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Ford F-Series

 Ford F Ranger XLT Camper Special

Ford F Ranger XLT Camper SpecialBring A Trailer Auction

Nov 02, in 4 days

 Ford F Ranger xlt

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Oct 27, days ago

 Ford F Pickup

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Oct 23, days ago

 Ford F 4×4 Custom and Honda XR

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Oct 05, days ago

 Ford F 4×4

Ford F 4×4Bring A Trailer Auction

Oct 03, days ago

 Ford F Pickup

Ford F PickupMecum Dallas ()

Sep 11, month ago

 Ford F Pickup

Ford F PickupMecum Dallas ()

Sep 10, month ago

 Ford F Ranger Lariat Trailer Special

Ford F Ranger Lariat Trailer SpecialBring A Trailer Auction

Aug 31, month ago

 Ford F

Ford FGAA July ()

Jul 22, months ago

 Ford F Pickup

Ford F PickupClasiq Auctions Online

Jun 15, months ago

 Ford F Explorer Pickup

Ford F Explorer PickupMecum Tulsa ()

Jun 11, months ago

 Ford F Pickup

Ford F PickupMecum Tulsa ()

Jun 11, months ago

 Ford F Ranger XLT Lariat 4×4

Ford F Ranger XLT Lariat 4×4Bring A Trailer Auction

Jun 03, months ago

 Ford F Ranger XLT Lariat 4×4

Ford F Ranger XLT Lariat 4×4Bring A Trailer Auction

Jun 02, months ago

 Ford F Ranger 4×4

Ford F Ranger 4×4Bring A Trailer Auction

May 27, months ago

 Ford F Ranger Pickup

Ford F Ranger PickupMecum Indy ()

May 20, months ago

 Ford F Pickup

Ford F PickupMecum Indy ()

May 19, months ago

 Ford F Ranger Pickup

Ford F Ranger PickupMecum Indy ()

May 19, months ago

 Ford F Ranger Lariat Pickup

Ford F Ranger Lariat PickupMecum Indy ()

May 19, months ago

 Ford F Custom With Camper

Ford F Custom With CamperBring A Trailer Auction

Apr 26, months ago

 Ford F Ranger XLT Crew Cab 4×4

Ford F Ranger XLT Crew Cab 4×4Bring A Trailer Auction

Apr 23, months ago

 Ford F XLT Ranger

Ford F XLT RangerBring A Trailer Auction

Mar 27, months ago

 Ford F Ranger Pickup

Ford F Ranger PickupBarrett-Jackson Scottsdale ()

Mar 24, months ago

 Ford F Ranger Lariat Pickup

Ford F Ranger Lariat PickupMecum Glendale ()

Mar 19, months ago

 Ford F Ranger Lariat

Ford F Ranger LariatACC Auctions Online

Mar 11, months ago

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Ford F H.D. Ranger Explorer Edition 77, Miles Green Other Manual

Ford F H.D. Ranger Explorer Edition Additional Info:

77K Actual Miles!! Truly Exceptional! One of a Kind Ford F Ranger Explorer Package, c.i. inline 6 with 4 speed Manual trans with O.Drive!! (2) Dual Gas Tanks!! Ford Air Conditioned!! Power Steering! Original Paint & Interior!! Gorgeous Green Metallic with Green Plaid Interior! All original show quality!! Original C/B Radio Good Buddy. Reported to be one family owned since new and it shows!! If you are looking at the last of the Metal trucks (not much plastic in this one!)that Ford and others produced in the 70's you have one that is most likely one of the nicest you will find on the planet!! Runs & Drives truly exceptional and with the 4 speed manual with over-drive 4th, it a good highway cruiser too!! NO RUST in or out and as mentioned you can drive and enjoy and take to any car show and be proud of it's originality! As the years go on this Ranger Pick-up should offer great re-sale value in the future if kept in this original condition!!

