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Warhammer AOS High Elves Elf Aelf Silver Helms Cavalry Horse Base A RARE OOP M2

unopened and undamaged item. See the seller's listing for full details. See all condition definitions : Game Version: : Age of Sigmar , MPN: : Does Not Apply: AoS Army: : Swifthawk Agents , Brand: : Games Workshop: WFB Army: : High Elves , Game: : Warhammer: EAN: : Does not apply ,. Warhammer AOS High Elves Elf Aelf Silver Helms Cavalry Horse Base A RARE OOP M2. 12 + WARNING! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 36 MONTHS. SMALL PARTS. MAY CONTAIN SHARP POINTS. We all want our miniatures to stand out from the crowd!. Condition:: New: A brand-new. unused.

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Warhammer AOS High Elves Elf Aelf Silver Helms Cavalry Horse Base A RARE OOP M2

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Warhammer AOS High Elves Elf Aelf Silver Helms Cavalry Horse Base A RARE OOP M2

Warhammer AOS High Elves Elf Aelf Silver Helms Cavalry Horse Base A RARE OOP M2

RARE OOP M2 Warhammer AOS High Elves Elf Aelf Silver Helms Cavalry Horse Base A, SMALL PARTS, MAY CONTAIN SHARP POINTS, We all want our miniatures to stand out from the crowd,12 + WARNING, NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 36 MONTHS,Good store good products,Browse From huge selection Here,explore our product range online! Aelf Silver Helms Cavalry Horse Base A RARE OOP M2 Warhammer AOS High Elves Elf, Warhammer AOS High Elves Elf Aelf Silver Helms Cavalry Horse Base A RARE OOP M2.

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Shining a light on the path to the Unicorn Gate.


Age of Sigmar is a treachorous mountain path of rules. Not hard to understand, just hard to find. So I will try and illuminate the path for my fellow commanders, I might not be 100% right, this is the game as far as I have come in it.

Army building

Ok here I need to explain a few things.

Each army has an allegiance, this is the keyword it functions under.

There are four alliances in the game, death chaos order destruction, these also have the same base allegiance within all the factions.

Within an alliance there are different factions. These have their own allegiance keyword on top of the base alliance keyword.

Example, the chaos alliance have the subfactions beasts of chaos and slaves of darkness who have their own keywords. And in the Order alliance you have dispossessed and order draconis.

Having the same keyword in an army gives you access to certain Allegiance Abilities (like commander trait, artefact of power and such).

Each of the Alliances have one set of these.

SOME of the alliance subfactions have their own. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Taking a breather on a rock overlooking a stream cascading down a gorge.

So when building a high elf army there is something you need to know.

No high elf faction has its own allegiance ability, they are ALL just of the allegiance Order.

This means you can pick and chose any other order unit for your army.

You are free to mix any of the high elf factions when building your army you do not need to use the ally system to add any unit from the Order alliance.

With one caveat, some units are only battleline if you chose that factions allegiance keyword, the drawback is that you now can only ally units from other factions, and you still only get the allegiance abilities from Order.

Also important to note, if you pick a faction as allegiance keyword you become limited in what you may ally with, for example none of the high elf subfactions can ally units from the high elves compendium.

Picking up the backpack and moving on.

Now we come to the meat and bone of age of sigmar.

As with the current version of 40k, age of sigmar is all about the buffs.

First we start units inherent buffs.

Units are basically all the same until you start using their buffs.

Most units that have lots of cheap models have bonuses when you increase the size of the unit.

Looking at high elves, we have spearmen, if they are more than 20 they get 1 extra attack per model.
As they only have 1 attack to begin with this is a gigantic boost as it doubles the amount of attacks the unit has.

Ofcourse building a 20 man unit isn't very smart as one stray arrow removes that buff.
So you need more models so that you dont lose that buff in the first volley of fire.

Go through these buffs, and also learn what each units musician and standardbearer do.

Stopping at a staircase hewn from the mountain with old broken statues guarding its first step.

Leader buffs.

