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If you often find yourself having trouble falling sleep, you’re not alone. The American Sleep Association (ASA) says that 50 million to 70 million U.S. adults have a sleep disorder. Among that group, insomnia is the most common. The ASA says that 30% of adults have reported short-term, insomnia-like symptoms, and 10% of American adults deal with chronic insomnia.

A major study of 440,000 adults showed that 35% of us get fewer than seven hours of sleep a night. That means there are millions of people at risk of facing serious health problems that lack of sleep can cause, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. But it’s not just health problems these people have to deal with.

Lack of sleep is a big problem for your productivity–and for the company that employs you. A 2015 Harvard study showed the average worker loses the equivalent of 11 days of productivity every year due to sleep issues. And a 2017 study found that poor sleep cost U.S. businesses a staggering $411 billion in lost productivity every year.

The recommended amount of sleep an adult needs is between seven and nine hours each night. But for many, finding this time isn’t the problem–it’s falling asleep once your head hits the pillow. I’m one of those people who occasionally has this problem, and in the past have tried everything from meditation to medication. But for the last four weeks, I tried something different–and it’s something worth trying if you have sleep problems.

Recently, an old method used by the U.S. Army to help soldiers fall to sleep in less than ideal conditions (like battlefields) has resurfaced. The Independent says the technique was first described in a book from 1981 called Relax and Win: Championship Performance by Lloyd Bud Winter.

In the book, Winter describes the technique designed by the U.S. Army to make sure soldiers didn’t make mistakes due to grogginess. The technique apparently sends you off to sleep within two minutes.

Here’s the quick sleep technique

So four weeks ago, I tried it. The technique mainly involves muscle relaxation, breathing, and visualization tricks anyone can do. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sit on the edge of your bed. Make sure only your bedside light is on, your phone is silenced, and your alarm is set for the morning.
  2. Now relax your facial muscles. First tighten them up in a wincing motion, and then slowly let your muscles naturally loosen. And let your tongue fall any which way in your mouth.
  3. Once your face feels like deflated putty, let gravity pull your shoulders naturally toward the ground. Let your arms dangle too, one side at a time.
  4. While doing this, breathe in and out, listening to the sound of your breath. With each breath, let your chest relax further and then let gravity relax your thighs and lower legs.
  5. Once your body feels like nothing more than a loosely formed lump of clay, try to clear your mind for 10 seconds. If thoughts come naturally, let them pass–just keep your body loose and limp. After a few more seconds you mind should feel clearer.
  6. Now picture one of the following two scenarios: you lying in a canoe in a calm lake with clear blue skies above you; or you in a velvet hammock, gently swaying in a pitch-black room. If you happen to be a person who isn’t great at visualization, you can instead chant the mantra, “Don’t think, don’t think, don’t think” for 10 seconds instead.

And that’s it. At the end of these steps, which should take about two minutes, lie down and turn out the bedside light. Ideally, you’ll drift off to sleep within a few minutes.

How the technique worked for me

When I began the technique I was heartened that the Army found that it worked for 96% of people who tried it–but that was for people who tried it for six weeks. That’s why I wasn’t too bummed when I tried this technique every night in the first week and nothing happened.

But then something changed starting at around the ninth night. And honestly, I can’t be sure if it was due to the technique itself or the sheer boredom caused by trying to calm my body into a lump-like state. I relaxed my muscles and visualized swinging in a velvety hammock. And the next thing I knew, it was around 3 a.m., and I woke up, awkwardly splayed over my bed, with my feet still touching the floor and the bedside light still on. I was deeply tired and only woke enough to swing my legs into bed and turn off the lamp.

But the event gave me hope, and the next night I did it again. This time I didn’t pass out right away, but felt a great release come over my body after my hammock visualization, and I crawled into bed and turned out the light. Next thing I remember is waking eight hours later, feeling rested.

So I can confidently say this decades-old technique worked for me. Mind you, it didn’t work every night. Some nights during that second week I didn’t get that “release” after my visualization. But as the weeks went on, the trick seemed to work more often than not. And it seemed to work more effectively when I visualized myself in a velvety hammock instead of in a canoe, so it helps to switch up visualizations to see what works best.

So should you try it? There’s no reason not to, based on my experience. By the fourth week, it was working more often than not. One thing I know for sure is that trying this is better taking an Ambien–and doesn’t take much more time than swallowing a pill.

So go ahead and give it a try. Then sleep on it. You might be surprised by the results.


Planet Canoe

Planet CanoeLausanne, Switzerland
Welcome to the official youtube channel of the International Canoe Federation. Follow your favorite paddlers with exclusive interviews; get some behind the scene sneak peeks during the competitions, watch recaps when the races are over and discover new disciplines! Follow
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Old Town Canoe Kayak

Old Town Canoe KayakOld Town, Maine
Tradition and technology have had a long and comfortable marriage at Old Town. In 1898 we built our first wood-and-canvas canoe, a more durable, lower maintenance improvement on the Native American birch bark canoe that was its inspiration. Follow
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AustralianCanoeingSydney, Australia
Australian Canoeing is the National Organisation responsible for the management, coordination, development and promotion of paddle sports in Australia. Follow
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See Through Canoe

See Through CanoeSt Petersburg, Florida
The See Through Canoe company has been around since 2007 ! The See Through Canoe has awesome optional accessories such as a folding shade top, whisper quiet motor, & LED lights. Exploring & experiencing nature and wildlife moments are what we live for. See Through Canoe has an optional whisper quiet motor with a hand held remote control. We constantly adding new options and evolving our transparent kayak/canoe hybrid. Follow
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Stanley Sev7n

