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DIY: Flower Wall

As a part of my room renovation project during quarantine, I decided to make a flower accent wall! I’d seen a couple on Pinterest and they are so beautiful and fun. In this blog post, I’ll link all of the materials and walk you through the steps I took to create this accent wall! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see more home decor ideas!

*Please note that this blog post does include some affiliate links, meaning that I do make a small commission if you make a purchase. Thank you for helping to support my business.

Fake Flowers

I chose to use fake flowers that I found on Amazon for this project. I’ve seen people do this with real or preserved flowers; however, I decided to use the fake ones for ease of cleaning and longevity. I purchased four bouquets to cover this wall. Personally, I feel like this was a pretty good amount for the space I had available on the wall. I recommend getting a combination of flowers that come in a bouquet with shorter stems and some with longer stems. In my opinion, the variation in stem length adds a nice visual balance to the wall. Additionally, I would recommend using flowers that have a single flower, some that are just greenery, and some that have lots of little flowers in one stem. Personally, this feels like it gives it some variation that makes it more visually interesting! All of the flowers I purchased were by Kirifly (available on Amazon). They have several different options in styles and colors! They weren’t the best fake flowers ever but I think they worked perfectly for my wall and my budget! I’ll link the four bouquets I ordered below.

Kirifly Artificial Flowers Silk Roses Fake Plants Eucalyptus Leaves Berries Flower Arrangements

Kirifly Artificial Flowers, Fake Peony Silk Hydrangea Bouquet Decor Plastic Carnations Realistic Flower Arrangements

Kirifly Artificial Flowers, Fake Peony Silk Hydrangea Bouquet Decor Plastic Carnations Realistic Flower Arrangements

Kirifly Artificial Fake Flowers Plants Silk Rose Flower Arrangements

Gaffer Tape

I did some research as to what to use to hang my flowers and I chose Gaffer Tape! I’ve seen several different methods where people have used clear fishing line and clear command hooks to hang their flowers; however, I wanted to individually place mine. Therefore, I chose to use Gaffer Tape which is similar to Duct Tape; however, it isn’t supposed to leave a residue on the walls. I was able to easily peel the tape off of the wall and move the flowers if I needed to and I haven’t noticed a residue.

Here’s the link to the Gaffer Tape I purchased in white

Wire Cutters & Scissors

I used wire cutters to cut apart the flowers that came in a bouquet. I could cut a couple with scissors but I would recommend wire cutters if you have them!


You do not need a mirror by any means, but I figured I’d link it for you if you’re interested!

Here’s the link to my mirror I ordered from Home Depot


  1. The first step was to hang my mirror- if you’re hanging anything on the wall to be among the flowers, I’d recommend hanging this first!

  2. After hanging the mirror, I cut apart the bouquets of flowers and sorted them into styles and colors.

  3. Next, I used scissors to cut the Gaffer Tape into thinner sections. It’s fairly wide, like Duct Tape, and I wanted the tape to be a little more subtle.

  4. I then began to hang the flowers. I alternated the colors and styles as well as the length of the stem to create an even arrangement.

This easy project came out beautifully and is the perfect accent wall! Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you create a flower wall @kelseyhaverdesigns -I’d love to see it!

Sours: https://www.kelseyhaverdesigns.com/blog/diy-flower-wall

Living Room Decorating Ideas: Easy DIY Flower Wall Decor

DIY flower walls are all the rage right now—for good reason. Can you think of anything better than a huge wall completely covered in pretty florals? ? Usually, flower wall decor always shows up in events or weddings, but why not add a diy flower wall right into your living room for a perpetual party? 🙂 The good news is you totally can! The even better news? It&#;s not only affordable, but it&#;s also one of the easiest living room wall decor ideas of all time and space.  

Living room wall decor ideas - flower wall decor with paper flowers from hobby lobby

Anyone else have a wall in your living room that&#;s just blank and practically begging for something super special to go there? It could be that weird blank wall above the couch that you swear you are going to add your perfect family photos too (you will take them this year, dangitall) or maybe your fireplace decor is lacking? Me too, girlfriend! 

We have this amazing mint painted piano in our living room, and since it is such a statement piece, I couldn&#;t think of anything that would look good enough on the wall above it. I wanted to do something really special and fun and was waiting for inspiration to strike me. 

