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Prospective candidates should note: Paycom will never ask for payment to search or apply for jobs and will never ask a candidate for credit card or bank account information over the phone or by email. We do not extend unsolicited job offers by phone or email without candidates first applying online and interviewing with a Paycom recruiter.

Accelerate your career


Ready to see how much you can achieve? Our sales force is at the forefront of our efforts to grow our client base and transform an entire industry. Along the way, these driven professionals are continually expanding their definition of personal and professional success.

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Paycom is looking for tech-savvy talent to help our organization maintain its innovative edge. We value diversity of thought and background, the ability to function as a team player and the readiness to help build something great. Do you like the idea of exploring your aptitudes and abilities at a world-class, industry-leading tech company? Then consider making Paycom your new professional home.

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It takes a diverse team of professionals to stay atop our industry, so Paycom is always scanning the marketplace for top talent as we add the most driven and capable individuals to our ranks. Searching for a collaborative, goal-oriented environment? Looking to dive into a workplace where you can explore your growth potential while being part of a team that’s transforming the face of business? Talk with a Paycom recruiter about joining this future without limits.

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Looking for a professional learning opportunity that’s more than just a spot on your resume? Our program provides knowledge and experience as interns work alongside some of the most talented professionals in their field. The result is a valuable stepping stone to the future of your career.

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An award-winning workplace

Are you ready?

Paycom HQ building

You don’t have to go to Silicon Valley to work for a world-class tech company. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Paycom has built a reputation as an innovator in the field of HR and payroll technology. That innovation, in turn, drives unstoppable growth. Whether your career is just beginning or entering a new chapter, this is a place for you to grow, too.

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How we hire
Paycom HQ building
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Benefits and Culture

happy male employee

Paycom is more than just a company; it’s a movement. As we pursue our mission of redefining HR and payroll technology, we strive to uplift the people who make it possible. When we succeed, the ripple effects are felt by families, communities and the world we call home.

  • $1-per-pay-period individual health insurance
  • dental and vision insurance
  • 401(k) with generous matching
  • paid family leave
  • employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) and more!
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People worth celebrating

People worth celebrating

Paycom’s industry-defining success would not be possible without our people. That means every single employee in every department has something to contribute, and the combined effect of these contributions propels us to our current state of excellence.

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People worth celebrating

Equal employment opportunity

Paycom celebrates diversity, inclusion and fairness in the workplace. To help further these goals, we are committed to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies.

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Paycom Interview Preparation Guide

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9 :: What critical component of this position At Paycom makes the work challenging?

Heading information: This should include job title, pay grade or range, reporting relationship (by position, not individual), hours or shifts, and the likelihood of overtime or weekend work.
Summary objective of the job: List the general responsibilities and descriptions of key tasks and their purpose, relationships with customers, coworkers, and others, and the results expected of incumbent employees.
Qualifications: State the education, experience, training, and technical skills necessary for entry into this job.
Special demands: This should include any extraordinary conditions applicable to the job At Paycom (for example, heavy lifting, exposure to temperature extremes, prolonged standing, or travel).
Job duties and responsibilities: Only two features of job responsibility are important: identifying tasks that comprise about 90 to 95 percent of the work done and listing tasks in order of the time consumed (or, sometimes, in order of importance).

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Applicant Tracking

Streamline your recruiting and hiring processes so you don’t lose top talent to the competition.

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From one place, our applicant tracking software lets you:

  • automatically post open positions to top online job boards
  • allow candidates to set preferred interview times
  • view all candidate information front-and-center, including interview availability
  • conduct and track all conversations, including subsequent emails outside the system, reducing the risk of losing qualified candidates
  • keep high-interest prospects on your radar by allowing them to provide information without applying
  • send customizable offer letters for digital acceptance
  • make hiring decisions with the click of a button
  • move new hires to background checks and onboarding with no data re-entry

Key analytics and reports in our applicant tracking system allow you to:

  • identify which career sites and job boards drive the most qualified applicants
  • see each position’s number of views, applicants, offers and hires
  • track days to fill by position, department, recruiter or hiring manager
  • ensure candidates comply with EEOC and OFCCP guidelines
  • customize a wide range of hiring information for analysis
Employer checking their customizable candidate database on the Paycom iPad app.

