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Rated with 1 star
Barbara of Oldsmar, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18,

I purchased some furniture and my card was charged for that purchase. Then the next day I was charged again. I called and they said that the first one is just a pre-authorization and it will be released in days. They wiped out my account. Now it's negative. The person I spoke to was rude and didn't care. How is it that they take money the same day but I have to wait for it to be put back. It doesn't make sense to me that the first charge is just a pre-authorized amount and then they just take more when the stuff is delivered. I want my money back and will file a dispute with my back as fraud. I will never buy anything from them again and be aware do not order anything unless you have extra money. They can just hold for however long.

Rated with 1 star
Cynthia of Mountain Home, AR Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 14,

My husband bought a bed frame from Big Lots and it was infested with bed bugs. I took pictures of the skins and eggs and live ones crawling around. Called an exterminator and he said it very well came from this bed frame because of the amount of infestation in the frame itself and due to the fact that it was the only new thing brought into the house. We hadn't traveled anywhere and we hadn't had any company come over and spend the night or even visit. We just moved to this area and we don't know anybody. Now they want to take 30 to 60 days to do a total investigation before they render their decision on helping us with fumigation and the replacement of the box spring and mattress that we had to throw away and the reimbursement of the bed frame.

So now my husband, my grandson and myself are all sleeping in the living room with our bedroom doors taped off hoping and praying that they don't crawl through the walls and migrate out into the living room where we're at because then our house will become uninhabitable. Right now we're living just off my husband's disability because I recently had back surgery and we cannot afford this extermination process. Very disappointed in you Big Lots.

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Rated with 1 star
Joy of Independence, MO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15,

Wanted to purchase a recliner. Showed not in store. Tried to order online. Went to purchase and it said unable to complete. Card denied. There was more than enough money in my account. Tried again. Same thing. Tried a third time. Another notice that transaction not accepted. Guess what? Even though "transaction unable to complete", they DID process the initial $ and THEN proceeded to wipe out my checking/debit account!!! Called BG customer service. Said transaction didn't go through but to allow at least 10 days for the funds they held to be released. WHAT? You wipe out my account for not only the initial $ but take out everything from my account on transactions not approved, but I am to wait DAYS, over a week..to get MY money back. This is NOT right. This is clearly an unfair and unjust practice.

I called my bank but can't dispute because its pending charges that has frozen my money. Meanwhile, BG is making money/interest on my money wrongfully taken. I WILL be taking this matter to court. You can't wipe out someone bank account for days and expect them to live. I have bills due. I need groceries. But I can't buy because Big Lots. I will also file complaint with Attorney General and BBB. DON'T DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THESE FRAUDULENT CONARTISTS!!! (5 DAYS LATERMONEY STILL BEING HELD BY BIG LOTS)

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Rated with 3 stars
Ruthie of Sanford, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21,

I have bought 5 pieces of furniture from Bog Lots and sadly ALL of them had a defect in some way! Their furniture is garbage and will never buy anything again! I recently bought a $ rollaway bed and it broke down in 3 days!!!! The only good experience I had was buying with Progressive leasing. I’m sure I will buy other things at Big Lots but definitely NOT their furniture.

Rated with 1 star
Krystal of South Paris, ME Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13,

I looked at all the horrible experience before purchasing a mattress. & I still went to order a $ mattress. First off the customer service sucks. Not only they took forever to ship my mattress out. It arrived drenched in I don’t know what. It wasn’t raining. & the entire side was black like it was rolled to my house from the warehouse. I wasn’t mad at Big Lots knowing it wasn’t their fault. It was the warehouse but when I called to explain that it didn’t just arrive in dirt & mud they also took my mattress instead of leaving it so I can sleep on it! The new mattress was disgusting & destroyed. I called like 5 customer service representative none cared that I didn’t have a bed to sleep on. It's going on 2 weeks. Still waiting on the replacementThis is a Joke! NEVER AGAIN. I’m so happy I tested this out with my bed only. Definitely buying my kid's bed & guest room bed SOMEWHERE else.

