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If you're looking for high-quality and affordable slipcovers for lazy boy recliner sofas - you'll find the best slipcovers for lazy boy recliner sofas at great prices on Joom - from 4 to 16 USD. A wide range of available colours in our catalogue: Grey, Blue, Black, Red, Coffee, Green, Beige, Purple, Brown, Yellow, White, Orange, Khaki, Pink, Multicolor, Gold, Bronze. Only high-quality materials: Synthetic, Elastane, Faux leather, Cotton, Linen, Velveteen, Plush, Fabric, Plastic, Wool, Cashmere, Cotton blend, Metal, Suede, Wood; and popular brands: X&M HDeco.

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4 Best Lazy Boy Recliner Slipcover

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So you’ve bucked up the cash and finally purchased that La-Z-Boy recliner that you had had your eyes on for so long. You brought it home, plugged it in, and now you can enjoy every moment in it to your heart’s content. While you have a choice when it comes to your Lazyboy chair cover and other options, you still need to put some effort into protecting it and keeping it clean if you want it to last for a long time. The solution: a Lazyboy slipcover.

Why You should Buy a Slipcover for your Recliner:

Slipcovers keep dirt and grime away
Slipcovers slide right on to your recliner with zero effort. Because of the built in elastic, the cover sits plush on the surface and does not wrinkle. This protects your recliner and the expensive leather fabric from dirt, grime, and stains. If you happen to spill anything on the sofa, you just need to take off the cover and wash it. The recliner fabric is quite expensive to replace and with a slipcover on, you can get peace of mind.

Slipcovers enhance comfort
Because the slipcover itself is made up of upholstered material, you lose none of the plush feel of the original material on your recliner. Also, the added depth enhances the comfort you get while sitting on your recliner by giving you some additional cushioning. Slipcovers can be found in a wide variety of materials so that you can choose one according to your preference that suits your particular needs and tastes.

Protection from tears and dust
Your recliner fabric can easily tear from sharp objects like metal ornamentation on fabrics or by pets and children. A slipcover protects your expensive fabric from such damage. Additionally, because most power recliners are operated electronically, a slipcover also keeps dust out, which enhances the service life of the electronic components that drive the internal mechanism of the recliner.

Now that you know why you should get a slipcover for your La-Z-Boy, here are four of the best options available on the market today.

1. Sofa Shield

The Sofa Shield is one of the original brands of slipcovers designed specifically for La-Z-Boy products. Available in a variety of sizes to suit even the largest of home recliners, the Sofa Shield gives you unparalleled customisation options for colour and materials that you can use to further enhance the look, feel, and comfort of your La-Z-Boy. » View and check price…

2. Stretch Sensations Optic

The Stretch Sensation is the most expensive option on our list. However, dare we say that you do get your money’s worth. This product is made of a 96% polyester weave with 4% spandex; this gives the fabric the ability to be completely form fitting on any recliner. The Stretch Sensation is designed to be a cover that is a bare minimum, and we certainly agree with it. You barely feel that you are using a slipcover with the Stretch Sensation. » View and check price…

3. Furniture Fresh

The Furniture Fresh slipcover comes with the company’s patented anti-slip technology that ensures that the cover adheres well to the recliner surface, preventing wrinkling and slippage. The grippy material also enhances comfort while you are sitting on the recliner. The micro-suede construction is not only pleasing to the touch but is also water repellent and can resist most small spills for a reasonably long time. Machine washable for convenience. » View and check price…

4. Collections Etc Reversible

Collections Etc two tone reversible design means you can use it on your recliner with either side on top. The 100% polyester fabric is fully machine washable and the quilted design greatly enhances comfort over normal “plush” style slipcovers. » View and check price…

Which one should you go with?
Budget is king with these things. Your recliner is the main thing here, so buying an expensive slipcover is not going to give you additional functionality or comfort. However, if you can afford it, buy the best you can. It will last longer and provide you with a better all-round experience.

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Lazyboy Slipcovers

If you’re lucky enough to own a La-Z-Boy recliner, you may want to use a slipcover to protect your existing upholstery, or simply to give your chair a new look. La-Z-Boy furniture is built to last many years and has a reputation for style and quality. By using a slipcover you can help prolong your reclining chair’s life and keep it looking its best.

Of course, recliner covers are not just used to protect upholstery from wear and tear. They are also used to change the appearance of a chair so that it fits in with the look and feel of the whole room. For example, if you have recently decorated or moved home, you might decide that you’d like to change the color of your furniture to match with your new color scheme and decor. Using a slipcover is a simple and inexpensive way of doing this.

Perhaps you like to decorate your home according to the seasons or for a special occasion. Many people use different color covers in winter and summer, for example. Others like to have one set of slipcovers that they use every day and another set saved for best, to use during the holidays or when entertaining guests.
Slipcovers for reclining chairs are inexpensive to buy and make it easy for you to give your recliner a stylish new look. However, a regular recliner chair slipcover may not necessarily fit your La-Z-Boy chair.

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