Stanley Sev7n Follow this channel to get videos related to canoeing. Follow
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Canoe Kayak Canada

Canoe Kayak CanadaCanada
Canoe Kayak Canada is a channel for Canoe which is a sport and a lifestyle that is uniquely a part of our heritage and our identity; it's who we are. Follow
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ONAK canoes

ONAK canoesGhent, Belgium
ONAK's canoe folds into a lightweight suitcase on wheels it's recycable, easy to use and store, and without any of the hassle of a traditional canoe. ONAK, an unfolded getaway. Follow
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Canoe Europe

Canoe EuropeZagreb, Croatia
Welcome to the official Youtube Channel of the European Canoe Association, the leading institution of the European Canoe Sport. Follow
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British Canoeing TV

British Canoeing TVNottingham, England, UK
British Canoeing TV is the official channel of British Canoeing. It features a wide range of content, from competition and British team profiles to recreation and 'How to' videos - all designed to showcase the breadth of the sport in the UK. Follow
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Ian.Marcus.Driscoll Hi! I'm deafborn and good talk. My old sport ex great british canoeing squad i paddle canadain boat. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Canoe & Kayak

Canoe & Kayak An entire channel dedicated to the Olympic sport, Canoe Sprint. Canoe & Kayak showcases the best paddling techniques using the top athletes in the sport. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Sailing 2 Canoes

Sailing 2 CanoesUS
We are the Dready Gunn Roberts, a family of 4 Wild human beings and 1 wild animal, sailing on 2 canoes together. Our boat is a 35' Wharram Tangaroa MKIV, that we have been rebuilding, living and sailing on for the past 5 years now. . and many many more to come. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Canoeing Canucks

Canoeing CanucksWindsor, Ontario, Canada
Canoeing Canucks is a channel showcasing Canoeing and camping trips in Provincial Parks and Conservation Areas. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe

Tumalo Creek Kayak & CanoeBend, Oregon
Excitement. Adventure. Community. That's what we're all about here at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe. We're your locally owned and operated paddling shop creating life-long paddlers for over a decade. Visit us at our retail store and learning center, located right on the banks of the Deschutes River, just downstream from the Old Mill. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Lake Constance Canoes

Lake Constance CanoesKonstanz, Bodensee, Germany
Lake Constance Canoes makes lightweight and responsive, recreational sports canoes from natural fibers, as well as precision paddles and gear, and we provide canoeing skills courses and instructor training for a growing community of highly awesome people. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Canoe St Andrews

Canoe St AndrewsSt Andrews
This is the official channel for the University of St Andrews Canoe Club. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Blackfly Canoes

Blackfly Canoes We are Blackfly, the makers of the world's best whitewater canoes! Follow our channel for product info, team highlights, and canoeing videos from around the world! FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

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Police are warning residents in Lake Forest after several homes in the city were burglarized this month. In some of the cases, the offenders forced their way into the residences.

The Lake Forest Police Department said the residential burglaries have mainly occurred between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

The offenders have been using force to enter the residences by breaking a door or entering through an unlocked door, police said.

Suspects in two cases fled prior to the officers’ arrival. In one case, a burglar alarm activated and in a second case, the homeowner surprised the offenders.

In a third break-in, the offender was arrested after a witness called 911.

“There does not appear to be a pattern to the locations the offenders chose as the locations have been scattered around Lake Forest,” the police department said in a statement.

Lake Forest police detectives are looking at all information available to determine any patterns or commonalities to the incidents.

The Lake Forest Police Department said they would like to remind residents to lock their doors even when at home, set alarms and keep all valuables and firearms in secure areas.

Anyone with information regarding the burglaries is asked to contact Lake Forest Police Investigations at 847-234-2601.

Autumnal Micro Adventure by Canoe, my first time paddling and being in a canoe !

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Whether you’re a paddler, coach, volunteer, supporter (or all of the above!) we want to hear your views on what British Canoeing are doing. Information gathered during this survey will help us improve our membership services.

All answers will remain confidential and you are free to skip questions or end the survey at any point. British Canoeing will not release personally identifying information and results will be reported in aggregate.

You can only complete the survey once, and your answers can be edited before you click “Finish”. Once completed you cannot go back and make any changes.

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Michigan caves that you can explore. In fact, you are encouraged to.

These caves sit unseen below Miners Castle along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. If you're on foot and visiting the 'castle', then you can't even see these caves. The only way to get to them is by boat, canoe, or kayak.

You can swim, walk, or even kayak through these caves, almost putting you on another planet. You can arrange a tour if you wish, if you feel safer with a group of people around, but this is a place where most tourists fail to seek out.

There are caves that go all the way through one side to another, some lead to grand rooms, some have dead ends, some remind you of a hotel lobby, others have beautiful views of Lake Superior where you can just sit and enjoy a sunset....even have a picnic. WOW. All these are awe-inspiring.

Swimming through these caves is cool, and scuba diving brings even more unexpected surprises. In the gallery below, you'll see photos of a good handful of these caves, including one of the grand rooms, some underwater shots, and more tunnels.

Take a look for yourself and maybe these pictures will inspire you to add this to your next roadtrip...or bucket list!

Miners' Castle Caves


The Michigan Railroad That Was Never Used


Les Cheneaux Islands

Three Awesome Falls Near Munising

The Hardy Dam

Golden Rules of Canoeing - How to Stay Safe on the Water

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