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Witch Trials in the 21st Century

The most famous witch trial in history happened in Salem, Massachusetts, during the winter and spring of 1692-1693. When it was all over, 141 suspects, both men and women, were tried as witches. Nineteen were executed by hanging. One was pressed to death by heavy stones.

However, witch trials are not a thing of the past. Indeed, charges of witchcraft and trials of suspected witches are increasing.


The word witchcraft has good and bad meanings in different cultures around the world. A general definition of witchcraft is the changing of everyday events using supernatural or magical forces.

Witchcraft is usually associated with the power of nature, such as medicinal and poisonous plants, or rains and floods. People accused of witchcraft are said to be able to control natural events such as storms or droughts.

So-called “witch doctors” use combinations of plants and animals, as well as spirituality or supernatural ability, to treat medical conditions. These “witch doctors” are not accused of being witches themselves—they heal illnesses and ailments blamed on witchcraft. “Witch doctor” is often a derogatory term for a traditional healer. Traditional healers, who rely on ancient remedies, are not witch doctors.

Unlike traditional healers, witch doctors use spells. Spells are words or phrases that are suspected of having magical powers. Casting a spell to be wealthy or lucky in love is an example of witchcraft.

Why do some people believe in witchcraft? Using the example of the love spell, some people may believe that the spell is the thing that brought them happiness. However, some people who are unlucky in love may believe that someone is using witchcraft against them.

People try to come up with reasons for their own bad luck, or someone else’s good luck. If someone is really lucky, some people believe they must have cast a spell or made a deal with the devil in order to be so fortunate.

Belief in Witches

Belief in witchcraft is widespread. A 2005 poll of Canadians and people from the United Kingdom found that 13 percent believed in witches. For Americans, that number was even higher: 21 percent.

Most people do not believe in magical witches, of course. Sometimes, though, normally logical people blame supernatural powers for their misfortune.

Today, witch trials occur all over the world. Organizations like the United Nations and Stepping Stones Nigeria have found that the number of witch trials around the world is increasing. They are almost always violent, and sometimes they are deadly.

When people get sick, witchcraft is sometimes seen as the cause. This is especially true in places with poor medical care or few educational opportunities. Although belief in witchcraft is not limited to the developing world, witch trials occur more frequently there.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 25 percent of pregnant women in Zambia are infected with HIV or AIDS. Men, women, and children are accused of spreading HIV/AIDS through witchcraft. Some of the accused are leaders in the scientific community or government advisers. So-called “witch hunters” have been known to kill those accused of witchcraft with a so-called poisonous “tea.” In one town in Zambia, a witch hunter killed 16 people in fewer than four months.

Dozens of people have been killed in Papua New Guinea, the eastern half of the tropical island of New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean. In January 2009, a young girl was burned alive, accused of being a witch and infecting men with HIV/AIDS. A month later, a father and son were also burned to death after being accused of witchcraft.

Accusations of witchcraft can be associated with good luck as well as bad luck. Nigeria’s oil boom, which began in the 1970s, has made a few of its citizens extremely wealthy. Some Nigerians explain this rapidaccumulation of money and power as a sign of witchcraft. As recently as 2007, children accused of witchcraft in Nigeria were burned, poisoned, and abused.

In 2008, rumors that a successful soccer player was using witchcraft triggered a riot in Kinshasa, Congo. The riot and stampede killed 13 people.

In India, landowning women are sometimes accused of witchcraft. Neighbors of the suspected witch may begin collecting firewood on which the suspect will burn. The women, often older widows, are scared enough to leave their homes. Their neighbors then take their land.

People who look different are often the victims of witch trials. In Tanzania, albino people are in danger of being killed for their skin and body parts. Since 2007, more than 50 albinos have been killed for ritual use. Tanzanian witch-doctors believe the arms, legs, skin, and hair of albinos have special magic in them, and that their use will bring their clients good luck in love, life, and business.

