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  1. The AAU Is Founded

    January 21st,

    The AAU was founded on January 21, , with the goal of creating common standards in amateur sport. Since then, most national championships in the United States have taken place under AAU leadership. From its founding as a publicly supported organization, the AAU has represented US sports within the various international sports federations. It has grown over the years to become one of the leading and most influential associations.

  2. First AAU Event Held

    April 6th,

    The AAU conducts its first championships for boxing, fencing and wrestling on April 6 at New York’s Metropolitan Opera House.

  3. First Five AAU Associations Created

    January 1st,

    A.G. Mills, a member of the AAU Board of Governors, introduces a plan which calls for the AAU to reorganize into a union of Associations (now called Districts) rather than an association of clubs. What will later be known as the “Mills Plan” passes unanimously, creating the first five AAU Districts – Atlantic, Central, Metropolitan, New England and Pacific Coast.

  4. AAU National Men's Basketball Championships Held for First Time

    January 1st,

    The AAU conducts the first National Men’s Basketball Championship. The winner is the 23rd Street YMCA from New York City.

  5. Women's Swimming Recognized as Sport

    January 1st,

    AAU President George J. Turner concludes his national convention address in Baltimore by announcing that women's swimming will be recognized by the organization.

  6. First AAU Women's Basketball Tournament Held

    April 1st,

    Six teams compete in the inaugural AAU Women’s Basketball tournament held in the Los Angeles Athletics Club crowning the Pasadena Athletic & Country Club Flying Rings as champions.

  7. Golfer Bobby Jones, Jr. Received the First AAU James E. Sullivan Award

    March 5th,

    The AAU honors golfer Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones, Jr., as the first recipient of the James E. Sullivan Memorial Award given in recognition of the founder and President of the AAU. Other finalists for the award are Barney Berling (athletics), Clarence De Mar (athletics), Tommy Hitchcock (polo), Helen Madison (swimming), Helen Wills Moody (tennis), Harlon Rothert (all-around), Ray Rudy (swimming), George Simpson (athletics) and Stella Walsh (athletics).

  8. AAU President Withdraws Amendment to Boycott Olympic Games

    January 1st,

    Following five hours of debate, AAU President Jeremiah T. Mahoney withdraws his proposed amendment to boycott the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. Instead, a resolution was passed stating the certification of the U.S. athletes for overseas competition will not be construed to imply endorsement of the Nazi government.

  9. Beginning of AAU Physical Fitness Program

    June 4th,

    The AAU authorizes a program that encourages and monitors physical fitness among America’s school-aged children with the assistance of Dr. Robert Grueninger.

  10. First Woman to Receive AAU James E. Sullivan Award

    January 1st,

    Ann Curtis, an year old swimmer from San Francisco, becomes the first woman to receive the AAU James E. Sullivan Memorial Award. Curtis, who turned down movie, offers to continue training for the Olympic Games in London, captured AAU titles in eight events during the year.

  11. Junior Olympics Program Formed

    December 5th,

    A Junior Olympics program designed to develop young athletes in the U.S. is introduced at the AAU Annual Convention on December 5 in New York City and receives approval. Past AAU President Willard Greim is elected first President of the international basketball federation, F.I.B.A. while serving as AAU Men’s Basketball Chair.

  12. Junior Olympic Program Conducts First Event

    May 5th,

    The Junior Olympic program conducts the first AAU Junior Olympic regional track and field competitions in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas, followed by a national meet in Cleveland.

  13. AAU sanctions the first AAU California Beach Volleyball Championships in Manhattan Beach, CA as an adult open event.

    June 22nd,

    AAU sanctions the first AAU California Beach Volleyball Championships in Manhattan Beach, CA as an adult open event.

  14. The search begins for a permanent national office site for the AAU rather than renting office space in New York City.

    August 15th,

    The search begins for a permanent national office site for the AAU rather than renting office space in New York City.

  15. Congressional Blue Ribbon Arbitration Board appointed

    January 1st,

    A Congressional Blue Ribbon Arbitration Board is appointed in an effort to produce a final and conclusive settlement between the AAU and the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) over which organization has control over college athletes, both in the U.S. and internationally. The head of the independent arbitration panel is the famous labor negotiation Theodore W. Kheel.

  16. Vice-President Hubert H. Humphrey proclaims the first AAU Junior Olympic Games Open

    August 21st,

    This event marks the first time that two national championship events are held at the same time. It is also the first time that the national championships in swimming and track and field are determined on a direct competitive basis instead of through telephone and/or mail entries.

  17. AAU On the Move to Indiana

    November 1st,

    The AAU moves its National Headquarters to Indianapolis, serving as a catalyst which eventually bills the city as the “Amateur Sports Capital” of the United States.

  18. Greg Louganis competes at the AAU Junior Olympic Games

    July 25th,

    Future Olympic Gold Medalist, Greg Louganis competes in the AAU Junior Olympic Games Boys Diving Championships at Gonzaga University.

  19. AAU hosts its inaugural AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships

    June 25th,

    A total of 19 teams coming participated in the inaugural AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships in Catonsville, Maryland. The teams represented 10 states and competed for 3 National Championship titles.

  20. Amateur Sports Acts Passed

    November 8th,

    The 95th Congress of the United States passes the Amateur Sports Act, which states that no one organization may govern more than one sport. On addition, it requires vertical integrated national governing bodies immediately be instituted for all Olympic sports. The decision decentralizes the power of the AAU, but returns the organization to the basic principles upon which it was founded: to maintain amateur sports and to protect the mutual interests of its members while advancing and improving amateur sports.

  21. Jackie Joyner-Kersee wins AAU Junior Olympic Games Gold Medal

    August 1st,

    At the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Santa Clara, CA, Jackie Joyner-Kersee wins a gold medal in the girls long jump competition. Joyner-Kersee, regarded as one fo the all-time greatest athletes in the women’s heptathon and long jump, went on to 6 Olympic medals, 3 of which were gold.

  22. AAU Athletes Shine at Olympic Games

    August 25th,

    Former AAU Junior Olympians account for 18 individual and 12 team gold meals at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles during the summer. Leading the gold medal count is track and field star Carl Lewis with four, followed by swimmers Rowdy Gaines, Tracy Caulkins and Mary T. Meagher with three each.

  23. AAU Administers Presidential Sports Award from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sport

    April 15th,

    The AAU expands its program services, receiving authority to administer the Presidential Sports Award from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sport. The AAU also coordinates the AAU/Mars Milky Way All American Award, selecting and recognizing the outstanding male and female high school athletes in the U.S.

  24. AAU Members Have Strong Showing in Olympic Games

    September 17th,

    During the summer Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea former AAU member athletes account for 30% of the medals won by the United States. Swimmer Matt Biondi leads all medal winners with seven (five gold, one silver, one bronze).

  25. Gussie Crawford is First Woman Elected as AAU President

    September 20th,

    Gussie Crawford becomes the first woman elected as President of the AAU in the year history of the organization.

  26. AAU forms the 2nd Century Committee

    October 1st,

    AAU forms the 2nd Century Committee to focus on its future working towards the goal of providing “Sports for All, Forever.”

  27. Tallahassee Hosts XXV AAU Junior Olympic Games

    August 4th,

    The XXV AAU Junior Olympic Games sets a participant record with 5, young athletes ages competing in 13 sporting events at Tallahassee, Florida, July 27 – August 3. In boy’s basketball, Chris Webber lead his team Detroit Superfriends to a gold medal and was named to the AAU All-American Team. Webber was a future NBA #1 overall draft pick and 5-time NBA All-Star.

