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Cloud and Tifa in Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts has been described as a separate universe and is not part of the FFVII Compilation, however it can still give us some insights about the characters.


And I will be showing how KH can show some Cloti elements.

How does KH contribute to FFVII’s characters?

“What was the thought behind bringing back Aerith?”

Nomura: Yes, she died in Final Fantasy VII, but there’s no real relation to where she was at or what role she played in FFVII. There’s no relationship from FFVII to the Kingdom Hearts stories.I consider them separate stories. But if you play Kingdom Hearts, toward the end, some of the questions about the relationship between Cloud and Aeris in FFVII might be answered. It’s sort of like a side story, and this was an extra bonus that I wanted to give to players.

However in this write-up I will not be talking in depth about the relationship between Cloud and Aerith and I will be focusing on Cloud, and Tifa, by extension, Sephiroth. First is that because I don’t think Aerith’s significance can affect anything regarding Cloud and Tifa and second because it has been already tackled in Squall of Seed’s LTD article, the main reference of this post and a recommended read.

Let us begin at the first Kingdom Hearts where Tifa was not included due to time constraints. In the story, Cloud is searching for someone and even made a deal with Hades for it. The clue we get is the conversation between Sora and Cloud.

Sora: “So why did you go along with him, anyway?”
Cloud: “I’m looking for someone. Hades promised to help. I tried to exploit the power of darkness, but it backfired. I fell into darkness, and couldn’t find the light.”
Sora: “You’ll find it. I’m searching, too.”
Cloud: “For your light? Don’t lose sight of it.”

It’s easy to conclude that Cloud was searching for his light based on this, and Cloud meeting Aerith at the ending gives some the impression she is Cloud’s light just like Kairi is to Sora. Furthermore, an interview encourages players to interpret things.

(Translation by Thorfinn Tait)

-“Okay then, so the person who Cloud is searching for is Aeris, right?”

Nomura: “Well, what do you think? If indeed it was Aeris, then the bit in the ending was the answer. You might say it was made so that you can take it that way. Cloud is a popular character, and I don’t really want to decide myself, yes he is like this. Because players make strong conclusions by themselves, I want to leave room for everyone’s line of thought.”

However, KH Final Mix tells things differently. We then learn that Cloud is actually chasing Sephiroth, a darkness that he must confront. Aerith herself confirms  Cloud was chasing Sephy.

Aerith: “…I wonder if he’s still searching for him…”

When Cloud finally battles Sephiroth in what is called the Showdown of Fate, we get this dialogue.

Cloud: “So we meet at last.”
Sephiroth: “I was searching for you too.”
Cloud: “As long as you exist, I can’t wake from this nightmare.”
Cloud:“You are my darkness.”
Sephiroth: “If that’s so, I shall draw you into the darkness.Into the nightmare that forever deprives you of light, from which you can never awaken.”

Cloud wants to fight Sephiroth, his inner darkness. Because Cloud was wearing a KH costume and it’s a side-story, there is a lot of room to relate this with Cloud’s struggles in FFVII. We can say Sephiroth’s control of Cloud is the one being alluded here.

He searches for Sephiroth, hoping to settle things once and for all with his inner darkness. - Cloud’s description

I’ll get him. This time we settle it. Me, and the one who embodies all the darkness in me.
— upon meeting him in Hollow Bastion.

Yeah. Once I get rid of you, the darkness will go away.
— talking to Sephiroth during the Battle of 1000 Heartless.

There are arguments saying Cloud is searching both for Aerith in Sephiroth as Sora is searching for Kairi and Riku but then Kingdom Hearts II comes along. Here we have Tifa searching for Cloud and things turn out to be different.

“He’ll be fine. I’m sure there’s some light in him somewhere.”- Sora to Aerith

A remark from Sora to Aerith says that Cloud has yet to find his inner light and this is directly similar to the fact that Sephiroth is Cloud’s inner darkness.

When Tifa finally meets Cloud he was battling with Sephiroth. Sephiroth taunts that Cloud cannot let go of the darkness (in the KH everyone except the Princesses have darkness in them anyway) but Tifa retorts that Cloud just needs someone to surround him with light. Watch the whole scene here.

Now this is the moment when Sephiroth pointed his sword to Tifa and said.

“Let’s see what this light of yours can do.”



