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  • The MDesign Performance Carbon Cold Air Intake series are race inspired, true cold air intake systems that perform as well as they look.

  • Genuine carbon fiber, fully enclosed performance intake air filter and genuine carbon fiber intake charge pipe.

  • Custom CAD designed intake air scoop with OEM mount points allows for a fresh source of air.

  • Completely enclosed from the engine bay in order to prevent power-robbing heatsoak.

  • More linear and direct air flow than OEM design.

  • Retains all OEM hoses and connections.

  • Now lined with 3M™ heat reflection lining on the interior of the carbon fiber heat shield to further prevent heatsoak and a newer, larger high-flow inner air filter for even more power.

  • Patent Pending.



JLT Cold Air Intake (2006-10 SRT8 Jeep)

JLT Cold Air Intake system for the 2006-10 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 in black textured plastic finish.

The JLT tube is 4 1/4" ID, roto molded plastic to resist engine heat and keep the intake air charge nice and cool. NO METAL TUBING HERE!!
The tube has a smooth taper to the throttle body which increases air speed and horsepower.

14-20 RWHP & RWTQ are typical with this kit.

Detailed instructions and online video instructions helps make this an easy install (see Instructions & Videos tabs to download / view).

• JLT Plastic Intake Tube
• Rubber Elbow
• 4.5x9 S&B Powerstack Air Filter Red Oil
• ABS Heat Shield
• PCV hose
 •HD Clamps & all needed hardware

To properly clean your filter, we recommend the S&B Precision II Cleaning & Oiling Kit.
*TIP* by purchasing a 2nd air filter you can simply swap filters when it's time to clean it and not be rushed. Clean the first filter and it's ready when it's time to change again.

JLT Pre-Filters are now available for most intake kits we carry, these filters are made for us by Outerwears, these prefilters are water repellent. They will increase your filter life and cut down on your cleaning intervals! For more information check the product page here JLT Air Filter PRE FILTER

This kit is 50 state legal.  CARB E.O. No. D-761-5

Instructions PDF

Click to Download PDF

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Jeep WK Grand Cherokee SRT8 Cold Air Intake Systems

Welcome to the showcase of the WK Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 cold air intake systems. Have any other recommendations? Please get in touch with us and tell us about it!


Mopar Cold Air Intake on the 6.1L Grand Cherokee

Mopar CAI

In early 2006 Mopar released their Cold Air Intake system for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. As described by Mopar, “This bolt-on system is designed to allow cooler outside air in through a directional cone filter and funnel it directly into the intake manifold. This kit provides noticeable horsepower and torque gains under varying atmospheric conditions.”

The quality of the components on the Mopar system is outstanding. Installation is easy and takes just an hour or two depending on mechanical skill level. A detailed set of instructions is provided with photo illustrations.

CAI performance reviews are mixed as far as gains in power go, anywhere from no apparent gain to +10 to 12hp seems to be the range. Like many CAI systems, the difference in sound compared to the stock intake is not noticeable at all – until you jump on the throttle where the throatier sound becomes very apparent.

MSRP $359.00. P/N 77060011 (supersedes P/N P5153471). Available at a discount from


Other CAI systems

Several other manufacturers offer CAI systems for the Grand Cherokee SRT8 engine. Below are some examples of what is available. The accompanying descriptions and performance specifications were provided by the manufacturer or distributor.


Advanced Flow Engineering Stage 2 Cx Cold Air Intake System. Specially designed large 5-1/2″ tube. Large 360d radial high flow washable/reusuable air filter for maximum air flow. 40% CFM increase over stock intake measured at 1.5″ H20.

MSRP: $375.00. P/N 51/54-11192. Available from online auto performance dealers.

Airaid CAI

Airaid Premium Filter Company manufactures this Airaid Intake System for SRT8 6.1L Jeep Grand Cherokee. Airaid’s Intake System features their Cool Air Dam design, a high quality air box that isolates the Airaid Premium Filter from engine heat. Airaid’s Premium Filter utilizes SynthaFlow Technology, an advanced Premium Air Filter design that enhances dirt filtration and increases air flow. This Airaid Intake System also includes Airaid’s Modular Intake Tube(MIT), a high flow mandrel bent intake tube which replaces your constrictive factory intake tube and drastically increases airflow to the throttle body.

This Airaid Intake System generated an impressive 14 Horsepower and 17lb/ft of Torque over the stock air box!