  28. AAU hosts its inaugural AAU Beach Volleyball National Championships

    August 10th,

    The event took which took place in San Pedro, California crowned five champions, including Kimberly Loeffler/Jenny Peterson (12U), Tracy Lindquist/Chrissie Zartman (14U), Shawny Lopez/Raini Lopez (15U/16U), Malaika Naulls/Joi Thomas (17U/18U) in the girls’ divisions and Frankie Bencun/Anthony Dobay in the boys’ 14U division. This event had over teams in and continuously features athletes from over 30 states

  29. AAU Forms Alliance with The Walt Disney World Company

    October 7th,

    AAU Congress approves a year alliance with The Walt Disney World Company, relocating its National Headquarters to Orlando, Florida. The AAU is one of the three major tenants in Disney’s hundred million dollar sports complex along with the Atlanta Braves and the Harlem Globetrotters.

  30. AAU Congress authorizes an online computer registration network.

    October 11th,
  31. AAU opens its headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

    January 3rd,
  32. AAU Girls’ Basketball Committee hosts the first AAU event with Walt Disney World Sports in the Orlando area.

    July 4th,
  33. AAU launches its first national website at

    February 1st,
  34. First Event at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex

    June 1st,

    The AAU hosts its first event, AAU Karate National Team Championships and Chinese Martial Arts Championships, at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex. At summer’s end, AAU sets record with over 20, athletes competing in 44 events at the new complex during the first summer.

  35. – First Time the AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships is held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex

    June 19th,

    A total of teams attend the National Championships, which was the first volleyball event to be played in the Fieldhouse at Disney’s sports complex. These teams represented 20 states and Puerto Rico and competed for 4 National Championship titles (Ages 12, 14, 16, 18).

  36. AAU Meets with National Federation of State High School Associations

    November 15th,

    In an historic meeting, the AAU and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) convene on Marco Island to discuss the challenges of AAU and High School sport programs. The AAU adopts a national policy precluding sports agents, agencies and representatives from membership in the AAU.

  37. First Siblings to Share AAU Sullivan Award

    April 2nd,

    Kelly and Coco Miller become the first siblings to share the AAU Sullivan Award, making the second year in a row that a female basketball player(s) took home the prestigious award following Chamique Holdsclaw’s win in

  38. AAU continues its sponsorship drive by signing a multi-year contract with POWERaDE/Coca-Cola.

    January 1st,
  39. AAU receives it first grant from NFL Youth Football Funds as a National Youth Football Partner.

    January 1st,

    The grand funds are used for local clubs and teams to start new football programs.

  40. AAU announces a year plan for the AAU Junior Olympic Games

    February 9th,

    AAU announces a year plan for the AAU Junior Olympic Games event which includes a rotation with the cities of Detroit, MI; Des Moines, IA; Hampton Roads, VA, New Orleans, LA and Knoxville, TN.

  41. AAU Junior Olympic Games Dance Championships features future Dancing with the Stars cast members

    July 29th,

    Mark Ballas and Julianne Hough, cast members of Dancing with the Stars, partnered to win AAU Junior Olympic Games Dance gold medals in the Junior Open Latin Championship division. The event was held in Detroit, MI.

  42. AAU surpasses the half-million mark in memberships purchased with ,

    August 1st,
  43. AAU offers a Level 3 Club membership. Third Party Insurance Certificates and event licenses come online.

    September 1st,
  44. AAU Sullivan Award Forms Partnerships

    April 1st,

    AAU forms partnership with USA Today for the AAU James E. Sullivan Award. This year’s award is presented to gymnast Paul Hamm who receives over a half million votes.

  45. Disney’s Wide World of Sports Celebrates its One Millionth Athlete during AAU Girls’ Junior National Volleyball Championships

    June 14th,

    Eight-and-a-half years and more than a thousand events since Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex officially opened on March 28, , the acre sports complex at Walt Disney World Resort welcomed its One Millionth Athlete on Monday. Desirre Wilkerson (Louisville, Ky.), a year-old girls’ volleyball player from the Kentucky Indiana Volleyball Academy (KIVA), was officially honored as the One Millionth Athlete. Wilkerson and her teammates from the KIVA Red and-Under girls’ volleyball squad participated in a morning ceremony at registration for the 32nd Annual AAU Junior Volleyball National Championships.

  46. Inaugural West Coast AAU Junior Olympic Games Held

    June 28th,

    The inaugural West Coast AAU Junior Olympic Games is held on the campus of the University of California Davis with 6 sports including baseball, boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, diving, jump rope and wrestling.

  47. AAU offers multiple year memberships and the ability to reprint individual memberships via online.

    September 1st,
  48. AAU Basketball Televised on ESPNU

    July 17th,

    The semi-finals and finals of the AAU Division I Junior Boys’ Basketball Championship at Disney’s Wide World of Sports are televised on ESPNU. Team Breakdown of Florida Gold Coast wins the championship.

  49. Future Heisman Trophy Winner Shines at the AAU Junior Olympic Games

    August 6th,

    Robert Griffin III – Broke the National Record in the Meter Hurdles, beating the competition by almost a full 2 seconds. Went on to win the Heisman Trophy in , becoming the 2nd overall pick in the NFL Draft. In he won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award and is currently the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

  50. AAU launches its online event registration system.

    September 1st,
  51. AAU and NCAA Have Open Dialogue

    October 1st,

    AAU opens dialogue with the NBA then partners with the NCAA to promote “the good of the game.” Mr. Wallace Renfro of the NCAA addresses AAU Congress as the keynote speaker. The AAU provides free college coaches packets & admissions to NCAA coaches attending AAU events.

  52. Shawn Johnson, Olympic Gymnast, and winner of Dancing with Stars, garners the AAU James E. Sullivan Award.

    April 5th,
  53. Largest AAU Junior Olympic Games Held in New Orleans

    August 6th,

    The largest AAU Junior Olympic Games concludes in New Orleans, LA with 18, athletes and coaches in 18 sports. This also marks the largest track & field competition with 12, athletes. The event finishes just days prior to Hurricane Katrina.

  54. Louis Stout from Lexington, KY becomes first African-American president in AAU history

    November 30th,
  55. Guinness World Records Recognizes AAU Volleyball

    June 27th,

    The AAU Girls’ Junior National Volleyball Championship named the largest volleyball tournament in the world by Guinness World Records. The event was held at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports and the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

  56. AAU and USARS Hockey hosts the FIRS World Championships and Junior Olympics

    July 6th,

    With over 20 countries represented, teams play over 1, games in the hockey championships.

  57. AAU Football Plays National Championships in the Citrus Bowl

    December 8th,

    Championship games played in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL

  58. AAU Football starts rivalry in Dallas at AT&T Stadium

    December 27th,

    The Battle of the Borders between rival AAU football leagues in Arkansas and Texas is held in AT&T Stadium.

  59. Gatorade Becomes Sponsor of AAU Events

    February 24th,

    Gatorade joins forces with AAU to provide a million dollars of product to AAU athletes at events.

  60. Ezekiel Elliot Wins the AAU Sullivan Award

    April 19th,

    The Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott named 85th AAU Sullivan Award Winner over Olympian’s Simone Biles (gymnastics) and Katie Ledecky (swimming) with approximately , votes cast for the finalists.

