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If Windows 11 has a flagship launch day companion device, it's the Surface Pro 8. The Surface Pro has always been the lead ship in Microsoft's PC hardware armada, which has grown in recent years to include budget laptops, ARM-powered hybrids and even a dual-screen phone. 

I've always liked the Surface line, partly because it's a rare case of a single company designing both the operating system and hardware, much as Apple does. That allows for a tighter fit between the parts, whereas other Windows PCs are always a compromise between design, operating system and endless internal component options. Apple's taken this one step further and designed the chip now as well (the M1), although Microsoft has done something similar, with the SQ1, built in partnership with Qualcomm.


  • Bigger, better display
  • New haptic slim stylus
  • Can charge via USB-C

Don't Like

  • All-important keyboard still isn't included in the box
  • No 5G options, 4G only for business customers
  • Fan can get loud

We've been waiting a while for the next Surface Pro. The Surface Pro 7, er, surfaced in Since then we've gotten new versions of the Surface Pro X, Surface Go and Surface Laptop Go, but nothing from the original line, which has become the go-to proof of concept for how to make a Windows-based tablet design work. 

The Surface Pro 8 pulls from both the previous Surface Pro and the ambitious Pro X. It keeps the Intel CPU from the Surface Pro 7, but injects the larger inch display from the Pro X, along with that model's slimmer Surface Pen stylus, now called the Slim Pen 2.


The Surface's greatest design win, its best-in-class clip-on keyboard now gets a semihidden storage and charging slot for the slim stylus, which was another Surface X feature. The new version slim pen adds the capacity for haptic feedback, threatening to buzz and jump in your hand while tapping or sketching. 

In a Microsoft demo event a couple of weeks ago, I felt the stylus buzz a bit when selecting different drawing tools in Sketchable, although I didn't feel anything while actually drawing on the screen. In this final version of the hardware, with a final version of Windows 11, I wasn't able to get any haptic feedback at first, until I realized I had to press the side button on the stylus to turn the haptics off and on. After that I could again feel brush selection in Sketchable, but that's about it so far. You can crank the level of haptic feedback up in a menu, but it was still pretty subtle when maxed out.

Read more:Surface Pro 8 vs. Surface Pro 7: Microsoft's new 2-in-1 is bigger, better


Other key improvements and changes to the Surface Pro 8 include:

  • The inch display can display at Hz, but it's not the default
  • Two Thunderbolt USB-C ports (but no more USB-A)
  • A 4K-capable rear camera

The most common question I've gotten from people has been: Can you charge it through the USB-C port? The answer is yes, much like the Surface Go Laptop, Surface Pro X and a few other newer models. Microsoft still includes its proprietary magnetic charger cable and power port, but I've never been a fan -- it pops out too easily, sits at an awkward angle, and defeats the purpose of most laptops (even MacBooks!) using a universal power solution. 


The song remains the same

You know what I'm going to talk about next. It's been in every single Surface Pro review I've written, going all the way back to the first generation. It remains a crime that the Surface Pro 8, which starts at $1, (£, AU$1,) and goes all the way up to $2,, still doesn't include the keyboard cover in the box. A Windows tablet on its own, no matter how well designed, is still a pain to use as a regular PC without it, and nearly every promo shot, TV ad or in-movie product placement I've ever seen for the Surface Pro includes the keyboard cover. 

That's fine, you say; how much could it possibly be? The only current option on Microsoft's website right now is the Surface Pro Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen 2, in black, gray or red, for… $ You can get the new pen alone for $ And no, your old Surface Pro 7 keyboard won't work as the connection has moved. 

That makes the cheapest functional Surface Pro $1, And that's for a system with a Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM and a GB solid-state drive. Honestly, paltry specs for the price. A inch GB iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard is about $1,, so it's not a Microsoft-only issue. 


Get your kickstand kicks

The second-best part of the Surface Pro next to the keyboard cover, is the kickstand in the rear. It's included, fortunately -- but don't think that someone, somewhere hasn't thought about how to make it a sold-separately extra. 