Rated with 1 star
Lisa of Ringgold, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 12,

We went after 2 weeks and ask the associate the status on our furniture and she was very rude!! She was yelling at my husband in front of other customers just because he ask her if it was back yet. She was very rude and unprofessional!!! We will never buy from this Big Lots again. This was the Big Lots store #

Rated with 1 star
Melanie of Knoxville, TN Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 30,

I made a purchase at my local Big Lots for a mattress to pick up along with some other items. Half of the items were not available so half were being shipped and another half I had to pick up. When my order was marked as ready to be picked up, I drove there to get it. The clerk in the furniture section came out and loaded the mattress along with some pictures on my vehicle. I was parked right at the front door. My boyfriend went in to buy rope and went past a employee saying, "Her card didn't go through" and they started panicking and ran outside.

The clerk then addressed me differently agitated and told me he had to get everything off my vehicle. My payment didn't go through. I was dumbfounded. I asked why. He said I needed to go discuss it with my bank. He made sure there was other employees standing out there watching as he got the stuff off my car. This was embarrassing and the fact that when it said my bed my ready, I threw away my old mattress. So I went home and called my bank, guess what? The payment was on hold. I then accessed Big Lots online help chat and they told me not to worry that the money would be refunded within 2 to three business days. I didn't want to go without a bed so four day later I bought a cheaper bed from somewhere else.

Ten days later I check my account and it says my items are ready to be picked up still. I was furious. I again accessed chat who then gave me a case number. I believe I waited a whole 15 days to receive dollars back into my account. This is not right. I always loved shopping at Big Lots but I felt so downgraded and like my issue didn't matter. I just wanted this to be out there. They need a new process in ordering furniture. I would not have thrown my bed out if it wasn't ready and the fact that my payment did go through and I was treated like that is the topping to it all.

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Rated with 1 star
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Alex of Covina, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20,

So I bought online a twin mattress set for my son. It says it was in stock so I bought it even said pick the date and all our information. I paid not even 10 minutes get a email saying it’s cancel. They don’t have it in stock. I’m like what just happen. It said they did have them both in stock so they basically took my money and 10 minutes later telling me both items I just purchased were out of stock? First of all It should of said that online in the first place why take my money? I had similar experience with Macy’s. The only difference Macy’s never took my money. They said, "Sorry we don’t have them items" but never took my money like Big Lots.

Now I have to wait days for my refund and it’s close to a week and still my money is not back in my account. Keeps saying pending only. I honestly don’t recommend anyone shopping online at all. They shouldn’t had taken my money when something it’s out of stock. Now I’m still waiting for my money back cause is close to a week and still nothing. Thinking calling my bank. Taking forever. At this point never again. I’m honestly scare that they did fraud or something. Regardless I’ll be reporting this to my bank, As a Influencer I will be posting about my experience online too. That’s my job.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Heather of Bend, OR Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 17,

Big Lots is a great and friendly place to work. All the staff feels like family. I enjoy all the regular customers that make me really feel like part of the community. If you are looking for a nice place to work this is it.

Rated with 4 stars
Kim of Dundee, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 5,

We bought a Broyhill sectional from Big Lots in Winter Haven, Fl in March of Although it is showing signs of wear, overall it has held up well and is still in use. We spend most of our time when home on the sectional. It has been a very comfortable, durable choice. I definitely feel we got our money’s worth of use. We would buy a Broyhill from Big Lots again.

Sours: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/retail/big_lots.html

Samantha Oglesby

Recently I purchased a sofa + loveseat&#;

Recently I purchased a sofa + loveseat combo online to be delivered to my house from the store that is nearby. I received a phone call the day of delivery and was told they were not able to deliver that day. I called and rescheduled for the next available day which was the NEXT week. The following morning I received an email saying my entire order was canceled and that they refunded me my money back to my bank account. Went into the store and physically purchased the couches and placed them on hold so we can rent a U-Haul to pick them up ourselves. The following day, they charged me AGAIN for my online order!! It actually put an alert on my bank account due to them withdrawing that money even though it still clearly shows that my online order was canceled. I called Big Lots who told me to call my bank to dispute the charges. Unfortunately I am unable to at the moment because the transaction that they did (without telling me) is still pending.