Sours: http://davidsclassiccars.com/ford/ford-fhd-ranger-explorer-editionmiles-green-other-manual.html
Ford Pickups 'Proving Ground' Commercial (1978)

Ford F-Series (sixth generation)

Main article: Ford F-Series

Motor vehicle

Sixth generation
 Ford F Pickup ().jpg


Production– (USA)[1]
– (Mexico and Venezuela)
– (Argentina, F, F, F and F)
– (Argentina, F)
AssemblyDearborn, Michigan, USA
Edison, New Jersey, USA
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Norfolk, Virginia, USA
San Jose, California, USA
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Wayne, Michigan, USA
Cuautitlan, Mexico
General Pacheco, Argentina (Ford Argentina)
Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Ontario Truck Plant)
Melbourne, Australia (Broadmeadows Assembly, Ford Australia)
ClassFull-size pickup truck
Body&#;style2-door regular cab
2-door extended cab
4-door crew cab
LayoutFront engine, rear-wheel / four-wheel drive
RelatedFord Bronco
Ford F/F/F/F
&#;CID (&#;L) FalconI6 (F, Argentina)
&#;CID (&#;L) I6
&#;CID (&#;L) I6 (, Australia)
&#;CID (&#;L) Fase IIV8 (Argentine F///)
&#;CID (&#;L) I6
&#;CID (&#;L) Cleveland V8 (, Australia)
&#;CID (&#;L) WindsorV8
&#;CID (&#;L) MV8
&#;CID (&#;L) Cleveland V8 (, Australia)
&#;CID (&#;L) FEV8
&#;CID (&#;L) FEV8
&#;CID (&#;L) V8
&#;CID (&#;L) V8
CID (L) Perkins I4 Diesel (F, Argentina)
PredecessorFord F-Series (fifth generation) (–)
SuccessorFord F-Series (seventh generation) (–)

The sixth generation of the Ford F-Series, also known as the "dentside Ford" to enthusiasts,[2] is a line of pickup trucks and medium-duty commercial trucks that were produced by Ford Motor Company from the to model years. Produced by Ford in North America, Argentina, and Australia, this is the third and final generation of trucks derived from the Ford F-Series.

The sixth generation marked several functional design changes and an expansion of the model line. For , the F became available with a "styleside" bed for the first time. For , a "SuperCab" extended cab pickup truck was introduced, between the two-door standard cab and the four-door crew cab. For , the F was introduced; a higher-payload version of the F (intended to circumvent emissions standards), the F would become the most popular version of the model line (ultimately replacing the F). A second generation of the Ford Bronco SUV was released for (after several years of delays) on a shortened F chassis.

In , the model line became the best-selling truck in the United States, a position it has held ever since.

Model history[edit]

This generation was launched in December for the model year. While retaining the same chassis of the previous generation, several revisions were made. To fight corrosion, Ford increased its use of galvanized sheet metal, zinc coated steel, and zinc-rich primer.[3] To increase safety, the fuel tank was moved out of the cab (to below the pickup bed[3]), creating a storage area behind the bench seat.


For , a new model was offered: The heavy duty F V8. This was a new heavy-duty pickup made with contractors and camping enthusiasts in mind. It rode on a longer wheelbase than an F or F (&#;in (3,&#;mm) vs. &#;in (3,&#;mm)) but had the same overall length. Ordering the Camper Special package for the F SRW made it a "Super Camper Special", which was designed for the much heavier slide-in campers coming on the market at that time.

For (introduced September 21, ), the F-Series became available in an extended cab for the first time. Dubbed the "SuperCab", it offered the six-passenger seating of the crew cab in a shorter length, and competed with Dodge's Club Cab.

For , the F was introduced; this truck was designed with a heavier GVWR (over 6,&#;lb (2,&#;kg)) and maximum payload.


In ( model year), this familiar "split-grille" design was given a slight facelift to feature black accents around the headlights and a refined overall appearance.

For the model year, a limited edition Bicentennial Option Group was offered on Custom styleside pickups, in either Wimbledon White or Bahama Blue, with a golden eagle stripe on the side, and red, white, and blue cloth inserts on the seats.[4]

models received a redesign of exterior trim, with the cowl insignias made smaller and moved near the windshield. The bed received a rectangular fuel door to conceal the gas cap. The fuel tank located behind the seat was discontinued due to safety concerns. It also would be the last year of the medium-duty F

Starting in the model year Ford dropped the "Super" from "Super Camper Special" in favor of calling the F models with camper packages "Camper Special", a name that was previously only assigned to F's with camper packages.