Your leaders are important as hell, these are your melee monsters and buffers. Learn what each do by heart.

There are three kinds of buffs in the game.
Command abilities

Passive buffs often come in the form of auras, as we are playing an army of order allegiance we might want to look at the Command trait that gives you leader a fearless bubble, unless you play phoenix guard as they are already more or less immune to battleshock. These often only affect units with specific keywords.

Command abilities. Leaders often have a command ability, this can be activated by spending command points, though you only get 1 command point each turn so you have to chose these with care.
The high elf seawarden has one of the strongest buffs i've encountered. Giving a unit reroll hit, reroll wound and reroll saves. These often only affect units with specific keywords.

Magic, spellcasters are a bit special if you use the base rules of the game. They have two base spells, 1d3 mortal wounds missile spell, or give 1 unit reroll 1's on their save.
Not exactly fantastic, these both have the same targets, mortal wounds are good against heavily armoured units, and reroll 1's are good on heavily armoured units, (also note that elven shields already give reroll 1's so it is pointless on spearmen and silverhelms)

But each caster has one more spell than these two at their disposal.

And as an example the archmage from eldritch council has an 18" aura spell that gives 6+ save against wounds and mortal wounds, basically a feel no pain.

It is not very useful in small games, but the bigger a game gets, the more units you have in that aura the more valuable it becomes.

Remember to also look at the collegiate arcane (human wizards), and the sisters of the thorn from the wanderers. There are useful spells out there. You just need to find them.

Reaching the top of the stairs we now have a view of the unicorn gate.

So where do you find the rules you need?

Core rulebook, in the latest edition they moved the Allegiance abilities for the base Alliances to the core rulebook. So you now need it.

Azyr app, yeah i don't like it, but in order to get the latest updated version of all the warscrolls you need this app or battlescribe. There are warscrolls on gws homepage, but they are both incomplete and not updated. With one exception.

The generals handbook, yes to make things even more complicated the points and limits of a unit are not listed in their warscroll, instead you have to go here.

The high elf compendium. Rejoice a small boon to us old timers, here is a compendium with the basic highelf units warscrolls and at the end, their point costs and limits, and it gets regular updates, get it, use it, love it.

Now for the rest of the treck down to the gate, we have things i have not personally used yet, like magic from the malign sorcery book, the battle zones of age of sigmar that give you new artefacts and spells. Also the campaign books contain alot of things I havnt touched yet, these things may appear in a future update along with battalions.

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Sprues & Brews

The Warhammer team promised some awesome Age of Sigmar reveals at the Las Vegas Open, and they were not kidding!


The Lumineth Realm-Lords are the new High Elf themed faction for Age of Sigmar – and they look gorgeous!


First up we have some re-imagined spearmen in the form of Auralan Wardens – these guys look great and keep the spirit of the classic High Elf range while also bringing something new to the table!


Next up are some new Aelven Cavalry – The Vanari Dawnriders! These look like absolutly gorgeous models, it’s going to be great to see some epic cavalry charges on the tabletop with them!

Next is the surprise return of classic Elf character Eltharion, well his spirit in an empty suit of armour…


He is looking very cool! But not as cool as the big guy himself…

Teclis new

Teclis is back, and this time he is riding is frankly amazing looking mount, Celennar, Spirit of Hysh

There’s even more to come from this range – we cant wait to see it all!


That wasn’t all the Sigmar news however! As previously reported on the other day, the Seraphon are coming back to age of Sigmar!

And they are getting a new scenery piece in the form of a stepped Pyramid!

It sounds like these guys may be with us very soon too! So keep an eye out for them!

Like this:



News, Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Aelves, Age of Sigmar, Auralan, Dawnriders, Eltharion, Lumineth Realm-Lords, Pointy, Seraphon, Teclis

Sours: https://spruesandbrews.com/2020/01/24/lumineth-realm-lords-teclis-and-the-pointy-aelves-come-to-age-of-sigmar-seraphon-also-return-soon/
High Elves Unit Roster Tier Ranking
"Aren't we meant to be on the same side now?"