  61. Inaugural Baseball International Championships

    September 24th,

    Teams from Mexico, Caribbean and US compete in the first AAU Baseball International Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

  62. AAU, Visit Orlando and the Orange County Convention Center sign agreement to keep world’s largest volleyball event in Central Florida through

    February 18th,
  63. The AAU announces opening of the AAU West Coast Office with the support of Visit Anaheim.

    March 14th,
  64. President Roger Goudy launches the AAU Cares Initiative

    April 13th,

    AAU Cares, established by President Goudy as a way of giving back to the community, kicks off the 86th AAU James E. Sullivan Award. With the assistance of New York State Senator Kevin Parker, bicycles are assembled by the AAU Board of Directors and presented to underprivileged New York City area youth.

  65. First-Ever AAU Proud Initiative

    June 7th,

    AAU Proud is established to encourage the involvement and provide an introduction of sports to young children. At the AAU Baseball 9U/10U Grand Nationals at ESPN Wide World of Sports, the Baseball Little Sluggers takes place offering drills and activities for ages 3 to 8.

  66. AAU Junior Olympic Games Celebrates 50th Anniversary

    July 31st,

    The 50th AAU Junior Olympic Games takes place in Houston, TX with 18 sports and over 16, participants. Carl Lewis, 9-time Olympic gold medalist, lights the torch at the Celebration of Athletes

  67. AAU Congress uses electronic voting for the first time at its th AAU National Convention in San Antonio, Texas.

    October 14th,
  68. AAU Athletics Changes Name to AAU Track & Field

    November 1st,

    The official name change of AAU Athletics is made to AAU Track & Field. The goal of this change is to develop a brand that will resonate with mainstream culture and be more recognizable to fans, sports enthusiast and future partners.

  69. AAU Gussie Crawford Lifetime Achievement Award Established

    April 11th,

    AAU Gussie Crawford Lifetime Achievement Award established to honor Gussie Crawford, voted the first female president of the AAU, as a trailblazer in amateur sports. The award recognized those athletes whose efforts have paved the way for great change in amateur sports. Jesse Owens posthumously awarded during the AAU Sullivan Award Ceremony.

  70. First Volleyball Player to Win AAU Sullivan Award

    April 11th,

    Wisconsin Volleyball All-American Lauren Carlini announced as the winner of the 87th AAU James E. Sullivan Award in a ceremony at the New York Athletic Club. A member of the bronze medal-winning US National Team at the Pan American Cup, Carlini is the first four-time All Big Ten pick in program history.

  71. Inaugural National AAU Track and Field Day

    June 1st,

    The day is a celebration to recognize the beginning of District Championship season for more than 60, AAU track and field athletes.

  72. Inaugural AAU Pacific Rim Basketball Championships

    July 3rd,

    Hosted by Jam On It, The Pacific Rim Basketball Championships are held at the Hawaii Convention Center. Over teams comprised of 60 teams from outside of Oahu compete on 13 courts over a 3 day period for a chance at the AAU title.

  73. AAU Launches New Website

    August 15th,
  74. AAU Aids Those Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

    September 8th,

    As part of the AAU Cares initiative, the AAU assisted those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Numerous AAU Districts, Sport Committees, clubs and individuals donated money to AAU Cares4Houston to aid in the relief efforts in the Houston area. AAU President Dr. Roger J. Goudy along with AAU national staff delivered non-perishable items, bottled water and AAU t-shirts/apparel to Houston. Joining in the efforts was 5-time Olympian and track legend Carl Lewis who is a Houston native.

  75. AAU launched new website

    March 1st,

    AAU launched the new website through Blue Star/Stack Sports

  76. New Website by Bluestar Sports

    March 16th,

    AAU launched the new website through Blue Star/Stack Sports

  77. Roger Goudy re-elected as National President

    October 1st,

    Dr. Roger Goudy was re-elected to a second term as President/CEO

  78. Dr. Roger Goudy was re-elected to a second term as President/CEO

    October 27th,

    The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), one of the largest, non-profit multi-sport amateur sports organizations in the world, announced Dr. Roger J. Goudy of Madison, Ohio, won another four-year term as President/CEO during elections at the th AAU National Convention held at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown. Dr. Goudy, the 47th president of the AAU, is the first AAU President from Ohio since

    Read more »

  79. AAU becomes the administrator for the Presidential Youth Fitness Program

    March 18th,

    National Fitness Foundation and AAU announce partnership as AAU becomes the administrator for the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

  80. AAU and National Fitness Foundation Partnership

    March 19th,

    The National Fitness Foundation and AAU announce partnership as AAU becomes the administrative arm for for the Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP).

    Read more »

  81. AAU Track And Field record participation in AAU Junior Olympic Games

    July 24th,

    This is the first time AAU Junior Olympic Games are in Greensboro, North Carolina. AAU Junior Olympic Games had a record track participation of 13,

  82. AAU Cares Event at Leadership Conference

    September 26th,

    Partnering with the local YMCA chapter, 2, packages were put together in an assembly line process involving the plus AAU leaders at the Conference. Hygiene kits included such items as a toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and an encouragement note for recipients. The event was part of the AAU Cares initiative.

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Memphis, Tennessee— Deion Sanders, Prime Time Association (PTA) and TRUTH Sports would like to introduce TRUTH Memphis as its’ newest TRUTH Sports associate organization. In partnership with the Memphis Knights Youth Sports Organization, TRUTH Memphis will continue the mission of PTA and TRUTH Sports in the Memphis area. The Knights and PTA have had a great relationship over the years and are excited about the opportunities for Memphis and the surrounding areas.  

​Memphis Knights Youth Sports will provide quality coaches and mentors in the sports of Football, Basketball, and Cheer,for the youth of Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas.

Memphis Knights Youth Sports are part of American Youth Football, a non-profit international youth football organization, whose mission is to promote the wholesome development of youth through their association with adult leaders in the sport of American Football.




Click the Football link above for printable registration form.


  Online registrations are still OPEN NOW.  You can also join us on any of our PRACTICE DAYS Tues, Thurs and Fridays @ PM at Godwin Park ( Cherry Rd) For more information contact David Gunter @



We are currently on our Summer Break. All practices for football and cheer will resume on Tuesday, July 6, at Godwin Park. 

Godwin Park is located at Cherry Rd. 