For , the split grille gave way to a larger single-piece item which no longer incorporated the headlamps, the turn signals, or the ford callout. The headlamps were located in housings outboard of the grille, with the turn signal lamps below them. A new chrome-plated ford callout was placed on the hood immediately above the grille. Round headlamps were used on the Custom trim level; the higher Ranger, Ranger XLT, and Ranger Lariat trim levels had new rectangular headlamps with optional[citation needed] chrome bezels and a chrome grille insert. Dual Fuel tanks in the bed became standard.[citation needed] New for was the option of part- or full-time four-wheel-drive on SuperCab models. Full-time four-wheel drive models had a chain-driven NP transfer case, while part-time four-wheel drive trucks were equipped with a gear-driven NP[citation needed]

For , all models used the rectangular headlamps, with bezels available in either black or chrome to match the aluminum grille frame.[citation needed]


Marketing name Platform code(s) Classification GVWR
F F F F F F F F F F F F10N

F (4x4): F F F

½ ton 4,–5, pounds

4x4: 5,–6, pounds

F F "heavy" ½ ton 6,–6, pounds

F (4x4): F F F F F F

¾ ton 6,–8, pounds

4x4: 6,–8, pounds

F F F F F F F F F F F F F35P

F (4x4): F

1 ton 6,–10, pounds

4x4: 8, pounds

The GVWR ratings for these trucks was tied to a combination of wheel, spring, axle and brake combinations. The series code on the ID tag denotes which model and from that it can be determined what weight rating each vehicle has. 4x4 trucks can also be identified by the Vehicle Identification Number and on the ID plate as a serial number. For example, F10 is an F 2-wheel drive, but F11 is an F 4x4, and so on. Serial numbers beginning with an "X" are SuperCab models.


The sixth generation F-Series underwent a slight revision of its trim lines. The base and Sport Custom trims were dropped (with Custom becoming the standard trim). The Ranger and Ranger XLT returned, with the Ranger Lariat trim introduced in with cloth interior trim, specific two-tone body and tailgate trim.[5]

  • Custom
  • Ranger
  • Ranger XLT
  • Ranger Lariat (–)

The model line was offered with several appearance packages . For , the Explorer package was offered on the F, F, and F (and the Ranchero and Bronco), consisting of color-keyed exterior and interior trim, badging, and wheelcovers.[6] The "Free Wheeling" package (offered on the Custom and non-Lariat Rangers, along with the Bronco and Econoline), consisted of multi-colored tape stripes, silver or black interior, white-letter tires, and optional alloy wheels, bed-mounted roll bar, and bumper-mounted push bar.[7]


Engine Years Power (SAE net) Torque (SAE net) Notes
&#;CID Straight-6–76F only
&#;CID Straight-6–79&#;hp (87&#;kW)
&#;CID Windsor V8–79&#;hp (97&#;kW)Only available in 2wd pickups
&#;CID FE V8–76&#;hp (&#;kW)
&#;CID FE V8–76&#;hp (&#;kW)
&#;CID V8–79–&#;hp (–&#;kW)Only available in 2wd pickups
&#;CID M V8–79&#;hp (&#;kW)
&#;CID V8–79&#;hp (&#;kW)



–79 Ford F Custom XLT, with right-hand drive in Australia

Ford Australia assembled right-hand drive sixth generation F-Series that were fitted with a lineup of locally sourced engines. The base trim level was called Custom, with a higher spec XLT level only available on the F[8]


Initially they were available with US sourced and CID Straight-6 engines. From August the CID engine was replaced with locally sourced CID Straight-6 and the CID was replaced by the locally sourced Cleveland V-8 engines. The Cleveland was a destroked Cleveland built using tooling exported to Australia after the closure of the Cleveland production line. The F with a Cleveland model was the first Australian Sixth Gen to receive an automatic transmission as an option, the six cylinder powered models and the larger F and F were limited to a four-speed manual.[8] The Canadian built 4x4 F was added to the lineup in with the CID Straight-6 engine to supplement the locally assembled rear-wheel drive F, F and F