It opens to nearly any angle, stays stiffly where you put it, and is generally great for everything except actually putting it on your lap. Hey, it's a two-in-one hybrid, not a laptop. In fact, when I recently got to check out the new OLED-screen version of the Nintendo Switch, the part I was most impressed by was the new kickstand on the handheld gaming console, which looks like a direct knockoff of the Surface Pro kickstand. 

Cinebench R23 (multicore)

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

Geekbench 5 (multicore)

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

Performance, if you need it

It's no secret that most people have more CPU power than they need in their laptops. What are you doing anyway? Email? Social media? Online shopping? You don't need an 11th-gen Intel Core i7 for that. Yes, art and photo and video apps benefit, but for most people, I'd take more RAM and more storage ahead of a marginally better CPU. 

Stay tuned for battery life testing and benchmarks in the near future, once we have more hands-on time with the system.

Stay current on the latest Microsoft news, plus reviews and advice on Windows PCs.


Walmart Drops Price of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 by over $

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Cyber Monday deal
This is a great time to invest in a new tablet or perhaps switch out your laptop for one. You can browse these Microsoft Surface Pro deals to find the one that’s right for you. Or you can head over to Walmart where you can find a inch Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for $ off. Right now, it’s down to $, a huge drop from its regular price of $1, Don’t wait on this deal.

We love that tablets are light and mobile, but also fast and powerful and can increasingly play the role of a laptop, both at work and at home. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a prime example of this, especially with a type cover (which this deal comes with). If you find your schedule full, but you are not in the need for all the bells and whistles of a laptop, look to the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, with its speedy processor, big hard drive, fantastic screen, PixelSense display, and USB-C connection.

We just love the touchscreen on this machine. It has great sensitivity and supplies all the fun and efficiency of a tablet to a laptop aesthetic, when you have the keyboard attached. It’s great for preparing presentations for work or school, or browsing content. It gives a versatility to the clear, bright, accurate screen, where you can be poring over numbers one minute, and relaxing with Netflix on the couch the next. With this tablet, Zoom calls are a cinch as well, and they’ll come in clear and unimpeded by way of the front-facing camera with p full HD video. The detachable type cover is full-size, provides backlit keys, and there’s even an extra-large glass trackpad, for pinpoint control. If you want to get even more creative, add the Surface Pen (sold separately).

Backing up these fantastic features is some serious power. The Surface Pro 7 has the most recent Intel Core iG4 processor. And then there’s an impressive 8GB of memory and a GB SSD hard drive for storage (decent for a laptop, but huge for a tablet). On top of all this, Microsoft has added a USB-C connection (it’s got a USB-A, too). The Surface Pro 7 is elegant, fast, and boasts all-day battery life — hours before it needs to recharge.

Among all the Microsoft Surface Pro deals, it’s hard to find a better one than this: Right now, at Walmart, you can score a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for only $  That’s $ off its regular price of $1,  Beat that!

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.

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Best cheap Microsoft Surface Pro deals for October

After decades in the software business, Microsoft finally started making hardware under its own name &#; and we&#;re not talking about the Xbox consoles. The Surface line of Windows-powered tablets was unveiled about ten years ago, and since then, the stable has grown to include an impressive variety of laptops and 2-in-1s as well (to say nothing of the Surface Duo, a unique dual-screen smartphone). The Surface Pro tablets are still among our personal favorites, though, so if you&#;ve had your eyes on one of these, read on. We&#;ve got all the best Microsoft Surface Pro deals and bundles right here.

Want to see what other Surface bargains are out there? Check out these Microsoft Surface Laptop deals as well. And, if you just want a good tablet but you&#;re keeping your options open, then check out these iPad deals once you&#;re finished here.