Practices are held from pmpm

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Aau basketball teams in birmingham alabama

Players must attend at least one tryout session (but should attend all) to be considered for a team. Jones sat out the season after he transferred there from Texas Rio Grande Feb 19, · Alabama High School Basketball Tournament Keep Up On Patch - Birmingham, AL - Several area schools are still alive for a state championship in the AHSAA girls and boys basketball tournament. 2 Countries. Tournaments Brackets + Stats Live-Stream Tweets by BigShotsGlobal. 2. Take a look at how it went down. How to get your aau team sponsored by nike Premier Basketball Club is a (C)(3) non-profit, Colorado, Utah and Rockies Region based Nike Sponsored organization that provides youth ages the experience of individual and/or team sports through non-competitive and competitive hardwood elite basketball. STACK AAU Basketball makes sure all it’s players are the proper age and on the proper teams and we do that by getting them verified on National Sports ID. Augustine's Sa'eed Nelson #2, middle drives to the basket against Middle Township's Lynell Brooks #32, left and Rasheed Morrow #2, right during basketball game at St. C. NBA Playoffs Could Come Down t Founded in by President/Head Coach Dino Clark the Davis Hot Shots was the first AAU basketball program in Davis, California offering kids in Davis and surrounding areas the opportunity to play at a competitive level of basketball. His freshman year of high school, he got pulled up to varsity. Northeast Atlanta Hawks Aau Basketball Inc: Employer Identification Number (EIN) Name of Organization: Northeast Atlanta Hawks Aau Basketball Inc: In Care of Name: David L Bolen: Address: Buford Dr Ste Pmb , Lawrenceville, GA Activities: Described in section (a)(2) of the Code, Amateur athletic association Nov 24, · Rispetto al regime autocertificatorio ex , la certificazione snellisce tempi e oneri burocratici perché da una parte SAPI non è più tenuta ad allegare all’offerta la documentazione tecnica dei prodotti asseverata da un ente terzo e comprovante l’ottemperanza ai CAM, dall’altra la stazione appaltante è sollevata dal compito di State tournament Host Hotel This website is powered by SportsEngine's Sports Relationship Management (SRM) software, but is owned by and subject to the Boo Williams AAU Basketball privacy policy. BC Denver - Broomfield, Colo. We are friends, congenial, loving and you know – it’s healing. Gefällt Mal · 1 Personen sprechen darüber · 6 waren hier. 9U/3rd Grade. As they are leaving the court, a spectator, probably a Club1 Travel Team Tryouts Sunday March 14th SportONE Fieldhouse pm Current 8th and 9th Grade pm Current 10th and 11th Grade All teams will play a local schedule with a mix of Club1 Leagues and Gym Rats Tournaments depending on the team. The philosophy of "Sports for All, Forever," is shared by over , participants and over , volunteers. FREE SHIPPING available + FREE Returns on workout clothes, shoes & gear. Her women’s basketball recruiting guide from the season won Apr 01, · Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach – Howard College. AAU 9-Under/3rd Grade Boys Basketball National Championship in Memphis, TN, June 23rdth USA Basketball Developmental Camp at Colorado Springs, CO, June 26thth AAU Under/10th Grade Boys Basketball National Championship in Detroit, MI, June 26th-July 2nd Jul 25, · Scores/Schedule Roster Statistics Basketball Scholarship Tracker Recruiting Recruit Search and Database Recruiting Nuggets FB - Commitment List FB - Team Rankings FB - The Rivals FB - Visit Dates Scholarship Offers BB - Commit List BB - The Rivals Aug 11, · I spoke with Derick Newhouse, the father of a talented year-old in California, about how much AAU basketball has cost him this summer and the numbers are staggering. , July 5. We will provide a safe recreational outlet for boys and girls ages 12 to 18 in the South Atlanta area. HLC is the Longest running boys and girls AAU basketball Program in Wisconsin. For kids/teen's. 10 May and throughout the Southeast. Coach Edmonds has also trained several athletes and coaches AAU basketball for Iron City Hoops since Feb 28, · Spring AAU Registration Basketball · Any Season: Spring YBOA ALABAMA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP’S Hoover May 14 – 16 AAU Boys’ Basketball Spring Classic and AAU Girls’ Basketball Spring Fling hosted approximately 1, athletes, 99 boys’ teams and 40 girls’ teams and crowned 20 tournament champions, reaching Alabama Flight Elite Basketball Club. In , 14 of the top 20 players signed with a college sponsored by the same shoe company as their AAU team, with 13 of those being Nike-Nike. On defense, he held fellow five-star wing Kwame Evans Jr. Many of the Nation’s top Ranked Teams & Players will be in attendance. Cheyenne Blvd Birmingham AL Most college coaches have embraced the AAU Basketball Circuit as an easier way to view multiple players against better competition. Mar 31, · Tennessee Team Pride Girls Basketball Club will offer tryouts: Girls grades 2nd-6th*. Louis Summer Classic AAU basketball tournament game at Alton High School in Alton, Ill Alabama Elite AAU 14u. This program allows the youth ages to participate in various state and regional basketball tournaments and guarantees each player the opportunity to get great exposure. District Sport Directors are valuable resources for: - Finding an AAU Club to participate for your child - or use our Club Locator tool. We're pleased to announce that we have arranged for Kevin Tucker to come to Birmingham, Alabama to run a 3-day skill development camp. To that end, SPG Supreme will never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character. Non-Profit Birmingham-based AAU Boys Basketball Program, founder Keith Mims. We offer year-round basketball skill development for both male and female players starting as youth players and continuing through professionals as well as Club teams. We look forward to having you as a new member to our basketball family! ASUN Conference ASUN Conference May 03, · AAU basketball coach who sexually exploited more than boys gets years in prison Former Iowa Barnstormers coach Greg Stephen is shown in 2, likes · talking about this. If a 6 th grade team plays a 5 th grade team, teams must go by 5 th grade rules. Find more Youth Basketball Teams - 3,+ Clubs Directory! Jan 22, · At 29, the 6-foot-8 forward for the Toronto Raptors who signed a four-year, million contract this offseason, has decided to sponsor a Birmingham-based AAU basketball team. In the Zone Basketball Club is a fundamentals driven program. The basketball instructor for the online series will be Todd Birmingham. "It's the place where legends are made, and just playing there is an experience that will last I grew up in an era when Alabama football was at an all-time low. Starts: (Zero Gravity) Team programs range from high commitment & national travel to regional/local competitive tournament teams to in-house development teams. After a delayed and uncertain start to the season because of the AL. Create New Account. The organization offers skill training and competition at a higher level then what is normally offered in recreational basketball leagues, our main objective is to provide each player with the skill and Jul 09, · The AAU team, comprised of boys from James Monroe, Courtland, Chancellor and Massaponax high schools, has had a chance to test its skill against teams from Frejus, France, the past three years. SOUTH DAKOTA AA teams are getting ready for the shot clock. , Fairfield County. Lights Out Ballers Aau Basketball Program Mar 23, · Alabama’s AAU season officially tipped off over the weekend, as some of the best programs in the state met in Montgomery for the AAU State Qualifier event. It can also be referred to as club basketball or travel basketball. com. ), by a margin last spring, apologized February 21st at the Big Orange Club in Hoover as criticism from the local basketball community mounted. North Alabama Rim BASKETBALL POEMS - AAU BASKETBALL BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA - MHSAA GIRLS BASKETBALL Basketball Poems basketball The inflated ball used in this game Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five players try to score points by throwing or "shooting" a ball through the top of a basketball hoop while following a set of… Jul 09, · This video is unavailable. May 28, · Finest Basketball Club (FBC) is an organization dedicated to the development of student athletes under the age of 19 for National and International basketball competition through a rigorous athletic training program. The regional tourneys are all in either MA or NH and they are all played on the weekends (Saturday and/or Sunday). 30 States. to Das Südöstliche Konferenz (SEC) ist ein amerikanisches College Sportkonferenz deren Mitgliedsinstitutionen befinden sich hauptsächlich in der südlich zentral und Südöstliche May 05, · (CBSDFW. 