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Google Pixel 5 users have been experiencing issues when placing their phones on the Pixel Stand, as per the Pixel support page and Reddit posts. The issue is that when the Pixel 5 is placed on the Pixel Stand for charging, the screen wakes up with full brightness at some point in the night, even when ‘screen off when dark' feature is enabled. Some users have reported that it happens after an hour or so. Further, some users have reported that Google live chat gave them a solution but that did not work.

As per the Pixel support page, a Pixel 5 user by the name of Gary Hornsby posted the issue where the clock screen with just the clock and notification icons came up with full brightness, even when the ‘Screen off when dark' option is enabled, when the phone was placed on the Pixel Stand. A couple of Pixel 4XL users on the support page, as well as on Reddit (1, 2) also experienced the same issue with the Pixel Stand.

After getting in touch with Google live chat, users were asked to reset app preferences, turn ‘Do not Disturb' off and on and, try again. However, this did not solve the problem and users still experienced their phone waking up at night with high brightness. In some cases, users of the Pixel 5 were asked to update the Pixel Stand app and give it notification access. This will supposedly allow the ‘Screen off when dark' feature to work.

A report by Android Police points out that the Pixel 5 is the first phone by Google to feature a proximity sensor located underneath the display, which may the cause of this issue.

There doesn't seem to be a permanent fix for this problem as of yet and it is unclear if this is happening because of a software or hardware flaw. In case it is a software problem, it can be fixed with an OTA update, however, a hardware issue might require more difficult solutions. We've reached out to Google to comment on the issue, and will update this space when we hear back.

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Pixel 5's insomnia problems when resting on the Pixel Stand have been fixed (APK Download)

By Caleb PottsUpdated


No more sleepless nights for your new phone

The Pixel 5 is by most accounts a perfectly decent device when it's functioning correctly. However, a strange issue has popped up that's affecting users who leave their devices on Pixel Stands overnight, causing screens to come back on. This eye-blisteringly bright bug is basically the opposite of bedtime mode. Thankfully, the latest Pixel Stand APK update offers an antidote to these sleepless nights.

Users reported that although the Pixel 5 display turned off when placed on a Pixel Stand at night with the "screen off when dark" option is enabled, it suddenly turned back on after an hour or so, seemingly at maximum brightness. Affected users' Pixel Stands work fine with previous Pixel devices, so it seems like a bug that was exclusive to the Pixel 5.

Google's newest flagship is its first phone with a proximity sensor that's located underneath the display, which could possibly have something to do with why the display wakes up when it shouldn't. Customer support has recommended resetting app preferences and toggling Do Not Disturb mode, but those troubleshooting steps don't seem to have resolved the issue.

The only proper solution is the latest Pixel Stand app update, version Our original tipster Thomas and christonge below in the comments can confirm that the new APK relieves their phones from their sleepless nights. You can check the Play Store to see if the update is already available to you or get it from APK Mirror straight away. If only actual insomnia could be cured via a software update.

UPDATE: 2020/11/03 6:40am PST BY MANUEL VONAU

Article updated to reflect that there's now a fix for sleepless Pixel nights.

Source: Pixel Forum; u/timewarpUK, u/Roaders

Thanks: Thomas and christonge

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Google Pixel 5 has an annoying new problem

The Google Pixel 5 hasn’t been out in the world for very long, and it already seems to be suffering from some big issues. As if the gap between the phone’s display and case wasn’t bad enough, some Pixel 5 owners are reporting an entirely different problem.

It’s specifically affecting Pixel 5 owners who try to use it with Google’s Pixel Stand, with the phone refusing to go to bed like it’s some sort of stubborn six year old. 

For those that don’t remember, the Pixel Stand is a specialised wireless charging dock that was released alongside the Pixel 3. But that was the very least of its capabilities. The Pixel Stand also turned compatible Pixel devices into mini Nest Hubs when they’re docked, showing you all your important information and giving you quick access to Google Assistant.

The problem affecting the Pixel 5 is that the phone doesn’t want to go to sleep, with screens coming back on at maximum brightness in the middle of the night. That’s even when the phone is set to turn the screen off when it’s dark. What’s worse troubleshooting steps suggested by Google support doesn’t seem to be doing much good.

Some users on the Pixel forum even claimed this problem is affecting both the Pixel 4 and 4XL. That said, others have claimed their Pixel 3 and 4 phones are absolutely fine, even while the Pixel 5 forgets when it’s night time. That just makes the whole mystery even more confusing.

If you do have a Pixel 5 affected by this weird technological form of insomnia, Google’s advice is to reset app preferences and toggle Do Not Disturb mode. If that doesn’t fix your problem you’re not alone, and you may just have to stop using the Pixel stand until Google can figure everything out and issue a fix.

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Hands-on: Pixel Stand turns your Pixel into a Google Home

No need to wait for Pixel 6 to learn a little bit more about Google’s October 19 ceremony. ڏ spot l The teaser pages shine a light on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, including their software on the car phone warehouse. In confirmation of past rumors, Google has been promising “at least” five-year security updates – it’s been four years longer than Samsung, and recommends upgrading your Pixel 6 to the end of 2026. Be protected.

Teasers often cover officially released details, though they do provide some more details. Not surprisingly, Google is interested in the CameraTrax 2-magic eraser eliminates photo bombers, Face Unblur puts subjects into focus, and Ultra Wide Front Camera helps group selfies. The Pixel 6 will have a 50MP main sensor (over 12MP) and 12MP ultra-wide, while the 6 Pro will include a 48MP telephoto lens.

Product pages also indicate battery life over the past 24 hours, even at “5G”, with fast 30W wired charging and reverse charging via battery share. There’s a new “twice as powerful” pixel stand for wireless charging, too. The 6.4-inch Pixel 6 and 6.7-inch 6 Pro will both resist IP68 dust and water, along with the Gorilla Glass Victoria, though you’ll have to spring for the 6 Pro if you want a 120Hz display – you’ll have it. Today ‘settle’ for a simple display (probably 90 to 90Hz) on the settle model.

Car phone lists don’t ive much spec on specs. At the same time, it is evident that Google is determined to support the Pixel 6 as a flagship, not a performance. Android-based Android vendors may have a hard time finding suits (they are usually tied to Qualcomm’s policies like chipmakers), but it may offer at least one option if you want an iPhone like this one. Security updates without Apple’s ecosystem.

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Google Pixel Stand (Pixel 3/XL) - Wireless battery charge test \u0026 review

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