In the Republic of Benin, the country’s government has used people’s fears of witchcraft to explain why some people do better than others. According to many legends, a baby that is not born head-first and with its face upwards is considered to be a witch. The so-called baby witches have been blamed for poor agricultural seasons or illnesses. Many babies are abandoned or killed.

President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia believes he is being targeted by witches. According to Amnesty International, as many as 1,000 Gambians accused of witchcraft have been arrested and tortured on orders from the president. At least two people are dead. President Jammeh also claims to be able to cure AIDS on Thursdays and fires doctors who disagree with him.

Stopping Witch Hunts

So what can be done to stop witch trials or accusations of witchcraft? Trying to stop a witch hunt by saying witches don’t exist doesn’t work. AIDS and poverty are very real sources of fear.

People project their fears onto unfortunate victims. There has never been a proven case of witchcraft in all of human history. On the other hand, there are thousands of victims of witch hunts. People accused of witchcraft, if they survive their ordeal at all, often end up with ruined lives. In the end, it is the witch hunters who should be feared more than the people whom they accuse of witchcraft.

Quick action by respected authority figures is effective in stopping witch hunts. In 2005, an 8-year-old girl in London, England, was accused of being a witch by a family member. The girl’s family abused her and rubbed chili peppers in her eyes to “beat the devil out of her.” British authorities immediately acted to remove the girl from the home. Three family members were held accountable for treating the girl as a witch.

In 1997, the government of South Africa decided to do something about witchcraft fear in that country. They began an educational campaign in schools and workplaces about science, medicine, and HIV/AIDS. They also sent police to work with traditional healers and village chiefs. The police told them if they accuse a person of witchcraft and that person ends up being killed, the healers and village chiefs will be held responsible. 

Sours: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/article/witch-trials-21st-century/print/


Submit to your Elders, myself included. And in the fullness of time, who knows what powers you might attain?

— Mary Sibley to Mercy Lewis on Powers.

A Power is a supernatural ability that allows witches to manifest magical feats. Powers are also referred to as "tricks" or simply as "magic" and their effectiveness and level vary from witch to witch, especially between cradle witches and contract witches.


You have known for some time that you can move objects with your thought and without touch, but you must learn to do it without the heat of emotion. A lightning bolt may scorch an entire forest. Only a human hand can build a fire and tend a flame. Control is all.

— John Hale to his daughter Anne

The origins of powers must be sought in affiliation with divine entities, with the Devil as a primary power source for the practice of Witchcraft (also known as Malice, or Maleficium). The domination of one's emotions, as well as mastering spells and rituals, lead witches to demonstrate feats out of the ordinary, such as moving objects without touching them, divine the future, manipulate weather to even cause death through sheer force of will. Generally, active powers such as Telekinesis or Elemental Control are used in hand to hand fights or for minor purposes, while other sophisticated powers such as Astral Projection or Necromancy seem to require certain tools or ritualistic actions to be performed. While spells are the medium by which every person must use in order to achieve a magical effect, it appears that once a person has mastered a spell, they can perform it features through their will and without the usual ritualistic requirements. 

Since there is no allusion of an affiliation between cunning folks and any deity of sort, their powers are bland and heavily relying on herbalism and rituals. The origin of Seership is unknown; It allows Seers to perform supernatural feats such as removing their own eyes from their sockets without any side effects.

Divine Power

There is one power above all others, a divine power that comes with the greatest of responsibilities That of life and death. The essence in all things is palpable to you. With it, you can give life or snatch it away. This is the truest 'malice' a witch may perform. To kill at a distance with nothing but their will.

