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Made for Mermaids Lola Cover Up

A beach ready pattern that doubles as date night wear equals the perfect DIY Cover Up Pattern. Meet the Lola from Made for Mermaids. Here is a full pattern review and a look at the 3 cover-ups I recently sewed up using this pattern.

Pin image of the Lola Cover Up Pattern

For the Beach

Or pool in my case 🙂 The Lola Cover Up is great to throw over your swimsuit for a bit of coverage. Here you can see both the short and long versions of the pattern. I paired these with my Alexandria Swimsuit and Camilia Swimsuit, both swim patterns from Made for Mermaids.

For a Night Out

The Lola Cover-up makes a fantastic DIY Maxi Length Duster as well. Perfect to throw on with jeans and a tank (shown here with the Bree Pattern). It is cute, casual, and a great way to look put together while staying comfortable.

DIY Duster Pattern using the Made for Mermaids Lola Pattern

Lola Pattern Review

Here is a closer look at the pattern, how I created these looks and thoughts on the pattern.

Pattern Info

From the website: Lola is a kimono style cover-up with several options. Includes both a short and duster length. Choose to add side vents to the duster length for added drama and easy walking! An optional waist casing brings in the waist for a beautiful silhouette. Suitable for soft, light wovens, or knits with drape. Great to wear over your swimsuits, and dresses, or even with shorts and tanks!

Lola Cover UP Pattern styled with jeans and tank as DIY Maxi Duster

Fabric Requirements:

**Some links may be affiliate links, I only recommend products I use and love and think you will too. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.**

Suitable for soft, light wovens, or knits with drape. I chose to make my dusters in Chiffon from Olga&#;s Fabric Closet. While it makes for a lovely piece, chiffon is not my favorite fabric to sew. It&#;s fiddly and loves to pucker. Make sure you are using a needle for lightweight fabrics like these Schmetz 70/10 sized, an iron with plenty of steam, tissue paper, or this medical exam paper when cutting your fabric to avoid shifting and a hefty amount of patience while sewing.

Did the Pattern Look Like the Envelope?

Yes, I followed the instructions for both the long and short length cover-ups. I added the optional drawstring in the two longer dusters and love how it cinches in the fabric for a beautiful flowing look. You will need bias tape like this to make the optional casing and drawstring, or you can make your own. Adding the bias tape casing takes a bit more time but I think the end result is worth it.

Duster Length Pool Cover Up with bias tape casing and drawstring

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes, the Made for Mermaids patterns include full color photos and detail instructions for their patterns. I did not have any trouble with the instructions except when I accidentally forgot to follow them &#; make sure you complete the finishing on the front prior to sewing the shoulder seams together. I missed that on my yellow Lola and had to correct my mistake which was a pain.

Made for Mermaids Lola Cover Up in chiffon fabric

Pattern Modifications

I didn&#;t really change the pattern much except for the finishing choices. I chose to use french seams throughout and had to alter how the neckline was constructed in order to use this seam finish. I did my first line of stitching at 1/4 inch and then pressed the seam and encased it for the second line of stitching. Prior to stitching, I placed the back neck facing on top of the seam, right sides together. Then I stitched according to the pattern and was able to attach the neckline and use french seams. I found it way easier to use my serger french seam method than the traditional method. I used them on my yellow version and it saved me a ton of time with no trimming. I also added binding to the back neckline facing and think it really elevates the pattern.

Pin Image for DIY Duster using Made for Mermaids Lola

Would you recommend the pattern? Would you sew it again?

Yes and yes- I think this is a great pattern for beginners and up. If you use a chiffon or slinky fabric it will make it more difficult so keep that in mind while selecting your fabric based on your sewing comfort level. I have already made three of these. I plan on making my daughter several using the girl&#;s pattern as well. So, I will certainly be using this pattern a lot.

DIY Cover Up Lola Pattern Pin Image

I can&#;t wait to wear my Lola Cover Up both out on the town and to the local pool this summer.


Aaronica Crossback Dress &#; Romper by Made for Mermaids

So&#;.my friend Catherine put out a tester call for a dress that I NEEDED to make, despite not having time for it / planning a Disney vacation for the first time in my life / being my typical creative-brained self who is terrible at planning.  I&#;d purchased fabric earlier in the spring that I was desperate to turn into a dress with a waistline seam, and as soon as this pattern came into my view, I knew it needed to happen.