Today&#;s Best Microsoft Surface Deals

  • Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse — $45, was $
  • Microsoft Surface Pro X Keyboard — $, was $
  • Microsoft Surface Duo GB (AT&T) — $, was $
  • Microsoft Surface Duo GB (AT&T) + Deco Gear Wireless Charging Power Bank — $, was $
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover (Core i3, 4GB RAM, GB SSD) — $, was $
  • Microsoft Surface Go 2 Type Cover Bundle — $, was $
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, GB SSD) — $, was $

Need a complete Windows bundle? This package deal gets you the Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover keyboard -- a must-have addition that turns this tablet into one of our favorite 2-in-1s.more

Buy at Best Buy

Complete your mobile work setup with the Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse. Buy two for even cheaper, and you can have one for your home office and your travels.more

Buy at Walmart

Half phone, half tablet, the Surface Duo is a versatile device that can handle all your daily mobile needs. This one comes bundled with a 8,mAh wireless power bank to keep you juiced on the go.more

Buy at Amazon

This Microsoft Surface Go 2 bundle gets you a high-end and compact tablet, keyboard accessory at a bargain. You can also add 15 months of Office for the price of more

Buy at Microsoft

The Surface Pro 7 didn't re-invent the wheel in terms of design, but it's a fantastic tablet nonetheless -- and it's really the only option if you want a Windows-powered alternative to the iPad.more

Buy at Best Buy

Turn your inch Surface Pro X into a full-fledged 2-in-1 laptop (and give the screen some extra protection) with this discounted keyboard case.more

Buy at Amazon

GB also on sale

If you're an AT&T customer (or you're thinking of switching to this carrier), this is the best price we've seen on the unique Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone.more

Buy at Amazon

It's not a computer, but this pair of in-ear wireless Surface Earbuds is the perfect complement to your Surface tablet, laptop, or 2-inmore

Buy at Amazon

It's the last-gen SQ1 model, but we still love the Surface Pro X and this is an incredible value. This Amazon Renewed one packs good hardware and comes in like new condition with a day guarantee.more

Buy at Amazon

Microsoft's Surface Arc is a sleek, wireless mouse that's a perfect companion for your computer. It has a foldable and unique arch-based design that is easy to carry and comfortable to use.more

Buy at Amazon

If you're after the ultimate Surface tablet, this Surface Pro X with the SQ` CPU is it. It packs the latest hardware along with 4G LTE connectivity.more

Buy at Amazon

The Surface Pro X is the sleek new re-design of the Surface Pro that we've been hoping for, packing Microsoft's new SQ1 chipset and a larger inch touchscreen.more

Buy at Amazon

If all you want is a cheap tablet that runs Windows, the Surface Go 2 is as good as it gets. You can also pair it with a Type Cover Keyboard and use it like a laptop. more

Buy at Walmart

This value bundle includes the Surface Pro X with keyboard cover and 15 months of Microsoft (for the price of 12!) -- in other words, everything you need for a remote or on-the-go workstation.more

Buy at Microsoft

The Microsoft Surface Pro X gave these 2-in-1s the facelift they needed, and this one comes packing solid hardware along with a keyboard case and stylus.more

Buy at Amazon

If you already have a inch Surface Go but lack a keyboard, then this specialized Type Cover is hard to pass up at this price.more

Buy at Amazon

The Surface tablets don't come with a stylus, but thankfully, the Surface Pen isn't too expensive -- especially when it's on sale.more

Buy at Amazon

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

A woman holding the newly announced Microsoft Surface Pro 8.

The newest model of the ever-popular Microsoft Surface was recently announced at a Microsoft event. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is reportedly twice as fast as the previous model. Microsoft shrunk the bezels on the side of the screen (something we&#;ve been wanting for years now) to increase the display size to 13 inches, making it the largest Surface yet. A Hz refresh rate is an optional upgrade. They also removed the two traditional USB ports, leaving only two USB-C ports. They did keep the headphone jack, of course (wink wink, Apple).

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 8 retails at $1,, the same price as a relatively upgraded Surface Pro 7. All in all, that&#;s essentially what the Surface 8 is: a nice upgrade on a classic. The Surface Pro 8 is available now, so keep your eyes peeled for Surface Pro deals on this fresh model.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

In we saw the release of the updated seventh iteration of the Microsoft Surface Pro along with the innovative Surface Pro X. For this refresh, Microsoft continued its conservative approach and decided not to tinker too much with a winning formula. It was a good strategy: The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has everything we love about the Pro 6 with some subtle improvements like newer Intel Core CPUs and the welcome addition of a high-speed USB-C port.

