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20 Most Flattering Bangs for Women With Round Faces

When it comes to bangs for round faces with the right haircut, you can easily jazz up your look with either short or long hair. Women usually avoid short hair cuts as short hairstyles emphasize the roundness and chubbiness of their face.

Round faces are beautiful and mesmeric. Girls with round faces tend to look younger even in their 40s for it has the innocent and youthful aura that age better with time.

However, we cannot deny the fact that round faces are difficult to style because if your face is round, your facial width and length are roughly the same size resulting in a wide face, so the end goal is to always hide those flabby cheeks and create dimensions in the features, making an illusion of a longer and slimmer face.


How to Choose Bangs for Round Face

bangs for round shaped face

Bangs hairstyles are mod and alluring. You will be surprised to know how bangs can make a significant difference in your facial aspects. The best bangs for round faces can be a fun and ingenious way to change and invigorate your style.

Because round faces are symmetrical, you always need something asymmetrical to add angles to your facial features.

Speaking of the bangs, girls with round faces should never opt for straight bangs, as straight bangs show off your facial flaws and highlight your face fullness.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot pull off bangs. Round faces look angelic with long side-swept thick bangs as they reduce the fullness of your face. You can also part of your hair to the middle to enhance your features.


How To Cut Bangs Hair for Round Faces

If you don’t want to rush to a salon every time you plan to cut your hair, then you must learn how to do it yourself. Cutting bangs is a piece of cake once you know the right method and follow the guidelines.

Here’s how you can cut bangs at home:

Prepping Your Hair

tips to cut bangs for round face

Wash and dry your hair. Use a hairdryer or let it air dry but make sure your hair is completely dry before you start styling it.


Look for Angles

how to cut bangs for round face

This step demands extra consideration. Look right into the mirror and tilt your head sideways, place the comb on the crown of your head. Find the spot with the comb where it starts to curve down towards your forehead. This is where your bangs for the round face will naturally begin.


Make A V Shape

tips to cut bangs for round face

Create a V- shape by pulling your hair forward with a comb. The hair that will fall inside this V shape is what you will cut for your new fringe bangs.  Make sure you take an equal amount of hair and don’t go too wide.

To avoid the mishaps, pull the rest of your hair and secure it in a ponytail.


Cut Your Bangs

 bangs for round face

After you have decided the length of your bangs, cut the bangs while sloping your fingers down at an angle you want your bangs to frame the face.

Do not cut the bangs straight across, always cut side-swept bangs at a certain angle, this will give your bangs a natural wave and appearance.


Check Them Out

how to cut bangs for women with round face shape

After you are done cutting your bangs hair for round faces, sweep them to your side and check them out. If you want the bangs to be a little shorter, repeat the same procedure until the desired length is achieved.

You can try see-through bangs by thinning your bangs down.


Amazing Bangs Hairstyles for Round Face

Here are 20 stunning ways to wear bangs for round faces:

1. Side-Swept Bangs

side swept bangs for round face

Side-swept bangs are a win-win for round faces as it adds angles and length that slims wide, round faces.


2. Baby Bangs

blunt bangs for round face

Experts say blunt and straight bangs are not ideal for round faces because they emphasize the width of a round face. This bangs style is riskiest to try for the women with round face shape who want because if the bangs are too straight and wide, it can make your face feel fuller.

If you fancy these bangs for round faces, be sure to cut the bangs just above the eyebrows as it opens up and oblongs your face.


3. Short Pixie with Bangs

short pixie bangs for round face

Some people believe that a pixie cut is not the right choice for women with round faces as it accentuates the width of the face.

A perfectly styled pixie cut coupled with wispy bangs looks voguish on women with round faces. The short pixie and wispy side bangs serve the perfect edgy look and highlight the facial features.


4. Blonde Bangs for Round Faces

thin bangs for round face

Though luscious, voluminous hair provides the most favorable conditions for round faces with fringes. Women with round faces hate having thin hair as they are tough and difficult to style. But thin bangs look lovely on broad and round faces. You can style the thin bangs as you like and it will do the work for you.


5. Short Layers with Bangs

short layered with bangs for round face

You can always opt for short layer haircut with side bangs for round faces to keep the softness of your facial features. Short layers with bangs can serve the right length to your round face.