22 hours ago · Landen continued playing basketball, traveling with AAU and training with his dad. Open to all teams. UABSports. birminghamGrizzlies. May 10, · So, SCOOT hasn’t played for his AAU team in a monrh May 12, · His team had a big win over Team Durant recently, in which Biliew logged 17 points, seven rebounds and three blocks in a final. May 12, · His team had a big win over Team Durant recently, in which Biliew logged 17 points, seven rebounds and three blocks in a final. We long ago accepted that the world of non-scholastic basketball — usually referred to simply as AAU basketball — is ruled by shysters and con-men. Down Town Sports Club (DTS) is a state-of-the-art basketball facility in Mahwah, NJ and home of the NEW JERSEY GYM RATZ AAU BASKETBALL PROGRAM. Birmingham. Custom uniforms; Two Scores, Teams for AAU Basketball. After starting with a single girls team in , we are excited to have 7 boys and girls teams for the AAU season! The SSFSBC AAU season starts in late March and runs through May, June, or late July, depending on the grade level. Breakout Basketball - Summer Basketball Camps and Skills Training in Boston's South Shore Oct 05, · AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union. Complete List of the tournaments. Our goal is to help each player and team improve their overall game, on and off the court. — Former Huffman High School sports star Stanley Robinson was found dead inside his family's home in Birmingham on Tuesday. Our teams will be practicing in Westwood, Walpole, Norwood, and Dover each week and will compete in a weekend tournament circuit with locations across Massachusetts. Basketball insurance for the September 1st, to August 1st, season is available to be purchased online. AAU Spring Basketball One-On-One Training Group/Team Training. Y. Apr 10, · Courtyard by Marriott Huntsville University Drive: AAU Basketball - See traveller reviews, 84 candid photos, and great deals for Courtyard by Marriott Huntsville University Drive at Tripadvisor. This tournament was held in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. EXPRESS HOOPS NJ, Metuchen, NJ, June 19, Our other teams have also won many tournaments. As general manager JB crafted an innovative program to build champions, prioritizing academic achievement and providing players with one-on-one skills coaching. Kellen Buffington says, “Ultimately it’s a lot of work and if you’re not one of the top 25 to 50 players State tournament Host Hotel This website is powered by SportsEngine's Sports Relationship Management (SRM) software, but is owned by and subject to the Boo Williams AAU Basketball privacy policy. Wisconsin AAU Traveling Basketball Teams: Higher Level Camps, est. Depending on the team, families can expect to pay 0 to , per summer to play, including uniforms. We will develop the skills of each player while teaching them about team basketball and life. Some teams play together but we play for each other. We are an up and coming AAU basketball organization located in the city of Federal Way, WA. S. She earned a First-Team and Second-Team All-State honor, as well as a First-Team All-Metro selection and First-Team All-Conference while scoring over points. Brophy dubbed him the “Recruiting Machine. The entry fee, for any team that also participates in an older age division, will be 5. It is a great opportunity to be chosen to play on any of our teams. Bogus was named State MVP, ALL Metro Player of the Year, ALL tournament team, played in the annual Mississippi vs. jescowebs. Blog for basketball info on AAU basketball. in the international sports federations. Teams, rosters, schedules, and tournaments. ALABAMA FIRE WOMEN'S TACKLE FOOTBALL team franchise based out of Birmingham, AL began play Spring as far as talent goes. We currently have 10 teams and 8 coaches on staff. The event brings together the top 32 and year-old boys and girls teams from around the world that have advanced from regional competitions earlier in the year. Fultondale High School Birmingham AL Here is the definitive list of Birmingham's basketball lessons as rated by the Birmingham, AL community. Our AAU Youth Basketball Teams, for both girls and boys, train year round to play in highly competitive AAU Basketball Tournaments in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Columbia High (Varsity) Alabama Elite AAU 16u. The AAU sponsors a full schedule of regional boys and girls events for various age groups across the country. Following his junior season when his team made State tournament Host Hotel This website is powered by SportsEngine's Sports Relationship Management (SRM) software, but is owned by and subject to the Boo Williams AAU Basketball privacy policy. He led the team to a record setting State Championship in (down by 18 in the 4th quarter). High school basketball runs through spring, but summer puts the scouting into fruition. Coach Edmonds was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. I still see Mokan Elite and Team Durant as the top two teams in the US with Team Takeover and Boo Williams equal to Lillard and New World. Broadway continued to stay connected to the game over the years by coaching and working youth basketball camps. The Alabama Main Event is a basketball exposure tournament created to Grassroots and AAU basketball teams gain exposure and evaluate team players. Head Coach: Christian Schweers General Manager: Roger Brewster Club Name: SouthEast Elite/Alabama Basketball Academy A Teams (Orange) B Teams (Black and White) Teams compete on the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) / Travel Circuit/League and will compete against appropriate competition. Generally, it refers to non-school teams that are competing. DTS offers: A COMPETITIVE & CHALLENGING BASKETBALL PROGRAM for Grades 1 – 8 which will enhance your child’s basketball skills and with the goal to make him/her fall in love with the game for all ages May 11, - The OB Kings dominated the Vigilance m. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. From ages 6 - 16, we encourage ALL, even AAU, other league players, and teams… Future will continue to be in the Top 4 in the National Media. YMCA youth basketball teams play in the fall and winter and registration begins in October He was Our Red team is considered our top team. In addition, his job is to evaluate the talent for some of the biggest programs in the country. DC Assault-D. Many of the same coaches from the original club remain today providing direction and advice for our teams. The #1 sports team management app makes communication and organization a breeze. Over the Mountain (OTM) is a competition-based basketball league (3rd - 6th grade boys) for member communities, that was started in by Conrad Rafield, a Mountain Brook resident. You must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a Javascript-capable browser to fill out the questionnaire. Apr 12, · May Birmingham, AL; TOURNAMENT RESULTS; 11u 12u 13u 14u 16u 14uGirls; CALENDAR; REVISED SCHEDULE POSTED(4/12/10), Practice Schedule on TEAMS Page! 11u 12u 13u 14u 15u; AAU Nationals Photo Album; 13u AAU Nationals, WCTV Video/Article; Congratulations for finishing elite 8 of the Classic Bracket!! 13u National Roster Jul 03, · First round the Alabama Bulls played the Montgomery Suns we won 38 to 36 in overtime. May 14, · View our upcoming tryouts for specific teams within the Gateway Basketball Club and register today. Following his junior season when his team made We plan to record and release episodes per month with Dwayne and/or players, coaches, administrators, media members, and others associated with the Great Danes Basketball Program to get an inside look at what being a first year head coach at the Division 1 level is all about. Find articles and videos for basketball coaches & players on shooting, ball handling, defense, and offense for practice and games. Mass Attack AAU Basketball club, our mission is to provide an avenue for basketball players to reach their full potential, promote good sportsmanship, and team spirit. Mar 25, · Many AAU teams are coached by someone that has knowledge of the game such as a coach of local high school or former basketball player in your local area. Go to the archive section on the right. 00 per team for teams that are playing in their age division in the WV District AAU Girls Basketball Championship Tournament. Because the two teams played the day before each team Blazers Basketball Club offers fall and spring AAU teams. and less competitive fundamental based teams which play locally. “They asked a lot of questions,” she said. Aug 05, · For basketball fans that want to see the action, try to catch a stream from the individual AAU programs or from parents at different games. top AAU teams. Team Underrated Birmingham, Al. “In our area, it's exploded," Hill said. C 3. The DIFFERENCE is that our FOCUS is on teaching and instruction through FUNDAMENTALS and SWEAT! Dec 15, · Bartley was the general manager for The Challenge's Montgomery and Birmingham teams and became a part of Nike's sponsored Elite Youth Basketball League. We offer Recreational Basketball leagues for Youth and Adults. COM) – Kellen Buffington is the organizer one of the biggest AAU tournaments the North Texas area has seen in a while, with teams from all over the nation having come to play. April – UAA Session I (Hoover, AL) | Hotel Info | UAA Teams DEAD PERIOD EVENT April – Featured Bama (Birmingham, AL) | Hotel Info | FGB CM DEAD PERIOD EVENT DreamTeam Elite Sport AAU Basketball Club, Champaign, Illinois. Boys’ Basketball. Born in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, she began performing a Houston Kingz AAU Basketball. parking, per day, weekend pass. Saint Louis. Once completed AAU will link the membership to our club. There are 25 teams in the 17U division, clearly making it the most competitive division of all. We will see you tomorrow night! #BCSPride. The Raptors program is responsible for several Alabama/Mississippi High School Student-Athletes attending College on SOUTHEASTERN ALABAMA AAU TO: All Coaches and Team Organizers FROM: Jerry Bartley, Alabama State AAU Director DATE: June 18, RE: Alabama AAU Update The Southeastern AAU Basketball biennial meeting was held in Franklin, Tennessee, June 7, Alabama AAU Basketball has 3, members. Members of the team include Dominique Hawkins and Ken-Jah Bosley (Madison Central), Omar Prewitt (Montgomery County), Darryl Hicks (Louisville Trinity), Tyler Wesley (Oldham County), David Levitch (North Oldham), Larry Morton (Bryan Station), and Jack Whitman (Lexington Catholic). A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. I had to come in and address the problem because I had to leave the gym with a headache. AAU Program. *We do have a number of rosters which came in recently, those teams will be included in next rankings following this weekend's events. Potential candidates are recruited from the basketball programs throughout the Jefferson County area. Mom drove 3 kids into Hudson River, surviving son says 3. Dec 06, · The Amateur Athletic Union is one of the primary governing bodies for select basketball. ” Team members seemed to appreciate the experience. 