Hi all, and welcome to this Battle Report I compiled testing out the new Age of Sigmar rules. Unless you've ignored pretty much every single thread in the WHFBsection these days, you'll know that one of the main qualms people have with Age of Sigmar is lack of a balancing system. Whilst many people are leaning to wounds, we decided to give the Formations a whirl, since they all look fairly evenly balanced. We (we being myself and my friend Lewis) kept all infantry units the same size (10 models, which was the minimum size for many) and both cavalry units as 5 models. Whilst all units can take Standard and Musicians, we just had a smattering of them, partly to fit in with WYSIWYGbut also to see how much of a difference it made. For the characters, we went off what the descriptions gave as potential combinations, as this seemed the fairest thing to do. We also threw a mage in on each side since High Elf and Dark Elf wizards have been pretty much the same cost since we both starting playing and we wanted to see how magic worked. So, this battle served to give the AoSrules a go, as well as see how the Formations stood up to one another.

I'll be posting out thoughts on the battle and of our first foray into the Age of Sigmar rules at the end of the report - feel free to skip to there if you feel uneasy reading of such a violent encounter

The Armies

Dark Elves(controlled by me)

Dreadlord with Chillblade
10 Bleakswords with standard and musician
2 x 10 Darkshards, one unit with musician
5 Dark Riders
5 Cold Ones with standard and musician


FWIW- 42 models / 60 Wounds

High Elves(controlled by Lewis)

Prince with Enchanted Polearm and Reaver Bow
2 x 10 Spearmen, one unit with standard, the other with a musician
2 x 10 Archers, one unit with standard and musician
5 Silver Helms with standard


FWIW- 47 models / 60 Wounds


We couldn't be bothered expanding the kitchen table, so the battle was played on a 5'x3' field, which we thought would suit the skirmish nature of the battle batter, and, if anything, speed it up. We did forget that the field was only 3' wide at first though, so in our initial deployment (which I think is the one in the photo) all our units are slightly far too forward.

We did the whole alternating deployment shenanigans, which result in my deploying the Cold Ones and Dark Riders on one flank; the bleakswords, one unit of darkshards and the Dreadlord on the other flank; with the other darkshard unit and the sorceress on the hill in the centre. The High Elves had a unit of archers and a mage opposite my cavalry, the silver helms and another unit on the other flanks with the two spearmen unit and the prince in the centre.


Dark Elves win roll off to go first

Dark Elves Turn 1

Hero – Dreadlord uses IP on the bleakswords and the sorceress casts Mystical Shield on the Cold Ones

Move – Everything with the exception of the darkshards on the flank moves up with the Bleakswords and Dreadlord running into the cover of the forest (models can really shift when they want to!)

Shoot – Dark Riders shoot at the mage and take off a wound

High Elves Turn 1

Hero – Prince uses his re-roll ability on archers. Mage casts arcane bolt on dark riders and kills 3.

Move – Lewis moves everything up, bringing the archers into range and the silver helms dangerously close to the bleakswords and dreadlord

Shoot – Shooting kills one cold one and three bleakswords

Charge/COMBAT – Helms charge into bleakswords in cover. They kill one and the bleakswords fluff their to wound rolls in return

Battleshock – The depelted bleakswords lose another 4 models, everything else is fine

BOARD AFTER TURN 1 (sorry about rotation)

Dark Elves Turn 2

Hero – Dreadlord uses his re-roll wounds ability on darkshards. Sorceress sacrifices a model and casts word of pain on silver helms. The sacrifice was completely unnecessary but hey....

Move – Dark riders move further up the flank, the cold ones move close to archers and the dreadlord closer to the silver helms

Shoot – Darkshards on the hill pick off 3 spearmen, the buffed darkshards shoot at the silver helms causing 6 wounds but the helms pass all their saves. Dark riders pick another wound off the mage

Combat – Cold ones charge archers and take out four, losing a wound in return. The dreadlord charges into the silver helms and minces his way through 3 of them, whilst the helms and bleakswords fail to do anything.