Nathaniel Hughes jr

This place is the waste of your money&#;

This place is the waste of your money and time don't go to them to by a car the personal is a mess and don't kno how to talk
. They want to get mad at you when the car breaks down how are you going to get mad at the customers &#; stop selling Midway Auto car that been wrecked and put back together with no work done on the motors and transmission just they wash and sale.Bad Bissness not looking good &#;.


I would leave a zero review because&#;

I would leave a zero review because that is how many couches and recliners we were able to purchase TODAY. I went into the local big lots 30mins away from my home last night and spent hours choosing a couch and recliner they had on display. Sent my husband with the trailer to pick up the items and was excited to use my coupon. Well, after he was there an hour, they finally told him they didn't have THOSE items in stock and they refused to sell us the floor model. They told us to contact a store 2 hours away to purchase. I called the store to purchase and they won't take payment over the phone (!) Not to mention, their delivery price was ridiculous. Its very horrible hearing while on hold that they are the "friendliest store in town" when they won't even sell a person ready to buy, with a trailer, the floor models that are on display since they don't have the actual products in stock. I will NEVER set foot in a big lots again.

Ordered online with Big Lots

Ordered online with Big Lots, selected option for next day delivery. Order never showed up; contacted Big Lots customer care, they sent me to the delivery company; delivery company said &#;driver unable to deliver package, Big Lots will refund&#;; days later, no refund; call Big Lots customer care again, they say I now have to contact the store; contact the store, manager was very nice, but only way to get refund is to go into the store. Are you kidding me&#; I ordered online because I don&#;t live near the store! Just called credit card company & disputed the charge&#; lesson learned&#; Big Lots is to be used only in person.., never online.

Haley Marisa

Same Day Delivery is a Scam

Do not order anything same day delivery. Had to call my local store after it was never delivered, they kept putting me on hold or just hanging up on me.

When I finally got ahold of someone they said they don&#;t do same day delivery, even though I already ordered something same day delivery. So I called big lots customer service and basically had to do it all myself. Call the store for them to get the order ready, call the delivery company to schedule a delivery (which was 4 days later and they only deliver weds/sat so how is that same day delivery???)

Then I was given a fake time window, and then told day of that there is no time window and they will come at any point during the day so my couch would have to sit on the porch in the rain if I wasn&#;t home. The most frustrating process of my entire life. I&#;ll never be buying anything from big lots again.

Not to mention pretty much every person I spoke to was rude an unapologetic. They offer same day delivery and it seems like their employees don&#;t even know. Don&#;t offer same day delivery if you don&#;t want to fulfill orders or can&#;t. I would&#;ve never gotten the couch I paid for if I didn&#;t call them over and over again for 2 days straight and I shouldn&#;t have to do that.

Trash company

Trash company. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Location in Tarpon springs Florida is absolutely filthy. This place is a disgrace. Save yourself. Save your money. Online my card didn&#;t work and I talked to 2 reps, they couldn&#;t solve it. Yet my card got charged and reversed yet I have no receipt or anything of it being charged. Corporate office lady was a total rude trash panda. She never gave her name considering she was that rude and she knew it. This company is HORRIBLE and I will ensure everyone I talk to gets this same review so they don&#;t have to deal with the stress I just went through. I have friends wanting a couch from here rn. Absolutely not. We are going to rooms to go. DO NOT SHOP HERE!!! You have been warned.



Michael Sadach

Buyer beware on mattresses

My friend bought a 10 inch twin futon mattress before the year was up. The mattress is 4 inches thick and all you feel are the springs.

I bought a 4 inch box spring ( I way lbs ), in less than 2 months a board broke. They have no return policy on mattresses. My friend also got a dresser for her dad. Had to return it to

Staff is very friendly but will not go&#;

Staff is very friendly but will not go by anything they say. We were promised to keep a couch on hold for 3 days and we called back to pick it up and they said "sorry we sold it." Then told us to go to a different store without any support or help. We went to another store and mentioned that the store manager in Revere MA, Dave, does that all the time and gives out false information. Do not trust Big Lot's representatives or purchase from their store. Extremely disappointing to see such poor ownership our first time at big lots.