Along with those relatively minor (but very nice) upgrades, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 still boasts that beautiful PixelSense touchscreen and great build quality, and it also works beautifully with a Type Cover keyboard for pulling double duty as a 2-in-1 ultrabook laptop. One of our few gripes is that it still doesn’t come bundled with that keyboard cover, but Surface Pro deals and ongoing sales should help to alleviate that.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

Microsoft revealed two new Surface devices in , launching the all-new Surface Pro X alongside the Surface Pro 7 refresh in late October and early November. The Pro 7 was just a small update of the mainline Surface Pro series, but the Microsoft Surface Pro X delivered the long-needed facelift that we’ve been waiting for: Most notably, Microsoft finally cut down those chunky bezels surrounding the display, which was one of our few persistent complaints with the regular Surface Pro models (including the newest Pro 7).

It’s not quite as fast as the Surface Pro 7 or Pro 8 in terms of specs, but the main trade-off here is that the Microsoft Surface Pro X is thinner and lighter. In fact, it’s the slimmest Surface yet at just inches, and those leaner bezels allow for more screen real estate with a larger inch p PixelSense touchscreen (for an extra inches). The Surface Pro X is the complete package, but it’s also the most expensive new member of the Surface family, so savvy shoppers would be wise to hunt around for the numerous deals during seasonal sale events.

Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go Review

If we’ve whetted your appetite for these 2-in-1s but, for various reasons, you don’t want to dump a huge wad of cash for one of the Surface Pro models, then the Microsoft Surface Go is definitely worth a look. The inch Surface Go is a more budget-minded alternative to the high-end Surface Pro lineup, packing a smaller display, simpler hardware, and Windows 10S (a pared-down version of the Windows 10 OS). We’re not going to claim it’s the best Surface that money can buy &#; it&#;s not &#; but for around bucks, it’s very, very hard to look this cheap gift horse in the mouth.

The Surface Go is a great option for anyone looking for something a bit smaller than a Surface Pro or for shoppers who want something affordable (be it as a secondary 2-in-1 for travel or a device for basic web browsing and streaming), and the above Microsoft Surface deals make it even sweeter. Microsoft recently released the second-gen Surface Go, and while our review team felt that it was a bit too pricey at launch, it&#;s another option to consider if you want some hardware upgrades and can find a good deal.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.

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Shaw: When to punch back like Walmart, and when to step away from the keyboard

I noted with interest the PR approach that Walmart took earlier this week when it humorously, but firmly, pushed back on an op-ed in The New York Times.

The retailer’s PR team used its own blog to take – literally – a red marker to the piece and suggested a few edits and additions that it believed would have created a more accurate and balanced column. I am sure they used a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to do the markup, as well.

As a communications professional at a company that is interesting, and large enough to generate a high level of media interest, the move struck a chord with me because it’s a tactic we have employed on a number of occasions. So I thought it might be interesting to give PRWeek’s readers some insight into our thought process and POV on when and where we choose to use our owned channels to challenge or rebut media coverage.

Now it’s worth stating up-front that my passion for responding to articles I disagree with must always be tempered by both wisdom and restraint. This means that for every time we decided to reply, there were dozens or maybe hundreds where I simply muttered to myself or subjected my family and dog to rants on the injustice of being misunderstood. There are times to just step…away…from…the…keyboard.

So having a clear and simple set of principles helps drive our responseor not:

Speed is king
If you want to counter a story that is creating a negative news cycle, you need to get your opposing point of view into the same news cycle. Creating a distinct, secondary news cycle is not only less effective, in many cases it can actually be counter-productive, focusing attention on a story that might already have lost its momentum. This requires a few things: a smart early warning system that flags bad stories early, empowered communications professionals who can take the initiative to draft potential responses before being asked, and an agile escalation system for making that crucial go or no-go call. And, of course, it requires owning a set of well-followed platforms that can be used to do so. News sites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook accounts and so on. The time to create these is not when you already have a problem.