— from John Hale's Book of Shadows

The apex of the powers granted to those who practice sorcery is the ability to attain power over life and death. Since witches are attuned with the supernatural forces behind the Universe, known to most as Magic, they are also able to access the higher powers, sharing a shred of the divine power of creation. For everything has its counterpart, witches also have the power of destruction. Since this is the most precious and powerful ability a witch can handle, it is also the most seductive and unstable, because the witch will be brought to use it whenever it is deemed appropriate and this can vary greatly depending on the ethics of the witch. Since the practice of maleficium

Sours: https://salem.fandom.com/wiki/Powers
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This is a list of magic powers and their descriptions.



  • Absorption - The ability to trap a being or object inside an artifact.
  • Acid Secretion - The ability to generate corrosive acid.
  • Advanced Electrokinesis - The ability to shoot extremely powerful beam-like blasts of pure electricity.
  • Advanced Fire Throwing - The ability to shoot a beam of highly concentrated, torch-like fire.
  • Advanced Telekinesis - An advanced form of Telekinesis. It allows the user to move very large objects and create a powerful burst of sheer telekinetic energy.
  • Aerokinesis - The elemental ability to create, control and manipulate the air and wind.
  • Age Shifting - The ability to accelerate or reverse the aging process; to become young.
  • Apportation - The ability to teleport objects or people through space.
  • Ash Teleportation - The ability to teleport across short or long distances through ashes.
  • Astral Premonition - The ability to astral project into your premonition.
  • Astral Projection - The ability to project the consciousness into an astral form outside of the body.
  • Atmokinesis - The ability to control and manipulate all various aspects of the weather at will.
  • Audible Inundation - The power to overwhelm someone's mind with voices.
  • Augmentation - The ability to enhance one's and other's abilities.
  • Aura Choking - The ability to strangle someone through their own aura.
  • Aura Manipulation - The ability to manipulate auras.



  • Calling - The ability to call or summon inanimate objects into one's hand at will.
  • Catoptromancy - The ability to see distant people or places through mirrors.
  • Channeling - The ability to take control of and use the powers of others.
  • Chronokinesis - The ability to control and manipulate time in all directions.
  • Clairaudience - The ability to hear what people outside natural hearing range are saying inside one's mind.
  • Clinging - The ability to cling to solid surfaces.
  • Cloaking - The ability to make someone invisible and unable to be detected.
  • Cloning - The ability to duplicate oneself.
  • Combustive Orbing - The ability to channel orbs into another object or being, causing combustion.
  • Conjuration - The ability to instantly create matter from nothing.
  • Conjuring the Elements - The ability to conjure and control the elements of earth, fire, wind, water, and even lightning.
  • Corporealization - The ability to change from spirit form to a solid physical form.
  • Crushing - The power to surround an object or power with a force that ultimately squashes it.
  • Cryokinesis - The ability to create and/or manipulate ice and cold.
  • Cursing - The ability to enchant an object or person, and produce highly negative effects.


  • Dark Wisping - A form of teleportation used by the Angel of Death.
  • Deflection - The ability to deflect the active powers of others.
  • Deviation - The ability to return attacks back to where they came.
  • Discord Inducement - The ability to create conflict between people.
  • Divination - The practice of predicting the future.
  • Dream Leaping - The ability to project into people's dreams and manipulate them.
  • Dusting - The ability to teleport through grey, dust-like particles.


  • Ectoplasmic Webbing - The ability to fire strings of ectoplasm.
  • Elasticity - The ability to stretch a part of your body like a rubber band.
  • Electrokinesis - The elemental ability to control and generate electricity and throw lightning.
  • Empathy - The ability to feel others feelings and channel them, as well as to copy others powers.
  • Enchantment - The ability to bestow magical powers on an object or an individual.
  • Energy Projection - The ability to control and be able to project all forms of energy.
    • Energy Ball - The ability to throw balls of magical energy.
    • Energy Beam - The ability to shoot deadly beams of energy.
    • Energy Blast - The ability to shoot a powerful wave of kinetic energy, a wave of pure energy.
    • Energy Bolt - The ability to throw bolts of energy similar to Light Dart and Laser Bolt.
    • Energy Magic - The ability to project energy and shape and manipulate it in various forms as desired.
    • Energy Sparks - The ability to shoot beams of energy sparks capable of vanquishing beings.
    • Energy Waves - The ability to send enormous destructive waves of energy.
  • Enhanced Intuition - The ability to anticipate or sense danger before it occurs. Most often this ability is developed from psychic powers such as Premonition.
  • Enhanced Agility - The ability to lighten one's body and make oneself more agile.
  • Enhanced Senses - The ability to have extremely advanced senses.