ALSO.  Also.  It&#;s named after one of my very favorite people.  Not only favorite in the sewing community, but favorite in my life.  Aaronica is a fricken boss and I&#;m honored to call her a friend.  If you want to learn more about the namesake of this pattern, she was my first podcast guest on I Can Make That: Aaronica Cole.  Go give it a listen AND THEN remind me that I need to get back into podcasting because it was so fun to interview all of these amazing people!!

Okay, let&#;s talk sewing.

The Aaronica pattern is SO. FREAKING. FUN.  Of course, it&#;s full of options.  Because that&#;s how Made for Mermaids does things.  It has multiple necklines, sleeve lengths, can be made into a bodycon dress (in mini  + midi lengths) or a gathered dress (in mini + dress lengths) AND is also available as a romper (in shorts + pants lengths).  WHEW.  My brain hurts just trying to come up with the different options I can mix-match along the way!

The options I used:

  • Sleeveless.
  • Gathered skirt, dress length

Adjustments made:

  • Added 1&#; length in the bodice pieces, to accommodate my longer side waist.

Obviously the thing we need to focus on the most for the Aaronica pattern is this freaking amazing back.  It&#;s a gorgeous cross-back feature with a cute little peekaboo element.  I&#;m saying &#;cute&#; because that&#;s what it is on me.  But if you see other testers&#;.it&#;s hella sexy.

I just don&#;t pull off sexy well.  So we are sticking with cute, ha.  And also when you use blueberry fabric, &#;sexy&#; really isn&#;t something you&#;ll ever achieve.  [I digress.]

I love that this style still allows for wearing a regular bra.  I feel like I talk about bras a lot on here, but they&#;re important when you have a larger chest like I do.  I can&#;t go without one comfortably, and I really don&#;t like when mine show.  This crossover has a wide enough coverage to allow for any typical bra to be worn, and the sleeveless option more than accommodates for straps.  So I&#;m covered on all angles.

I feel terribly guilty that I&#;m a week behind in sharing this pattern.  But I blame Disney for everything.  It consumed my brain for months and now I&#;m home, post vacation, and just coming out of the haze.  Katy is back.  Kinda.  Or at least i&#;m trying, ha.

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It&#;s always fun to find free patterns right? This one comes to you from Made for Mermaids, the Paige Piko. There are also a girls and dolls version of the top (free too!). It&#;s a simple dolman top with a few different hem, neckline, and sleeve options. I chose to do the a hi-lo curved hem, regular short sleeves, and the lower scoop neck. The neckline is closed using a binding instead of a band as many knit patterns call for.

I wasn&#;t sure what I thought of the shirt when I first put it on, but the more I wear it, the more I like it.  The shirt is casual, but cute and pairs great with leggings. It&#;s nice to have a top that shows my legs in the front, but covers my behind in leggings. So comfortable!

I used DBP for this one, which made the curved hem a bit of a bummer to hem, but the print was so cute (clearance at!), I just had to use it for this.

Get your free pattern on the Made for Mermaids website HERE. Sew it up and let me know what you think!

Happy Sewing!

Blythe Sew-a-long: Day 5


Day four is here and I&#;m so excited for today&#;s post.  Swim capsules are so fun to sew and even more fun to wear.  Being able to mix and match pieces gives you so many options and stretches your swim wardrobe so far.  Plus it&#;s amazing for kids and tweens who can&#;t seem to keep their two-piece suits in one place- just grab any piece and go!



I created two different capsules, one for each of my girls.  They each picked their fabrics and I had fun picking patterns to pair with these prints.  Raspberry Creek Fabrics offers so many prints that coordinate making it so easy to come up with cute combos.  I like to do at least one stripe, a fun print (like the leopard prints or a pretty floral), and a solid or something subtle that will match everything.


For this set I used Blossom Pink and Sage Palm Trees, Blossom Pink Polka Dots, Abstract Animal Print, Black White Sage Blossom Pink Multi Stripe, Black and White Leopard, and Solid Blossom Pink.  Can you see how many of them had the same colors in the name of the listing?  This makes it so easy to know if your prints will match!


