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JAM Paper A7 Dark Green Premium Invitation Envelopes



These dark green envelopes are made out of high quality paper and feature straight flaps with reliable gum closures. Fantastic for professional and personal mailing needs of many kinds, these fashionable booklet style envelopes stand out and appeal to several audiences. Use these versatile envelopes to send our invitations to showers, parties, reunions, ceremonies, and more.

  • Available in multiple counts
  • Dark green
  • A7 size (5.25" x 7.25")
  • 28 lb. (105 gsm) paper
  • Booklet opening
  • Gum closures
These dark green envelopes are made out of high quality paper and feature straight flaps with reliable gum closures. Fantastic for professional and personal mailing needs of many kinds, these fashionable booklet style envelopes stand out and appeal to several audiences. Use these versatile envelopes to send our invitations to showers, parties, reunions, ceremonies, and more.

  • Available in multiple counts
  • Dark green
  • A7 size (5.25" x 7.25")
  • 28 lb. (105 gsm) paper
  • Booklet opening
  • Gum closures

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Seedling Green Envelopes - A7 Gmund Colors Matt 5 ¼ x 7 ¼ Euro Flap 68T

Product Description

A7 Euro Flap envelopes made with Gmund Colors Matt (16) Seedling Green paper. The deep pointed euro flap design is the first choice for formal invitations that require an envelope with style and distinction.

Category Description: Gmund Colors MATT Envelopes

Gmund Colors MATT envelopes are manufactured using 68lb - 91lb (101 GSM - 135GSM) text weight paper and offered in 48 hand curated colors. LCI Paper stocks all 48 colors in many popular invitation and announcement sizes. Envelopes can be ordered blank or custom addressed with your entire guest list. Gmund Colors MATT paper is archival, pH balanced & fade resistant making for a long and lasting impression.

Printing Information

Our in house print tests indicate Gmund Colors MATT envelopes are both laser & ink jet friendly using many consumer grade printers. Testing prior to purchase highly recommended. Conventional print methods, including letterpress, offset, thermography, engraving, foil stamping & embossing work beautifully on this paper.

Gmund Colors Envelope Swatch Book

Not sure which envelope color to choose? Order our Gmund Color Envelope Swatch Book to see all 48 colors.

Product specs

Size Name:-
CMYK Match:N/A [disclaimer]
Eco Features:-
Brand:Gmund Colors Matt
Printer:- [disclaimer]
Print Template:Visit Templates Page
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Dark Green Envelope

Dark Green wedding envelopes with white ink return addressing and gold wax seals
  • Dark Green wedding envelopes with white ink return addressing and gold wax seals
  • Racing Green a7 envelopes are perfect for wedding invitations and save the dates
  • Racing Green color swatch from cards and pockets
Ships in 1-2 Business Days *addressing adds 10 business days
Minimum Purchase:
25 units
Bulk Pricing:
Buy in bulk and save

Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount

  • Buy 100 - 149 and get 6.55% off
  • Buy 150 - 199 and get 14.57% off
  • Buy 200 - 249 and get 18.56% off
  • Buy 250 - 349 and get 21.49% off
  • Buy 350 or above and get 30.66% off

These dark green envelopes are a british racing green color which is a very dark green with blue undertones. The paper has a matte finish and is with Racing Green paper from the Colorplan Paper Line.

  • A2 4.378" x 5.75" 
  • A6 4.75" x 6.50"
  • A7 5.25" x 7.25"
  • A7.5 5.50" x 7.50" 
  • A8 5.50" x 8.125"
  • A9 5.75" x 8.75"
  • No. 10 4.125" x 9.50"
  • A+ 5.75" x 7.75"
  • RSVP 3.625 x 5.125" 
  • Square 6.50" x 6.50"
  • Square Outer 6.75" x 6.75"
  • Paper Material: Our professional-grade envelopes are made out of 270 GSM / 100 LBS paper
  • Envelope Flap: These envelopes are available with a square or euro flap. An envelope with a euro flap has a distinct, deep, pointed flap as opposed to an envelope with a square flap, which is straight.
  • Envelope Addressing:If you would like us to address your envelopes please select the addressing option on the in the menu above. For guest addressing and name printing, please download our Excel file here. Once it is completed you can upload your spreadsheet directly in te listing, or you can email it to us later. If you plan on submitting your spreadsheet after ordering, please email it to [email protected] and reference the name and order number. Please note that addressing adds 10 business days from addressing approval. For more information about our addressing please go to the very bottom of Our Design Process webpage.
  • Font Options: If you add addressing, please download our Font Option PDF and select one or two fonts you would like used. Once you have those selected, please type out the font name/names in the text box above.
  • Samples: Computer monitors display colors differently. Metallics, Woodgrain, and Iridescent colors have special undertones and texture that can only be seen in person. We highly recommend ordering samples which you can purchase here.
  • Add Ons: Envelope Liners and Wax Seals

