Ford f250 diesel oil filter

Ford f250 diesel oil filter DEFAULT

Product Specs

Height 6.630
Inside Diameter 1-16 Th'd
Outside Diameter 3.689
Anti-Drainback Valve YES
By-Pass Valve Setting 20 PSI
Base Gasket I.D. 2.460
Base Gasket O.D. 2.808
Base Gasket Thickness 0.203

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Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions

  1. Use proper protective gear. Used motor oil should not come in contact with bare skin. Engine oil may be hot.
  2. Place a drain pan under the oil filter and unscrew oil filter.
  3. Clean mounting base, making sure the O-ring from the old filter is not stuck to the filter mount.
  4. Apply film of clean oil to filter gasket. Do not use grease.
  5. Screw new filter on until gasket reaches base contact. Then tighten according to instructions on filter using tightening guide markers.
  6. Check owner’s manual for correct oil specification, viscosity and amount.
  7. Add oil to “full” on dipstick. Idle engine for 5 minutes and check for leaks.
  8. Shut off engine and recheck oil level after 5 minutes and top off as necessary.

*FRAM Group testing of average filter efficiency of PH8A, 3387A and 4967 or equivalent FRAM TG or XG models under ISO 4548-12 for particles greater than 20 microns.

**Greater than 3X the functional life of Nitrile ADB when tested per SAE HS806 hot oil and Anti-drain-back test.

ꝉNot all features are available on every part number in the product line.  Check the package for specific features of individual filters.



Generally, parts which alter or modify the original design or performance of a motor vehicle pollution control device or system are NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA or other states with similar regulations. Such aftermarket parts are subject to governmental emissions standards regulated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). In order for such parts to be legal for sale or use in the State of California, or other states with similar regulations, the part must acquire a CARB EO number so as to make it legal for use on a specific year/make/model of vehicle. CARB approved parts will include a sticker containing the CARB EO number. This sticker must be displayed in a visible location in the vehicle's engine bay for smog inspections. Any order placed for a non-CARB compliant part to the State of California, or other states with similar regulations will be automatically canceled and refunded. You may contact us with any questions regarding CARB or to verify whether or not a part has a CARB EO number.

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Changing the oil in a Ford Powerstroke diesel 6.0 By How-to Bob

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Diesel filter oil f250 ford

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Changing the oil in a Ford Powerstroke diesel 6.0 By How-to Bob

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