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I returned to the store and was assisted by another who was helpful in getting my numbers straightened out. If you are patient and work with the crew, everyone works well as a team there which as a sales person, I can appreciate.Thank you-Longmont store-great selection and warehouse look and feel. A little sloppy displays, but all in all I bought just the same. Nate spent and house with my sis and I answering all questions while helping two other customers. But then when I sent to the FtC store, he didnt recognize me till I gave my name the the third time, he didnt even bother to acknowledge I was there and the other sales clerk was so nice to answer my questions and help me get situated and taken care of. Nate didnt even look at me. As a commission sales person myself, I felt like he got my money and nothing else mattered. He also did not give me any real options for financing, so I have to come up with $1200 in the next 3 months. I can do it, but I will be stretched, Synchrony would have been a better fit for me.Also, the Fort Collins store is small, messy and generally gave me a goodwill feel. not impressed. My review went from really great to mediocre because of bad follow up. Be sure to ask about finance options.

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Living Room

The heart of your home is your living room. The possibilities for your living room are limitless, whether you're updating your area for the season or settling into a new house. It's a good thing we're here to assist you narrow down your options.

Always take multiple measurements of your area (including hallways and doors!) before shopping to ensure your furniture choice is the appropriate size for your home.

One of the first things you should think about while shopping for living room furniture is how it will appear within your home. We have everything you need to update your home's appearance or add more of your unique flair. We have a choice of design styles to pick from, whether you want the most up-to-date trends, a classic aesthetic, or wild and daring looks.

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Once you find your perfect design style, check out brands. Each brand has its own unique features and styles that will complement any home. Of course, you can go with a brand that you prefer, but if you're up to try something new, don't hesitate to look around our selection of top brands. You're bound to come across Signature Design by Ashley living room furniture, Benchcraft living room furniture, Coaster living room furniture, and so much more. You can enhance your design style with color finish. So, you can add to your bold style with leather living room furniture or black living room furniture. And you can keep the classic vibes going with white living room furniture.

Now, if you have a large family, you'll probably be interested in our living room furniture sets. Our living room sets come in , , , and sets. And feature various groupings of furniture. They also help make your living space look stylishly on-trend and more cohesive; there's no need to hunt for matching tables or chairs. You'll get the exact design you want with seating and table sets to make your living space comfortable and inviting. We also have small living room furniture that's perfect for apartments or smaller families.

The right sofa will help create an inviting atmosphere that makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. So, when you need "living room furniture near me," our inventory has everything you want, from color to material to design style. We also have tips on . Chat with us online, one of our locations if you have more questions. We're the go-to appliance and mattress store Chico and Vacaville residents trust.

Sours: https://www.hellofurniture.com/catalog/living-room
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  • I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I got a beautiful sofa and area rug for my home at an amazing price! Ryan was so helpful and let me take my time deciding on what I want. It was all so easy and they have a great selection...

    Google G Cyndee G.
  • This place is wonderful. I highly recommend going into their showroom and not only seeing what they have but talking to the salespeople. They have a line of fully-customizable sofas and sectionals made locally from re‑sourced materials...

    Google G Colin J.
  • It is a very nice store. The staff is super friendly and I didn’t feel awkward asking them questions. They wanted to ensure they helped me with anything I needed. I will definitely be purchasing more furniture and decor from them in the near future.

    Google G Jasmine K.
  • Customer service is awesome here. Went in before just to look at prices, came back 2 weeks later for some questions and within 20 minutes I had a couch! Price is great, customer service is great, and furniture is great.

    Google G Tiarra R.
  • Sours: https://www.hellofurniture.com/

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