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How to Maintain Your Scag Mower

Scag LawnmowerScag&#;s lawn mowers are notoriously durable and able to withstand years of use in even larger environments, but that reputation requires users to actively maintain their mower throughout the year. Whether it&#;s a simple oil change, using the right kind of fuel, or regularly checking the engine&#;s air filter for debris and excessive residue, regular maintenance will ensure that the Scag mower is fuel efficient, powerful, and providing the most consistent and precise mowing results possible.

Maintenance Should Always Come Second to Safety

Every Scag mower is designed to be exceedingly safe during operation, but maintenance often requires operators putting themselves very close to moving parts, sharp blades, or fluids that are occasionally dangerous if proper safety procedures are not followed. Before getting started with any maintenance checks or replacements, keep a few things in mind:

  • Mower maintenance should always be performed on a cool or lightly warm engine, rather than a hot engine that can lead to burns and sparked fuel or oil.
  • Maintenance should be performed in an open space outdoors, rather than in an enclosed storage shed or garage. This reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, dangers fluid spills, and other dangers.
  • Only the proper fuel and oil should be used during maintenance. Using unapproved versions of these fluids can damage the engine and put the operator at risk while mowing.
  • Spark plug wires and battery connectors should always be disconnected before any maintenance work is allowed to proceed.
  • If a part needs to be replaced, it should only be replaced with an OEM version of that same part manufactured by Scag in its own factories. These parts are safer, more assuredly compatible, and built with a higher degree of quality and precision than competing, off-brand options.

Maintenance: What to Check and When to Check It

Scag mowers are actually rather easy to maintain throughout the year, requiring only a few basic checks and fluid changes based on how often the mower is used and how long each particular mowing task takes from start to finish. The most common checks and considerations will keep things operating smoothly for years, or even decades, to come.

The Air Filter

The Scag mower&#;s air filter should be checked before each outing to ensure that the filter isn&#;t excessively covered with dirt, debris, or residue. If it is, a high-powered puff of air can fix this problem. If the air filter is excessively dirty, or if it shows signs of damage, replace it with an OEM model immediately. Generally, most air filters should also be replaced on at least an annual basis.

Oil Changes and Checks

Oil levels should be checked before each mowing job. If the oil isn&#;t up to the recommended level on the dipstick, the recommended oil type should be added before the mower is started. Oil should be fully changed after every hours of use to ensure that the engine is properly lubricated and working as efficiently as possible.

Fuel Considerations

Any fuel used in the mower should be no more than 15 percent ethanol, rated E85 in the United States. Furthermore, biodiesel fuels should only be used in those models that specifically require or recommend their use. Otherwise, they&#;ll cause significant engine damage. Fuel levels should be checked before each outing, with fuel topped off before beginning. At the end of the season, drain fuel from the mower completely before it is placed into storage.

Need Parts? Try the Online Parts Lookup Tool

Websites like are determined to help Scag owners make the most of regular maintenance and ensure their mower stands the test of time. That&#;s why offers an innovative parts lookup tool that makes it easy to find the right part for any maintenance concern. The tool allows for two methods of parts lookup that work with both novice and advanced equipment owners.

For advanced Scag owners, the tool allows for simply entering the Scag model number and the require part number. After a brief search, the perfect part will be returned and it can easily be added to the shopping cart. Those new to the mower can narrow down available parts by engine type, equipment type, and Scag model number, finding all of the available OEM replacements compatible with their specific Scag equipment. Both methods are easy to use and will quickly allow operators to find and secure the parts they need for long-term mower integrity.

For Maintenance Needs and More, Visit

With a long history of selling Scag mowers and OEM replacement parts, is an easy choice for existing lawn mower owners. The company&#;s parts lookup tool sweetens the deal, making it easier than ever to find the right air filters, belts, bolts, and other parts that will keep every Scag mower working efficiently for years to come. As always, it&#;s a good idea to browser;s listing of parts ahead of regular maintenance in order to be prepared with any replacement parts that might be needed at a moment&#;s notice before mowing.

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KTECH™ 4-Cycle Engine Oil

Your Kawasaki engine works hard to deliver efficient, reliable power—so treat it right. Premium KTECH engine oil is uniquely formulated for your machine. Longer engine life. Cleaner operation. Refined in the USA. KTECH engine oil gives superior performance for the engine you depend on. Ideal for all engines where API, CJ-4, SL and JASO MA oil is recommended. 