10 th Grade Super Showcase. SPRING AAU Season AAU Basketball at In the Zone SPRING In the Zone is forming AAU basketball teams for boys and girls grades to compete in tournaments during the spring of That would give you around 39 players. Skill Clinic. May , The 3 shoe company leagues have about teams per age group starting at U, and that's where the best talent in the country is (i. My stats with the Grizzlies for and can be located at www. Recommended team size is 5 to 8 players, ultimately up to the coach. B. Sunday against the Birmingham Blaze of Alabama. . Saving Our Sons Warriors Basketball Club EIN# Saving Our Sons Warriors Basketball Club Mission: "Raising a child in the way they should Nov 12, · AAU boys basketball, is a select team of a certain state for nations greatest basketball players. Cornell jumps all over top-ranked Syracuse University lacrosse team early, wins 2. " Some of my memorable summers came from playing with coach Oden and the Birmingham Metro AAU team Welcome to the Alabama Lightning, boys 11 and under, AAU basketball team. Box Sparks, NV, http://ww. Welcome to Alabama Roadrunners Basketball one of the countries most elite basketball clubs. ) Javascript is disabled on your browser. Matt Tighe; Matt Tobin; Brad McClain; Brian Rimol; Joe Blauner; Michael Coleman; Jen AL: {manytext_bing}: 2: Amateur Athletic Union Of The United States, Ahtletes Team Alabama: 47th Street Ensley, Birmingham, AL AL: {manytext_bing}: 3: Amateur Athletic Union Of The United States, Alabama Celtics: Cahaba River Parc, Birmingham, AL AL: {manytext_bing}: 4: Amateur Athletic Union Of The United States, Alabama Gold Aug 22, · HUNTINGTON - West Virginia Thunder AAU basketball teams have won eight national championships since Birmingham, State: Alabama (AL State: Alabama (AL) Gender: Girls Volleyball Team Ages: 12ss I grew up in an era when Alabama football was at an all-time low. your daily dose of girls basketball news & information THE AAU WEEK THAT WAS #2 Games were only held on Saturday last The tournament is over and it is time for us to come home. Wright has earned great respect in the athletics community, and University of Alabama in Huntsville athletics director E. Aug 07, · AAU boys basketball, is a select team of a certain state for nations greatest basketball players. com/basketball Welcome to Alabama AAU Girls' Basketball. Connexion. Starts: 50 Austin Wiley 6'3 C Birmingham, AL. AAU Boys’ Basketball Spring Classic and AAU Girls’ Basketball Spring Fling hosted approximately 1, athletes, 99 boys’ teams and 40 girls’ teams and crowned 20 tournament champions, reaching Entry Fee 0. Christian will host the Wilkerson Lady Wildcats tomorrow night, Wednesday, January 29th, at P. Alabama Fire Women's Tackle Football. Between and , our programs have assisted % of our senior girls in earning a college athletic scholarship. The Boys UA Association will provide elite boys travel teams with a league-style circuit at the 17U and 16U level. It usually costs him around 0 to join his AAU program and a month team dues. . May , District Championships. Up to the challenge: Area hoopsters help lead AAU team to spot in national tournament. Lakes. Girls 5th/6th; Girls 6th; Girls 7th; Coaches . at the Hoops facility in the east end of Spring The Extra Degree ° AAU Basketball - All Ages c Competitive Basketball Mar 01, · Over Memorial Day Weekend, Jam On It, one of the largest Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) clubs and event operators, hosted several basketball tournaments throughout the western region, awarding over teams for their efforts. Team Registration; Rules & Regulations; Birmingham May 7 – 8 Read more . (16U only) Comets Girls Basketball Club - Drexel Hill, Pa. We offer offensive and defensive training by veteran college and high school coaches as well as select former and current NFL players and coaches. Gators Major in championships Minor in basketball. Feb 05, · We are supported by the New Haven Teacher's Association as well as Union City Police & Alameda Fire District. AAU Basketball was originally created to help get players exposure to colleges and to give younger players a more competitive environment than the typical high school, town travel, or recreational programs. Todd has coached in the Capital District Girls Basketball League (CDGBL) program the last 6 years. From their website, “ The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. net Telephone: Fax: () Basketball Officials Signal Chart Instructions to and Duties of Scorers and Timers for Basketball Games NCAA and NFHS Major Basketball Rules Differences - Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, ) is an American recording artist and entertainer. Birmingham, Alabama Alabama Hustlers Basketball Academy. Player First carries a limited roster size without “filler players” brought to Jun 03, · AAU UNIVERSITY CATALOG Alabama Fire Women's Tackle Football. 2 in Alabama, No. Participants are encouraged to visit the AAU web site to obtain their membership. Girls usually play 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday. The Thunder , made up of fifth-graders, and Thunder AAU Boys Basketball National Tournament Under/5th Grade Division II P 2 OOL AA POOL BB W L district team Place W L district team Place 3 0 AA 1 Metropolitan NY Team Underrated 1 2 1 BB 1 North Carolina NC Stars 2 2 1 AA 2 SO Louisiana SW Louisiana Hoops 2 1 2 BB 2 SE Tennessee Knoxville Celtics 3 1 2 AA 3 SE Alabama Birmingham Metro Express 3 0 3 BB 3 Michigan Motor City … Alabama Fire Women's Tackle Football. Each team is guaranteed one playoff game, single loss elimination. To register for an Event (Click on the Calendar or go to the Nov 14, · North Alabama AAU Teammates Sign to D1 Programs Two players from the Southern Starz AAU Girls Basketball Team signed their letters of intent to play at the next level. Augustine Prep High That is the theme for the 12U Southeast Elite AAU team Sunday evening in Hampton, Virginia. AAU basketball comes with a lot of different names. Doors will open at 7am both days, with first games set for 8am. She has all the tools to be great. Walt Disney World Complex. Semi-Pro & Regional Minor League Associations. I will mainly focus on the 10 th Grade championship especially Ville as I have followed them most of the summer. Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) 1 fois championne américaine des joshi de l'ACW [21] National Wrestling Alliance Wrestle Birmingham (NWA Birmingham) 1 fois championne d'Alabama poids lourd junior de la NWA [17] World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1 fois championne du monde des poids lourd légers de la WCW [22] Récompenses des magazines. AAU meets generally use 1-year age groups with the youngest 8 and under. Peyton Wiggins and the Gators will be ready next season to cause a problem. what you need to know about every ncaa tournament team. Ben contributed to the Winston-Salem community in many capacities, including serving on the board of directors of the Southeastern Center of Contemporary Art and as a seminal founder of the Kappa Magic AAU basketball team. Event to be held in the Finley Center, featuring over teams. Over Boys & Girls teams expected for First Practice Oct. Joseph's University. panhandle basketball pace fl powered by. PACIFIC DISTRICT GOVERNOR Matthew Williams PO Box Sparks, NV Email: [email&#;protected] LV MEMORIAL DAY Qualifier for AAU West Coast National Championships May , Boys & Girls 4th - Varsity This is an Approved Event Team Entry: 0 Deadline: May 16, Mar 08, · MTBSA is a full-service youth basketball organization based in East Point, GA. The coach and the team decide they will quit and leave the tournament. At the heart we are innovators, not content with the status quo of club basketball in this area. Jul 02, · Cj Watson News AAU, basketball, grassrootsballin, high school, hoops, Premo Hoops Recruiting, recruiting, Scouting, Service 3 Comments I am proud to announce that Grassrootsballin will be turning the page to a new chapter in it’s brief history in the near future with the launching of www. AAU Basketball Program Boys & Girls - Grades: 2nd - 12th For over 20 years Coach Mike Griggs and Georgia Basketball Academy have been offering specialized development tailored to meet the needs of individual athletes and teams. STACK BEAST Code of Conduct The STACK BEAST Elite Basketball Program was created to give players who are committed to our program the chance to play with and against the best competition in Jan 13, · The Alabama men’s basketball team won its sixth consecutive game, and fifth-straight game to open Southeastern Conference play, with an impressive victory over Kentucky on Tuesday night