Spoiler alert, it did&#;thanks to Instagram!  

also, please note the super cute, empty frames on the piano. i will get them filled, i will, i will&#;!

Mint painted piano with a white wall

Imagine my delight when I was scrolling Instagram and came across this beautiful image from one of my favorite accounts. She had solved my dilemma perfectly, by using foam flowers from Hobby Lobby! Her display was for church, but I was going to bring it right to my living room walls! I literally saw her post, dropped Lily in Scott&#;s lap and zoomed over to Hobby Lobby. See ya!

How did I take them from random foam flowers to a statement flower wall? Easy. 

stacks of white foam flowers

How to make a flower wall 

This post contains affiliate links, at no additional charge to you. 

Making a DIY flower wall can be as involved or as basic as you&#;d like. Simply take the faux flower of your choice (see more below) and stick them up using something that won&#;t damage your walls command strips. This is actually a project that&#;s perfect as decor for renters or homeowners alike!

Flower walls look best when they flowers are tight and don&#;t have a lot of gaps, so buy more than you think you need—I bought twice as much, planning on returning some, and used every single one. You can keep layering on and adding more flowers to fill up an entire wall, or just do a few, depending on your space, budget, and purpose. Easy! 🙂

Where to buy flower wall decor to make a flower wall

Before you make your diy flower wall, you need two supplies &#; flowers and adhesive of some kind. I prefer paper or foam flower wall decor pieces becasuse they are so light, making them easier to adhere to the wall! 

Hobby Lobby

For this DIY flower wall, I purchased these foam flowers from the Hobby Lobby wall decor section. They come in white and bright hot pink in store (at least in mine) but they have a different shade of pink and a navy blue online. They also have some paper flowers, but I found those to be almost twice the price so foam it was! Whether you go with Hobby Lobby paper flowers or the foam flowers &#; you should find them in the nursery decor section —you know, with all the cute baby signs and things. If you don&#;t see the paper ones there, try the seasonal decor aisles as well.

How much does it cost to do a DIY floral wall with faux flowers?

Price-wise, the foam flower pieces range in price from $3 for the tiny ones to $10 for the big ones. If you keep an eye on them, they will go on sale for % off at some point in any given 6 week period, so hang in there and wait if you can! Or, of course, use a 40% off couponto get a discount on one of them at least if you can&#;t wait for the sale (I understand!). I financed my entire flower wall decor project for under $! 


If you are wondering where you can buy some paper flowers, try these paper flowers from Amazon. Make sure you pay attention to the size. Some good options are:

DIY flowers

Of course, you don&#;t have to buy anything &#; you could just make pieces for your DIY flower wall! Here are some super cute, easy tutorials to make your own flowers:

How to attach your flowers to the wall

Now that you have your flowers, it&#;s time to attach them! To attach the flowers to the wall, I used one of my favorite products, Scotch Command Strips. I like using them because they stick well to surfaces but are totally easy to remove without any wall damage. You could also use thumbtacks or regular tape, but your wall may occur some damage. 

white foam flowers with strips of command tape on the back

I went the command strip route. I started by hanging the first flower in the top left corner, then added flowers around it. I knew I wanted the larger flowers clumped in the corners with smaller ones in between.

white foam flower hung above a mint piano3 white flower wall decor


Once I hung my first flower, I built out the design from there—I made a gif to show you how (it took me foreva to figure out how to make and embed this gif so please watch it a few times, k?)


Animated gif of flower wall with white flowers

This project took me about 2 hours to complete, but that was with entertaining a baby at the same time&#;so it&#;d probably take a normal, non-preoccupied human like minutes to complete. 😉

Mint piano with white flower wall decor hung above

I also added leaves for a bit more depth. I am not sure the exact name of these, but I love the texture. I snipped each one off the branch (you need to use wire-cutting pliers to cut the metal—regular scissors won&#;t work!) attached them with Scotch poster tape since I had it on hand. I mostly just used the tape for re-inforcement—the leaves were tucked into each flower and the petals are what really held them.

pink scissors cutting a faux greenery stemWhite foam flowers with leaves hungWhite foam flowers with leaves hung as living room decorating idea

Isn&#;t this one of the best living room wall decor ideas? So cute and fun—and totally unexpected! I love how this flower wall decor fits the fun vibe with the piano and is completely customizable for any space! This project would also work really well for a nursery, baby shower, birthday party orrr&#;a wedding shower like I used it for!

