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This wasn’t the first time a vampire had breached the first clause of the treaty, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. It was a wonder that the peace still held in spite of the fact, but then, it was one that neither side wanted to see abolished. It held only because of the many other clauses and agreements between the two peoples that not even the most lawless of the blood drinkers would dare disrupt. Dipper never liked it, but the treaty was hard won, and once it was broken, it would be near irreparable. But now they’d stolen the wrong person, and Dipper would make sure they knew it and committed his face to memory. Not even the treaty had been able to save his sister from the threat posed by lone rogues.
The lines between the monsters he'd pegged all vampires for and what he's learned about them from the temporary alliance begin to blurr, however, after he joins forces with the head vampire, Bill Cipher.


Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher is a dream demon who ruled over the Nightmare Realm.[1] In 2012, he attempted to cause the end of the world, but was foiled and killed by Dipper and Mabel Pines. His death transformed Dipper into a demon, and caused the Transcendence.[2]

Relation to the Transcendence

The Transcendence itself was a side-effect of thwarting Bill Cipher’s ultimate goal of merging the Mindscape with the physical dimension humankind resides in. As one of the most powerful supernatural beings in existence, and one of the few able to cross dimensions, Bill’s goal wasn’t one rooted in “good” or “evil”. It was merely the drive to create chaos, and thus, entertainment. It took him thousands of years to set up such a complicated and powerful spell that would otherwise be impossible without the precise alignment of certain stars and planets, and he influenced countless civilizations with his near-omnipotence in order to steer reality in the right direction. In the end, his final piece to the puzzle was Gravity Falls - which evidently was also his small-scale practice run thirty years ago, in which he allowed a tiny part of the mindscape to meld within the small town… the part that held a portion of humanity’s myths, legends, magic, and imagination.

Dipper and Mabel, along with their small rag-tag team of friends (and a portion of the town who were privy to such information) were able to somehow follow the clues (possibly left behind by Stan’s brother - this tidbit may change along with canon) and just barely stop Bill from achieving his ultimate goal.

They saved they world. Melding the mindscape with reality would have at best attained mass chaos and widespread suffering. However, defeating Bill also destroyed the barrier that contained the sliver of the mindscape that was previously withheld only inside Gravity Falls - and thus, the Transcendence took place, spreading it to every corner of the globe.

Directly after the event, Bill Cipher clung to life after receiving the full backlash of the spell he worked thousands of years to complete. Magic of such magnitude that only exists under such excruciatingly specific circumstances could be just enough to kill an otherwise immortal demon.

In a last-ditch effort to save himself, Bill attempted to possess Dipper without a contract. Such a feat was certainly possible, considering he already possessed Dipper’s body once before, and had an affinity for it. It was a huge gamble, but it was his only choice.

It didn’t work. Dipper fought with every ounce of strength he had, and won. Bill was gone. The demon was dead. But Bill didn't leave without fundamentally changing Dipper for eternity.

Post-Transcendence History

Demons very rarely reproduce, so Bill's soul entered the human reincarnation cycle. Since his soul was destroyed in the Transcendence, it took thousands of years to reincarnate as Ian Beale.

When Bill died, all of the deals and ties he'd made were undone and any souls in his possession were returned, instead of being passed on to Dipper.[3]


  • Some of Bill's mannerisms bled into Dipper during the events that changed Dipper into a demon.
  • Bill was quite possibly the only demon to leave a lasting imprint on his soul that persists through many human reincarnations. Vague memories and nightmares could haunt his future selves.
  • He successfully re-emerged his past life memories in his first human reincarnation, Ian Beale. This feat was generally thought to be impossible at the scale Bill achieved, and was far more likely to be a one-time deal.

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Human Bill Cipher


"Some would PAY to know who I am, what I'm doing here, my purpose, or what I want, you don't wanna find out what happens if you ask that."


Posing as a Magician


Bill doesn't even know (but lets say around 20, maybe 19)

(Before you read all of this, note that it didn’t actually happen in the gravity falls universe, it is all just creative thinkers)

Human Bill Cipher, or commonly just called ~Big 10 inch meaty, hot cock Bill~, or sometimes shortened to big C with a ten inch D(?), is a reincarnation of his old triangle self. After being defeated by the Pines Twins and co. a third time, Bill had been killed-specifically by Dipper and Stanford Pines. Now, twenty years later, Bill was given the power to be resurrected as a human.