Still have questions? See if you can find your answer on our FAQ page or send us an email.

Death Ray - Green Envelopes

Mid Green

Flap StyleEuro / Gummed
Weight91 lb / 135 gsm Text
    A1 - 4 Bar(3-5/8"x 5-1/8")
    A2(4-3/8" x 5-3/4")
    A6(4-3/4" x 6-1/2")
    A7(5-1/4" x 7 1/4")
FinishMatte - Antique Vellum
Colors Available16
Printing*Digital Printing - Inkjet Printing - Letterpress - Offset Printing
EnvironmentalHeavy Metal and Chlorine Free - 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable
OriginMade in UK - Converted in USA

Colorplan envelopes offered in a broad range of solid-core colors in a plentiful palette of unique hues to match and coordinate with our Colorplan Cardstock. A subtle antique vellum texture gives this cardstock a certain tactile quality while still being relatively smooth. A premier source for colored paper, the variety of offerings within this paper line is unrivaled and will leave you searching for ways to utilize every beautiful tone!

*These envelopes are printer compatible provided the printer capabilities accommodate the coating, weight and thickness of the paper. Inkjet not recommended. See our Paper 101 Guide for additional information.

Start creating today and Make Something Beautiful®


Envelopes green

What are ‘green envelopes’ and why would they transform the future of cities?

Rudi Scheuermann is the Global Building Envelope Designer at Arup. His focus is on a multidisciplinary design of sustainable and energy-efficient building envelopes. Here he gives us his take on why this architectural approach could reduce temperatures in cities.

With summer around the corner, many cities are preparing to battle increasingly hot temperatures and provide some respite to their citizens. Heatwaves make not only working, travelling and socialising difficult, and in some extreme cases even life-threatening, they are also an economic drain and put pressure on essential services like transport and health.

Now more than 970 cities are set to experience average summertime temperature highs of 35C by 2050, according to C40 Cities. And some cities are already appointing ‘chief heat officers’ to find ways of dealing with extreme temperatures.

Built up areas of cities, where tall buildings trap high temperatures in their surroundings, are particularly problematic due to the ‘heat islands’ they create. Rather than turning to air conditioning to solve this, which produces even more carbon emissions, there is a natural solution for reducing temperatures thanks to the power of plants.

But with the space for ‘green infrastructure’ like parks, gardens and trees limited in our cities, we must not forget about an important element of the built environment which can be part of the solution – buildings themselves.

The idea of a green facade or ‘living wall’ has gained momentum in recent years, in large part thanks to their aesthetic and often photogenic appearance. Too often, however, these green facades have been designed for beauty over function and have come to be seen as expensive and resource-heavy.

Far from architectural window dressing, the right kind of green walls can transform cities by reducing temperatures and improving air quality. To achieve these benefits, however, we must start to take living walls seriously.

City planners and building designers need to look past a simply aesthetic facade and choose the best, most efficient plants. We also cannot afford to wait for a new generation of expensive buildings with built-in green walls.

The real challenge is how to make the existing city fabric consisting of thousands of older, existing buildings more sustainable, through retrofitting clever and efficient systems.

What is the 20-20 rule and how could it change cities?

Most contemporary urban buildings’ exteriors are made up of thermal mass amongst which are materials like metal and glass, which absorb and store energy from the sun during the day before releasing it out into the city after dark.