Battleshock – Archers lose three more models, silver helms hold.


High Elves 2

Hero – Prince’s ability gives the spearmen re-rolls to hit, whilst the mage finishes off the dark riders with arcane bolt. (I did realise later, however, that Dark Riders have 2 wounds, not 1, and so they shouldn't have actually been dead by this point...)

Move – Prince and buffed spearmen move to help the archers with the cold ones, the other spearmen unit advances through the crater

Shoot – Archers pick off a bleaksword. Prince shoots his bow into the cold ones but they pass their saves.

Combat – Spearmen in the crater fail their charge on the darkshards opposite, but the prince and other spearmen make it into the cold ones. Prince causes 2 damage with his enchanted polearm, speramen do another wound, picking off the wounded cold one, leaving two left. Archers fail to wound. Cold Ones fail to do anything in return. On the other flank, the remaining Silver Helms do a wound on the dreadlord but the dreadlord finishes the off.

No battleshock


High Elves 3

Hero – Prince’s re-roll hits ability used on spearmen in middle of board, mage casts mystical shield on spearmen in combat with cold ones

Move – Spearmen in centre move closer to darkshards, mage moves closer into the centre of the board

Shoot – The archers near the forest pick off the last bleaksword. At this point we realise that the Prince and archers could have been shooting whilst in combat but, since we forgot, and we thought it was silly, we ruled that models couldn't do this for the rest of the battle.

Combat – Prince fluffs attacks but archers and spearmen together take down a cold one. Cold one does nothing in return again. In the combat on the hill, spearmen take out two darkshards, darkshards fail to do anything in return.

Battleshock – Darkshards on the hill lose two more

Dark Elves 3

Hero – Sorceress casts mystical shield on darkshards on the hill, dreadlord gives darkshards in the corner re-rolls to wound

Move – Sorceress retreats, dreadlord moves and runs to the archers, stopping at the edge of cover. Darkshards move closer to their fellow darkshards in order to shoot at spearmen,

Shoot – Only 4 darkshards in range of spearmen – fail to wound despite dreadlord buff

Combat – Cold one picks off a spearmen but prince finishes him off in return. Darkshards fail to do anything to spearmen and take a casualty in return.

Battleshock – Darkshards pass



Dark Elves 4(when rolling to see who goes first this time, we roll equal four times in a row and question why GWdidn't bother to add in the LotRwhere the army that didn't have priority last turn gets it in the case of a tie)

Hero – Sorceress casts arcane bolt into combat, kills three spearmen

Move – Dreadlord moves up close to archers, darkshards move to shoot spearmen, now all in range

Shoot – Darkshards shoot, do four wounds but cover and elven shields allow spearmen to pass them all

Combat – Dreadlord piles into the archers and takes out three suffering no damage in return. Darkshard/Spearmen combat results in 0 casualties for either side.

Battleshock – Nada

High Elves 4
Hero – Prince gives re-rolls to himself (we weren't sure if he could do this, but decided at the time he could. However, in hindsight, we would have ruled against this). Mage was out of range of everything

Move – Spearmen move and run to help fellow spearmen buddies. Archmage moves and runs to a central position, now within range to cast spells on either archers or spearmen.

Shoot – Prince shoots at Dreadlord but causes no wounds. Remaining archers fire at darkshards in combat, but cover helps them save all wounds.

Combat – All combats result in no wounds for either side (yep, even the dreadlord fluffed his attacks!)

Battleshock – nothing had died this turn. Poor effort all round, really.


High Elves 5

Hero – Prince gives re-roll hits to one spearmen unit. Archmage casts MS on archers (would’ve arcane bolted the dreadlord but we ruled he could not see due to intervening models [banner shouldn't really be there])

Move – Prince moves and runs near to the archers vs dreadlord combat. Spearmen move up close to darkshards

Shooting – Archers pick off a darkshard

Combat – Spearmen finally finish off the darkshards on the hill and the archers sneak a wound through on the dreadlord but lose two models in return.

