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Seed and Smith Dart VapeThe next generation of cannabis vaping is here.


A discreet and sleek vape powered by CCELL’s revolutionary ceramic heating element. A 3.7 volt output regulates temperature and provides the best flavor. This technology is housed inside of a durable alloy casing that protects both battery and cartridge. 

Seed & Smith Dart VapeThe pod fits to the case with a magnetic connection. And there are no buttons and no adjustments needed. Fully charged in 90 minutes with a micro USB cable, for 200 three-second pulls. Enjoy the most premium cannabis on the market with the Seed & Smith Dart.

See all the pod flavors currently in stock in our dispensaries by visiting our menu page and selecting your preferred dispensary location. 

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click to enlarge Big Gigantic's Dominic Lalli and Jermey Salken take in the scents of Seed & Smith's plants in anticipation of their collaboration with the company. - COURTESY OF SEED & SMITH

Big Gigantic's Dominic Lalli and Jermey Salken take in the scents of Seed & Smith's plants in anticipation of their collaboration with the company.

Courtesy of Seed & Smith

Seed & Smith has launched a new collaboration for cannabis and music lovers, partnering with Colorado band Big Gigantic to release limited-edition THC cartridges for the company's popular line of Dart vaporizer pods.

A brand encompassing dispensaries, in-house cannabis cultivation and extracted products, Seed & Smith has worked with a handful of musicians and artists over the years, but chief operating officer Brooks Lustig is particularly excited about the Big Gigantic project.

“The one thing that was exciting about this one is the fact that Big Gigantic wanted to do something that was for charity, that could help out the situation here in Colorado,” Lustig says of the Boulder-based musical duo.

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In 2016, Dominic Lalli and Jermey Salken of Big Gigantic started the Big Gigantic Difference Foundationwith the goal of working with a different local charitable organization every year. The group has worked with Colorado charities such as Youth on Record, Conscious Allianceand the Upbeat Academy Foundationin previous years, but hasn't announced who the 2021 recipient will be yet.

According to Seed & Smith, all proceeds from the Dart pod collaboration will go to the Big Gigantic Difference Foundation.

"It’s very refreshing to work with the Big G guys, who want to do this to make a difference. They want to do this to help other people out, and that’s honestly where this whole thing started," Lustig adds. "That has made the project really fun. It’s been a pleasure to work with those guys.”

The strains used in the extraction process were picked by the band, Lustig says, with Purple Lemon and Orange Creamsicle winning out. The two varieties are described as "sativa-leaning, tropical, great-tasting strains" by Lustig, intended to bring an uplifting high. To put their own spin on the products, however, Lalli and Salken renamed the Dart pods "Gigantic Purple Lemons" and "Big Orange Dream."

"We’re excited to bring consumers and our fans these tasty, fruity flavors from Seed & Smith that will go perfectly with our funky, euphoric sound,” Lalli and Salken say in a statement. "From our perspective, Seed & Smith has the market on vaporizers and pods."

The Big Gigantic Dart pods, each filled with 1 gram of THC oil, are now available to purchase for $55 at Seed & Smith’s Denver dispensary and brand-new Louisville store, which opened less than a month ago. 

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Editor’s note:Each week in Staff Favorites, we offer our opinions on the best that Colorado has to offer for dining, shopping, entertainment, outdoor activities and more. (We’ll also let you in on some hidden gems).

Of all the myriad ways to consume cannabis, my favorite is smoking a vape pen.

It wasn’t always. As someone who just moved to Colorado in late 2019, I didn’t have a robust selection of products to choose from in my prior years as a recreational smoker. And while I once thought I’d never grow out of the nostalgia of loading a bowl of flower, vaporizers give me the consistent experience I’m looking for without the need for a lighter or other equipment.

Nowadays, there are dozens of options when it comes to vaping THC, but there’s one product that I swear by: the Dart from Seed & Smith.

The first things that are noticeably different about the Dart are its size and shape. The oblong apparatus is 3½ inches long and a ¼ inch wide, offering portability and the ease of being slipped into a purse compartment or the front pocket on a woman’s pair of pants. That, my friends, is truly something to celebrate.

The sleek design is hardly the only reason I love this pen, though. The unique model also takes unique cartridges, or pods as the company calls them, which magnetically connect to the battery. Though the heating element only has one setting (3.7 volts), it’s plenty to get a good hit every time. And, unlike other carts I’ve tried, these rarely ever get clogged.