6. Curtain Bangs

Round faces are wider in the middle. If you are blessed with a round face, try bangs on round chubby faces like the curtain bangs that cover your cheeks and add height to your face.


7. Bardot Bangs for Round Face

Half-moon bangs gracefully fulfill the goal of dodging the plumpness of the cheeks resulting in polished and highlighted facial features.


8. French Bangs

The hairstyle is phenomenal for round faces women who want bangs. The bangs are about an inch above the eyebrows that gives your face an elongated feel.


9. Pomp Bangs

The basics of hairstyling for round faces is to know that anything that creates height will make your face oblong.

If you have short hair, this is the Uber-stylish and chic hairstyle with undercut and bangs for round chubby faces you can settle for.


10. Shaggy Bangs

asymmetrical bangs for round face

Because round faces are symmetrical, asymmetrical hairstyles with choppy and chunky bangs look amazing and enhance your facial features. It is a high maintenance hairstyle that requires attention to the details, but the efforts pay off greatly.


11. Curly Bangs

If you have a round face, layers are your best friend. Wavy and layered side bangs for round faces are the most classical hairstyles of all times. The choppy layers of the bangs add angles to your face.

If you have medium-length hair, keep the bangs below the jawline to draw out the roundness of your face.


12. Side Thick Bangs

This is a trendy and flattering hairstyle that draws attention away from round faces as it instantaneously slims down the face. Carry the hairstyle with light, subtle makeup for a more feminine look.


13. Long Wispy Bangs

Whether oval, round, square or rectangle, wispy bangs do wonders to all face cuts and types. Wispy bangs for round faces look alluring and make your face appear slimmer, leaner and defined.


14. Messy Bangs

A-Shaped bang style serves the face-flattering perfection to round faces. They add a dramatic effect to your face while pulling the hairline while stressing the broadness of the face.


15. Middle Part Bangs

middle part bangs for round face

The subtle center-parting bangs style for round faces frame your face and helps give a more oval-looking and defined shape to the round faces.


16. Messy Bangs with Long Hair

Messy bangs with long hair are the classiest combo ever. Messy bangs work for every face type, but it comprehends with round faces like crazy. The long layers with messy bangs highlight the jawline by adding definition and breaking up the chubbiness of your cheeks to some degree.


17. Textured Side Bangs

Textured side-swept bangs on a medium bob is a go-to style for women with round faces struggling to get bangs.

18. Korean Bangs

Korean inspired see-through bangs are quite popular in Asia and they are a wonderful addition to bang hairstyles for women’s round faces. The hairstyle looks exceptionally stunning with long and medium hair.


19. Emo Bangs

dyed bangs for round face

Take your bang style to the next level with a dip-dyed bang style that looks absolutely regal on the chubby baby faces.

If you want to be noticed anywhere you go ace this eye-popping and attention-grabbing hairstyle to receive the compliments you deserve for bangs for round face.


20. Choppy Bangs

short choppy bangs for round faced women

If you have short hair, you can sport it with a pixie bob and choppy textured bangs swept to the side. This hairstyle is sleek and stylish. The side swept bangs styled just above the eyebrows emphasize the allure of this hair cut especially for women with short hair who want to get bangs.

With the plump cheeks, round face and chin and symmetrical face, it is not fun to be a round-faced person at all; your look can be completely destroyed with the slightest mistake while choosing your hairstyle.

However, with adequate knowledge of the hairstyle, you can achieve perfect bangs for round faces. In the end, it’s never too late to consult a hair stylist as they know the best.


40 Refreshing Variations of Bangs for Round Faces

Round faces are cute, feminine and sweet. They are often blessed with very attractive dimples on the cheeks and have a rounded line of hair growth. If your face is round, the hairstyles which keep all the hair off your face don’t make you any prettier, since they reveal the fullness of your face. Whereas, bangs are able to correct it and make it appear oval.

Flattering Types of Bangs for Round Faces

When choosing the perfect kind of bangs for your round face, keep in mind that your goal is to make it visually longer. Long vertical and diagonal lines cope with this task fairly well, because they have an elongating power. That’s why you can see from the examples in the gallery that long side-swept bangs benefit round faces like no others.

Straight bangs are also quite flattering for round faces, however, it’s recommended to leave them no shorter than slightly below the eye-brows. Even if your hair is thick, avoid extremely thick bangs, especially in case you opt to wear them straight. When styling your bangs, don’t forget to make some volume on the crown. For fine hair, opt for thin bangs and layered front tresses.