Know the difference between annoying and dangerous
Since we can’t swing at everything, we need clarity about what kinds of stories are truly deserving of pushback. The key to this is simply knowing who you are and what values are a core part of your identity. When those core values are under attack from a misleading or unfair critique, the imperative to respond goes way up. For example, a few years ago, a former employee argued that we had innovation issues. Our ability to innovate is a core part of who we are. Our employees choose to work here because they know the innovations they create at Microsoft have the ability to change the world. So on their behalf, we needed to respond, and did so via our official corporate blog. It helped that we were able to cite lots of real-world examples of how innovations developed during the critic’s tenure were in fact now hitting their stride at scale.

Be at least as interesting as the trigger
Provocative headlines run on the front page, above the fold, while corrections usually get buried.

So if you have any hope of countering a narrative that is picking up steam, you must find a way to be provocative and socially savvy.

One thing to remember is that by constructing the right kind of response, you are arming your supporters with the facts they need to fight on your behalf. Sometimes a cleverly or provocatively worded tweet is all that is needed to make that happen. Last year, there was some very inaccurate reporting about our ongoing CEO search and its relationship to future product strategy. Rather than pointing out all the myriad logic errors in the article, I simply provided an on-the-record statement that said, "We appreciate publication X’s foray into fiction and look forward to future episodes." Short, decisive, and tweetable, it quickly made its way into broad coverage about the topic and reduced further speculation.

Throw the occasional high, hard fastball
In a world with click-driven economics, there are strong incentives for pundits to be as provocative as possible in their proclamations and opinion pieces. And sparking debate can also help writers build their own brands and their social graph, which is just as important as ad revenue in today’s world. Earlier this year, a writer in a new role used his very first article to frame a view of the technology universe that explicitly excluded Microsoft. In this case, it was opinion, so bringing facts to an opinion debate is not normally winnable. So we chose to challenge the frame itself. This was an interesting one because of our choice of how to publish the response – original intent was to post to comments, but comments were turned off. It didn’t rise to the level of posting to our official channels. So we found another media outlet that was interested and quickly gave them our open letter. It took off like wildfire, and within hours the Techmeme leaderboard showed it outranked the instigating piece. We both landed our message and sent a signal: don’t crowd the plate on our watch.

Don’t complain, explain
This is perhaps the most important one of all. Knowing when to respond must also take into account the strength of your counter-argument. Don’t go into this driven by a desire to vent about being misunderstood. Instead, view it as an opportunity to help people understand. You can’t simply state that coverage is wrong. You must persuade stakeholders to see things in a different light, by using facts, analogies, and evidence.

A few years ago, we had a great opportunity to put this principle into practice. The Economist had offered some opinions on the future prospects for our industry that we didn’t agree with. We let them know, and the outlet offered us a unique opportunity: engage in a public debate on the matter and let readers decide. We jumped at the opportunity, made our case, and won the day. It was a great reminder that frustration doesn’t help you win arguments. Facts do.

The reality is that today’s media landscape affords everyone the opportunity to weigh in with their opinion on how your company is doing. Our opportunity as communicators is to create and use new platforms to respond. With speed, smarts, humor, and facts.

Frank Shaw is corporate VP of corporate communications at Microsoft.


Walmart keyboard surface pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Deal Includes the Keyboard for Free

A bundle featuring Microsoft’s Intel 10th Gen-powered Surface Pro 7 with an included keyboard cover is currently on sale at B&H for $, saving buyers $ overall.