As a person of simple weed tastes, I appreciate such a low maintenance product.

Seed & Smith’s pods feature both regular and live concentrates, the latter referring to THC that was extracted from a plant that’s been frozen after it’s harvested versus dried. And for what it’s worth, cannabis purveyors Terrapin Care Station and 14er also make and sell vape pods, though I have not tried them.

This may be the only vape pen you will ever want, but not the only one you’ll ever need, especially in a pinch, as pods aren’t all that common to find behind a dispensary counter.

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When on the hunt for this specific cannabis product, I find it best to go straight to the source. I’ve previously purchased Seed & Smith pods from other dispensaries, only to return to find them out of stock. A friend recently tried to look up where she could buy pods on WeedMaps and when she arrived, the budtender informed her the store did not carry them — ever.

Seed & Smith’s cultivation facility has an onsite dispensary at 5070 Oakland St. in an industrial stretch of Denver’s Montbello neighborhood that requires a special trip, though it’s well worth it for the selection and price of pods there. (I highly recommend the Tango Live pod.) The free grow tour, currently on hiatus because of COVID-19, is also a worthwhile reason to visit. The company hopes to restart it before the end of the year.

Tokers in Louisville, count yourself lucky: Seed & Smith recently opened its first satellite dispensary, deemed its flagship location, at 1413 Hecla Way.

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Inside Denver's Seed \u0026 Smith Dispensary: Indispensable

Here's the pitch that landed a marijuana entrepreneur $1 million in funding

truman bradley seed & smith marijuana
Courtesy of Truman Bradley
Truman Bradley's pitch for a new kind of cannabis company began with a simple slogan. "It's what's on the inside that counts."

Most companies that make marijuana vaporizer cartridges or concentrates buy their source materials from farmers, slap their sticker on the packaging, and ship it off to dispensaries.

The end user knows little about where their weed comes from or its quality.

That didn't sit right with the former business manager. "None of the major companies were really providing their own source material, and as a result, they were subject to the whims of whatever they could get," Bradley said. "So the quality was fluctuating quite a bit."

Bradley hatched an idea for a vertically integrated marijuana concentrates and extracts company that grew its own materials. Like a brewery, Seed & Smith would offer educational tours at its facility so people could peel back the curtain on how their products are made.

The Colorado-based Seed & Smith opens for business this spring, after raising more than $1 million in funding from an angel investor who asked to remain anonymous.

truman bradley seed & smith marijuana
Courtesy of Truman Bradley

The grow room will have picture windows so visitors can peer inside without contaminating the plants. Intercom systems will allow tour groups to ask questions of the lab workers while they trim buds or refine products in contained areas. There's even a museum-style exhibit on the extraction process and a gift shop where the tour ends.

"This isn't like Jurassic Park where you only see the [dinosaurs] that make it, and the failures are on a different island. We're showing true production rooms," Bradley told Business Insider. "It takes a lot of guts to do that, and it takes a lot of money to design a facility that's capable of producing this stuff, day in and day out, on a high quality scale."

caliva marijuana dispensary 0731
Melia Robinson/Business Insider

Bradley said he met with 20 to 30 investors before finding the right backer.

"Anytime investors hear cannabis, they think high risk and they think high return — rightly or wrongly," Bradley said. Marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug under federal law, and its legal status is enough to scare away most banks and high net worth individuals.

People who work in the cannabis industry are often forced to pay interest rates north of 18% to 19% on a loan, according to Bradley. Investors might ask for more equity than they would of a business in a more mainstream category. Bradley says it makes it hard to be successful.

His lawyer connected him with an interested party about two years ago.

truman bradley seed & smith marijuana
Courtesy of Truman Bradley

Seed & Smith won't be the first vertically integrated marijuana concentrates and extracts company. In San Francisco, startups Bloom Farms and Lola Lola operate independent grow facilities that supply oil for their vape cartridges, though they also rely on third-party producers.

But Bradley's pitch landed in part, he said, because he let the investor have "complete visibility into what's going on." He even encouraged the investor to visit other companies first.

"I wanted them to go tour a couple other production facilities and then come see ours, because I thought that would give us an advantage," Bradley said. "Sometimes people wouldn't recognize we were a quality organization if they hadn't seen what a lack of quality looked like."


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