White diy flower wall decor hanging on a living room wall above a mint piano.

All I did for the wedding shower was add a cute banner (I got this one from Amazon) and the living room was bridal shower ready. Woo! Easiest wedding shower decor ever!

living room decorating idea - wall full of flowers

One of the living room wall decor ideasDIY flower wall with a bridal shower banner underneath

What do you think? Would you use flowers as one of your living room wall decor ideas? 

Like this project? Pin it! Here are two options for you! 🙂

Living room wall decor ideas - flower wall decor with paper flowers from hobby lobby


wedding shower decor ideas diy flower wall as living room wall decor

Sours: https://www.runtoradiance.com/easy-diy-flower-wall-decor/
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DIY Floral Walls Are The New IG Bedroom Decor Trend - Here's How To Make One For Your HDB

You’ve probably considered redecorating your room at some point or another. But giving it a fresh coat of colour, doing up a mural, or adding wallpaper comes at a high price - or at least high effort if you DIY.

But a having DIY floral wall - thenew Instagram bedroom decor trend - is none of that. It’s easily done in minutes and will give any drab room new life, even if its existing paint job is meh at best.

Read on to find out how to make a DIY floral wall in your bedroom!

Flower wall bedroom trend

Photo from @taramilktea via Instagram

You might have seen a couple of influencers posting photos of their floral walls on Instagram - Tara Whiteman, better known as @taramilktea, had hers going viral and getting reposted by plenty recently.

It's super easy to decorate your home in the same way using just a few materials: Tape, scissors, and of course, flowers.

Flower wall bedroom trend

Photo from @delaneybedrosian via Instagram

First, trim the stems of the flowers to a length of your preference. If you’ve bought the flowers in a bunch, cut them into individual stalks for a cleaner look. This is essential to nailing the aesthetic.

Flower wall bedroom trend

Photo from @delaneybedrosian via Instagram

Then, simply tape them up to your wall. That’s literally it! So easy, even a child could do it.

Flower wall bedroom trend

Photo from @delaneybedrosian via Instagram

Clear tape may not hold well on walls, unless it’s industrial packing tape. Consider using craft tape or coloured washing tape for a quirkier vibe.

Flower wall bedroom trend

Photo from @sweets_nano via Instagram

A floral wall can last for about a week, after which the blooms will wither. For something more permanent, you can always use artificial flowers or preserved dried ones that won’t die.

Flower wall bedroom trend

Photo from @jujujucloe via Instagram

You can arrange the flowers randomly, in uniform lines, or in alternate spaces depending on your desired outcome. Whichever you choose, just make sure to leave even gaps in between so that the end result doesn’t look messy.

Flower wall bedroom trend

Photo from @taramilktea via Instagram

Go a step further and string your flowers up on wooden racks to hang on your wall, just like how Singaporean influencer Cloe Mak (@jujujucloe) has done.

Flower wall bedroom trend

Photo from @jujujucloe via Instagram

Give it a try - any drab room decorated like so will be livened up by leaps and bounds! The flowers will also serve as a great backdrop for your selfies.

Flower wall bedroom trend

Photo from @jujujucloe via Instagram

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

Sours: https://girlstyle.com/sg/article//diy-floral-walls-are-the-new-ig-bedroom-decor-trend-here-s-how-to-make-one-for-your-hdb
DIY Bedroom Art - Grass Flower Wall

20 Simple DIY Flower Wall Decor Ideas

Make your home a bit more attractive and colorful with these 20 easy DIY flower wall decor ideas that are actually the flower arrangements creating the best floral appeal of the wall. Opt for these flower wall decor ideas to make mesmerizing backdrop for the wedding stages and party tables. Let these flower wall decor be your next inspiration for the floral backdrops you need to add to your studio or party photo booth. Browse these 20 DIY flower wall decor ideas that share all the popular ways to arrange the flowers enchantingly on the walls. However, you can try these flower wall decor with both real or fake flowers. This wall of flowers roundup will just be great in every way you decide.