  • Designed to keep today’s high-performance, low-emission engines clean and operating at peak efficiency
  • Protects against excessive viscosity decrease at high temperatures
  • Manufactured with the latest additive technologies to provide superior performance
  • Excellent shear stability assures stay-in-grade performance
  • KTECH 4-Cycle Engine Oil contains a zinc additive which prevents excess wear on engine parts
  • 10W is diesel rated

Purchase Kawasaki Genuine Parts at a local authorized dealer - click here to find one near you.

Embedded thumbnail for How To: Change Engine Oil and Filter

How To: Change Engine Oil and Filter

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, cooling and lubricating everything that moves. See how to properly check, drain and replace your Kawasaki oil and filter for maximum productivity. 

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Scag Liberty Z 48" vs 52" - torn


The 8 hour oil change is important. The engine comes to you with 'break-in' oil in it. Do NOT wanna leave that in there longer than the 8 hour period. Or the oil filter that is full of that oil as well.

After that I change mine at end of each mow season, or 50 hours. Always with new oil filter too.

Remember you have (two) HG pumps on your Liberty that drive the rear wheels, & they require a change of both oil filters & the 20w oil Scag recommends 50 hours. After that I believe next service for the pumps is hours.

Enjoy your new machine. That is the same size Z I'm thinking about getting as well.

Click to expand

I got the oil changed this weekend a bit early but this was recommended by my Scag dealer, so it has new oil and filter. Where are you seeing that the ZT hydros require oil and filter at 50 hrs? The maintenance chart in the manual shows hrs and then every hrs?

BTW avoid using the ampersand in posts as it prevented me from replying or previewing my post. The system thinks this is a link and being a new user it would not allow me to reply.
Scag Patriot hydro oil change.

Turn the engine on during 5minutes, you will see the oil will be more fluid. In my Turf Tiger i will fill quarts then run the engine at idle for a minute.

Click to see full answer

Consequently, how much oil does a Scag Mower take?

2 quarts isn't that much oil to depend on for both lubrication and cooling, so I use as much as I can without going over. Plus, a lot of new engines (and some not so new engines) typically use some oil so having it full to the top mark is a good idea.

One may also ask, what kind of oil do you put in a Scag mower? SAE is recommended for your engine however 10w30 or 10w40 can be used depending on weather conditions. If you do use a multiweight oil such as 10w30 they say to check the oil level more often as these engines supposidly consume more 10w30 than SAE

Just so, how do you change the oil on a Scag Turf Tiger?

Changing Hydraulic Oil

  1. Step 1: Be sure that you have the mower parked on a level surface and that the engine is turned off.
  2. Step 2: Find a container that is appropriate for holding hydraulic oil.
  3. Step 3: Remove the cap from the reservoir as well as the drain plug that is on the bottom of the fitting on the filter base.

How much oil does a Scag Freedom Z use?

Messages: 7, If your mechanically inclined, DIY. It only takes a few quarts of oil and a filter. The rest they'll just check over and call it done.


Oil change patriot scag

Kawasaki Tune Up Kit

Welcome to Louisville Tractor&#;s| Andersons&#; Sales & ServiceKawasaki Home MaintenancePage.  Here you will find a listing ofKawasaki Tune Up Kits available for most Kawasaki Small Engine Models.  You will also find a illustrated picture of where to locate your code number for your Kawasaki Engine.  Each Kawasaki Service Kitis packed with the essential genuine Kawasaki Parts.  Thank you for visiting our site &#; if you need further assistance pleasecontact us.

Illustrated Kawasaki Model, Serial and Spec Number Plate.

To ensure the proper kit and fit &#; please verify your model number by finding this white or silver tag on your Kawasaki Engine.

Spring Scag Patriot Maintenance

Scag Patriot Zero-Turn Rider Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Want to get the most out of your Scag Patriot mower? This guide will walk you through maintenance tasks and help you solve common problems with your ZTR.

Maintenance Schedule

First 10 hours of use: Check hardware for tightness and belts for alignment. Check the hydraulic oil level.