The CID Straight-6 was upgraded with a new crossflow head and rebadged as the litre, increasing power and lowering emissions to meet new legislation being introduced in Australia.[8] At some point during , the GVM of the F was quietly[citation needed] increased from 2,&#;kg (5,&#;lb) to 2,&#;kg (6,&#;lb) ahead of the release of the specs. In , a locally assembled 4x4's F with Australian built engines was added to the lineup to replace the fully imported 4x4 F


In , the Cleveland V-8 replaced the Cleveland V8 in the F and F The Cleveland continued alongside the Cleveland in the F The litre inline 6 cylinder continued to be sold across the range. In , the Cleveland was discontinued, leaving the standard engine as the litre Straight-6, with the Cleveland (badged as the ), as the only upgrade, except the F 4x4's which was only available with the litre V8. The F and F had an automatic gearbox as an option for the first time in Australia, though still only on the V8 engine.[9]

Powertrain details[edit]

Engine Years Power (SAE net) Torque (SAE net) Notes
&#;CID Straight-6–74
&#;CID Straight-6–79&#;hp (79&#;kW) @ rpm in [10]&#;lb⋅ft (&#;N⋅m) @ rpm in [10]
&#;CID Straight-6–77&#;hp (87&#;kW)F 4x4 only after
&#;CID Cleveland V8–79&#;hp (97&#;kW) @ rpm in [10]&#;lb⋅ft (&#;N⋅m) @ rpm in [10]
&#;CID Cleveland V8–79


Ford Motor Argentina also produced the sixth-generation F-series, continuing production through [11][12] The F was offered as a pickup truck, with the F chassis cab (the F was a diesel-engine version of the F[12]).

Sharing its grille design with American medium-duty trucks, Ford Motor Argentina offered the F/F (Ford V8, Perkins 6-cylinder diesel[13]) and the F (Perkins and Deutz 6-cylinder diesels[14]) through

Powertrain details[edit]

The F was available with three engine choices, the CID "Econ" straight-six, the CID Y-Block V8 and a CID Perkins 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder diesel engines. The only transmission on offer was a 3-speed manual.[15]

Engine Years Power (SAE gross) Torque (SAE gross) Notes
&#;CID Straight-6&#;hp (89&#;kW) @ 4,rpmArgentina Market[15]
&#;CID Y-Block V8&#;hp (&#;kW) @ 4,rpmArgentina Market[15]
&#;CID Perkins I474&#;hp (55&#;kW) @ 2,rpmArgentina Market[15]


Ford Bronco ()[edit]

Main article: Ford Bronco


For , after several years of delays, Ford released a second generation of the Ford Bronco. To compete directly against the Chevrolet K5 Blazer and the Dodge RamCharger, the Bronco grew in size, adopting a shortened F 4x4 chassis. While continuing the two-door wagon bodystyle of the previous generation (the most popular version), the Bronco adopted a half-cab/hardtop design (also used by the Blazer); the configuration was used through the model year.

Along with greater sales potential (the first-generation Bronco competed nearly exclusively against the International Harvester Scout), the redesign of the Bronco allowed for product commonality with the Ford F (and the F that eventually replaced it); for the next two decades, the two model lines would share nearly all exterior body panels from the front doors forward, many interior and trim panels, and would also have powertrain commonality. The Bronco was fitted exclusively with four-wheel drive; the M V8 was standard, with the V8 offered as an option.

Medium-duty F-Series[edit]

See also: Ford F-Series (medium duty truck) and Ford B series

Ford F Custom Cab is use as a fire truck pumper.