The fabrics from this set were all part of the same collection from Kim Henrie which means they were designed to coordinate!  I used the Vertical Multi Stripe, Pink Orange and Black Leopard, Tangerine Orange Micro Stripe, and Pink Micro Stripe.


I sewed this set up before our trip to Hawaii in January and it was so perfect for our beach days!  These pictures make me so wistful for warmer days, traveling, and times when our biggest worry was what flavor of shave ice to get.


For this set I used the Made for Mermaids Calypso pattern.  It&#;s one of my go-tos (you can see our other versions here and here) and it was easy to customize.  These are a size 10 with a 12 length.  For the bottoms I cut on the plain high-waisted height but still added the band to give it a little more height.  This girl is very conservative and likes to be covered.  Her tops are all Calypso tops as well.  The pink stripe is the view A double flounce.  For the leopard top I simple used only the long flounce pieces and omitted the top layer.  The orange stripes is a view B bandeaux top.  I highly recommend this pattern if you are new to sewing or just a little timid when sewing swim.  The pattern is full of tips and the techniques used are now my default way for doing things.  All of the pieces are lined (the tops I just did the front bandeaux piece and the bottoms are fully lined) and the way you put them together all of the side seams are nice and hidden making them even more comfortable.


I can&#;t get over how much I love this set!  It&#;s so cheery and a little bit unexpected.  She loved wearing these pieces on our trip and I know they&#;ll be worn a ton when we finally get some warm days.


Now, this set I got a little more creative.  I used the Calypso, the Megan Nielsen Mini Cottesloe, Made for Mermaids Roxy, and the Modkid Perfect Tee.  She requested a rash guard, another Cottesloe, and some more high-waisted bottoms.  These patterns were great choices to create the capsule of her dreams.


Both of these bottoms are the Roxy bottoms from Made for Mermaids.  They are a size 10 with a band added to the top.  She was right in between an 8 and 10 for waist and hips so I sized up since we&#;re at the start of the season.  They are slightly big and the added band brings them in a bit.  This time for the band, I trimmed off the top of both the front and back pieces and then added the band by sewing my elastic in the round, folding the band pieces over it and serging it on.  For the tie on the pink pair, I added a couple of inches to the wide end that gets sewn into the side seams so that our bow would be a little longer.


This top is the Calypso with the single long flounce.  It&#;s just so cute and quick to sew that I can&#;t help making a million of them.


For the rash guard I used my slimmest tee pattern which is the Modkid Perfect Tee.  I sewed it exactly per the pattern instructions (adding a lining to the front piece) and in her current size (size 10).  I personally like mine a bit more fitted but she was really happy with a bit looser fit.


Let&#;s talk about the Cottesloe.  These pieces are the view D high waisted bottoms with the high scoop back top in a size 9 with 11 length.  I tested this pattern last year and it was one of her favorite suits.  I do have a couple of issues with this pattern.  First there are no trunk measurements which makes it really hard to determine the right size for length.  I laid one of our one-piece patterns that fits well on top of this one piece and it was at least 3-inches too short (if I used the longest size Cottesloe).  For that reason, I&#;ll be sticking to the two piece for my girls.  I also measure my own elastic for the waist and lower bodice.  I cut pieces three inches longer than the pattern called for based on her size.


The Cottesloe has much more negative ease than other patterns that I&#;ve used.  These are the slightly too big Roxy bottoms under the Cottesloe&#;s.  There&#;s quite the difference but both fit just fine.  The Cottesloe&#;s are stretched much more and the Roxy&#;s are only stretched a bit across her bottom.




These sets just have me wishing and dreaming of another beach vacation and lazy days in the sun!

Thanks for joining us this week!  Make sure you use code SWIMTOUR to get 15% off you swim fabrics order this week.


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Home alone and bored. - Yes - Put on a frank, transparent blouse, short skirt. No underwear. Make up brightly, defiantly. Especially the lips.

Blythe Sew-a-long: Day 2

The pull-out couch we slept on was right under the chandelier. Wife on Friday came from a party drunk. This is not the case.

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