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the worlds craziest, scariest, most-dramatic yet dedicated fandom that has ever walked planet earth. “directioners” would die for the 1d members, and will basically do absolutely ANYTHING to make sure they rise to number #1 on the charts every time a new album/song is released. Directioners have fully devoted theirs lives and souls to one direction, but have no regret in doing so at all.

“hey, that girls pretty cute”

“true, but watch out, she’s a directioner”

“directioners fully devote all of their time and effort to these group of boys”

by larrystylinson28 December 31, 2017

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aliens that came down to earth to invade humans by singing loudly "bAby YoU LiGhT uP mY wOrLd LiKe NoBoDy ElSe", cry all day long over the hiatus and louis saying "i LiKe GiRLs WhO eAt CaRrOtS" and hack harry's mom's icloud to find larrys proofs but find hendall's pictures instead.

larrystylinson_28: my mom just told me what's wrong bc i was singing and crying infinity since 11am. And it's 7pm. Guess i'm not ok i-

loueh.isobviously: us directioners are CRAZY i can't believe we really hacked an airport's cameras just to watch them doing nothing for 10 minutes straight i-

by carrotboy.ftdt19 January 25, 2021

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A UK band that is now on a hiAtuS. Consists of Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik (who left in 2015). Known and loved by many for being themselves, kind, fun, caring, talented, idiotic, and funny lads who are terrible terrible dancers. Lost many fans after zayn left and the hiatus, most who switched to k-pop (no hate). They still have possibly one of the most deadliest fandoms in the world otherwise known as directioners. Aren't friends with many fandoms, except 5SOSfam and Mixers (there are others, just these are main exceptions). Unfortunately, filled with a couple of toxic people who love cancel culture (COUGH toxic solo stans and directioners COUGH). Overall, great lads who have been through a lot in their careers, and despite getting so much hate, they continue to be great people. They have music for almost every mood , and although many think of them as bubblegum pop artists (It was their first album they didn't know what they were doing) they actually have great bops, and have continued to grow with their music and their fans. Bottomline is: we stan and you should to

"the boyband of my time, one direction, yeah they were great, they had fun, great singers, but terrible terrible dancers" - louis t.

by the_English_muffin_ March 20, 2020

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Currently on DAMN H-I-A-T-U-S. Who doesn't care what others say. Even if Zayn has left the band, he is still the 5th member of the band no matter what. They were 5 from start and will end as 5.

They are very talented, generous, kind, loving, handsome, idiots, non dancers, guys who make your eyes roll and smile at the end, trouble makers, loves every single hater and lover, believes in spreading love and love. Many people say they are untalented and shit, never loved them when they were in the band but started loving as they went solo.

NON-Directioner: I started loving their solo
Directioner: Bitch how bow NO?

NON-Directioner: One Direction is done. They broke up, They are not coming back.
ME: Bitch the are on a fucking HIATUS! H-I-A-T-U-S! Get that damn straight in your deadass brain!

by justanoraml1Dgirl November 05, 2017

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Possibly world's bestest and biggest boyband. Dumb people say they're only famous for their looks, but it's so much more than that. They can definitely sing and write songs. It's very difficult to name any bad song of theirs, because there are none. And from naive people's view, they think that One Direction fanbase composed of only those crazy teenagers. But damn! ONE DIRECTION FANDOM CONSIST OF TEENS(definitely), kids, and even older people. The best thing about One Direction is, they're so much more than a band. They saved millions of lives through their music and just by being themselves, which a lot of people will never understand because they need to get the fuck outta here and go buy a brain. Their fans are called "Directioners" and please don't bother messing with a Directioner, or else they'll make you feel as uncomfortable as humanly as possible. I swear you've probably heard the "craziness" of One Direction atleast once in a lifetime.

Person: Why are you so obsessed over One Direction? They don't even know you
Directioner: Why are you breathing? You're gonna die anyway.

by I don't like 1D May 08, 2018

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the mature one in the band "One Direction" currently on a "18 month" hiatus. If all the one direction members were drunk, he would probably be the one contemplating life. He loves dogs and puppies as much as we love him. In a Buzzfeed interview with dogs, he named a dog Pete, which he eventually had to let go of. He has an unusual fear of spoons. If you want to know really how scared he is of spoons, you can watch the second episode of "Adventurous Adventures of One Direction" on Youtube created by the amazing Mark Parsons. He deserves more recognition than he receives. His smile will melt your heart and you die a little inside when he looks straight into your eyes (of course through your device because you will never get to meet him in a million years *sob*). People like Liam are hard to find because he is just AMAZING. He still remains humble even though he has turn into an international superstar. BTS fans you have got to stop comparing Liam to your idols, they are both amazing in their own ways!! Enjoys having water fights with Louis Tomlinson, otherwise known as Lilo. BTW One Direction PLEASE come back!!

Liam Payne: 1...2...3.. FLICK

by onedirectionpleasecomeback September 08, 2018

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Liam Payne (born August 29, 1993 (age 18)) from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, a music technology student at City of Wolverhampton College. Payne had auditioned in 2008 to The X Factor's fifth series when he was 14 but Simon Cowell thought he was not ready for the competition and asked him to come back in two years. He failed to qualify as a solo candidate in the Boy's category along with other members and were advised to join together to form the band, thus qualifying for the Group's category.

He is now a part of One Direction, a boyband, consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and himself (Liam Payne). They finished third on the seventh series of The X Factor UK.

He is also the hottest man on earth and deserves a medal.

Girl 1: "Who is the hottestman on earth?"

Girl 2: "Liam Payne."