Cloud cried “No!” but Tifa’s light is blinding him when Sephiroth and Tifa fight each other. Some people say that this is because Tifa’s light is unsuitable for Cloud, but looking at the greater context there is a deeper cause for this. Like what Sephiroth had said and himself said, Cloud had been in the darkness for so long. This is the case in reality where light is blinding if one had been deprived from light. (Seriously just imagine the scene when you’re sleeping then someone turns on the light. )

Remember what Sephiroth said to Cloud:

That darkness comes from your own dark memories. … Face it — you turn your back on the present and live in the past. Because the light of the present is too much.”

Then Tifa says “You can have my light.” Cloud was unsure but he gets bluish light at first but when he protected Tifa he gets a golden aura for the first time and glows. Some say this is Cloud finding his inner light rather than using Tifa’s light. But note that Cloud only finds light when he protected her.  Nomura himself presented Tifa as as an antithesis to Sephiroth, as the “light,” however we are left to wonder if she’s really human or an embodiment of Cloud’s light. Knowing Sephiroth is in fact Cloud’s inner darkness, it’s safe to assume Tifa  is Cloud’s inner light.


-”Speaking of Tifa, there’s an event where she talked to Cloud after beating Sephiroth.”

Nomura: “In Nojima-san’s scenario, it explained Cloud and Tifa’s connection more in-depth but I deleted it away. I thought it would be more interesting to let the gamers think about it.For example, ‘If Cloud’s darkness is Sephiroth, then Tifa is light’; in that sense you can take it that Tifa isn’t really human. The reason Tifa doesn’t talk to anyone else besides Sora and co. may be because she doesn’t exist as a human. Of course, I also presented her in a way that she could also be a resident of Hollow Bastion, so I think you can freely think for yourself about her.”

So why is Tifa chasing Cloud then? Why is he chasing Sephiroth and leaving her alone like that? Again, the context points out to Advent Children as confirmed by Nojima. KHII was released just 2 years after Advent Children.

“…So Cloud’s really running from something but goes around pretending, saying that he’s chasing Sephiroth. Then we decided to make it him running from the “something warm” like what Tifa was after in AC.” — Nojima

In Advent Children, Cloud runs away from his family due to his feelings of powerlessness, anxiety over the future and fear of losing them. This is Cloud’s darkness, and his failures in the past (Zack and Aerith’s deaths) can be what Sephiroth was describing as “dark memories.”


AC Prologue: “Nojima: Cloud never had a candid personality to begin with, and although he started living with Tifa and even started working, he obtained a peaceful living he’s never experienced before, and this conversely made him anxious. And in the midst of this he contracts Geostigma himself, and rather than being able to protect the people dear to him, he instead was forced to face his own death, and so ran away.”

Cloud: Tifa … I’m not fit to help anyone — not my family, not my friends. Nobody.- AC

Cloud was running away from what Tifa was offering, and in AC this is the warmth of a family. KH serves as a bonus to illustrate this. At AC Cloud was able to forgive himself after facing his enemies and in KHII Cloud only found light when he stopped running from Tifa and when he protected her. The only difference is that KH doesn’t seem to have a conclusion yet and Cloud is still fighting Sephiroth.

Tifa doesn’t seem to get depressed by Cloud leaving again this and will continue to follow Cloud. She tells Sora that he doesn’t need to worry because “light is easy to find.”

Now even if they come from different contexts, Cloud’s relationship with Tifa in KH is similar to their relationship in Dissidia Duodecim. In Dissidia’s story, Cloud had always been a warrior of darkness and when Tifa comes along as his enemy, he forfeited the fight and died trying to save her. Because of his sacrifice, Cosmos revived him as a Warrior of Light and in the next cycle he was victorious. Tragically, Tifa also died trying to save Cloud. Note that Dissidia is canon to the FF story and really did happen.

And does this look familiar?


Cloud also had protected Tifa from Sephiroth in an almost exact same way as the Kingdom Hearts scene.  Another thing noteworthy is that Cloud lost his memories when he got revived at Dissidia’s 13th cycle, meaning that he forgot Tifa.

Revived as a warrior of Cosmos, he searches for a meaning to fight out of the sense that he has lost something dear within his memories.

