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TOP PHOTO:  Campbell County&#;s Rapid Response Unit makes an emergency run on Friday afternoon.

By Charlotte Underwood

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) &#; The Campbell County Emergency Medical Service has added a new Advance Life Support Intercept unit to its fleet of emergency vehicles.

The Campbell County Ambulance Service has added an Advance Life Support Intercept Unit for rapid response to medical emergencies.

This addition of a rapid response vehicle will allow the ambulance service to &#;better serve the citizens of Campbell County,&#;  according to EMS Director Bruce Perkins.

The EMS has fully outfitted an SUV to be driven by shift leaders to provide a rapid response should ambulances be tied up on other calls.  Campbell County is the first one in the Region 2 EMS District to implement the program.  The ambulance service tried the program out two weeks ago for a two day trial, and &#;it went very well,&#; Perkins said.  The ambulance used is a SUV already in the department and was outfitted for response to medical emergencies.

Having the extra unit on the road will allow shift leaders to respond to emergencies quickly and begin providing advanced life support for the patient. This quick response can often mean the difference between life and death, according to EMS shift Captain Daniel Dorraugh. During the two-day trial, Dorraugh responded to a drug overdose where he arrived four minutes sooner than the ambulance and was able to provide life support and save the patient.

The SUV has been equipped as a mini ambulance to provide life support services in medical emergencies.

Implementing the program has been a combined effort between Perkins, the leadership management teams and EMS employees.

&#;It&#;s something we&#;ve wanted to do for a while,&#; Perkins said. The whole team has spent the last nine weeks working out the details of the program.

&#;We have an amazing leadership team that worked on this. Our goal with this program is to provide better service to the citizens; to preserve life if at all possible during an emergency,&#; Perkins said.

The ambulance service covers around square miles in the county of about 40, people. According to Perkins, the extra unit will be a &#;life saver&#; in many situations.

The ALSI unit will be manned by EMS shift leaders, who have over years of experience among them.  All shift leaders have plus years experience.

According to EMS Committee member and County Commissioner Rusty Orick, the rapid response program is &#;the most exciting thing to come to the EMS committee&#; during his year tenure.

(Left to right)  Campbell County EMS Captain Daniel Dorraugh, Capt. Barney Bates and Director Bruce Perkins.

Stripes and identification were painted onto the SUV on Wednesday evening.  The vehicle is outfitted with pediatric jump bags, ALS jump bags, oxygen and other life saving medical equipment.  Basically, it&#;s a &#;mini-ambulance.&#;

&#;It&#;s been fully outfitted so the paramedics can take care of most any situation until the full ambulance arrives,&#; Perkins said.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED &#; 08/17/AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF WLAF&#;S CHARLOTTE UNDERWOOD)


Campbell County Emergency Medical Director Bruce Perkins and Shift Captain Daniel Dorraugh laid out a new plan for the ambulance service during an EMS committee meeting last week.

Commissioner Rusty Orick said it was the best idea he had heard in 14 years on the EMS committee.

He said typically, the complaints he gets are about the ambulance service’s response times.

Perkins said that this new plan would address that as well as some other problems.

He said the plan was developed as a result of some meetings he had held with shift captains over some employee shortages they had experienced due to illnesses, injuries and other reasons.

“When we started this venture about two months ago, I said, we’re going to have shift captains meetings, and we’re going to sit down and beat our head against the wall, beat our heads against the table, and we’re going to come up with a solution. These people in this county deserve to have a service. They deserve to know that when they pick up that they’re getting what they pay for,” Perkins said.

“This plan is going to work. This plan is going to provide more coverage to the area. It’s going to provide more service to the people,” Perkins said.

“These guys bust their butts, but we’re wearing them out. The thing that we came up with will help with the overtime, and it’s going to save us some money, especially with the overtime,” Perkins said.

Shift Captain Daniel Dorraugh said, conservatively, he thinks that the plan could cut overtime in half when he laid out some of the details of the plan.

“So, we developed this plan, but what this does is put the shift captains, which are all paramedics, in a vehicle that we already own and gets us out responding with the other crews to assist them when they need help. More importantly, what this allows us to do is drop the level of service by one level of the LaFollette truck to an advanced EMT level because they will have the augmentation of the shift captain who can run calls with them. Many of our calls can be transported safely and adequately by an advanced EMT. It allows us to be more flexible, and, when we’re not needed, we are still an available response vehicle for when all of our ambulances are tied up,” Dorraugh said.

He said it also helps the shift captains with their supervisory roles.

“As shift captains, it is a very difficult job to supervise crews, and, unfortunately, EMS and fire service or any other service like this, you have to have field supervision. You can’t supervise from an office. It’s very difficult and 24 hours a day. This allows the shift captains to have that utilization as well because it’s very difficult to manage what Jellico is doing while I’m in Knoxville without a radio and phone communication at times,” Dorraugh said.

He said that there is no call they can’t handle alone that they can handle as a crew, but the biggest problem, typically, is available transport resources.

“What this also does is, in the event that the advanced truck from LaFollette requires a paramedic on the truck, it’s real easy for us to switch roles and bring the advanced off and put him in my vehicle and follow us to the hospital. If another call came in, he could respond when we clear. It’s a juggle of services, but it makes it more efficient,” Dorraugh said.

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Emergency Medical Services

Led by Ambulance Director Bruce Perkins, Campbell County EMS serves a geographic area of  square miles and a population of almost 40,residents. 

Campbell County EMS is the sole provider of ambulance and paramedic service to all residents and visitors to Campbell County, 24 hours a day. The department responds to all emergencies and provides non-emergent transports for convalescents to the doctor or hospital. 

This service provides medical support for fire departments during fire and hazmat operations and law enforcement during SORT team operations. CCEMS also has a dedicated team of paramedics that provide first aid at large community events. CCEMS has four stations and seven Advanced Life Support Units placed throughout the county and uses system status management to ensure a rapid response to any emergency. Our full-time career paramedics and part time EMTs/paramedics are highly dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to Campbell County residents. Campbell County EMS employees are provided education that meets and exceeds Tennessee standards, and our paramedics at CC EMS work with Roane State Community College to mentor and train EMTs and paramedic students while serving as preceptors.

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