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Danger: Store in cool place - never in passenger cabin of vehicle as can may explode. Do not expose to temperatures above 120 degrees F. 1. Remove the clear plastic cap. Remove both of the smart clips from the cap and insert them into vehicle's center air vent. 2. Locate the vehicle's low side service port. This port will often have a plastic cap and is located between the a/c compressor and the evaporator. It is the only port to which the recharge hose will connect. 3. Start engine and turn in conditioner to maximum cool and maximum air flow. Close passenger compartment. 4. Shake can well. Unwind hose and remove cap over push button. 5. Connect the recharge hose to the low side service port by pulling the connector ring back as you push the fitting onto the service port. Make sure it locks in place. Do not overcharge/do not vent. 6. Press the recharge button to release refrigerant. Add refrigerant while fully rotating the can from a 12 o'clock position to 3 o'clock position, continually agitating (sweeping) can back and forth. The word Avalanche will turn from white to blue indicating refrigerant is being added to the system. If your system is very low in refrigerant this process can take several minutes. 7. Periodically stop adding refrigerant by releasing the push button to check smart clips for correct refrigerant fill. Do this while slightly increasing your RPM with passenger compartment closed. Remove quick-connect coupler from service port. Never place refrigerant can on any hot engine part. 8. One clip will change to blue showing the A/C is approaching optimum fill. The second clip will change to green showing the system is full charged. (If outside temperature is above 95 degrees F, only the blue clip needs to change color for the correct refrigerant fill. Leave clips in vent and recheck when temperature falls below 95 degrees F to make sure system is full charged). 9. When you have the correct fill and your air conditioner is blowing cold, stop charging. Remove the quick - connect coupler from the service port and store can in a cool, dry place or discard according to state or local guidelines.



No tools required. Ready to use. Fast & easy. One time use. For maximum cooling. Stop leaks. Restores system performance. Smart Clip Technology: Smart clips - changes color in vent to show correct fill. Smart can - logo turns blue when refrigerant goes into A/C. Avalanche contains 9.5 oz of R-134a (1, 1, 1, 2 Tetrafluoroethane) and .5 oz PAG oil with a proprietary formula of additives to ensure maximum cold air while sealing common rubber o-ring, gasket, and hose leaks and extending compressor life. Smart clips, when inserted into the air vent, will change color to show that the system is full charge.

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134A Auto Refrigerant

Smart Clip Technology – Easy to Use Vent Clips change to blue and green to show correct refrigerant charge and to prevent overcharging. No gauge required.

NEW SMART COUPLER – Recharging just got easier with our built-in Smart Coupler with Pressure Check indicator that rises to remind you to check SMART CLIPS.

Smart Can Logo – Logo on can turns blue to show that refrigerant is flowing from the can to the a/c system.

AVALANCHE Proprietary refrigerant formula replaces lost refrigerant and oil. The formula improves the a/c’s cooling capabilities and provides better heat exchange by forming a protective film to decrease friction, reduce engine drag, prevent oxidation and sludge formation and extend the compressor life.

Stop Leaks – System safe chemical additive stops leaks in o-rings and other rubber components where most common leaks begin.

NOTICE: Some products in this store can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please check the product label for warning information. For more information go to We cannot ship any products into California that are affected by Proposition 65.

SHIPPING CHANGES: Due to new sales tax rules in the state of Colorado, effective June 1, 2019, purchases made online through JAX Mercantile for customers in the state of Colorado will only be able to be shipped to addresses within JAX current tax jurisdictions in Fort Collins, Loveland, Lafayette, and Broomfield. Customers in the state of Colorado who do not have shipping addresses within these zip codes may still opt for in-store pickup at any JAX store location when making a purchase on the JAX website. Learn more on our shipping and returns page.

BARDI Smart Plug, Ini baru colokan...


Three simple words:  To Prevent Overcharging.

Overcharging your system produces the same result as undercharging – Hot Air in the vehicle cabin.  So getting your refrigerant fill correct is the key to recharging your A/C system. That’s why AVALANCHE developed SMART CLIPS and SMART COUPLER technology: to measure vent temperature and visually show you when you have added enough refrigerant.

Want to learn more about overcharging? See what gauge customers have to say about thier bad experiences.


Recharging your Auto A/C System just got safer and easier with the new SMART COUPLER from AC Avalanche. The built-in Pressure Check indicator helps prevent overcharging by rising to remind you to check SMART CLIPS! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Place both SMART CLIPS into your center air vent. Turn your A/C to maximum cooling. Add refrigerant until SMART CLIPS change color.

Using thermochromic technology, the first Smart Clip will change from white to blue indicating that you are approaching the correct fill.

The second Smart Clip changes from white to green, indicating that the fill is complete.

Please note that if the outside ambient temperature is above 95°F, only the blue Smart Clip needs to change color for the correct refrigerant fill. Leave SMART CLIPS in the vent and recheck when the temperature falls below 95°F to make sure the system is fully charged!

Why no Gauge?

Why not use a low-side gauge to see if your system is charged correctly?  Because low-side gauges do not work on many of today’s vehicles.  Modern A/C systems use a Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) with a sensor bulb, which can cause inaccurate pressure readings!

What is a Thermal Expansion Valve?

A TXV regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator and also meters the evaporator outlet temperature.  In this way, the valve sets a maximum operating pressure at the evaporator outlet, which gives more efficient cooling by controlling the Super Heat.  This means that once the maximum operating pressure is reached, the TXV regulates the refrigerant flow to the low side of the system.

How does this cause Overcharge?

Once your system is full, if you use a gauge to measure the pressure on the low side of an a/c system, you are only measuring the amount of pressure after the TXV has regulated the refrigerant flow. If the maximum pressure, regulated by the TXV, is below the suggested fill range of the gauge, the gauge will give a false reading. As you add more refrigerant, your gauge pressure never increases, but your refrigerant fill does! What happens if you keep trying to get your gauge pressure to increase?? Overcharge!


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Recharge your A/C with Smart Chip Pro - How it Works

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