Cloud’s character museum Dissidia

This is strikingly similar in KH Chain of Memories where Cloud also lost memories. We cannot conclude that the following quote is referring to Tifa since Duodecim and KHCM are years apart and contexts differ, Zack and Aerith may even qualify as the dear person (and in FFVII Zack is the only one Cloud forgot.) Nonetheless the similarity is difficult to ignore.

A swordsman hired by Hades to take out Hercules. Cloud seeks the true memories he has lost.

Were they memories of someone dear to him, or memories of his hazy past?
- Cloud’s description

In Kingdom Hearts Coded (Japanese only, I think the western release Re:Coded changed some stuff but I’m not quote sure I checked both scripts) there are also hints pointing out to Cloud’s relationship with Tifa. It is revealed that he made a deal with Hades so he could get stronger to protect someone and some of his quotes echo his feelings of powerlessness in FFVII and wanting to protect Tifa.

Cloud: No matter what I do, I’m letting somebody down. 

…Sorry. I need to fight to you. There is someone I have to protect… so let me test that power.
— before Sora fights him.

In FFVII, Cloud wanted to get stronger so Tifa would notice him, and of course because of failing to save her when she fell from the cliff. He also promised her that he would be there for her and save her when she is in a pinch. Here are what Cloud says in FFVII:

“I thought if I got stronger I could get someone to  notice………”

 “If I could just get stronger…… Then even Tifa would have to  notice me……”

If only I could’ve saved her…I was so angry… Angry at myself for my weakness. Ever since then, I felt Tifa blamed me…I got out of control… I’d get into fights not even caring who  it was. That was the first time I heard about Sephiroth. If I got strong like Sephiroth, then everyone might…”


Then interestingly, Sora and Hercules would lecture Cloud about finding his true strength rather relying on his deal with Hades. This is exactly the situation in FFVII where Cloud wanted to join Soldier which cause him to experience terrible things yet he was able to find his true strength when he faced Sephiroth at the burning of Nibelheim.

Lastly, by context Tifa’s role in KHII refers to her role in Advent Children but this is not the first time she was searching for Cloud.

A young woman in search of a certain someone.

Unflinching, unrelenting, Tifa has looked far and wide.

Her journey won’t be over until she finds the person she seeks.

-Tifa’s description in KHII

In FFVII, when Cloud was missing when the Northern Crater exploded this is exactly what Tifa has done, believing that she can see him again.

“……I’ll be able to see him someday."  - Tifa in FFVII

And… she did.

To sum it up

  • Sephiroth is Cloud’s darkness and Tifa is his light but we are left to wonder if Tifa’s human or not. Cloud’s battle with his own darkness involves himself, Sephiroth and Tifa.
  • Cloud only found light when he stopped running away from Tifa and protected her
  • Cloud running away from Tifa is an illustration on Cloud’s fear and weakness in AC where he ran away due to his feelings of powerlessness
  • Not only in KHII, but KH Coded also points out Cloud wanting to get stronger for Tifa’ sake.

It’s also noteworthy that Kairi is commonly perceived at Sora’s light as well as his childhood friend and love interest. Now who are they similar to? *wink wink*

Sours: https://danseru-kun.tumblr.com/post/49864365066/cloud-and-tifa-in-kingdom-hearts
I've read a few times Tifa in KH is not a physical being like Aerith but... Something involving Cloud. It seemed pretty confusing and awkward.

Some Googling tells me people ponder if she's Cloud's light - I can't even remember what means though - but I can't find anyone saying she's not a thing. I mean, Sora saw her.


It's deliberately ambiguous. You're not supposed to know for sure.

Yes, Sora saw her, but Sora tends to be kind of special, as far as these things go. He's connected to Cloud in a way most other people aren't.

SteeIguard posted...
You're not supposed to know for sure.


Nomura said that she was originally intended to be Cloud's light, to counter Sephiroth being his darkness. But it's never actually mentioned in-game, or anything.

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I'm pretty sure she's an actual person who acts as clouds light i.e. inspires him.


Don't Donald and Goofy see her too when you first meet her in Ansem's Study?

ajmrowland1 posted...

I'm pretty sure she's an actual person who acts as clouds light i.e. inspires him.

That's one of the intended possibilities, yes. But only one.

Zak6009 posted...
Don't Donald and Goofy see her too when you first meet her in Ansem's Study?