20 Simple DIY Flower Wall Decor Ideas

Fresh flower wall decor will have a short life as flowers will wilt after some time. So, for longer-lasting flower wall arrangements, consider using the artificial flowers. Another smart way would be to print out your flowers on a thicker cardstock then to cut them out to hang on the wall. String up your flowers and tie onto the hanging wall branch to make a floral hanging. Put together your flowers along with greenery and fillers on a canvas frame to make floral wall centerpieces. Glue tail of a flower to the head of another flower to make longer floral strands, hang them on the wall for making a wall of flower. Browse all these DIY flower wall decor projects to do much for your home, party, and wedding decor using flowers.

1. How to Make a Flower Wall

How to Make a Flower Wall

Think of the flowers to give an instant beautiful decorative treatment to your blank white and boring interior walls. How to make a flower wall? Just grab a few bouquets of fresh or faux flowers and untie them. Next, tape them on the wall one by one. Use the gaffer tape to do so and get inspired by this sample flower wall decor. poliproductions

2. Floral Wall Backdrop

Floral Wall Backdrop

Willing to make a fabulous floral backdrop to take the best snaps at the end of the party? Then do make this floral wall backdrop. Just feature a wall behind the party table using the fresh or faux flowers. Tape different fresh and faux flowers on the wall using tape, and that’s it. themerrythought

3. DIY Floral Wall

DIY Floral Wall

Just check out this homemade flower decoration that can be added to a blank wall for instant charm and grace. You need a hog panel, 12 x 12 foliage squares, accent silk flowers, zip ties, and floral wire. You can surround this DIY floral wall using more flowers for a more powerful floral appeal. Details here eventsbyrebecca

4. Hanging Flower Wall DIY

Hanging Flower Wall Installation

Whether you want to feature a bedroom wall or willing to gain a natural-looking backdrop for a party space, this hanging flower will rock for both purposes. The installation of flower wall DIY will not take much time. You need foam board, picture frame, spray adhesive, moss, flowers, and eyelets. Details about the wall of flower here sugarandcloth

5. Floral Wall Hanging Decor

Floral Wall Hanging Decor

Take your interior wall decor plan to the next level using this floral wall hanging decor. Here the idea is to hang the flower strands on a white accent tree branch that must be mounted well on the wall. So, grab the white tulle, 30 silk flowers, and white decorative branch to make this floral wall hanging decor. homedit

6. Gorgeous Flower Wall

Gorgeous Flower Wall

Striving for the gorgeous looks of your blank and boring walls? Then go with this amazing flower wall treatment. This treatment involves taping the 40 flowers on a targeted portion of the wall. Get this floral wall featured in your bedroom to go for bigger decor statements. Details here gwengwiz

7. Flower Wall for Background

Flower Wall for Background

Looking for interesting natural backgrounds to take some memorable snaps? Then must make this flower wall backdrop, will rock for the party photo booth and studio too. you large bunch of faux flowers, twine, hooks, nails, and stapler to do this project. Take the flowers on the twine to make floral strands that can be hanged on the hooks. orphanswithma

8. Fresh Flower Wall Backdrop

Fresh Flower Wall

Do you want to make a wedding wall decor? Bring the garden vibes to your home by making this fresh flower wall. Grab the pink ranunculus, garden roses, dark pink garden roses, and dusty pink garden roses to make this flower wall. Simply use the washi tape to tape the flowers on the wall. Details here greenweddings

9. Homemade Flower Wall

Homemade Flower Wall

Making this flower wall demands to make the flower strands first. Just glue a tail of flower to the head of another flower until you get enough flower strands to hang on the wall. Do this project with both real and faux flowers. Details here gemmadarr

Fake Flower Wall On String

Flower Wall On String

You need almost 6 flower bouquets to make this flower wall. Do this project with faux flowers. Install this fake flower wall to the background of your bed to get an interesting floral background. Again glue the end of the tail of a flower to in the center of the head of another flower until you get the fine-looking strands to hang on the wall. sweetteal