American Basketball Association

Defunct professional basketball league in the United States, merged with the National Basketball Association in

For the modern semi-professional league, see American Basketball Association (–present).

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Logo of the ABA

Ceased (merger)
No. of teams11
CountryUnited States
New York Nets (2nd title)
Most titlesIndiana Pacers (3 titles)

The original American Basketball Association (ABA) was a major men's professional basketball league from to The ABA ceased to exist with the American Basketball Association–National Basketball Association merger in , leading to four ABA teams joining the National Basketball Association and to the introduction of the 3-point shot in the NBA in

League history[edit]

The ABA was conceived at a time stretching from through the mids when numerous upstart leagues were challenging, with varying degrees of success, the established major professional sports leagues in the United States. Basketball was seen as particularly vulnerable to a challenge; its major league, the National Basketball Association, was the youngest of the Big Four major leagues, having only played 21 seasons to that point, and was still fending off contemporary challenging leagues (it had been less than five years since the American Basketball League (ABL) shut down). According to one of the owners of the Indiana Pacers, its goal was to force a merger with the more established league. Potential investors were told that they could get an ABA team for half of what it cost to get an NBA expansion team at the time. When the merger occurred, ABA officials said their investment would more than double.[1]

The ABA distinguished itself from its older counterpart with a more wide-open, flashy style of offensive play, as well as differences in rules — a second shot clock (as opposed to the NBA's second clock, though the ABA did switch to the 24 second shot clock for the –76 season) and use of a three-point field goalarc, pioneered in the earlier ABL.[2] Also, the ABA used a colorful red, white and blue ball, instead of the NBA's traditional orange ball. The ABA also had several "regional" franchises, such as the Virginia Squires and Carolina Cougars, that played "home" games in several cities.[3]

The ABA also went after four of the best referees in the NBA: Earl Strom, John Vanak, Norm Drucker and Joe Gushue, getting them to "jump" leagues by offering them far more in money and benefits. In Earl Strom's memoir Calling the Shots, Strom conveys both the heady sense of being courted by a rival league with money to burn — and also the depression that set in the next year when he began refereeing in the ABA, with less prominent players performing in inadequate arenas, in front of very small crowds. Nevertheless, the emergence of the ABA boosted the salaries of referees just as it did the salaries of players.

The freewheeling style of the ABA eventually caught on with fans, but the lack of a national television contract and protracted financial losses would spell doom for the ABA as an independent circuit. In , its last year of existence, the ABA pioneered the now-popular slam dunk contest at its all-star game in Denver.[citation needed]

The league succeeded in forcing a merger with the NBA in the offseason. Four ABA teams were absorbed into the older league: the New York Nets, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, and San Antonio Spurs. As part of the merger agreement, the four teams were not permitted to participate in the NBA Draft. The merger was particularly hard on the Nets; the New York Knicks were firmly established in their arena, Madison Square Garden, and would not permit the Nets to share dates there. For drawing audience away from the Knicks, the Nets were forced to pay $M to the Knicks organization. The Nets offered league superstar Julius Erving instead but the Knicks declined. The Nets had to settle for an arena in Piscataway, New Jersey and, to meet expenses, were forced to sell the contract of Erving to the Philadelphia 76ers. (By comparison, as part of the merger between the NFL and AFL that absorbed all 10 former AFL teams into the NFL, the NFL agreed to shift three of its existing teams to the new AFC where the former AFL teams were assigned, leaving the other 13 teams to form the NFC.)

Two other clubs, the Kentucky Colonels and the Spirits of St. Louis, were disbanded upon the merger, with each getting a buyout: the Colonels received a one-time buyout that owner John Y. Brown, Jr. used to purchase the NBA's Buffalo Braves, while the Spirits owners negotiated a cut of the other ABA teams' television revenues in perpetuity. This deal netted the ownership group of the Spirits over $M through nearly four decades due to a large increase in television revenues. In , the NBA and the Spirits ownership agreed to phase out future payments in exchange for a one-time payment of $M, making the total value for the deal over $M.[4] The seventh remaining team, the Virginia Squires, received nothing, as they had ceased operations shortly before the merger. The players from the Colonels, Spirits, and Squires were made available to NBA teams through a dispersal draft; the four teams absorbed by the NBA were allowed to choose players from this draft.[citation needed]

One of the more significant long-term contributions of the ABA to professional basketball was to tap into markets in the southeast that had been collegiate basketball hotbeds (including North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky). The NBA was focused on the urban areas of the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast. At the time, it showed no interest in placing a team south of Washington, D.C, other than the Atlanta metropolitan area where the NBA's Hawks franchise relocated from St. Louis in