While the Surface Pro 7 alone normally sells for $1,, the included non-Alcantra keyboard cover typically adds $ to the price, making the chance to snag a Type Cover for free with an already discounted unit especially tempting. You're getting $1, worth of gear with this bundle.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover:was $1, now $
This is an Intel 10th Gen Core i5-powered tablet with a inch multi-touch screen, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5 and a USB Type-C port. The bundle also includes the protective Type Cover, which has a keyboard and touchpad and usually sells separately for $View Deal

A 10th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU keeps the Surface Pro 7. The device also has 8GB of LPDDR4x RAM and a GB SSD for storage. While these are tablet-level specs, the inclusion of a current-gen CPU ranks this bundle well above other discounted tablets today. 

The Surface Pro 7 boasts a inch multi-touschreen at a resolution of x The size is comparable to the inch and inch iPad Pro models, and the Surface Pro 7's ability to take both pen and finger input makes it plenty versatile. Meanwhile, the included Type Cover means you can switch to a more traditional setup when necessary. Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 also has powerful wireless connections in Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth , as well as a USB Type-C port. 

If you’re a Windows loyalist who’s been considering a tablet, this is a great way to jump in.

Surface Pro Type Cover with Fingerprint ID - Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Microsoft's new Surface Pro laptops don't come with a keyboard, and it's a terrible move

surface pro 5
Microsoft announced new Surface Pro laptopson Tuesday, but they don't come bundled with Microsoft's Type Cover keyboard.

That means you'll have to spend $ if you want a physical keyboard, and that seems absurd.

Previously, Microsoft marketed its Surface Pro devices as tablets that could replace your laptop, so it could be somewhat forgiven for not including a keyboard, as the Surface Pros were categorized as tablets designed to be used with your fingers. I personally still think that particular marketing was misguided, as Windows 10 isn't really a touch-friendly operating system.

On Tuesday, however, Microsoft began marketing the new Surface Pros as "The most versatile laptop." I don't know about you, but I've never seen a laptop that doesn't come with a physical keyboard.

microsoft type cover surface pro 5
Matt Weinberger/Business Insider

If I bought the new Surface Pro as it's sold, I would be using the on-screen keyboard, which means half of the relatively small inch screen (most laptops in this range have larger inch screens) would be taken up by the keyboard. That doesn't leave me much room on the Surface Pro's relatively small screen to see what I'm working on, which doesn't seem very "versatile." 

Sure, I could buy a cheap Bluetooth keyboard that costs less than the Type Cover, but part of the allure of the Type Cover is its magnetic and removable connection to the Surface Pro. It becomes part of the Surface Pro and acts as a screen cover when you pack it up and store it away in a bag.

surface pro 5 ( wide)
Matt Weinberger/Business Insider

There is some good news, but only for those who bought the Type Cover for the Surface Pro 3 and 4, as it's compatible with the Surface Pro 5. 

The Type Cover and the new Surface Pro's price

A new Surface Pro with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and GB of storage will cost you $1, It sounds mighty tempting when you compare it to Apple's equivalent MacBook Pro, which costs $1, But once you add the $ keyboard for the Surface Pro, the total cost racks up to $1,, which is only $70 cheaper than the equivalent MacBook Pro. 

And it might seem like Microsoft's most powerful Surface Pro offering, which includes a Core i7, 16GB RAM, GB of storage and cost $2,, is a much better deal than Apple's equivalent MacBook Pro with similar specs, which costs $2, But that $ you thought you were saving by going with the Surface Pro manifests itself in the lack of a dedicated graphics chip, which the i7 MacBook Pro includes.

Macbook Pro
Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Plus, remove the $ you'd spend on a Type Cover keyboard from the savings of a Surface Pro, and you're only saving $ over buying an equivalent MacBook Pro with a dedicated graphics chip and a keyboard.

With that said, few people really need graphics chips for work. They're only useful if you do graphically intensive work, like video and photo editing, engineering work that require computer-aided design (CAD) schematics, or play video games. I'd gladly take an i7 MacBook Pro without a graphics chip for a lower price. 

Until we no longer need to use words for things like web searches, writing emails, updating social media statuses, and writing up documents – you know, laptop stuff – keyboards are still integral to the usefulness of a laptop. If Microsoft is serious about selling the new Surface Pro as a laptop, it'll need to come bundled with the Type Cover keyboard.


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