツ
  3. 熱い販売 SUNSTAR CB400SS スプロケット関連パーツ KE35147 スプロケット&チェーンキット(ゴールド) サンスター - 駆動系パーツ
SUNSTAR CB400SS スプロケット関連パーツ KE35147 スプロケット&チェーンキット(ゴールド) サンスター

●メーカー名:サンスター / SUNSTAR
●商品名:KE35147 スプロケット&チェーンキット(ゴールド)



チェーンサイズ:520 チェーンリンク数:104





バイク用品 >> パーツ >> 駆動系パーツ >> スプロケット

無料雑誌付き】SUNSTAR CB750 スプロケット関連パーツ KE44443 ..., スプロケット&チェーンキット, 無料雑誌付き】SUNSTAR CB400SS スプロケット関連パーツ KE35142 ..., Amazon | サンスター KD40107 スプロケット&チェーンキット(ゴールド ..., 楽天市場】サンスター チェーン&スプロケット 3点セット ホンダ ..., サンスター KD40203 スプロケット&チェーンキット ... - Amazon, 無料雑誌付き】サンスター CB400SS KE35107 スプロケット&チェーン ..., サンスター SUNSTAR スプロケット関連パーツ 駆動系 KR40203【無料雑誌 ..., 楽天市場】サンスター スプロケット cb400sfの通販, 楽天市場】サンスター スプロケット cb400sfの通販, カムシャフトセット&カムスプロケットセット ドレミコレクション HD店 ..., チェーン&スプロケット 3点セット, 楽天市場】サンスター スプロケット gsx400sの通販, チェーン&スプロケット 3点セット, Amazon | サンスター KD40107 スプロケット&チェーンキット(ゴールド ..., フロント・リアスプロケット&チェーン・カシメジョイントセット, カラータイプのクリアホルダー しろ。【ポイント10倍】(まとめ ..., ヤフオク! -スプロケット cb400ssの中古品・新品・未使用品一覧, 正規激安 進撃の巨人 The Final Season Vol.1 (初回限定) 【DVD ..., 楽天市場】サンスター スプロケット gsx400sの通販

クラウン ブレーキパッド GRS184 05/10- RACING999 フロント用 Projectμ(プロジェクトミュー) F110
Sours: https://www.eyeboston.com/admin.php?reward98311/abdea2087439.htm
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OKIN recliner mechanisms

Wide range of functions

Recliner mechanisms from OKIN offer many functions with real added value. For example, the anti-pinch protective mechanism: This patented function ensures that the closing movement of the mechanism stops in the event of a dangerous situation. It can also be easily adapted to existing applications.
The occupancy system uses capacitive technology to determine whether or not a seat is occupied by a person. This information can then be used for various purposes such as automatic activation or deactivation, wake-up and sleep options, and any other functions related to a connected device.

An intelligent control unit for electrically adjustable cinema seats is a must-have for any modern cinema. The cinema seats can be intuitively controlled by customers using a built-in handset or a modern app solution to reach their desired positions. It is also possible to simultaneously open and close all seats. This greatly reduces the work of the cinema staff before and after a film.


Recliner mechanisms and drive technology combined

When used together with DewertOkin drives, users receive powerful systems for modern adjustable upholstered furniture that can satisfy the toughest requirements. OKIN offers a wide product portfolio of single drives – from the very compact MICRODRIVE 3 to the powerful DELTADRIVE with 6000 newton of compression force. DewertOkin is able implement smooth and fast adjustments for mechanism applications because of its requirements-based coordination of recliner mechanisms and drives.

A wide range of handsets and operating elements ensure convenient operations. The wireless variants feature integrated RF and Bluetooth connectivity, so that upholstered furniture can be adjusted using radio hand transmitters, apps or voice control. Our line of system products is supplemented by accessories including integrated modular power packs for battery-powered supply and massage motors.


Customised recliner mechanisms

We also design and implement customer-specific projects at our German locations. By taking advantage of joint project planning, we plan and customise the complete system and integrate the necessary functionality according to customer requirements.

Sours: https://www.dewertokin.com/
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  • OKIN DeltaDrive 83566 Motor for Pride Lift Chairs (DRVMOTR1308 / MOT152486)


When you need a replacement lift chair motor, we have the OKIN DeltaDrive motor for Pride lift chairs and others. The OKIN DeltaDrive motor uses its wormdrive system to drive the recline and lift functions that make your chair so special.

The DeltaDrive 83566 replaces the older 72506, and it is a first-class motor that Pride mobility has selected as the standard motor unit on a majority of their current lift chair models. The durable and powerful worm gear makes it an excellent and dependable lift chair motor. This DeltaDrive replacement motor may be found on in single motor, 2 way, 3 way, and Wall Hugger chairs.

Please refer to the Compatibility tab for a list of known lift chairs that use the OKIN DeltaDrive motor.


Max. 2.2A
Max. 50W
Connection only to class 2 DC circuit


will this fit a pride ability single motor chair from 1999
These motors can often be serial number specific, so to ensure compatibility with your chair, please contact us with your chair's serial number for us to reference. We can be reached by phone at 1-800-798-0325 or via email at [email protected]
Do you know if this product will replace a Home Theater recliner actuator - ORKIN Refined motor jldq.10.435.250a -- It looks very similar 24 V & 50 W same plug in connections
Looks like the same bolt pattern - I just not know about the stroke length and the overall length of this product --- Here are the ORKIN dimensions Total length Bolt hole to bolt hole is 27 inches - Base is 16 inches form bolt hole and extension arm is 10.75 inches to end of bolt hole
Unfortunately, we do not specialize in theater recliner parts. This motor works on some models of Pride Lift Chairs specifically. Since this item doesn't come from our warehouse, we do not have measurements between those bolt holes for you. If the item is manufactured by a brand we are a dealer for, we might be able to reference the serial number for the chair itself and get part information for you.
Do the motor use hydraulic fluid
This is an electric motor that does not require any fluids.


Great service, very fast shipping! Product was perfect!
works great. only issue is power cord are too short
Sours: https://www.monsterscooterparts.com/okin-deltadrive-83566-motor-for-pride-lift-chairs-drvmotr1308-mot152486.html

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