Sat in front of the big lots on.lake&#;

Sat in front of the big lots on.lake mead in henderson nv supposed to.open at 8 it was 8 15 called oh we can t get our registers to work so we l. Open when we do you open when it's convenient for you?? Went to the one.on warm springs and they don't open till 9am why don't your stores have consistent hours. Also discovered big lots prices are alot higher than Walmart.

Shon &#;N Dia&#; Page

Black Woman Profiled

I visited Big Lot's like I normally do,before I entered the store there was a family of ten or more people that entered as well. I went my way and proceeded to walk down each aisle and pick up the household things I normally buy,I noticed on several aisles a store employee kept following me,when she noticed I noticed her following me she then asked? "Do you need help? My response was No! I have never been followed around any store. My shopping experience was ruined then when I asked the African American cashier to call a manager she did and then the young lady that was following me came and said, She was the manager.

Stephanie Frierson


BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE. I shopped at Biglots for years until I decided to get there credit card, now mind you all this was before Covid. After about a year no missed payment, always on time, ect well everytime I went in the store I always had an issue with purchases, they never honored sales prices, I too have seen several items sitting in the isles that they say is not forsake, and so on. Well as everyone on earth was some how unfortunately affected by Covid as was I, but once again NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT. They decided to start checking my credit weekly which drops your credit everytime, so then they decrease my limit, and say to many inquires like really it's you stupid. I have not applied for anything so I know for a fact it's them. Please be aware who you buy from, and NEVER get the card.

Literally zero stars

Literally zero stars!
Bought a couch from there and we are not happy customers! We removed the cushions after sitting on the couch and a candy wrapper popped out where the back pillows are&#; to our surprise there was a whole lot of nasty, dirty chocolate Reese&#;s wrappers and crumbs . Not shopping there again! Nasty!

Marion Shepherd

I ordered a dust buster hand vac from&#;

I ordered a dust buster hand vac from the St. Andrews location for same day delivery. It was to arrive between PM. Uber brought a huge box that was a $ umbrella. I refused it. By still no hand vacuum, but my account was charged. I called the store and spoke to a Chris who put me on hold and finally came back and put all the blame on the uber lady. I told him to credit my debit card and I will never buy another thing from them. He said that would be fine and goodbye. He never apologized or acted like he could care less. I have done a lot of business with the West Columbia location and never had a problem, but they did not have the hand vac in stock. St. Andrews needs to give a class on customer service to Chris. Very rude!!!

We bought a couch from Big Lots and&#;

We bought a couch from Big Lots and within a month of just normal use a piece of wood from the frame started to protrude out of the fabric on the backside of the couch. We had bought the warranty and called the number given with the pamphlet to exercise said warranty. They warranty dept kept giving us the runaround for a month or more. Each time we would call they would say they had to register or warranty and call back in two weeks after taking our info. Then another told us a gift card would be sent to us for the amount of the couch. After several times of being mislead by calling about the warranty we called the store and they allowed us to bring it up there to get our money back. What a terrible process.

Worst Customer Service Ever Experienced

Garbage customer service. They sent me the wrong box spring for my mattress. I call them. They say..oh..im sorry we will send you a new one..this from a man pretending to be a woman named Amy. I wait weeksi call backget some guy named Kevinthis is after 20 mins of explaining to people in India that they cant help me and I need a managerso Kevin tells me he cant find it hold oni wait for almost an hour on the phonehe still has no cluesays he will email and call me tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning comes no call or email. I wait a few more weekscallget through to someone who speaks English finally and I get the deep man voice of Amy again.i explained how long its been and how i have never recieved confirmation of the re order of the product I actually ordered. She or He proceeds to throw a fit..yelling at me and eventually hanging up. At this point all I was demanding was proof that it had been ordered again. About 30 mins later I get this bogus typed up confirmation from them saying that they ordered it on 4/ I should get confirmation from a third party that it will be delivered by 5/ Ok great so I wait and wait and waitand its now Julynothing. No call. No emailsjust FUto me and any other customers.
I like the products that I purchaced as far as quality and usefulnessbut you're better off buying it from a shady guy on the street selling them from the back of a truck. It would be the same experience as Big Lots customer service. ColdShadyLyingand straight up Dishonest company that will lie right to you after you have spent thousands of dollars on thier furniture.
I hope this helps someone stay away from this terrible company.

