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Home Depot: Emplovee Saves Child From Kidnapper,  Instead Of Promotion Gets This Letter  Saying He's Fired   This is Dillon Reagan. He recently  stopped a child from getting  kidnapped while he was at work   OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT  PO Box 14135 Satem, Oregon 97309 5068  (503) 292-2057, (541) 388-6207 or (877) 345 3484 (tol tree)  Fax to (866) 345 1878  Administrative Decision  OILLON T REAGAN  Date Issued  June 29,2017  Appeal Deadline Date:  uly 19,2017  Cust ID:  OUTCOME/RESULTADO.  You are ALLOWED benefits on this claim, if otherwise eligible.  Se le OTORGAN los beneficios en este reclamo, si de otra manera es elegible.  FINDINGS  You were employed by THE HOME DEPOT until June 19, 2017 when you were fired because you assisted  the police in preventing a kidnapping. This was not a willful or wantonly negligent violation of the  standards of behavior an employer has the right to expect of an employee  LEGAL CONCLUSION/CONCLUSION JURÍDICA:  You were fired but not for misconduct connected with work  Usted no fue despedido por mala conducta relacionada con el trabajo.   Dillon Reagan  Jun 9 at 11:21pm  HoPot Update:  The Friday before Mother's Day, I was involved in a  kidnapping attempt at my place of work.  A woman had been assaulted and her child had been  abducted by a drunk, violent man who was making a  quick exit with the child in his arms.  My co-worker and I called the police and followed their  directions to follow at a distance to make sure they  could find them when the squad care arrived on scene.  Because of the actions of my co-worker and myself,  that child was rescued from his abductor and the man  was arrested on the spot.  Today, Home Depot terminated my employment.  I was fired for stopping a kidnapper from successfully  abducting a child.  FML chrisray-the-lariat-king:  pon-raul: waisted-daisiess:  thetrippytrip:   If he manages to get that story viral, he’ll get a job 5 times better than his last one #youknowwhatImean  BLOW THIS SHIT UP    That’s Home Depot national policy 101 If an armed attacker comes into the store and threatens you, you will be fired for any form of retaliation, they tell you this on like day 1   More reasons Home Depot is Trash

chrisray-the-lariat-king: pon-raul: waisted-daisiess: thetrippytrip: If he manages to get that story viral, he’ll get a job 5 times b...

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'A Low-Key Bop.' How Dancing to the Home Depot Theme Song Became the Internet's Unlikely Obsession

An unlikely yet catchy melody took the Internet by storm in recent weeks, bolstered by the looping, highly meme-able nature of TikTok, the social media platform that brokers in 15 second clips. The song? The humble Home Depot theme song, which, up until now was only prominently featured in commercials for home improvement, like installing tile or building a patio.

Looping clips of TikTok users goofily dancing or moving to the song have racked up hundreds, thousands, and even millions of views; the hashtag #homedepot on TikTok is 65.8 million views and counting. For Chris Alicea, an 18-year-old incoming student at Valencia Community College, whose video is the top result when you search Home Depot on TikTok, being a part of the crest of Home Depot content happened organically.

In Alicea’s clip, which went viral both on TikTok and when the video was shared to Twitter, he can be seen doing different dances to the song, with every type of move matching perfectly with the music.

Alicea said that the idea for the video happened as a sort of joke in a group chat with friends. They decided that Alicea should make a TikTok since he had shared popular posts on the app before.

“Originally, it [the song] was a really small meme on Instagram,” Alicea tells TIME. “But the home depot theme, low-key, is kind of a bop, and I was like, I’ll just dance to it.”

Alicea’s assertion that the Home Depot theme song is catchy is one that the Internet clearly agrees with; although the TikTok videos that use the music run the gamut of the absurd (people splicing the music with Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” while photoshopping a Home Depot apron on an image of Timberlake) to the literal and absurd (the many, many users who have made videos of themselves grooving to the song in an actual Home Depot).

While it might seem ludicrous that the jingle for a home improvement store has become the go-to song for the youths, much less the catalyst of a viral trend, there are actually many solid reasons why the Home Depot song has become the earworm of the moment. To understand this phenomenon more clearly, TIME asked musicologist and Northeastern professor of music, Andrew Mall, to weigh in the Home Depot takeover on TikTok.

“The first thing that strikes me about the Home Depot song is that it is short and so easy to loop,” Mall tells TIME. “The central riff is only a single measure (4 full beats) and lasts a few second long. If you were to snip that single measure and loop it, the drumbeat would match up evenly and be easy to dance to. Aside from a pick-up note, the riff starts and ends on the same note (D, but one octave apart); it is essentially a descending melodic line from D to G with A serving as an ostinato (both in the bass and the guitar).

Mall said that it’s really comes down to two notes if you’re listening closely.