Keep tabs on candidates with true potential.

Not everyone you want to work for your company is ready to apply, but we can help turn passive applicants into active ones, for a higher-quality talent pool. With our talent acquisition software, you can:

  • build a directory of talent from resumes, searchable by school, degree, skill set, previous employer, ZIP code radius, follow-up and more
  • organize candidates in folders and with tags for simple searching
  • measure ROI of recruiting efforts to reveal where prospect-networking dollars are best spent
We Are Hiring!

Interview Questions Revealed

There’s a bit of anxiety that sweeps over us after leaving an interview. You know the moment, when all your answers are on a playback loop, making you wonder if you blew it or nailed it. One question remains … just what was the recruiter or hiring manager thinking?

Even more, did you ask them the right questions? There is alot of interview advice out there and while it’s impossible to know exactly what is going through every interviewer’s mind, we’re confident the below questions are a few they don’t want to hear.

“Do I have the job?”

What you think they hear: “I’m confident I’m the best candidate for the job and want you to know it.”

What they actually hear: “I’m a little arrogant and have a tendency to be overbearing or pushy. I’m putting you on the spot because I’m truly curious if I have the position.”

An alternative: “What type of candidate do you know you want?” or “What are some qualities of your most successful hires/current employees?”

There is a line between confident and pushy and this question is over the line.

“How much will I be making?”

What you think they hear: “I want to show you how serious I am about making your company, my company. I am considering the ways I can use my talents for your team.”

What they actually hear: “I’m here to get a job because I have bills to pay. It would be nice if I liked the work, but at this point, I really need to make a living.”

An alternative: “Are there opportunities for professional growth and career development within the organization?”

Save the salary conversation for after the offer is extended and not a moment before. It’s acceptable to make negotiations at that point, but even then it should be more about how skills translate and if you can grow within the company. Instead, route interview questions to be more focused on the ability to participate in continued learning or if there is a chance for advancement.

“I’m sorry I’m late, I _____.”

What you think they hear: To be honest, we have no clue what you are thinking. Maybe if traffic is the excuse and you hope they will share in on the frustration of rush hour; or maybe, if the excuse is that you got lost, you hope they will remember what it was like the first time they entered the building.

What they actually hear: “I cannot plan ahead, prioritize my schedule or use my resources to ensure I have all the necessary information to make it to work every day. I have a bad habit of losing track of time and can’t do early mornings.”

An alternative: Don’t be late. If you are going to be late, call as soon as possible and explain that you are happy to reschedule for a time that works for them. Make sure everything is suited to their convenience and don’t be late again.

The average interview lasts 40 minutes, but 33 percent of leaders admitted they knew if they were going to hire the candidate within the first 90 seconds. That means first impressions are everything, being late will be noted and you will be lucky to get a second chance to interview, let alone receive the position.

Interviewing is tough and while it’s great to break a few rules every now and then, some questions simply leave a bad taste in a recruiter’s mouth. If you asked any of these questions in the past, don’t sweat it. Next time, walk into the interview confidently, with your best smile and a few well-planned questions.

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Process paycom hiring

From Stone to Digital: A Quick History of the Hiring Process

Do you feel like you’ve had some long job searches? People have been looking for work since the beginning of recorded history! Filling job openings has been an activity since assigned professions became part of human culture. In 17th-century B.C., the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi addressed apprenticeship, while written records from 55 B.C. show that Julius Caesar signed a decree offering a generous bonus to any soldier who brought another into the army.

People have always had jobs, but did you ever wonder when recruiting became its own profession? One of the earliest-known instances was in 1650 when Henry Robinson proposed an Office of Addresses and Encounters, which would link employers to workers. His proposal was rejected when he presented it to British Parliament, but he forged ahead and started the employment agency on his own. Robinson’s operation didn’t last long, but time would eventually demonstrate the value of his vision.

The science of screening

The idea of screening candidates is more recent. In the early 20th century, Thomas Edison developed a series of 150-question exams he would administer to applicants to weed out those lacking what he considered essential knowledge. His tactics seemed eccentric to some and excessive to others, but they are early examples of what we consider to be the modern job interview.