  • Fading - An energy-based form of teleportation.
  • Fear Amplification - The ability to amplify another being's fear.
  • Fear Projection - A powerful ability to project others' fears to reality. It is associated with Fear Amplification.
  • Fireball - The ability to generate balls of fire.
  • Fire Breathing - The ability to emit fire from one's mouth.
  • Fire Throwing - The ability to throw streams of fire from the hands.
  • Flaming - A fire-based form of teleportation, mostly used by upper-level demons.
  • Flight - An advanced form of Levitation. It allows the user to fly high and control the direction they go to.
  • Floating - The ability to rise a few centimeters/inches off the ground and float around.
  • Force Blast - The ability to generate blasts of force that send the target flying through the air.
  • Force Field - The ability to control a shield of great amount of concentrated force.


  • Genesis - The ability to create lesser beings from your own body.
  • Geokinesis - The ability to control earth and earth-based materials.
  • Glamouring - The ability to change appearance to look like another person by creating an illusion around the user.
  • Glistening - A form of teleportation which when used, leaves a glistening contour of the body.


  • Healing - The ability to heal injuries and diseases of others, unless that person is evil or has already died.
  • High Resistance - The ability to survive otherwise lethal attacks from physical and magical harm.
  • Hologram - The ability to create holographic images.
  • Hope Reading - The ability to read someone's hopes.
  • Hovering - The ability to rise up into the air and hover in one place, with or without the use of orbs.
  • Hydrokinesis - The ability to create and manipulate water.
  • Hyper Speed - The ability to move extremely fast.
  • Hypnosis - The ability to put someone in a submissive trance.


  • Illusion Casting - The ability to create illusions which alter the victim's senses and perception of his/her surroundings.
  • Immortality - The ability to live forever without aging and be immune to all kind of diseases.
  • Immunity - The ability to be immune to certain or all kinds of powers and/or physical harm.
  • Incineration - The ability to kill someone by setting him on fire.
  • Intangibility - The ability to render one's body intangible, allowing them to pass through solid objects.
  • Invincibility - Protects the possessor from any physical or magical harm.
  • Invisibility - The ability to become unseen by the naked eye.
  • Inspire Creativity - The ability to create and direct creativity with one's presence.


  • Kiss of Death - A Siren's variation of Touch of Death. She kisses the men burning them up from the inside.
  • Knowledge Absorption - The ability to psychically absorb knowledge from other people.


  • Laser Bolt - The ability to generate darts of electromagnetic radiation that can burn the target upon contact.
  • Levitation - The ability to rise into the air and float in apparent defiance of gravity.
  • Life Draining - The ability to drain the life force out of someone.
  • Life Link - The ability to connect one's life with another.
  • Light Dart - The ability to generate tiny, small darts of energy that burn the target upon contact.
  • Lightning Teleportation - The ability to teleport through lightning.
  • Liquification - The ability to change into water momentarily.
  • Literary Manipulation - The power to absorb all information a book contains.
  • Luck Granting - The ability to grant luck or bad luck to others.
  • Luring - The ability to tempt and persuade someone to obey your will and do your bidding.


  • Manifestation - The ability to keep existing in spirit form after the body has been vanquished.
  • Mediumship - The ability to see and communicate with ghosts.
  • Memory Manipulation - The ability to manipulate the memories of others, such as erasing and altering them.
  • Mind Manipulation - The ability to manipulate the minds of others.
  • Molecular Manipulation - The ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level.
  • Mummification - The ability to mummify bodies almost instantly to preserve them.