However, Bill is still capable of the mind tricks he used to pull. But to hide his power, he disguises and poses himself as "a magician". He is actually often used at birthday parties, where kids were happy and parents actually gave him tips. However, there are select some who do actually see who he used to be.

Bill only accepted the choice of being resurrected for one reason-revenge. Twenty years later, Stanford had sadly died from a car crash. However, Dipper is still alive, and was one of the people responsible for Bill's death.

Bill mainly uses Mabel for his revenge on Dipper. He'll go into her mind in attempt to get at him, and it wasn't until the third time Bill did this until Dipper realized he was still alive. To this day, both parties are looking for each other, meeting others on the way.

Relations (with other characters)[]

(Feel free to add any of your characters.)

OG Bill-Humans and ME! OH HELL NO! I am More of a demons are cool and Humans are weak! so him and me as friends! NO!AND CALLING ME BIG C WITH A TEN-INCH D? HA!

Billie -Bill’s secretive “sister” is a secret of Bill. Billie looks exactly like him, only being a female. The two have a great relationship, having the same evil plans. Bill has indeed tried to take over Billie’s mind before, only to fail. (Character owned by Pink Siren)

Demu (links to another wiki)-The two have a rocky relationship. Bill has tried to take over Demu's mind several times, but their own power interfered with Bill's intentions. This left Demu to know who was behind it, and the two never getting along. (character owned by Psychodash.)

Captain Mumbles- Being Demu's most loyal friend, Mumbles' has more trust in Demu than Bill. So when Bill tries to get Mumbles to join his side, he chooses Demu's words over what Bill has to say. (character owned by Mumbles.)

Akuma Hayakawa (links to another wiki)- These two have a better relationship, due to Akuma being an assassin anyway. He constantly sends Akuma after Dipper, hoping he has the same death and catastrophe Bill did. (character owned by Akuma.)

Avon Matsuura- Bill's previous "girlfriend". They were only together because Avon did anything under Bill's command due to having no sanity. However, he eventually got tired of this, which resulting in him letting her go. (character owned by Akuma.)

Stormy (links to another wiki)- Bill's current significant other. Stormy does help Bill with whatever he tries to do, but Bill seems to get a new feeling from being with Stormy. Rather than just being near them, he seems to actually care about them and is happy when they are. (character owned by SW.)

Micheal Pines- Bill's partner in crime. Micheal was entranced by Bill's power,so he gave up his own loyalty to the Pines family and became a galactic being who has a physical form and a so-called "Crazed form." He is also known to be the Pines twins cousin who was born 5 years later Bill was originally defeated the third time by Stanley and Dipper Pines. He is also Bill's so-called bodyguard. (Character owned by Jace Rodriguez)

. Day (he is bills brother known as the youngest brother he basically has the same way of thinking of Bill. A young man named Dylan summed him not knowing if it was real and he was 18-19. Then he arrived and then, Dylan made him he's slave and Bill tries to look for him. (made by fanartmaker).

Butterfly Grimm- Bill's best friend and partner she's chaotic neutral as half time demon she met Bill due to the time anomalies caused in the Weirdmagedon but being a young teen Bill convice her to stay and party with him, she then left before the Pines Twins arrived. Actually she helps Bill get out of truble and makes sure he doesn't destroy time (Character own by Diabolicgirl )

Galaxia Pines- The lost pines sibling, Galaxia Pines. Her og name was Marina Pines, but when found by Stan, later named Galaxia. One day while playing with Mabel and Dipper, she went into the woods, then taken, and used for "Scientific purposes" making her look how she does, she is in love with Bill Cipher, and Bill is to, just afraid to show, she isn't as trusted to Dipper as she never really was with Dipper no knowing that it was Marina. (OC made by @Galaxia..piness)

and remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold! byeeeeee~!

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gravityfalls and undertale react to Bill Cipher vs Gaster rap battle

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Au bill cipher

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