According to the people who endured these exams, they were notoriously broad in scope and extremely hard to pass. Do you know who Henry Bessemer was? How about King Leonidas? What is the elemental composition of brass? Don’t worry — it seems that 93% of Edison’s applicants didn’t, either.

Hiring in the information age

Employing technology in the hiring process took off at the end of the 20th century. The Monster job board was started in 1994, offering a user-friendly interface directly connecting job hunters with employers. In that same year, CareerBuilder, then known as Netstart, offered software-enabling, forward-thinking employers to post open positions on their website instead of in the classifieds.

Today, Monster is no longer the only game in town, as platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor have helped create a career-focused segment of the digital landscape no professional can ignore.

Innovation continues

With easier access to career-oriented web platforms, employers now had the ability to reach significantly more job hunters, and innovations like e-mail and web-based job applications made it easier for everyone in the labor pool to search for suitable positions and submit themselves as candidates. Continued innovation now provides recruiters and companies with powerful analytics enabling unparalleled efficiency and insight into the hiring process.

These software programs, known as applicant tracking systems, continue to transform how HR professionals perform the time-honored task of finding the right person to get the job done. In the past, top talent could be overlooked or snatched up by competitors while waiting for recruiters to work through inefficient manual processes.

By offering both automation of routine tasks and data-driven analysis of job applicants, tools like Paycom’s Applicant Tracking and Enhanced Background Checks™ allow employers to make their hiring decisions with greater speed, insight and effectiveness than ever before.

The HR profession never sleeps, and future innovation is guaranteed. If you’d like to see what’s on the horizon for acquiring talent through HR tech, schedule a personalized demo today!

Phone Interview Questions and Answers Examples - How to Prepare for Phone Interviews

Application Process

Once you’ve found an open Paycom position where you can contribute and excel, it’s time to apply! Have your resume handy and click the button below to apply for the chance to work for one of the world’s fastest-growing tech companies.

Watch this video for instructions on applying. For additional pointers on the application process, our blog posts offer best practices on:

Read our blog

For your application to be considered by Paycom, a signature is required. Once your application is in, you should expect to hear back from us shortly to let you know if we’re going to proceed with your application. If we do decide to move forward, you’ll be invited to begin the interview process.

While you’re waiting to hear back, we’ve got some great resources to help you prepare for an interview, including:

Learn more

reviewing applicants

1. Phone

hand holding phone

Our recruiters may call you with some preliminary questions.

2. First


A face-to-face or virtual meeting is a great way to get to know a candidate.

3. Final

conversation bubbles

As you progress, we may ask you to meet others you’d be working with at Paycom.


Similar news:

Are you looking for a place where you can work happily? We will discuss the complete guide to career opportunities at Paycom in this article. What if I told you there’s one where you can actually work happily, earn a very attractive salary plus frequent bonuses, and also get compensated? Let’s check it out.

Paycom is an American online payroll and human resource technology-provider-based company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As an elite organization, Paycom has built a reputation as a leader and innovator in payroll technology. Paycom currently has about 346 open jobs where employees can earn a minimum of $59,206 per annum with the least qualification, like a High School certificate. Employees at Paycom enjoy amazing benefits like health insurance, retirement plan, and even parental leave. We will transcend into the requirements for landing a job at Paycom.

Career Opportunities at Paycom

  • Be a legal citizen of the United States or possess a work visa as a non-immigrant.

  • Possess a Bachelors Degree in one of the following fields:
    • Accounting
    • Book-keeping
    • Finance
    • Business Administration
    • Business Analytics
    • Economics
    • Maths
    • Statistics
    • Software Engineering
    • Enroll in and get a Payroll certification course:
      • Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC)
      • Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)
      • CIPP National Payroll Certificates
      • CIPP Practitioner certificate in Payroll, Advanced Practitioner certificate in Payroll, and Diploma in Payroll.
      • IAB Certificate and Diploma in Payroll or Computerised Payroll
      • Apply for any job of your choice

Required Education and Background to Work at Paycom  

The minimum required education needed to work at Paycom is High School Certificate or GED equivalent. But to get better job offers, possessing a Bachelors’s Degree is an important tool. Having a Masters’s Degree is great, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree is just too amazing.