Donald and Goofy are kind of lumped in there with Sora.

W-what? Why is she supposedly not real? Aerith? What? ????
*replays KH1 + 2*
Someone fill me in here?


Q; Speaking of Tifa, there’s an event where she talked to Cloud after beating Sephiroth.

A: In Nojima-san’s scenario, it explained Cloud and Tifa’s connection more in-depth, but I trashed it. I thought it would be more interesting to let the gamers think about it. For example, “If Cloud’s darkness is Sephiroth, then Tifa is his light” -- in that sense you can take it that Tifa isn’t really human. The reason Tifa doesn’t talk to anyone else besides Sora's group may be because she doesn’t exist as a human. Of course, I also presented her in a way that she could also be a resident of Hollow Bastion, so I think you can freely think for yourself about her.

Watch "Final Fantasy XV Abridged" and "Kingdom Hearts Abridged" right here!

Wow. So the manga made a mistake by making her talk to Leon as well


I figured she was to Cloud what Kairi is to Sora. His 'Light'. In that same sense.

Sours: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/718920-kingdom-hearts-iii/69392007
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Kingdom Hearts II
Final Fantasy VII
A young woman in search of a certain someone.
Unflinching, unrelenting, Tifa has looked far and wide.
Her journey won't be over until she finds the person she seeks.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
A young woman in search of a certain someone.

Tifa & Aerith
A girl on a journey to find someone, and her friend with mysterious powers.
"He doesn't have to. He just needs someone to surround him with light."
—Tifa to Sephiroth

Tifa is a character in Kingdom Hearts II that originates from Final Fantasy VII. Her role in Kingdom Hearts II is the manifestation of Cloud's inner light.[1]


Tifa was intended to appear alongside Cloud and Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, but she was removed due to time constraints.[2]


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

When Sora and company revisit Hollow Bastion for the first time, they meet Tifa in Ansem the Wise's study, who claims she is looking for "a guy with spiky hair". She departs after searching through the study, and apologizes for bothering them.

During the Heartless invasion, Tifa, who has been tracking Cloud, nearly catches up to him, but he chases after Sephiroth, leaving her to fight a large group of Heartless on her own. She later fights alongside Sora in the Ravine Trail, preceded by Yuffie and Leon, and followed by Cloud.

After Sora defeats Sephiroth in battle, he finds Cloud and tells him that Sephiroth is waiting for him at the Dark Depths. When the confrontation reaches its climax, Tifa arrives to help Cloud. To banish Sephiroth's dark influence from Cloud, Tifa claims that all Cloud needs is to surrounded by someone with in light, protecting him from that darkness will always be there. She fights with Sephiroth very briefly, thus giving Cloud the light to overcome his darkness. Afterwards, the two men return to battle and disappear once again, leaving her to continue the pursuit. Before she leaves, Tifa gives Sora the FenrirKeychain as a token of gratitude for his help.

Other appearances[edit]

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[edit]

Tifa's Premium Heart in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Tifa's EX Mode allows her to don her ultimate weapon, the "Premium Heart" set of fighting gloves. In their Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy incarnation, the gloves have a Kingdom Hearts-style heart on them.


Like Cloud, Tifa's appearance in Kingdom Hearts II is based on her look in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. She has long, roughly waist-length, brown hair that is tucked behind her ear on the left side, showing that she has a silver, teardrop-shaped earring. Her eyes are rust colored and she seems to wear pink lipstick. She wears a black, leather tank top with a zipper down the front overtop a slightly longer, white tank top (similar to her original shirt in Final Fantasy VII). Tifa also wears a black, leather skort with two black ribbons tied on either leg. The back of this skort is quite long and reaches the floor. She also wears black, leather gloves and black and white shoes, with black ribbons tied around each.


Tifa is portrayed as kind and strong, possessing a rather direct personality. She is shown to be unflinchingly loyal and persevering, as demonstrated by her continued quest to help Cloud, despite setbacks. She is brave and confident of her abilities, as shown by her brief fight against Sephiroth.


Tifa possesses the same tremendous strength she did in Final Fantasy VII, easily capable of high level martial arts such as lifting a gigantic portrait of Xehanort, and kicking a wall hard enough to shake a whole room (her high physical strength being displayed in a comical way is a small running gag).

She can perform her final Limit Break attack called "Final Heaven", which enables her to send a massive energy blast at her opponent.