Battleshock – Archers pass

Dark Elves 5

Hero – Dreadlord gives himself re-rolls (as the prince did this, we thought it was only fair) Sorceress bolts off 2 spearmen.

Move – Sorceress retreats slightly, as do the darkshards, whilst staying in range of spearmen

Shoot – Darkshards shoot at the same spearmen unit weakned by arcane bolt. Cover and elven shields allow them to make all six saves!

Combat – Evidently angered by being wounded the dreadlord wipes out the remaining five archers

Battleshock – Spearmen pass.

(some of) BOARD AFTER TURN 5

Dark Elves 6

Hero – Again, dreadlord uses his re-roll ability on himself. Sorceress arcane bolts one more spearman to death

Move – Dreadlord moves up closer to the prince otherwise there's none

Shoot – Darkshards shoot at spearmen, again to no avail

Combat – Dreadlord charges in for an epic showdown with the prince. Dreadlord gets two wounds through the prince's saves, rolls his 2D3 and… snakeyes! Prince down to 3 wounds. Prince fails to wound in return.

Battleshock – Again, all units fine


High Elves 6

Hero – Sorceress casts Mystical Shield on Prince, who gives himself re-rolls.

Move – One spearmen unit moves and runs 3” away from darkshards, the other 3” from sorceress. Archers also move and run

Shoot – None

Combat – The buffed Prince strikes, hits the dreadlord three times, wounds twice, dreadlord doesn’t pass saves. Needs anything but two 1s/2s to kill... It's a 4 and a 5! "And thus the dreadlord was smote upon my enchanted polearm" - Lewis, 2015

Battleshock – None


High Elves 7

Hero – Prince buffs himself again. The mage out of range once again

Move – Prince moves closer to darkshards, mage moves and runs

Shoot – Archers fail. Prince picks off a darkshard with his bow

Combat – Spearmen units charge sorceress and darkshards. No wounds either side spearmen vs sorceress, but darkshards kill two spearmen and take no casualties in return.

Battleshock – Spearmen lose another model. "Well, that went well" - Lewis, 2015

Dark Elves 7

Hero – Freed of WHFBrestrictions on magic missiles, the Sorceress arcane bolts three of her attackers away

Move – None

Shoot – None (we ruled no shooting whilst in combat, if you remember)

Combat – Darkshards continue their rampage and take out another two spearmen, taking no damage in return.

Battleshock – Nothing this time

Dark Elves 8

Hero – Sorceress arcane bolts the spearman that are attacking the darkshards, finishing them off!

"WELL THAT WENT WELL" (note the general lack of spearmen)

Move – The now freed darkshards move to fire on the mage

Shoot – Darkshards shoot at the archmage and continue their streak of general awesomeness, and take off his last three wounds! (I believe I say something along the lines of 'get in you beauties' at this stage)

Combat – No wounds in the sorceress/spearmen combat once again

High Elves 8

Hero – Prince buffs himself again

Move – Prince moves closer to darkshards

Shoot – Prince shoots at the darkshards but doesn’t wound. The still-clinging on archers manage to kill one, however.

Combat – Prince charges darkshards but rolls snakeyes on his charge range! No hits in the other combat once again

Battleshock – Nothing

High Elves 9

Hero – Prince buffs himself again

Move – Prince moves closer to the darkshards,

Shoot – Prince does two wounds with his bow to the darkshards and the archers manage another but they pass all their saves!

Combat – Prince charges in (doesn’t roll snakeyes this time) and kills 4 darkshards. Darkshards do no damage in return. Sorceress finally finishes off the remaining spearman.

Battleshock – Three darkshards flee to battleshock

Dark Elves 9

Hero – Sorceress arcane bolts the prince and does a wound

No movement or shooting

Combat – Prince takes out last darkshard

Dark Elves 10

Hero – Sorceress casts arcane bolt on the prince again… but fails! (The first spell-casting fail of the game)

"C'MERE YOU" - LEWIS, 2015

High Elves 10

Hero – Prince buffs himself

Move – Prince moves closer to sorceress

Shoot – Prince takes a wound off sorceress, archers fail to

Move – Prince charges in takes the sorceress down to one wound. Sorceress misses with her attacks

Dark Elves 11

Hero – Sorceress fails to cast arcane bolt on her attacker again

Combat – Sorceress does 2 wounds to the prince (actually quite nasty in combat, we realised), but the prince finishes her off, sweeping the high elves to victory!