Cathy New Ziegler

website info incorrect

been going to the store and also checking online for s specific patio set to become available. The website continually saying not available until this week and then it showed 4 available. went to store to purchase and they had none and never had. store personnel says no one keeps up with website yet someone had to change it from none available to 4. very disappointing

Yvette Clark

I ordered a sectional sofa

I ordered a sectional sofa. Big Lots charged me twice. I called customer service and was told that my money would be returned to my account in business days. It never happened and I am still waiting. I will never order from them again. A lot of apologizing but no resolve.

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Neighborhood discount retailer Big Lots invites customers to live a little bigger outdoors with an all-new lawn and garden product set featuring the latest trends in seating and décor offering something for every outdoor space at every budget

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 15, /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for spring, Big Lots, Inc. (NYSE: BIG) is inviting everyone to live a little bigger outdoors with the launch of its largest-ever lawn and garden assortment in stores nationwide and online at BigLots.com. With over square feet of designated store space for more than 1, quality, name brand outdoor furniture pieces and accessories at exceptional values including Broyhill and Real Living – Big Lots is the ultimate warm weather destination for every backyard and patio need. Whether customers are looking for a complete furniture set, outdoor cushions to update their furniture or décor pieces, Big Lots offers the latest trends in patio furniture, accessories and entertaining essentials for any space large or small!

"We're pleased to launch our lawn and garden collection that brings the latest trends in outdoor and patio furniture, décor items, and accessories to our customers' backyards, all while keeping with the value and quality they have come to know and look for when shopping at Big Lots," said Steve Rogers, Vice President, Seasonal at Big Lots. "This year's product collection includes popular color palettes and patterns, novelty items with fun, quirky sayings, outdoor entertaining pieces like soft and hard top gazebos, and unique furniture pieces like a bar set fashioned after wine barrels. Like last year, we're expecting consumers to spend more time at home, in their backyards and looking for pieces that will elevate their outdoor space. Our latest product collection will meet the needs of those customers and allow them to create their dream outdoor oasis with quality pieces that won't break the bank."

Big Lots' lawn and garden collection offers an assortment of items that can transform any outdoor space into a family retreat. From seating and dining sets, gazebos and fire pits to outdoor décor pieces and lighting, the things backyard dreams are made of are now available in-store and online.

  • Seating Sets: From larger sectional lounge sets that fit the whole family to smaller love seats, Big Lots brings comfort into the great outdoors. From popular brands like Broyhill and Real Living, seating sets come in a mix of materials (like resin wicker and more) and quality outdoor fabrics that can stand up to the elements in an assortment of colors and designs (from blues and grays to on-trend chevron patterns). Start with the Broyhill Ashford Seating Set ($), Real Living Oakmont Gray Cushioned Patio Seating Set ($) or even the elegant, yet affordable five-piece Broyhill Legacy Castle Pines Patio Seating Set ($1,) and you'll be, well, set. Just add coffee and serveware, and a few décor items to your space to bring the full outdoor living experience to life.

  • Dining Sets: From large, 8-person table and chair sets to smaller, four-person high and low-top table and chair sets – Big Lots carries a range of dining sets that come in a variety of finishes and materials (like lighter woods, modern designs and more) that work for any space. Whether looking to warm hearts and hands with the Broyhill Legacy Thornwood 7-Piece Patio High Dining Fire Pit Table Set ($1,) or turn heads with the Real Living Wine Barrel Patio Bar and Barstools Set ($), the neighborhood discount retailer also offers a mix of unique dining sets for every taste and budget that can only be found at Big Lots.

  • Gazebos & Umbrellas: Big Lots' hard top gazebos like the Broyhill Legacy Thornwood Hard Top Pavilion Gazebo ($1,) and solar offset umbrellas like the 15' Legion Triple Vent Umbrella ($) provide the shade customers are looking for on sunny days and to complete any outdoor seating or entertaining space.