“The most prominent notes are D and A, which sound together at the end of the riff (high D in the guitar, A in the bass) outlining an open 5th, or what guitarists call a ‘power chord,’ which is neither major nor minor (major and minor chords in the same key have identical 1st and 5th scale divisions — in this case, the D and the A — but different 3rd scale divisions: an F-sharp would indicate a D major chord, while an F-natural would indicate a D minor chord; power chords lack the 3rd),” he said.

Mall noted that the song is the “perfect tempo for dancing, at 120 beats per minute,” making it fast for hip hop, slow for techno and EDM and in the middle for trap music. Mall pointed out, however, that the virality of the theme song shouldn’t just be attributed to the technical aspects of the music, but includes factors like the current cultural landscape and especially, TikTok. Alicea would agree.

“On Instagram and Twitter, you see the same kind of jokes,” Alicea said. “On Tik Tok, it feels new and refreshing. There are songs that have blown up on Spotify because of the app. It has a major influence.”

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Home Depot Memes Prove Gen Z and Boomers Can Find Common Ground After All

The divide between Boomers and Gen Z has reached new depths in recent weeks, as the elders have become conscious of the youths’ catch-all response: “ok boomer.” It’s going to take something industrious, something sturdy, something with a zeal for productivity to bridge this gap. Something… like Home Depot. 

Despite calls for a boycott in July due to the co-founder’s support of President Trump, Home Depot memes are on the rise — particularly because of the theme song. On TikTok, teens have isolated the tune from Home Depot commercials for their videos. Most popularly, though, they’re simply acknowledging what a damn bop the song is. 

It begins with a few slightly ominous notes on the bass. Seconds later, a drum machine introduces an insistent, percussive rhythm. The bass is then matched with a barely restrained electric guitar before all momentously blend with an electronic beat that simply goes far harder than it needs to. And just as you’re truly grooving along, the clang of what simply must be some metal tools banging together offers a certain unexpected flavor that can only be compared to what the cowbell does for Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” 

Despite sounding as if Trent Reznor scored a 1990s wrestler intro, the song is primarily only used as background filler for the chain’s commercials. So, for the most part, it has gone unnoticed, but now the track is garnering attention: Over the last month, there’s been an 80 percent increase in searches for “Home Depot theme song” on Google. 

One of the most common iterations of the Home Depot-theme-as-meme is similar to that of the “just vibing” and “me and the homies” trends — basically, people are, well, just vibing, listening to the Home Depot song with their homies. 

But something that goes frequently unspoken in these TikToks is the love, or at the very least, nostalgia, that people have for Home Depot. As children, most of us associated the home improvement store with being either lost or bored — it’s a nearly universal experience that bonds us. 

Though Boomers are too old to have experienced the Depot as children, with the first store opening in 1979, they still hold decades of memories of DIY repairs, house upgrades and gardening. Now, with their nearly-paid mortgages, retirement funds and ample free time, Home Depot surely still represents core Boomer ideals like self-determination and freedom. Although this would seem to indicate further division between Boomers and Gen Z, the store is able to lend itself to a plethora of meanings, and politically, the Home Depot is able to cross boundaries: The rhythmic clashing of wrenches in the theme song signal the unity of the youthful proletariat, while the DIY ethos of the brand suits Boomers’ conservative, rugged individualism. 

Even with our leftist ideology, as the oldest members of Gen Z have moved into their first apartments, we, too, have come to understand that the Home Depot is a land of possibility. Sure, I may never be able to afford to own a home outright, but isn’t it at least a little bit fun to select which lighting fixture I’d choose to install above the His & Hers bathroom sinks of my imagination? 

The store also offers us some sense of control: My lease agreement says I can’t paint the walls, but it says nothing in regards to the small, affordable changes that allow me to exert a sense of control over my life, like replacing the knobs on my kitchen drawers, or installing a temporary faux-tile backsplash behind the stove 

Sadly, the Home Depot didn’t respond to my requests for comment on the matter — in fact, their voicemail box reserved for media inquiries was full. But that’s probably for the best: Surely, the moment that the Home Depot publicly acknowledges its meme-ability, the trend will die, because part of what makes these memes so funny is the sense of earnestness behind the theme song — there’s no way they could have planned for that tune to be straight fire. 

But while we’re still here in this moment, vibing in the lumber section, perhaps we can acknowledge our common ground. That’s the power of the Home Depot.

Magdalene Taylor

Magdalene Taylor is a junior staff writer at MEL, where she began working two weeks after graduating college. Her work is a blend of cultural analysis and service, covering everything from reconsiderations of low-brow hits like Joe Dirt and Nickelback to contemporary disability issues, OnlyFans and the types of minor questions about life like why baby carrots are so wet. She’s also reported on social media phenomena like “simps” and “pawgs.” In 2018, she published her 111-page undergraduate thesis on Insane Clown Posse, the Juggalo subculture and the subversive aesthetics of class. She is from God’s Country, rural Western Massachusetts.

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Dad on Vacation - Home Depot Beat - TikTok Compilation

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Home Depot Meme Compilation

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