Skills Needed  

  • Good IT skills
  • Good communication skills
  • An active listening attitude
  • Lucid and logical thinking
  • Discreteness and absolute confidentiality
  • Outstanding leadership qualities
  • Attention to detail
  • Business acumen
  • Conflict resolution and crisis management 
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to prioritize, multi-task, and meet deadlines effectively
  • Great interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to optimize the use of word processing and spreadsheet packages

What Jobs are Available at Paycom?

Paycom currently has more than 344 open jobs and career opportunities. These jobs include verification specialists, receptionists, interns, data analysts, attorneys, web content managers, and so much more.  

How Much Do Employees Earn to Work at Paycom?

According to Payscale, the average salary for a worker at Paycom is $59,206 per annum. Popular roles like Account Executives earn about $132,496 annually; Product Designers earn about $100,045; software Developers earn about $68,666 to $88,196, while Specialists are one of the least paid to earn about $54,354 and these are all on an annual basis. But most importantly, employees also get bonuses, even amounting to over $4000.   

What is the Minimum Age to Work at Paycom?

16 years of age is the minimum age required to work at Paycom because prospective employees with just a High School Certificate or equivalent are being hired. And even those over 45 years of age are still being hired at Paycom. 

Steps to Apply for a Job at Paycom

  • Log into the official Paycom website at
  • Click on the menu button (three dashes) on the top left corner of the page.
  • A drop-down menu appears. Click on “Careers” and then click on “Apply Now.”
  • From the list of jobs, select a job or search for one with the “Quick Search” tool.
  • On the job details page, evaluate yourself if you qualify for the job. Read through the job description, responsibilities, and qualifications. Then click the “Apply” button on the bottom of the job.
  • You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll have to create an account.
  • Create your account by filling in the necessary information on the page.
  • Verify your account by clicking the confirmatory email sent to the email address you inputted while creating your account.
  • After successfully verifying your account, go ahead and apply for the job.

Benefits Enjoyed by Employees at Paycom

  • Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Leave
  • Parental leave
  • Paid time off
    • Childcare
    • Health and Wellness
  • On-site gym
  • Fitness class
  • Wellness program
  • Financial Perks
    • Bonus pay
    • Employee discount
    • Stock options
    • Retirement 
    • Retirement plan
    • Meals
    • Free lunch or snacks
    • Others
      • Employee assistance program
      • Employee mentoring program

Interesting Facts About Paycom

  • Paycom hires 56.3% females as opposed to 40.1% of males. So if you’re female, you should feel confident.
  • Most employed employees are graduates of the University of Central Oklahoma. So you might want to think of getting a degree here if you stand a better chance of being hired.
  •  Graduates of Business are given top priority. But don’t worry, go ahead and apply. There are enough positions for everyone.
  • Bachelors Degree holders are mostly employed. Suppose you thought you needed a Master’s Degree or higher to get hired at Paycom. Sorry to prove you wrong. Paycom hires more of the BSc. Degree holders; not everyone can afford advanced or higher education.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paycom

  1. How many hours a week does an employee need to work?

Most employees at Paycom work for a minimum of 40-50 hours weekly with a daily hourly rate of $17.75. Some employees do overwork, even on Saturdays, to get additional pay, but why overwork when you earn benefits.

  1. What is the process at Paycom like?

Interviews at Paycom are carried out three times. The first interview is the recruiter’s level, where you get a phone call from the recruiter. The second interview is with the regional manager, and the third interview is the leaders’ interview, where you’ll have to stand before a panel. Or it could be an online Zoom meeting due to Covid-19 protocols. Each interview at Paycom ranges from about 30-60 minutes.

  1. What does the interview feel like?

Interviews at Paycom are intense and purposeful, with great and tactical questions to challenge the prospective employee. It is highly recommended to use the STAR method for answering questions.   

  1. Are tattoos allowed at Paycom?

Yes, at Paycom, tattoos are allowed but owing to the business environment, it is ideal to keep them covered.

  1. How has Paycom responded to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Paycom has moved almost all of her workforce to a working-from-home environment. Most of the employees work remotely and safely from the comfort of their homes.