MSRP: $179.95. P/N airaid-310-170.

BWoody CAI

Here it is the only true cold air intake available for the SRT-8 Jeep Grand Cherokee. We have experienced 1.2 to 2.6 mpg gain!!! Dash hawk temps at WOT are 3-4 degrees lower than ambient temps, Dash hawk 0-60 has decreased by .3, on our bone stock srt-8 Jeep with the K&N drop in and the snorkel mod our 1/4 mile time was 13.394, with the BWoody cold air intake we now run a 13.228 consistantly, thats a .166 decrease in the 1/4 mile on a bone stock Jeep srt-8!!

Flowbench results showed a whopping 244.5 cfm increase over the OEM airbox!!

Our intake was dyno tested against a competitors and showed an 8 hp. and 15 tq. gain!!

Our intake was also dyno tested against the OEM intake and showed a 17.4 whp gain!!!

Color shown is anodized grape with black silicone couplers. Standard colors are silver and wrinkle black, silicone couplers are black, blue or red.

MSRP: $399.95. Available



DUB~Air intake systems are constructed from highly polished stainless steel. Their custom designed polished stainless steel air box seals around the intake tube and under the hood to provide a cold air charge. They use marine grade stainless steel hardware for durability and superior longevity that will outlast the vehicle. Each intake includes pure 100% silicone hoses and couplers. Stainless steel tubing and filter promote an aggressive deep sound. The DUB~air intake is CAD designed, computer modeled and flowbench tested.

Every DUB air filter includes a stainless steel velocity stack base and inverted top which diverts airflow into the intake tubing with minimal turbulence. Filters also come pre-oiled and are washable and reusable. Every intake kits includes a lifetime warranty.

MSRP: $383.99. P/N W5566. Available from and online auto performance dealers.




Features 3.5″ Smooth mandral bent tube in Silver or chrome, K&N Hi Flow air filter, No cutting or drilling, mounts to stock locations. Gains: 12 hp / 14lbs of tq.

MSRP: $349.00. Available from GS Motorsports



A sister product to our 57 Series FIPK, our 63 Series Intake Kits or AirCharger® Intakes are built for many different vehicles and represent a dramatic improvement over a K&N O/E replacement filter alone. These intakes use only non-metallic rotationally molded tubes that can reduce intake air temperature and decrease intake sound over a metal tube. Restriction can exist BETWEEN an air filter and the engine reducing the benefit of a K&N Air Filter. The weakest link in the airflow “chain” robs a vehicle of its natural horsepower. Often that weak point is the factory air path leading to the Engine. K&N Air Intake Kits virtually eliminate air path restriction by replacing the air filter and the entire air path to the engine. The aerodynamically engineered tube drives a massive amount of air into an engine, which translates into POWER. 63 Series Intake Kits are not legal for street use in some U.S. states. Manufacturers estimated horsepower gain: 12.0 HP @ 5000 RPM. Replacement Filter: RF-1042.

MSRP: $339.63. P/N 63-1555. Available from


Volant CAI

The only true cold air intake systems on the market. Pulls in only the cool air by housing the cleanable filter inside of it s own self contained air-box. This will enable the box to keep all hot engine air away from the filter. Made from high-quality polyethylene material to keep the air cool, and flowing fast, increase your horsepower, throttle response, and mileage!


Volant Filter Box: Cross-link polyethylene filter box is engineered to specific design. It insulates and protects the filter from pulling hot air from the engine compartment, thus, increasing horsepower.

Volant Air Duct: Cross-link polyethylene air ducts are sculptured to give the engine a less restrictive air pass to breathe. Larger diameters, unique bends and smooth transitions gives you maximum horsepower and awesome throttle response.

Volant Ram Filter: Cleanable and reusable high grade filter media reduces air restriction and increases engine output. Precision pleat geometry optimizes airflow throughout the intake system.

Carbon Fiber lid look: Allows easy access with a sleek carbon fiber look.

High Performance Silicon Connectors: High performance silicone hose connectors provides flexibility while maintains strength and thermal stability.

Stainless Steel Clamps: Marine grade clamps allows optimal performance with large operating range and available for virtually any application which requires maintainability and versatility.

MSRP: $399.00. P/N 17861. Available from and other online auto performance dealers.

SRT Jeep Cold Air Intake Install

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Air intake cold srt8

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Mopar Cold Air Intake Installation - Dodge Challenger SRT8 - #77060006AB

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