Redesigned for the model year, Ford medium-duty trucks saw little change throughout the s. For , the grille was revised slightly; along with changing two sets of slots in the grille to four, the headlight surrounds were increased in size. Sharing its cab with the fifth-generation pickup trucks, the medium-duty F-series was offered in a standard cab and a four-door crew cab.[16] After , Ford ended production of the lowest-GVWR F series. Produced without bodywork aft of the firewall, the Ford B-series was a cowled chassis designed to be mated with bus bodies (primarily school buses).

The medium-duty F-series was offered with both gas and diesel engines. For , the a cubic-inch version of the V8 replaced the previous FE-series gasoline V8 engines. Shared with the heavy-duty L-Series trucks, the Caterpillar V8 became an option in F and F models; diesel-powered trucks were distinguished by an extra "0" (i.e., F/F).

F Highboy ()[edit]

F Ranger 4x4. Note location of "divorced" transfer case below cab.
Ford F Custom 4x4

"Highboy" is an enthusiast nickname adopted by a version of the sixth-generation F-series, pertaining to F 4x4s. The largest 4x4s sold by Ford (the F was not offered as a 4x4 until ), these trucks used the narrower frame rail spacing of the F and a divorced transfer case (Dana 24, NP, or NP; the latter offered full-time four-wheel drive[17]). The model was not a distinct option, but the design configuration that Ford offered for its 4-wheel drive Fs, deriving its name in reference to its higher ride height (nearly 3 inches taller than a F/F 4x4 and nearly 6 inches taller than a two-wheel drive F).[18] While the highboy design was largely phased out of mass production vehicles by the mids (with Ford being the last manufacturer to do so),[17] the Ford s "highboy" 4x4 is historically significant, as its design formed the basis of the first commercially promoted monster truck, Bigfoot (a F).

The highboy design configuration saw its origins as American manufacturers introduced factory-produced 4x4 pickup trucks in the late s. To minimize drivetrain complexity, the transfer case was not mounted directly to the transmission, but mounted separately ("divorced") and connected by a short driveshaft.[18][17] The design required a longer front driveshaft, consequently raising the ride height for both axles.[18] The "highboy" 4x4 were fitted with 3-inch width 5-leaf (or 6-leaf) front springs; the rear suspension was 2+1&#;4-inch width 9-leaf springs (in contrast to the 3-inch width springs on other F-series trucks); to raise the rear ride height, the rear axle used a 4-inch lift.[18] To aid in suspension travel, the front springs are designed with a larger arch than other F-Series front leaf springs.[18]

For the sixth generation, the F 4x4 initially offered with three engines, including the inline-6 () and cubic-inch inline-6 (), and a cubic-inch V8 (); for , the was replaced by the M and V8s. The configuration was not offered with the V8 (or the that replaced it).[17] Two transmissions were offered, including a 4-speed manual and 3-speed automatic (the latter, only offered with V8 engines).[17] Power-assisted brakes were introduced as an option for the sixth generation; front disc brakes were added in (replacing four-wheel drum brakes).[18]

The F 4x4 was marketed in both single-cab and crew cab configurations (the latter, one of the rarest versions of the sixth-generation F-series[17]). Offered in the Custom, Ranger, and Ranger XLT trims only with a long bed, the configuration was not offered with the SuperCab body, auxiliary fuel tanks, and the Camper Special option package. The location of the transfer case precluded the fitment of a second fuel tank and the higher ride height would have decreased rear-seat access for the two-door SuperCab.[17] The Camper Special was not marketed on "highboy" trucks, as that option package was developed specifically for slide-in campers; raising the center of gravity further on a Highboy truck could have posed a greater rollover hazard.[17][18]

During the mids, Ford began to revise the design of its F 4x4s. As a running change during the model year, Ford introduced a "married" transfer case (attached to the transmission); a design used by the Jeep Gladiator and GM Action-Line pickups, Ford was the last major pickup manufacturer to phase in the design. While slightly more complex (in drivetrain layout), the "married" configuration allowed for a ride height nearly matching two-wheel drive trucks and simpler suspension design; the "lowboy" 4x4 configuration is used for currently produced pickup trucks today.[18] The "divorced" transfer case remained in production, ending production during the model year.


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_F-Series_(sixth_generation)

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