  1. What does it feel like to work at Paycom?

It is an outstanding place to work with a very dynamic working environment, growth and development plans, training for IT personnel and other employees.

  1. Who is the founder of Paycom?

I specifically reserved this. The founder of Paycom is Chad Richison. He was a former senior manager at payroll from ADP and founded Paycom in 1998, although it was only made public in 2014.

  1. What is the networth of Paycom?

According to Forbes, Paycom currently has an estimated net worth of over $2.9B.

  1. What advice is readily available to new employees?

Get to know and be known by others in your work environment as your professional growth depends on it.

Common Questions Asked at Paycom Interviews

  1. Tell me about your relationship with your previous boss.

To successfully answer this question, stick to the bright side of the relationship you had with your former employer, even though there were no bright sides. But to impress the interviewer, you have to prove to him that you can maintain a very positive relationship with your employers; no one will love to hire someone who can start a war or riot at their organization. Think smartly.

  1. Would you say you communicate better in writing or verbally?

Well, tell the interviewer the truth. However, your communication reflects when you’re talking. If you’re more like an introvert who loves writing, say so but at least tell the interviewer you’re working progress. If you tell a lie, I bet you the interviewer will know because you could not look at her straight in the eyes since the interview began. Be truthful.

  1. If you were hired at Paycom, how much do you expect to earn?

The most diplomatic way to answer this question is to use your current earnings as an example. If you earn a bit meager sum, tell him you’ll love a rate slightly higher and if you earn a very attractive salary, tell him you might love to stay in that range. All that matters is convincing the interviewer that you are worth the intended salary. Be clear and precise.

  1. What would a typical day in your position as an Inside Sales Representative look like?

Here comes the part where you’ve got to know your job description. Study all aspects of the position your applying for, especially your responsibilities, daily. If you do not answer this question correctly, you give the interviewer the impression that you are not industrious or duty-inclined. If you were, you’d at least know what is expected of you at work.

  1. How did you hear about Paycom?

This is a question you should look forward to. It would place you on a high ground if you were being referred to Paycom by an employee currently working there. Of course, you’ll have to provide the employee’s name and position, but what if an employee did not refer you? As we earlier discussed, be sincere. If you got the advertisement from your LinkedIn profile, go ahead and say so, you never can tell what other great benefits that LinkedIn profile will get you at the company.

  1. How long do you intend to work here at Paycom?

Here’s a tricky one. Most employers love hiring workers who can comfortably work for at least two years. If you wanted to work for just six months, why bother even applying? Try to stay on a particular job for at least two years. It builds your relationship with the employer. What if the interviewer were to ask for a recommendation from your former employer? What do you think your former employer would say? 

  1. Tell me about youself. Why should we hire you?

At this point, don’t think the employer is asking about your qualifications. No, it’s more like about your personality, why do you think you are the best match for this job? It’s not because you acquired two Masters’ Degrees in your field. It should be because of a particular value of yours. Think clearly and answer. Use the Elevator Pitch style. Show the interviewer that you’re not just educationally qualified but that you have what it takes to handle whatever life throws at you. This should be the point where you praise yourself. In the end, the interviewer should feel she hired you because you made her laugh all through the interview; charisma and a sense of humor can never be underestimated.

Testimonials About Paycom

  • «Paycom is dynamic. You will encounter process and system changes frequently. We have to keep with changing practices and expectations in our industry and continue implementing new ideas to introduce those changes to ourselves.» Bonny Calfy, Recruitment Market Team Leader

  • «Paycom is a comprehensive and reliable system which can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our daily operations. The system and support staff give us the confidence of office automation that can sharply reduce the workload of our payroll/HRIS needs.» Scott, VP of Business Development Hospitality.

  • «My life has completely changed at work. I get excited to do payroll instead of dreading coming in every other Monday. I will praise Paycom to anyone and everyone I talk to. Paycom can change the way our entire company is run in the best way possible.» Samantha, Corporate Office Manager Hospitality


At this juncture, if you have any general questions about Paycom or payrolls, comments or queries, please feel free to leave them in the comments section here below. Thank you, and I hope you learned quite a lot from our guide.

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