Scag 20w50 hydraulic oil

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Scag Turf Tiger Hydraulic Fluid - What to use!!?? Help!

I switched both my Ingersoll GTs to 20W full synthetic oil in the hydraulic drive system, There tractors are fully hydraulic drive, the pump is directly driven by the engine, which inturn supplies hydraulic pressure for the drive motor thru a travel control valve, and many attachments are hydraulicly driven also. On the engine front is either a manual clutch on older models or an electric that can drive belt driven attachments such as snowblowers, mowerdecks. Snow plows do not need a belt but are lifted by the hydraulic lift circuit as are the snowblowers and mowerdecks. Utilizing an accessory rear mounted hydraulic PTO, rototillers, Hydrabagger/Hydravac, log splitter, rear mounted brush cutter and many homemade attachments also can be utilized, some require a 3 point or sleeve adapter.
I switched both of these tractors to 20W full synthetic motor oil. It takes several system flushes to evacuate all the old oil out. The 20W synthetic oil was $ per quart and I used two 12 quart cases to flush and fill both tractors, expensive!!! Both have Hydrabaggers and they add to the system volume. As these tractors get used year round, the synthetic oil in the hydraulic systems makes them easier to start in cold weather.
Those of you that are not familiar with Case and Ingersol Garden tractors, check them out, they are great, durable, and functional GTs. I have over 2, hours commercially mowing and snow removal between two Ingersolls. I recently sold the older one, a when I got comfortable with my new Scag Tiger Cub ZTR.
Mad Mackie in CT:biggrin::laughing:


SCAG Genuine OEM 20W Hydro System Hydraulic Oil - 1 GALLON

SCAG Genuine OEM 20W Hydro System Hydraulic Oil - 1 GALLON


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Scag hydro oil.

Thanks for contacting us.

In short, we do not require synthetic due to our lower operating
temperatures when compared to other manufacturers (we rotate our pumps
slower than most to keep heat levels down. We also utilize slightly larger

Especially with a walk-behind, operating temperatures are never high enough
to accelerate viscosity breakdown to the point where synthetic oil would be
beneficial. Using synthetic oil would be a false economy. Hat's why we
don't use it. I would just increase your cost to maintain your mower.

Change the 20w50 as scheduled, use the original Scag hydraulic filter (very
important) and you should experience long hydraulic system life.


Chris Frame
Manager of Marketing and Strategic Technology
Scag Power Equipment
[email protected]

Comments: Scag recommends 20w50 motor oil for the hydro system,I here people
going to the Synthetic oil.Is this recommended?? I have a 36"w/b 15 hp
Kawas Any help.


This is from scag, about synthetic oil for hydro sys I e-mailed him back and asked could you use the synthetic, waiting for a response I'll let you know




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20w50 hydraulic oil scag

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Hydraulic Oil Change on Scag 52\

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