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The Square is divided into four quadrants by Shaker Boulevard (Ohio 87) which runs east-west, and by North and South Moreland Boulevard which enter the Square at the north and south. Each quadrant has a building with stores and restaurants and offices on the second floor.

Metered parking is available. Sorry, but without them all the spaces would be used by RTA riders. Metered spaces are in gray on the map below.

The meters along Shaker Boulevard are owned by Cleveland and cost $.25 per hour, with no charge Saturdays and Sundays.

The meters around the Square and behind the northwest quadrant are operated for the Coral Company by a parking service. They cost $.25 for 20 minutes.

In March 2007 a very welcome feature was added to the meters around the Square: a button to press for 15 minutes of free parking. This feature was removed in May 2010, but the Coral Company has advised us that this feature will be restored. (AB May 26, 2011)


Free parking is available in two large parking lots at the Square, shown below in blue:

  • In the northeast quadrant.
    Enter this lot from North Moreland Boulevard
    There's a new walkway through to Shaker Square, so you don't need to walk to North Moreland. It is to the right of the CVS drivethrough window.

  • In the southwest quadrant.
    This lot is behind Shaker Square Cinemas and Dave's.
    Enter this lot from Drexmore Road. Many spaces are marked "Daves" but there are plenty of other spaces. If you are driving east to the Square on Shaker Boulevard will find it very convenient to enter this lot from Shaker Boulevard.


Shaker Heights is a city in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States. As of the 2010 Census, the city population was 28,448. It is an inner-ring streetcar suburb of Cleveland that abuts the city on its eastern side.
Shaker Heights is roughly 1,050 feet (320 m) above sea level, and is located about six miles (10 km) inland from Lake Erie. Shaker Heights is drained by the Doan Brook watershed, and has several small artificial lakes: Horseshoe Lake, Green Lake, Lower Shaker Lake, and Marshall Lake. Horseshoe Lake and Lower Shaker Lake had been dammed by the Shakers, while developers added Green Lake and Marshall Lake, the latter named after drugstore chain owner W. A. Marshall, at a later point.
Shaker Heights has a humid continental climate (Koppen climate classification Dfa), which is similar to much of the midwest United States. This climate has very warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. The Lake Erie shoreline is very close to due east-west from the mouth of the Cuyahoga River west to Sandusky, but at the mouth of the Cuyahoga it turns sharply northeast. This feature is the principal contributor to the lake effect snow that is typical in Shaker Heights weather from mid-November until the surface of Lake Erie freezes, usually in late January or early February. Seasonal totals approaching or exceeding 100 inches (2,500 mm) are not uncommon because Shaker Heights is found in an area known as the "Snow Belt", extending from the east side of Cleveland proper through the eastern suburbs and up the Lake Erie shore as far as Buffalo, New York. Despite its reputation as a cold, snowy place in winter mild spells often break winter's grip with temperatures sometimes soaring above 68 °F (20 °C).

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