"WOO" - LEWIS, 2015



Ok, so that's the Battle Report, thanks for reading (if you did, that is ), hope you enjoyed reading it and looking at the pretty pictures as much as Lewis and I enjoyed playing the game and making our report. Find below our thoughts on the battle and the Age of Sigmar rules:

- Overall, we did enjoy the game. It certainly did help that it was a pre-organised game of roughly equal armies.

- The rules are indeed simple and easy to grasp and is a good entry point for people who haven't played wargames before (particularly if they're young). Lewis had never played fantasy before and said that this was certainly far less daunting than a WHFBgame. He said he would have got into traditional WHFBeventually (he's slowly been building a Beastmen army) but that this release has sped his interest up.

- The game took about 2hrs 20mins, which was with us checking up on pretty much everything for most of the battle.

- Battleshock is not actually as much of a deal for big units (if 10 can count as big) as we thought it'd be, single models may not reign supreme after all

- Characters are awesome, both as an effective unit and as something that's fun to use. Not only are they powerful models, but they're also great force multipliers (as they should be). However, whilst people may have fears of "herohammer", the command abilities the characters have encourage you to have infantry units to use them on, otherwise you lose part of that model's effectiveness. This was why, in hindsight, we felt we should have ruled that characters can't use their command abilities on themselves - it does seem a little silly after all, even if the rules are vague on it (no surprises there though)

- Magic also very powerful, with low casting values for some very powerful spells. It does seem relatively hard to stop, but, then again, both our wizards were out of dispelling range for the entire game, so we can't really comment on this

- Formations, at least these two, seem equal. We need to do the maths on some of the other formations but, with our infantry unit restrictions (and the restriction that the dreadlord couldn't take a mount, as the prince was unable to), the number of wounds was equal between the formations too. The game was very equal and this convinces me further that wounds will be a good way to regulate the game.

- The random turn sequence is big, especially considering the absence of a LotR-like priority rule (like I mentioned). One or two more dark elf first turn and maybe one better casting roll and the sorceress would have arcane bolted the way to dark elf victory

- The game changes a lot. We almost called a HE victory after turn 6 (I think it was) but played on and dark elves very nearly brought it back. This is one positive of AoSrequiring you to play until finish, but we both agreed that playing until one side is wiped out can often be a but of a slog.

- Units you’d have thought would be much better generally aren’t. The silver helms and cold ones generally couldn’t power through infantry units due to the infantry's increased numbers and the fact that, after the charge, they were hitting and wounding on more or less the same result, with not much difference in saves (although to be fair the cold ones did fluff a little bit). Even the charge didn’t make much of a difference. We felt that, had we been playing WHFB, both cavalry units would have eventually beaten their opposing infantry units (though perhaps not with the intervention of the characters). Once again, infantry seems to be prevalent, though admittedly the mobility is pretty huge, especially with models with missile weapons.

- There were so many instances where we felt just tiny additions to the rules would have made the game much more realistic and in-depth (though perhaps slower). For example we felt that you shouldn't be able to shoot/cast magic missiles into combat and particularly whilst you're in combat; we felt that moving, shooting and charging is a bit silly; we thought a good, simple addition would be a -2 to charge range for charging into cover (like in 40k). These additions would not have added much in the way of length to the rules but would have greatly improved it, we thought.

- We deduced that it's a no-brainer to take a standard and musician in each unit since they're free. This is really a shame though as, with a system that had points values, a standard and musician would cost points, hence adding in another tactical element on whether you pay the points for those bonuses or spend the points on something else.


Feel free to point out anything we may have done wrong in the rules and offer your opinion on our interpretation of some of them. Also feel free to say what you think about our post-battle reflections on AoS.

