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maestromaestro said:

XXRs for some reason carry the stigma of (perceived) marginal quality. People have a strange notion of low cost = low quality. That said, the general recommendation is to use XXRs on the street only. To that end, the apparent hierarchy of preference would suggest that one should take Taiwan-based wheels (XXR or Klutch, for that matter) over the Philippines-produced ones (Rota). Koenigs can come out from either Taiwan or Thailand, for instance...

The truth, however, is that a lot of these brands have the same corporate owner or past affiliations with fabricators that are not from the "shit countries" to borrow a phrase.

But I digress...

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XXR”s have the reputation of cheap cast heavy wheels. Which is exactly what they are. They were the cheap resort in the drifting world which is when and where they first surfaced in the mid 2000”s’
While the ones for our cars are not horribly heavy there are better choices.

Klutch are newer and I honestly do not know much about them.
Konigs where considered cheap once upon a time but are flow formed which is a semi forging technique of wheel making that makes strong and lightweight wheels. Which is why so many here like them.
Enkei use’s the same tech these days as well.
It has nothing to do with the country that the wheel is made in these days it has everything to do with how its made.
Rota’s are still a cast wheel and yes back in the day they had a really bad rep. They tended to break rather than bend. Though the Miata community embraced them because they were affordable and the Miata community is notoriously cheap. Rota’s used to be heavy but worked on making lighter wheels which also helped in their rep.
In the end hands down Konigs are some of the lightest strongest affordable wheels one can buy.

The choice is up to the OP just shedding some more light on the differences between some of these wheels.
I personally have an aversion to XXR because of the fact they are a cast wheel and what I stated above . There are better options for the same amount of or close to the same amount of money,.



Rota Wheels

With a commitment to excellence in terms of build and design quality, a dedication to styling and a reputation formed from performance; Rota wheels are developed to last and add immediate improvements to the look of every car they're fitted to. One of the first Asian manufacturers of alloy wheels, Rota wheels are tested to ensure that they meet the modern demands and requirements of motoring. Having started out more than 30 years ago, and maintained their focus on one range of products, Rota wheels are some of the very best alloy wheels that money can buy. Exquisitely designed and machined, styles such as the Rota Grid, Slipstream and Torque alloy wheels have sold by the thousand around the world. Producing their wheels for the OEM and aftermarket, Rota wheels continue to bring satisfaction to customers looking for an immediate change in how their wheels look giving them something that sets their car apart from the rest on the road, on the track or in the exhibition hall.

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Rota Wheels

Looking for Rota alloy wheels? Driftworks are Europe's No.1 Rota Wheels Super Dealer and we have the entire wheel range for you right here. Every Rota wheel is rigorously tested to an incredibly high standard so you can expect quality wheels that will last a lifetime even under the toughest of conditions.

Rota pride themselves on being one of the first wheel producers in Asia with over 30 years of manufacturing knowledge. The company have a huge following within the car mod and motorsport scene along with a reputation for producing tough, cost effective and well recognised designs that not only fit a wide range of cars but suit them perfectly too. Here at Driftworks we know exactly what fits and looks good, so if you need any guidance just ask our technical team and they'll be happy to help you find the perfect wheel.

Check out some of the most popular Rota wheel designs:

Rota Grid| Rota GTR| Rota Kyusha| Rota Fighter| Rota RKR| Rota Gravel| Rota Force| Rota Grid V| Rota Slipstream| Rota Torque| Rota Boost| Rota MXR| Rota D154 | Rota Titan
Rota Mags and Arivo Tires 205/50R16 Review on Honda City

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17 rota wheels

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NEW WHEELS FOR THE EVO! (Rota Grids) - Quarantine Chronicles Ep. 17

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