Asymmetric long bangs narrowing towards the ends are very stylish and absolutely flattering for round faces. Such bangs can be styled with wax into distinct tresses with defined edges. Slightly curled ends of the bangs elongate a round face and make it narrower. Note also that with a round face you have to avoid centre parting.

Check out the ideas below.

#1: Light Jagged Bangs

Women with fuller cheeks should embrace styles that offer a bit of edge that comes mainly from the right cut and partially from styling. You may opt for a layered, shaggy long bob, for instance. If you want to add a fringe, let it be rather light and pointedly jagged.

#2: Accurately Trimmed Bangs

The best bangs for round face are the ones that have the option to be versatile. You can wear them straight or brushed to the side depending on your mood. This is especially helpful for women on a budget because multiple styling options gives you more bang for your buck.

#3: Light Messy Horizontal Bangs

Side updos are great because they can be worn in both formal and casual settings. While most of such updos usually incorporate a side swoop, front bangs provide a more modern and edgy look for young ladies.

#4: Candy Colored Asymmetrical Bangs

This stunning look was created by someone schooled in color theory. The wispy bangs and soft curls give the fairytale colors an extra fantasy element. This bang style is a gorgeous complement to ponytails and half-up half-down looks too. Updating the colors would definitely be high maintenance, but daily styling would be lots of fun!

#5: Cute Flowy Side Bangs

Natural texture is a big consideration regarding bangs for round faces. Do you fight your natural texture or roll with it? It all depends on your morning patience level. This look does not sacrifice cuteness for ease. Side bangs are a great addition to flowy, wavy hair.

#6: Flirty Tousled Side Bangs

This hairstyle was not achieved by sleeping, but it definitely has that bedhead appeal. The pieces of hair coming over one eye are mischievous and sexy, while the big barrel curls give an overall cool-girl effect. Experimenting with texture while keeping color natural can be a great compromise when you want to try a new style.

#7: Best Bangs for Straight Hair

This adorable hairstyle is perfect for girls with straight hair. A few curls around the face take just a couple minutes to achieve. The delicate caramel highlights standout when the hair is pulled forward and slightly towards the small fringe of bangs.

#8: Punky Blunt Bangs

Channel a new take on the classic layered look with straight pink hair in choppy layers. Straight across round face bangs are a risky choice, but the sharpness of the cut offers just the right amount of edge a round face needs. These bangs look beautiful when styled straight and sleek. The sweetness of the color is balanced by the structured cut. Nourishing and moisturizing hair care is a must when you go this light!

#9: Wavy and Thick Bangs

For a look that is totally Brooklyn cool girl, bring all that thick, wavy hair forward and tame it down with a fair dose of product. Typically, thick-haired girls shy away from going this short, but clearly it’s possible to rock the crop. Messy bangs blend right into the hairstyle.

#10: Simple Side Bangs

Looking for a quick update for thin, straight hair? Introducing an easy side bang can give you an instant style boost. Platinum hair in short, soft layers adds the chic quotient to any outfit. Getting regular trims is a must to maintain the shape of the cut.

#11: Short and Sweet Rounded Bangs

Adding a pastel dip dye and crimpy waves enlivens short hair. It’s a double dose of fun, quirky personality. Short bangs for round faces are great for making your eyes the standout feature. Part your bangs, sweeping them to the side, even if they are short. Rounding out the bangs helps to blend them with crimps and waves.

#12: Smoky Long Bangs

Going for a gray-blue tone with tons of visual interest? You can choose full-on drama by incorporating long layers and cheek-skimming bangs. The multiple hues of the color play beautifully with the layers while the long side bangs add glamour and mystery.

#13: Curled Side Bangs

Thick wavy hair gets a new life with a short, asymmetrical cut. The texture can be shaped and perfected on the longer side, while keeping it straight and smooth on the other, shorter side. An alternative color like maroon definitely ups the boldness of the haircut.

#14: Sleek and Straight Bangs

This hairstyle is one hundred percent about gloss. Bangs for round face shapes can absolutely be straight, elegant, and full of shine. Because the haircut itself is simple, it really showcases the luscious, healthy hair. Short hair with straight-across bangs is a classic look for dark-locked vixens.