For our next battle reports, we'll throw some Undead into the mix and mess around with the summoning shenanigans. We'll also play around with the "wound = points" theory and see if, like in this case, equal wounds does indeed make for an equal game. We may also have another formation game and see if it works with other formations. So keep an eye out for future reports!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!
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Aos high elves

As Warhammer scenery goes High Elf waystones are a staple, and I think they fit on any AoS tabletop as well. I've always wanted a few in my collection but all my previous attempts turned out badly. With the Lumineth closely mirroring the High Elves (thank you GW) I thought it about high time to make a couple. And here they are.

Get off my lawn! 
As I'm the proud owner of the brand new Building Tabletop Terrain from XPS foambook by Gerard Boom I decided to make my waystones out of XPS foam. These are not the first waystones I've attempted to build. I've binned quite a few previous attempts. Over the past years I've given foamboard a go and even tried and failed with cardboard. Unfortunately I kept running into trouble getting the shapes right. This time I used a pdf from the 5th edition Tears of Isha campaign. I tried using math to determine the angles at which to cut so I could get a proper template. Here's *cough* my work *cough* on an enveloppe. 
When starting with Warhammer no one told me there would be math involved (there wasn't in the end  (but I had to show off (my wife's calculations (as I am not the math teacher in this marriage)))).

In the end a template wasn't needed. I have tools to cut at at angles with my hot wire cutter. The biggest challenge turned out to be determining the order and placement of the polystyrene blocks (and not burning my fingers). I cut four parts for each waystone: a square base, a bottom part, the center and the small pyramid on top (mental note: I should make a few upside down floating black pyramids soon). I went slightly overboard sandpapering the top of the waystone on the left above (it got a bit too rounded for my taste) but I decided to press on.   
I was quite lucky to have a few MDF bases cut for other (abandoned) projects at hand.

After cutting and assembling the shapes I used an HB pencil to draw the blocks on the base of the waystones (I should've used a softer pencil but I had none on hand). I also used the pencil to draw in the embossed sides. I then cut these (slightly) with a scalpel and spent some time pushing the middle parts down (you can see my thumbs a bit too well on the waystone on the left above. A few bits of the stones did not come out quite as nicely as I wanted to. With a bit of care and a hobby knife I ripped these parts out. The leftovers went on the base as debris and the rest is the damage you see above. Hey these waystones have been here for a long time and Giants Gargants don't pay attention to where they walk. The flowery decoration and the mirrors where in my bits box. I recall they are cheap bits for scrapbooking. I glued both coarse sand (from the beach) and fine sand (crushed shell for birdcages) to the base and the damaged parts of the pillars with a bit of PVA.

And with that I'm the proud owner of two ancient waystones.

Next up was painting. After a black basecoat I started with a light grey layer (Vallejo Pale Blue Grey) and build that up to white (spraying at an angle). I used washes (Anthonian Camoshade, Agrax Earthshade and a bit of Seraphin Sepia) in moderation to add a bit of weathering and detail. I painted the decorations with Scale75 Dwarf Gold and shaded that with some Agrax. The mirror is pure Stormhost Silver, the jewel was glued on unpainted (why not I thought, it seems to work as is). When it all dried I hated the end result. It all looked rather odd, sloppy and out of place. Not quite willing to give up and bin the entire affair I decided to see the project through. I applied flock and moss to the bases, going a bit wild to make it look really overgrown. This saved the project. The flock added the necessary color and (for lack of a better word) grounded the scenery, making the waystones come to life. I celebrated this victory of (simulated) nature over industry by adding a Wood Elf Waywatcher to the pictures for scale. I went from hate to happy. Churning a few of these out can be done in very little time and I expect them to really spruce up a tabletop. Long story short: I should make a few fallen waystones as well and then get to work on a remake of the Island of Blood/Spire of Dawn campaign. So many plans, so little time...
Sours: https://another-wargaming-blog.blogspot.com/2021/05/making-some-warhammeraos-scenery-high.html
How to Play the High Elves

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