  • Particle Swarm - The power to fire a swarm of burning particles that can vanquish the victim.
  • Petrification - The ability to turn beings or objects into stone.
  • Photokinesis - The ability to produce and manipulate light.
  • Plasma Ball - The ability to throw balls of plasma energy.
  • Portal Creation - The ability to open portals to parallel worlds, dimensions, or planes.
  • Possession - The ability to control living beings by entering their body.
  • Potion Brewing - The ability to make potions.
  • Power Manipulation - The ability to manipulate magical power in various ways.
    • Power Absorption - The ability to absorb the powers of the killed victims. It is a rare ability.
    • Power Containment - The ability to store and contain magical powers in white spheres, magical containers or other beings.
    • Power Extraction - The ability to temporarily strip magical powers from other beings without absorbing the power.
    • Power Granting - The ability to grant powers to another being.
    • Power Mimicry - The ability to permanently copy a witch's powers and abilities if they are used on you.
    • Power Negation - The ability to prevent the powers of others activate when the user wants to use them.
    • Power Replication - The ability to temporarily copy and use the powers of another being.
    • Power Stripping - The ability to temporarily or permanently strip one's powers.
    • Power Swapping - The ability to swap the powers of two individuals.
    • Power Tapping - The ability for magical pregnancies where psychic bonds between the child and mother are created, the mother can sometimes consciously tap into the powers of her unborn child.
  • Power of Three - The most powerful of all powers in the Charmed world, possessed by the Charmed Ones.
  • Premonition - The ability to receive a vision about the future of an object or person with or without touching them or those.
    • Psychic Echo - Connected to the power of Premonition, a Psychic Echo is when two psychics are physically and mentally connected.
  • Pressurization - The ability to induce high pressure on someone's skull.
  • Projection - The ability to project a desire to reality
  • Projective Invisibility - The ability to make people and objects invisible.
  • Projective Levitation - The ability to levitate other people and objects.
  • Psychic Reflection - The ability to channel a person's emotions and memories then reflect them back onto the their mind; overloading their mind. An advanced aspect of Empathy.
  • Psychokinesis - The ability to move objects that are not in one's line of sight, much stronger than telekinesis.
  • Pyrokinesis - The ability to generate and control fire.
  • Pyromancy - The ability to spy on a target through fire, usually to gather information.
  • Pyrotechnics - The ability to produce fireworks.


  • Rage Projection - The ability to enrage others by magnifying their anger.
  • Rainbow Teleportation - A form of teleportation through a rainbow used by Leprechauns.
  • Reality Warping - The ability to manipulate reality according to your desires.
  • Reconstitution - The ability to be reformed again after being vanquished.
  • Regeneration - The ability to heal rapidly from any injury; the rate of recovery depends on how strong the user is.
  • Releasing Repression - The ability to tap into other people's repressed emotions and absorb it, freeing the suppressed emotion.
  • Remote Beaming - The ability to send and call another person to and from a specific location instead of having to beam with them.
  • Remote Orbing - The ability to send and call another person to and from a specific location instead of having to orb with them.
  • Remote Sparkling: The ability to teleport surrounded by tiny lights or sparks other people from one place to another without touching them.
  • Remote Teleportation - The ability to teleport other people from one place to another without physical contact with that person or teleporting oneself.
  • Resurrection - The ability to resurrect the dead, could be others or could be oneself.