When lots of these types of buildings are in close proximity to each other, they contribute to a microclimate that concentrates this heat, causing greater reliance on energy-hungry cooling and air conditioning systems. This leads to a situation where the temperature is artificially increased by 10-15 degrees above a building, causing a ‘heat island’ effect. These heat islands render areas increasingly unbearable when compounded with the temperature extremes produced by climate change.

All over the world, city leaders are beginning to realise that greening our cities is one of the most effective, practical and realistic ways of reversing these trends. It can greatly improve the liveability of our urban environment and help us meet our net zero goals.

This all starts with a simple piece of maths, something I call the 20 per cent rule.

If we grow plants on just 20 per cent of a building’s surface area, we will start to gain some immediate benefits at relatively low cost. The plants shade the building, lowering the need for cooling in the city and thus for the building, and also act with the substrate the plants grow on as a sound absorber, as well as cleaning the air of fine dust and particulates.

Green ‘envelopes’ (facades or roof spaces) also reduce the impact of stronger rainfall, a growing effect of climate change, resulting in less city flooding events. And it’s not just the environment that benefits from green walls, it’s also those living in cities. Being around greenery is proven to lower stress and has great mental health benefits, making our cities far more pleasant environments to inhabit.

If we apply this solution to 20 per cent of the buildings in an entire city, the effects could be transformative. At Arup, we modelled the benefits of the 20-20 approach (greening 20 per cent of a building’s ‘envelope’ in 20 per cent of an urban area) and the potential improvements were quite startling.

In London, we calculated that green envelopes would lower the air temperature by 3 degrees, a significant difference. We also found a 4-degree reduction in Berlin, 10 degrees in Melbourne and a huge 11-degree drop in the incredibly dense environment of Hong Kong.

Is this green vision practical?

Earlier generations of green envelopes have been criticised for being expensive or impractical to maintain. Fortunately, the design of these envelopes has matured and evolved. At Arup, our approach to green facades follows a few simple principles.

The vision must:

  • Be easy to maintain
  • Be easy to apply to a wide range of existing buildings
  • Allow the nature to grow and bloom without too much human intervention

The systems we have prototyped, and which are currently on show at the “Greening the City” exhibition at the Deutsche Architektur Museum in Frankfurt, are an intentionally affordable solution. By producing an extensive elevation system for plants, these systems will to a large extent eliminate costs for irrigation, fertilisation and drainage.

This simple and effective approach to greening and cooling our cities will make our cities nicer, cleaner places to live while playing an important role in the battle against climate change.

City leaders have a valuable role in making this a reality and pioneers in Melbourne, Stuttgart and Frankfurt are already exploring making a proportion of green envelopes a requirement in their cities.

It is essential that others follow their lead.

Ultimately, we cannot rely on new technologies of the future to tackle the climate emergency. Greening our cities is a powerful reminder that if we learn from nature, we can develop efficient energy-neutral solutions, improve the urban experience and fight against climate change – all at once.

Death Ray - Green Envelopes

Astrobrights - A7 Envelopes - Gamma Green - 1000 PK

Gamma Green A7 (5-1/4-x-7-1/4) Envelopes, 89 GSM (24/60lb Text)

Bright, popular, Green Color Group Envelopes. Explore our colorful, cost-effective A7 (5-1/4-x-7-1/4) Gamma Green Envelopes, 89 GSM (24/60lb Text). You have a project-- want to make a splash -- this is a brilliant brand of colors. Large selection of attention-getting colors, always consistent, side-to-side and run-to-run. This remarkable text and cover paper always delivers a high quality performance. For direct mail, cards, posters, and flyers, count on Astrobright. Find related and matching cardstock, paper and envelopes by jumping to Neenah pages and viewing more Astrobrights selections.

Additionally, this colorful grouping contains water soluble dyes. Not recommended for products where moisture or light may cause bleeding or fading of dyes. Laser and Ink Jet Guaranteed on 24/60lb Text and 65lb Cover all within manufacturer specifications of each user's printer.

PaperPapers sku: WAAB-A7C-GAMG -- This product listing is selling as 1000 per package.

If there is no stock on our warehouse floor, then general production delays may occur. --General production alert: if stock not on our floor, this product has 3 day production - Usually departs warehouse within 5 business days

Find more details about this product by clicking the more info tab --please contact our team if you have questions.

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