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I must say, reviewing was quite a satisfying task, since I am a big fan of manga, and we all know I can appreciate a good gay porno. Well, this site is filled with the naughtiest yaoi manga, bara and western gay comics, and if you like a bit of fantasy in your pornography, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy the shit this place has to offer, since I know I sure did!

For those who do not know about some of the above terms I will gladly explain what is what. Manga, is basically a Japanese comic book but most of the scans here are translated into English. You have yaoi manga that are gay comics drawn by a fujoshi (women who love gays), and then you also have bara which are gay comics drawn by lads.

The major difference between yaoi and bara is the art style, since in yaoi the men seem to be quite lean, clean-cut, and all that shit that you usually see in anime, while in Bara men tend to be quite butch. You will know just what I mean when you read some of the presented stories. If you do not know all of the anime terms, you might have a difficult time understanding some of their tags as well.

I would just like to say that not all yaoi and bara manga is meant to make you hard, some of them are love stories written by loners (or so I assume), while some of those manga are actually quite fucking arousing. This all depends on the shit you want to read yourself because on you have a lot of different comics, so make sure to properly explore.

I really appreciate their dark design, and the user-friendly layout, as this makes everything so much easier for me. I was able to find whatever the fuck I was searching for with ease. Now, while they do not have a special section for the categories, which I find utterly fucking annoying, they do have some tags listed when you open any of the manga.

So, if you find one comic that you like, try using the same tags to search for a similar one. Keep in mind that not all the comics here are translated into English; some of them are still in Japanese or other languages. Other than yaoi, you can also encounter other terms, such as shounen ai; the biggest difference between the two is the fact that in yaoi there will always be a sex scene, while the other tag usually shows gay love stories.

Honestly, you might want to take some time and explore these terms yourself, because trust me, your life will be much easier. Now, if you already know what the fuck to expect, I am here to tell you that the manga they have to offer are quite fucking hot. I am not a big fan of the western comics, but you have those as well (most of which are furries).

As I was browsing, I realized that a high percentage of these presented comics are actually dj (Dōjinshi), which are manga of already-existing anime or comics turned into a gay story, usually of lead characters. Basically, if you ever wanted to see Sasuke and Naruto get down and dirty, now is your chance, since this site is filled with such manga.

There was a lot of Durarara djs as well, together with many others, like Boku no Hero Academia, Detective Conan, Gintama, and so on. I am aware that if you do not even watch anime this will mean nothing to you, but then again, I am sure that many of you came here just to check out that special dj section, right?

While there is no categories page, and they should really fucking make one, you do have some options to list the manga presented. On top, you can list by only bara, manga, or random… and that is about it. Other than having the usual search box, there is really nothing else that will help you narrow your search down, and that makes me very fucking sad.

If you need help using the website or learning other shit about the site, you can check out the “Help” tab. You could also contribute to the site by translating the Manga that are not in English or uploading other manga, but if you are going to do this it is important that you read the rules, otherwise you manga will probably not be uploaded.

Those who are visiting this site for the first time, and they do not even know what to expect, you should click on ‘Random’ option, and just read the first thing that looks attractive. I am sure that after a couple of manga, you will get addicted to the wonderful world of bara and yaoi manga, and some of you might also appreciate western furry comics.

Keep in mind that anything is possible in the comic world, which is why if you are very closed-minded, maybe this shit isn’t for you. You have everything from the lovely romantic gay stories, to some fucked up shit that will make you question a lot of things. There is a lot for you to explore on this site, so what are you waiting for?

This might be just because I am very biased towards yaoi and bara, but I am quite sure that if you give it a chance you will love reading the naughty shit presented on Ignoring the last tab that does not even work and the fact that these idiots have fucking forgotten to put a categories section, I really enjoyed my stay on this site.


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If you have My Reading Manga Here, there's news for you. So, now you can easily read a huge selection of Mangago and other Japanese comics from the Internet. To do this, you just have to go to the Mangaeffect website with good content. Once here, you'll be a Readingmanga in seconds. We're sure you'll love it once you get started.

It's on trend right now, especially for kids. They used to listen to their favorite movies at night when mom or dad went to work. Now they listen to them on the weekends. They watch TV shows full of animation and cartoon characters all the time. No wonder they have the famous Japanese My Reading Manga Here.

My favorite type of Mangago is the Readingmanga with the big panels. I like Manga Panels with large detailed panels. So I can read them at night with the lights off. What I like about My Reading Manga is that you can choose from many genres. There are action, children's, fantasy, and more.

The site itself is very easy to use. It's similar to the official Mangalot site. But it is much simpler and easier to navigate. But the only thing is that you may need a high speed internet connection for it to be effective.

My Reading Manga Here

This site will help you in your quest to become a Myreadingmanga reader. It is free and easy to use. If you're new and just can't decide what to read, start with My Reading Manga Here on Mangaeffect. You won't be disappointed. It's like having your own library of Manga Pages to read whenever you want.

This site gives you a choice. Either read one or two hundred pages at a time or up to five hundred pages. Some people like to read one page at a time. And some people choose to read two hundred. If you want to read more, just scroll up a page. Or click on the panel you like. Navigation is very simple and convenient. There are several Manga Recommendations in the bottom right corner of each page.

When you start reading this site, you may be a little discouraged by the number of stories and drawings. However, you will soon learn to navigate through it. Good stories and good art. Overall, My Reading Manga is a great place to spend your time. The best part is that you can take your time and Readingmanga as much or as little as you want.

This site has several advantages over other sites for My Reading Manga Online. We haven't seen a single bad review yet. What we like most is the ability to move between Manga Panels at will. You can go from Mangago, which I like, to Mangalot, which you're not crazy about.

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