  • Sand Manipulation - The ability to create and control sand.
  • Sand Teleportation - Form of teleporation in which the user disappears in a whirling sandstorm.
  • Scrying - One of the basic abilities of a witch, the ability to search with a crystal to find a lost object or person.
  • Sense Stealing - The ability to take away someone's else's senses and use it for oneself.
  • Sensing - The ability to sense the location of other people.
  • Shadow Manipulation - The ability to generate and manipulate shadows to various effects.
    • Shadow Blast - The ability to fire powerful blasts of shadows.
  • Shapeshifting - The ability to change the physical form or shape of the body.
  • Shimmering - The ability to teleport with a blurry "shimmer", mostly used by demons.
  • Shredding - A form of teleportation that allows the user to disperse their molecules one place and reform elsewhere.
  • Shrinking - The power to shrink someone's physical size.
  • Sleep Induction - The ability to put others to sleep with the wave of the hand or via a potion.
  • Smoke Secretion - The ability to produce gas or smoke used to suffocate people or is toxic in nature.
  • Smoke-Fading - A form of teleportation that is a combination of Smoking and Fading.
  • Smoking - A smoke-based form of teleportation.
  • Sonic Scream - The ability to generate vocal sounds of a higher amplitude than a normal human, often to such high levels it can be lethal or highly destructive.
  • Soul Absorption - The ability to absorb the souls of the dead.
  • Soul Blasting - The ability to fire a blast of lightning-like energy that can extract the souls of other beings.
  • Soul Containment - The ability to contain souls of the dead in Crystals, balls of white energy or fire.
  • Sound Wave Emission - The ability to send out intense waves of sound from one's body.
  • Sparkling - The ability to teleport surrounded by tiny lights or sparks.
  • Spell Casting - The ability to cast spells.
  • Spell Nullification - The ability to undo the effects of spells simply by holding one's hands over the page that the spell came from.
  • Spiralization - An energy-based form of teleportation used exclusively by Wizards.
  • Spirit Dominion - The ability to have control over spirits.
  • Spirit Writing - The ability to write messages from the afterlife through orbs.
  • Strangulation - The energy-based power that allows the user to cause the victim suffocation.
  • Suggestion - The ability to plant thoughts into the mind of another, bending them to your will.
  • Summoning - The ability to conjure a being into the user's vicinity.
  • Super Strength - The power of having magically augmented physical strength and stamina.
  • Swallowing - The ability to consume and transfer one to a different place, dimension or plane.


Sours: https://charmed.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Powers
Satu- All Powers from A Discovery of Witches
Purple:Use with white candle to neutralize effects of karma and ego. Ancient wisdom, the third eye, psychic powers, meditation, spirituality. Purple Candles, Gold Candles, White Candles, Lavender Candles, Unique Candles, Rose Candle, Candle Magic, Wiccan, Magick
4 Gold Candles by Blood-Huntress on DeviantArt
✯ 4 Gold Candles: Use for Enlightenment, protection, success, wealth, money, masculinity, playfulness, luck, divination, victory. Enhances communication and attracts the power of cosmic influences; Useful in rituals which are designed to gain fortune or money .. By ~Blood-Huntress✯
When we begin a ritual and call in the Elements, we are inviting them to protect us and help us with something we want in life. For example, if I’m doing a ritual related to love, I may invoke Water because it focuses on emotions. Wicca Witchcraft, Magick Spells, Pagan Witch, Witches, Witch Spell, 5 Elements, Eclectic Witch, White Magic, Practical Magic
Invoking and Banishing the Elements
It is useful to know which Element's power your spell uses, as invoking it properly can strengthen your spell. For example, if I’m doing a ritual related to minor healing, cleansing or emotions, I would likely invoke Water. If I need strength or grounding, I might invoke Earth. If I want to work a more intense cleansing, bring passion to some situation in my life, etc. then I would then invoke Fire. I might use Air for calming spells, weather spells, some divination, etc.
Sours: https://www.pinterest.com/chloebehl/witch-powers/

Powers different witch

Feelings overwhelmed me. On the one hand, I felt like a cuckold, but on the other, I could not cope with the excitement, which is why I decided to retire to the toilet to. Flush because of what I saw.

Hope Mikaelson - All Spells \u0026 Powers Scenes (Legacies S02)

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