Every 8 hours: Check engine oil level, safety interlock system and tire pressure, and inspect hydraulic hoses for leaks.

Every 20 hours: Change engine oil and filter.

Every 40 hours: Check and clean the battery and battery posts. Inspect the pump drive belt.

Every hours: Check the fuel lines for leaks. Replace the hydraulic fluid and filters. Clean the air filter.

First hours: Change the hydraulic fluid.

Every hours: Check all hardware for tightness.

Every hours or annually: Replace the fuel filter and adjust the PTO clutch.

Hydraulic Fluid

When the mower is cold, the level can be checked by looking at the sight glass on the side of the expansion tank located to the left of the motor. Milky fluid is contaminated with water, and black fluid has overheated. If either are present, the fluid should be replaced. The system is designed to use 20w50 oil.

To change the fluid and filters:

  1. Park the mower on a level surface
  2. Remove the filter guards from the filters, located next to both rear axles. There are three screws in each one.
  3. Place a drain pan underneath the filters. Remove the cap from the expansion tank, then unscrew the filters.
  4. Once the system has drained, install new filters by hand, tightening 3/4 turn after the gasket contacts the filter base.
  5. Reinstall the filter guards, torquing the bolts to 65 in/lbs.
  6. Remove the top port plugs, located above the filters. Add oil to the expansion tank until it starts flowing out of the port plugs. It should hold about 5 quarts.
  7. Tighten the plugs to in/lbs. and screw in the expansion tank cap.
  8. Lift the rear of the mower onto jack stands and move the dump valve control levers, located on the frame to the left and right of the motor, to the &#;freewheel&#; position.
  9. Sit in the seat and start the engine. At 1/2 throttle, push the lever fully forward and reverse times. Repeat with the dump valve levers in &#;drive.&#; This should purge any air in the system.

Engine Oil, Air Filter and Battery

Refer to the engine and battery manuals included with your mower. Running changes mean maintenance methods change constantly.


To inspect the blades, raise the deck to its highest position.

To sharpen a blade, use a file, cutting across the top of the blade edge. Maintain a 30 degree cutting angle.

To replace a blade, use a Blade Buddy tool to keep it fixed in place. Loosen the blade bolt, then slide off the bolt, lock washer, flat washer and blade. Reassemble in reverse order with the blade&#;s lift wing pointed up. Torque the bolt to 75 ft-lbs.


To check the clutch adjustment, shut off the mower and insert a inch feeler gauge into the three inspection windows around the clutch body; the gauge should just touch the armature and rotor. If the gap is too big or small, adjust the distance using the three nuts on the face of the clutch.


If addressing the causes listed below doesn&#;t solve the problem, you should have your mower looked at by a service center.

Occasional blades of uncut grass:

  • Increase engine speed
  • Move slower while cutting to let the deck keep up
  • Allow wet grass to dry out
  • Mower blades are dull or weren&#;t sharpened correctly
  • The deck is plugged up and needs to be cleaned
  • The drive belts are slipping and need to be adjusted

Strips of uncut grass between cutting paths:

  • Increase the overlap between passes

Strips of uncut grass in cutting path:

  • The blades are dull, bent, damaged or incorrectly sharpened
  • Increase engine speed
  • The drive belts are slipping and need to be adjusted
  • Move slower while cutting to let the deck keep up
  • The deck is plugged up and needs to be cleaned

Uneven cut on flat ground:

  • Blade was installed upside-down
  • Blade is worn
  • The deck is plugged up and needs to be cleaned
  • Deck pitch and level needs to be reduced

Uneven cut on uneven ground:

  • Reduce mowing speed
  • Raise deck height
  • Change direction of cut

Sloping ridge across mowing path:

  • Make sure tire pressure is equal
  • Check that the deck is level


  • Check tire pressure
  • Move slower while mowing
  • Raise deck
  • Let the grass dry out before mowing

Ridge in center of cutting path:

  • Blades mounted unevenly
  • Blade is bent

Where to Buy Parts and Accessories for the Scag Patriot

Whether you need a Blade Buddy tool or major components, you can get them from Shanks Lawn Equipment. Their shop is located at Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, just off route To get there from I, take Exit 10 to Marion. Not in the area? Visit them online at

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