NBA great George Mikan was the first commissioner of the ABA, where he introduced both the 3-point line and the league's trademark red, white and blue basketball.[6] Mikan resigned in Dave DeBusschere, one of the stars of the New York Knicks championship teams, moved from his job as Vice President and GM of the ABA's New York Nets in to become the last commissioner of the ABA and facilitate the ABA–NBA merger in [7]

Spencer Haywood Hardship Rule[edit]

One of the primary contributions of the ABA to modern NBA was the introduction of the Spencer Haywood Hardship Rule, which would later become the framework for the current NBA draft eligibility system that allows players to declare for the NBA after being one year removed from their high school graduation.[8] The origin of the Hardship Rule was a result of the NBA prohibiting players from joining the league until they had completed their four years of college eligibility.[9][10] The ABA was a league that frequently made up rules on the fly and was willing to push the envelope and determine the implications of the rules later.[citation needed]

In , Spencer Haywood left the University of Detroit as a sophomore and signed with the Denver Rockets.[11] The ABA believed that in extenuating circumstances, such as financial situation or familial needs, players should be able to leave for professional leagues early.[9] While the NBA and NCAA initially contested the rule, after the courts ruled in favor of Haywood playing in the ABA, the NBA followed suit and relaxed the four year rule to allow for players to enter the league if they qualified as a hardship on the basis of “financial condition…family, [or] academic record.”[12] Haywood paved the way for other players to enter the ABA before they had completed their collegiate careers such as George McGinnis and Julius Erving. Today, the one-and-done rule in the NBA can be traced back to the ABA's decision to allow players to leave college early and pursue a professional career before they had completed their collegiate careers.[10]

Slam Dunk Contest[edit]

The ABA pioneered the advent of the now popular NBA slam dunk contest at the ABA All Star game in [13] The game was held in Denver, and the owners of the ABA teams wanted to ensure that the event would be entertaining for the sellout crowd of 15, people.[9][13] The ABA and NBA had begun to discuss a possible merger,[14] and the ABA owners wanted to establish the viability and success of their league.[9] The Dunk Contest operated as a means of unique halftime entertainment that displayed the style and excitement that the ABA players brought to the game. The dunk contest was held at halftime of the All-Star game and the contestants were Artis Gilmore, George Gervin, David Thompson, Larry Kenon, and Julius Erving.[13] The winner of the contest received $1, and a stereo system.[9] Julius Erving went on to win the competition by completing the now famous free throw line dunk.


Of the original 11 teams, only the Kentucky Colonels and Indiana Pacers remained for all nine seasons without relocating, changing team names, or folding. However, the Denver Larks/Rockets/Nuggets, a team that had been assigned to Kansas City, Missouri, moved to Denver without playing a game in Kansas City due to the lack of a suitable arena. In addition to the four surviving ABA teams, eight current NBA markets have ABA heritage: Utah, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New Orleans, Memphis, Minnesota and Charlotte all had an ABA team before the NBA arrived.[15]

Franchise Cities/Names Years Fate
Anaheim Amigos
Los Angeles Stars
Utah Stars
Anaheim Amigos &#;Folded,
NBA relocated New Orleans Jazz to Utah as Utah Jazz in
Los Angeles Stars &#;
Utah Stars &#;
Dallas Chaparrals
Texas Chaparrals
San Antonio Spurs
Dallas Chaparrals &#; Joined the NBA, , as San Antonio Spurs
NBA added a franchise in Dallas (Mavericks) in
Texas Chaparrals &#;
Dallas Chaparrals &#;
San Antonio Spurs &#;
Houston Mavericks
Carolina Cougars
Spirits of St. Louis
Houston Mavericks &#; Folded, (NBA buyout)
NBA relocated San Diego Rockets to Houston as Houston Rockets in
NBA added a franchise in Charlotte (Hornets) in
Carolina Cougars &#;
Spirits of St. Louis &#;
Indiana PacersIndiana Pacers &#; Joined NBA, , as Indiana Pacers
Kansas City
Denver Larks /Rockets /Nuggets
Kansas City (unnamed) Joined the NBA, , as Denver Nuggets
Denver Larks
Denver Rockets &#;
Denver Nuggets &#;
Kentucky ColonelsKentucky Colonels &#; Folded, (NBA buyout)
Minnesota Muskies
Miami Floridians
Minnesota Muskies &#; Folded,
NBA added a franchise in Miami (Heat) in
NBA added a franchise in Minnesota (Timberwolves) in
Miami Floridians &#;
Floridians &#;
New Orleans /Louisiana Buccaneers
Memphis Pros /Tams /Sounds
Baltimore Hustlers /Claws
New Orleans Buccaneers &#; Folded,
NBA relocated Charlotte Hornets to New Orleans as New Orleans Hornets (now New Orleans Pelicans) in
NBA relocated Vancouver Grizzlies to Memphis as Memphis Grizzlies in
Louisiana Buccaneers
Memphis Pros &#;
Memphis Tams &#;
Memphis Sounds &#;
Baltimore Hustlers
Baltimore Claws
New York/New Jersey Americans
New York Nets
New York Americans Joined NBA, , with name changes to reflect move to New Jersey () and currently Brooklyn Nets ().
New Jersey Americans &#;
New York Nets &#;
Oakland Americans/Oaks
Washington Capitals
Virginia Squires
Oakland Americans Folded, (prior to merger)
NBA relocated San Francisco Warriors to Oakland as Golden State Warriors in
NBA relocated Baltimore Bullets to Washington as Capital Bullets (now Washington Wizards) in
Oakland Oaks &#;
Washington Capitals &#;
Virginia Squires &#;
Pittsburgh Pipers /Pioneers /Condors
Minnesota Pipers
Pittsburgh Pipers &#; Folded,
NBA added a franchise in Minnesota (Timberwolves) in
Minnesota Pipers &#;
Pittsburgh Pipers &#;
Pittsburgh Pioneers
Pittsburgh Condors &#;
San Diego Conquistadors /SailsSan Diego Conquistadors &#; Folded,
NBA operated in San Diego from to with the San Diego Rockets (now the Houston Rockets) and from to with the San Diego Clippers (now the Los Angeles Clippers).
San Diego Sails


List of ABA championships[edit]

Main article: List of ABA champions

With the ABA cut down to seven teams by the middle of its final season, the league abandoned divisional play.

Prominent players[edit]

See also: ABA All-Time Team

Season leaders[edit]

Scoring leaders[edit]

Rebounding leaders[edit]

Season Player Team(s) Game
Mel Daniels* Minnesota Muskies78
Mel Daniels* (2) Indiana Pacers 76
Spencer Haywood* Denver Rockets 84
Mel Daniels* (3) Indiana Pacers 82
Artis Gilmore* Kentucky Colonels 84
Artis Gilmore* (2) Kentucky Colonels 84
Artis Gilmore* (3) Kentucky Colonels 84
Swen NaterSan Antonio Spurs78
Artis Gilmore* (4) Kentucky Colonels 84

Assists leaders[edit]

Steals leaders[edit]

Season Player Team(s) Games
Ted McClainDenver Rockets 84
Brian TaylorNew York Nets 79
Don Buse Indiana Pacers 84

Blocks leaders[edit]

Awards and broadcasters[edit]

Main articles: List of American Basketball Association awards and honors and List of American Basketball Association broadcasters


In , a new league calling itself the ABA was established. The new league uses a similar red, white and blue basketball as the old ABA, but unlike the original ABA, it does not feature players of similar caliber to the NBA, nor does it play games in major arenas or on television as the original ABA did.

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