Girl 1: "Who deserves a medal for it?"

Girl 2: "Liam Payne."

by liampaynesfan September 26, 2011

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One fifth of British-Irish boy band One Direction. He auditioned for the UK show 'X Factor' twice, the second time around (2010) being placed in a group with four other guys, becoming One Direction and coming in third place. Known as "Daddy Direction", he is a puppy who hates spoons, loves turtles and Woody from Toy Story and usually sings the opening verses in all their songs. Oh, and he has changed his hairstyle so often that his head is now formerly recognized as a measurement of time.

Person: When was this photo of One Direction taken?

Directioner: How much hair does Liam Payne have?

Person: A lot.

Directioner: Is it Justin Bieber style or curly-mop style?

Person: Justin Bieber style.

Directioner: During the X Factor, late 2010.

by DaddyDirection October 27, 2012

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Liam Payne entered The X-Factor In 2008, But only got through to Simon's House. He tried again in 2010 and got to boot camp where he was put in a group with 4 other soloists consisting of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. They are now called One Direction who currently preform on X-Factor and are loved by many teenage girls - And, He's probably the most fit guy in forever.

Liam Payne Is So Fit!! :)

by BalletDancer October 23, 2010

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Dictionary one direction urban

A British and Irish boy band that tends to cause sexual frustration and the world-wide explosion of ovaries. This band of pure sex was first put together by the judges of the X-Factor (Namely Simon Cowell) in the year 2010. After winning third place, (Rebecca Ferguson placing second and Matt Cardle first), they were signed with SiCo, the record deal of Simon Cowell. Their manager's name is Paul Higgins, who rather than being a body guard, is referred to as the babysitter by the Directioners.

One Direction has hit the world by storm, breaking records left and right.

All though some have girlfriends, the long-term ones so far being the gorgeous Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Calder, we are all fully aware that the boy's hearts belong to each other, and to no one else's. Here are the epic romances:
Larry Stylinson

The band members, apart from the boys of course, are Josh Devine, Dan Richards, Sandy Beales and Jon Shone.

Here are the members of One Direction from oldest to youngest:
Harry Styles - Cheshire, UK
Niall Horan - Mullingar, Ireland
Liam Payne - Wolverhampton, UK
Zayn Malik - Bradford, UK
Louis Tomlinson - Doncaster, UK

Directionator: One Direction's so gay.
Directioner: I know, I ship them so hard.
Directionator: They're stupid.
Directioner: I know, they're so silly.
Directionator: They can't sing, Niall is ugly, Louis is annoying, Harry has an ugly nose, Zayn is a terrorist, and Liam is useless.

by Larry Stylinson's Carrots May 16, 2012

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A British and Irish Boyband

With the members of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik Left the band on March 25, 2015

Albums: Up All Night (November 18, 2011), Take Me Home (Novemeber 9, 2012), Midnight Memories (November 25, 2013), FOUR (November 17, 2014) and Made In The A.M (November 13, 2015)

Person 1: BTS is the biggest boyband ever!!
Person 2: No, One Direction is

Person 1: That band is dead
Person 2: You're much more dead

by gemwle October 13, 2018

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One Direction is a boyband consisiting of five members, Harry Styles - 18, Liam Payne - 19, Niall Horan - 19, Zayn Malik - 19 and Louis Tomlinson - 20. They were formed on the X Factor UK, after all having been eliminated in bootcamp, they were reassembled by the judges. One Direction have millions of fans, who call themselves Directioners. They have two albums, Up All Night and Take Me Home. Louis, Zayn and Liam all have girlfriends, Eleanor Calder, Perrie Edwards and Danielle Peazer. Liam is afraid of spoons, Louis loves girls who eat carrots, Harry has a thing for "cougars", Niall is Irish and loves to eat, Zayn loves to look in mirrors and can't dance. People that claim to be Directioners, but don't know anything about the boys, their families o their girlfriends, are called Directionators.

Directioner: OMG! Have you heard Rock Me!? It's like the best!
Fan: Yeah, I've heard it and am trying to learn all the words!

Directionator: It's a brilliant song, I mean One Direction are fabulewis!
Directioner: You must be new...


by OneDirection'sWifeeyForLifeey! December 07, 2012

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The most amazing five people to ever exist. Anyone who dislikes them is INSANE! This British and Irish boyband consists of Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn These five amazingly perfect boys are so great that no other boy can compare! Their fans are called directioners and if you say anything bad about 1D they will kill you with carrots and spoons then revive you and run you over with a lambrogini! DONT MESS WITH DIRECTIONERS!!!! Directionators are the totally wannabe know-nothing-about-1D so not fans who think they're directioners. Directionators are frowned upon by society. ONE DIRECTION ARE AMAZING AND LOVED BY EVERYONE

Girl 1: oh my carrots did you see One Direction's concert last night
Girl 2: Oh my carrots YES!!!! they were so hot!!
girl 3: I threw my panties on stage and Niall picked them up *swoon*

by CShro August 03, 2012

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One Direction Urban Dictionary

An obsession with the boy band One Direction (aka the parasitic offspring of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus). Symptoms include sexual frustrations, a massive drop in IQ, and the inability to think, speek or type coherently. If your daughter or someone close to you acquires this illness, the only form of treatment is to tie this person to a chair, throw this chair into a large vat of salt and holy water, and play Metallica nonstop an at maximum volume through headphones duct-taped to their heads. If that doesn't work, murder is the only solution.

"Omqqq, I luv one DirEction! I think I have a one direction iNfection! <3 Harry styles and that Nialler, hot damn! ;)"


by EdanP February 04, 2013

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