DIY Flower Wall Hanging

DIY Flower Wall Hanging

Does everyone take great pleasure in seeing roses, so how about to display them on your walls? Make this rose flower wall hanging that will bring the love to that targeted room ambiance. String up your roses and then tie the strands onto a wall hanging piece of wood to get the lovely wedding wall decor. burkatron

How to Make a Flower Wall

How to Make a Flower Walls

Learn how to make a flower wall at home easily and cheaply! It gives you a lot of happiness to look at the flowers. So, consider making these flower walls that are quite something inexpensive to make. Grab fake flowers, a large piece of fabric, glue gun, strong cello tape, staple gun, and a cardboard box. Cover the cardboard box with fabric and then fill it up completely with flowers. stepinsidemyha

Handmade Floral Wall Backdrop

Handmade Floral Wall Backdrop

Add this lovely floral wall backdrop to your Valentine’s Day party, will surely make the photos memorable. The idea is just to tape off the flowers on the wall, so they make an interesting background. Give the flower equal space intervals on the wall and get into a custom pattern. Details here ispydiy

Paper Flower Wall Backdrop

Paper Flower Wall Backdrop

Make your own paper flower wall backdrop at creatively. If you are afraid of making flower walls with fresh flowers that will wilt early, then opt for the paper flowers to make interesting wall backdrops quickly. First, add a tassel garland, and add the paper flowers in all its surroundings, fill light, or dense according to consent. Details of this DIY paper flower wall is here. doodlecraftblog

Create a Flower Wall

Create a Flower Wall

At a very first look, you will become a fan of this floral wall centerpiece. Make it by choosing your favorite flowers that can be added to both sides of a wall mural or picture frame, making a gorgeous masterpiece. Add the flower around the frame in a diagonal line and then add fillers. Details here jshdesigncomp

Paper Flower Wall – Photo Booth Decor

Paper Flower Wall Photo Booth Decor

Do you want to make your own flower wall panels? Rock your party photo booths with this paper flower wall, the perfect backdrop to take unforgettable and unique snaps. You need cardstock paper, large rose dies, paper glue, white sheet, stand and crossbar, and spring clamps to install this mesmerizing flower wall. Details of flower wall panels here monicabadiu

Flower Wall for Your Next Party

Flower Wall for Your Next Party

Do you want to DIY flower wall decor? Grab your roses and make them free from the outer petal layer. Keep the stems and then start arranging on the wall in a custom way or pattern. Plan out a pattern first and then go ahead. Next, take 1″ strips of washi tape and mount flowers on the wall durably. Details here aneventfullife

DIY Floral Wall Backdrop

DIY Floral Wall Backdrop

Just print out your favorite flowers on heavy-duty cardstock and then cut the flower out. Now, these are your fake flowers to tape on the wall to gain will bring an alluring aura of colors to a targeted space. This project is super cost-efficient, and the paper flowers will not wilt. Details here parkeretc

DIY Fresh Flower Backdrop

DIY Fresh Flower Backdrop

Looking at these fresh flower backdrop every day will bring inner contentment to an onlooker, and you will love the way this fresh flower backdrop will serve as a backdrop in a party photo booth. Mark the space intervals on the paper, next start taping off your flowers on it. Details here thisisladyland

DIY Paper Flowers Wall Tutorial

Paper Wall Flowers Tutorial

Take your paper flower making to the next level by making an interesting DIY flower wall with them. Put your giant paper flowers on any bedroom or living room background wall so they will make an interesting backdrop. Make the flowers with cardstock paper and then use the Velcro strips and glue gun for adhesive demands. Try to make your own paper flower wall backdrop by following this tutorial. littlebitsofhome


Looking at flowers it the real bliss and pleasure. So, bring them to your interior home spaces by installing a lovely DIY flower wall. The given DIY flower wall ideas can be a great backdrop for your party photo booth, they will be amazing to feature in a bedroom or living room and will be a smart way to repurpose those old flower bouquets and artificial flower pots. Put together wall decoration flowers on the canvas frames to make a floral wall centerpiece. Add clusters of flowers around a wall mural frame to gain a floral wall masterpiece and also arrange flowers one by one on the wall to get an excellent DIY flower wall.

Sours: https://www.itsoverflowing.com/diy-flower-wall-decor-ideas/

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Huge Dollar Tree Flower Wall DIY

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