  • Fire Pits: The trend of outdoor fire pits continues to grow as consumers spend more time at home. Big Lots offers a range outdoor fire pit options including outdoor wood burning fireplaces like the Real Living Clearlane Wood Burning Fireplace ($), propane fire pits, and even tables and dining sets with a built-in fire pit like the Real Living Lynbrook Square Gas Firepit Table ($).

  • Patio Cushions, Rugs and Décor Items: Take any outdoor space up a notch with bold colored accent pillows like the Broyhill Gray and Ivory Ikat Lumbar Throw Pillow ($), decorative garden drums like the Wilson & Fisher 18 " Blue Metal Drum Plant Stand ($), and planters in every size imaginable, outdoor rugs and more.

  • Outdoor Lighting: Add lighting to any space with Big Lots' range of string lights like the Warm White Edison Bulb LED Solar Light Set ($), battery-operated LED lanterns and candles like the Glitzhome Whitewash Wood Frame & Metal 2-Piece Candle Lantern Set ($), and more – consumers can take outdoor entertaining from day to night with the simple flip of a switch, adding a relaxing ambiance to any evening.

  • Small Space Living: For customers living in smaller spaces but who still want to create a comfortable and relaxing experience outdoors, Big Lots offers a selection of pieces perfect for even the smallest of balconies. From pieces like the Coral Slat 3-Piece Folding Patio Bistro Set ($) and Real Living Rockwood 3-Piece Bistro Set ($) to individual seating options and garden drums, these pieces allow customers living in more urban spaces to create a sanctuary of their own.

  • Entertaining and Garden Offerings: From top-of-the-line colorful melamine serve ware like Terra Cotta Medallion Serving Bowl ($) to outdoor ceramic planters with fun surprising sayings like the "Plant One On Me" Ceramic Planter ($) and everyday gardening essentials (like gloves, boots, gardening pails and more), anyone with even the slightest of green thumbs will find everything needed for any outdoor space or garden.

For more information about Big Lots, to learn about its latest lawn and garden product set, or find your nearest store, please visit www.biglots.com.

About Big Lots, Inc.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Big Lots, Inc. (NYSE: BIG) is a neighborhood discount retailer operating 1, stores in 47 states, as well as a best-in-class ecommerce platform with expanded capabilities via BOPIS, curbside pickup, Instacart and, now, PICKUP with same day delivery. The company's product assortment is focused on home essentials: Furniture, Seasonal, Soft Home, Food, Consumables, Hard Home, and Electronics, Toys & Accessories. Big Lots' mission is to help people Live BIG and Save Lots. The company strives to be the BIG difference for a better life by delivering unmatched value to customers through surprise and delight, being a "best place to work" culture for associates, rewarding shareholders with consistent growth and top-tier returns, as well as doing good in local communities. For more information about the company, visit www.biglots.com.

With more than 1, items ranging from complete outdoor furniture sets to décor pieces to breathe fresh life into any space, Big Lots largest-ever lawn and garden assortment has everything you need to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams this spring and summer. Visit BigLots.com to shop the collection or find your nearest store.
Whether you are looking for a one of a kind statement piece like the Real Living Wine Barrel Patio Bar & Barstool Set or a large sectional that can comfortably fit the whole family, Big Lots offers a range of sitting options to fit every style and taste. Visit BigLots.com to shop the complete lawn and garden collection or find your nearest store.
Big Lots carries a wide range of décor that make it easy to update any outdoor space on any budget, including countless lighting solutions that let you take outdoor entertaining from day to night with ease. Shop the full lawn and garden collection online at BigLots.com or in stores nationwide.
Big Lots, Inc. logo. (PRNewsFoto/Big Lots, Inc.)

View original content to download multimedia:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/spring-into-summer-big-lots-unveils-its-largest-ever-lawn-garden-and-patio-assortment-at-unmatched-priceshtml

SOURCE Big Lots, Inc.

Sours: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/spring-summer-big-lots-unveilshtml
BIG LOTS Living Room Furniture Walkthrough

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Furniture www.biglots.com

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