Tifa FFVII.png

Tifa Lockhart is a character from Final Fantasy VII.

Tifa grew up in the same village as Cloud Strife, Nibelheim, until he left for Midgar to become a Shinra Soldier, not achieving SOLDIER yet. A few years later the fateful Nibelheim Incident took place. Sephiroth killed several people and burned down the village. Tifa, with Cloud and Zack, tried to fight Sephiroth. Tifa and Zack got beaten badly, but Cloud managed to defeat Sephiroth.

In the intervening years between this event and the beginning of Final Fantasy VII, Tifa trained in martial arts to become stronger and joined AVALANCHE, an anti-Shinra group, where she also finds Cloud. When they learn that Sephiroth is still alive and plotting evil, they decide to fight him again, with the help of other characters. This quest to find and battle Sephiroth makes up the bulk of Final Fantasy VII.


  • Tifa in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^Kingdom Hearts II Character Reports Vol. 2, Tetsuya Nomura: "As a symbol of light, like Sephiroth, it's possible that she too was incorporeal. That last scene where she goes off to search for Cloud, you could say, is a metaphor for how Cloud's light still hasn't lost him, even though he's disappeared off with his darkness, and it is trying to shine on him again... I'm pretty sure I didn't manage to get all that across very well." Translation via Goldpanner
  2. ^Kingdom Hearts II Ultimania, Tetsuya Nomura: "In fact, back when we were working on Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, some of the staff members wanted to have Tifa show up. They said 'Battling with Tifa would be fun, in a melee sense' and originally wanted to add both Sephiroth and Tifa (into Kingdom Hearts Final Mix), but due to tight schedules, we could only go with one character, so we inserted Sephiroth into Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Because of that, we decided to let Tifa show up in this game." Translation via Maiki.
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Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HD 1.5 + 2.5 (PS4) Tifa HD 720p 60fps

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Art Combines Cloud and Tifa With Kingdom Hearts

By Luie Magbanua


A Final Fantasy 7 Remake fan art depicts what Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart would look like in the visual style of Kingdom Hearts.

With the sheer amount of role-playing titles under the belt of Square Enix, it is likely not surprising for fan interest to cross between several video games in the well-known developer’s universe. Recently, a Final Fantasy 7 Remake fan shared an original artwork that combined the RPG with another Square Enix franchise, the popular keyblade series Kingdom Hearts.

Many Final Fantasy 7 fans were likely impressed that Kingdom Hearts brought in several of the game's characters into the first and second titles. This included protagonist Cloud Strife, his evil arch-nemesis Sephiroth, and several other characters such as Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Zack Fair, and Cid Highwind. However, players noticed a severe lack of Final Fantasy characters in KH3. This likely resulted in confusion and disappointment, given that many Square Enix fans were looking forward to seeing them in the third title. Even so, the absence of FF7 characters in KH3 has not deterred fans from making unique art that showcased what the characters would look like in the style of Kingdom Hearts.

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On Reddit, user good223 shared an artwork created by Holley (@hollypolllyy on Twitter). The image depicted the Final Fantasy 7 Remake childhood versions of Cloud and Tifa in the popular Kingdom Hearts stained glass style. Cloud is seen with his short ponytail, while Tifa is wearing a green dress that FF7R has made more detailed in the game. For most Kingdom Hearts players, they would likely recall this type of art showing up in several parts of the game, usually in the beginning when players have to decide Sora’s starting build in-game.

On Twitter, Holley gave the artwork the title “Cloud and Tifa Stained Glass - The Promise,” alluding to one of the scenarios in Final Fantasy 7 Remake wherein Tifa asked Cloud to promise to come and save her if she was ever in trouble. The artwork was actually commissioned by another Twitter user named Sassy (@SassyStargazer7). Holley noted that they loved making stained glass artwork of Square Enix couples, and would actually be open to making more of them in the future. The official Square Enix account even replied to the post on Twitter, giving encouraging words to the artist and calling the content gorgeous.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is definitely a series that will have more player-generated content in the future. As the game draws in more fans with Intergrade, the Yuffie Kisaragi DLC, and the eventual FF7R Part 2, fans will likely be more inspired to create fan art of the game such as one created by Holley.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available on PS4 and PS5.

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Source: Reddit


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