#15: Perfect Straight Bangs

Here’s another example of straight bangs that may work for a round face if they are combined with edgy waves which feature sharpness rather than softness or volume. Curling the top layers gives lift and, as always, shows off highlights. Keep under layers straight so that they vibe with the super straight bangs.

#16: Thick Bangs for Full Hair

Lots of layers are essential for goddess-like, super thick hair. Bangs are no exception. Layered and swoopy bangs work great with thick hair. Plus, they omit the daily styling demands that shorter bangs would impose on long hair. This bombshell style turns thick hair weightless.

#17: Cute Side Bangs for a Full Face

Short bangs for round faces can be light on the drama and heavy on the cute. Piecey side bangs are fun to style, and when you get tired of them, they are so much easier to grow out. Call this the Noncommittal Bang look, if you will.

#18: Copper Bombshell Bangs

This gorgeous hairstyle is one-part stellar color and one-part impressive cut. There is definitely Old Hollywood glamour going on with the styling, but a simple pony will be equally beautiful because of all the layering. The bangs blend right in to the rest of the cut.

#19: Swept Back Layered Bangs

This hairstyle has tons of movement and is great for a girl who is constantly running her fingers through her hair and flipping it back and forth. It’s the I-don’t-need-a-part look. The bangs add to the fun, carefree essence of this style.

#20: Pixie Style Short Bangs

The cutest pixie cut ever! Going super short typically makes bangs the star of the show, so why not go for some piecey asymmetry? Texturizing pomade is your best friend when styling super short bangs for round faces.

#21: Sexy Long Bangs

This covetable long-hair look is always a stunner. The soft waves and pretty layers allow expert highlights to shine. The middle-parted fringe that tapers towards the back is the key to this ultra-feminine hairstyle. Keeping the styling modern (and maybe just a little tomboyish) balances out the super girly hair.

#22: Scene Girl Heavy Bangs

Bangs for round face shapes don’t have to be boring. Actually, there are way more possibilities, and heavy bangs are one of the most fun. Even if you don’t want to go full out as a scene girl and add a multicolored dye job (but, really, why wouldn’t you?), this cut alone could really update your look.

#23: Adorable Blunt Bangs

Anyone with straight hair should try this look at least once. A layered, A-line bob is made all the more adorable by straight-across bangs. What would be a lot of upkeep for a curly girl makes for an easy get-up-and-go style for someone with naturally sleek hair. Blunt bangs do not always work for round faces, but with a bob like this they may.

#24: Weightless Eye-Brow Skimming Bangs

Women with round faces should always prefer wispy bangs to blunt ones, because the latter will cut off the face and bring the focus right to the widest part. The bangs in this photo show more of the face to elongate and slim the visage.

#25: Short and Serious

Many women believe that side bangs have to be long, especially with round faces. But, by cropping them you can create an instantly cool and creative look that is perfect for young ladies who want a hipster girl look. If you have a round face, brush your cropped bangs to a side and pair them with long strands along the face.

#26: Futuristic Fringe

Just because you have a wide face does not mean that you can’t have fun with your look. The key of creative bangs for round face is to use angles to still lengthen and provide height. By slightly curving the ends upwards and blending them with the elongated and angled front pieces, you come up with all the right lines to lengthen your visage flatteringly.

#27: Wispy Fringe and a Bouffant

Straight bangs can be worn even if you have curly hair. It’s important to make sure that the textures blend well though, so keep your curls loose at the top and more spiraled towards the ends. Match your sweet style with natural makeup and a bubbly smile.

#28: Arched Bangs

This is a risky choice of bangs for a round face because they are fairly thick. However, ladies with thick hair need equally full bangs to match – otherwise, your hair style will seem unbalanced. This is perfect for a young collegiate who needs a quick but fashionable look to wear on campus. Create effortless waves by making a topknot bun overnight —just undo in the morning and head to that am class.

#29: Striped Swoopy Bangs

Indulge your sweet tooth with chocolate and caramel bangs for round faces. The colors instantly warm and brighten tan complexions with golden undertones. A swoop bang quickly slims for instant results.

#30: Side Layered Bangs Adding Height

Older women are more likely to have problems with thinning strands, which is a why a layered style works well. It provides body and shape to long lackluster locks. Major volume on its own would make an impact, but this takes it a step further with a rich, enviable color.

#31: U-Shaped Bangs

If you like your round face shape and don’t consider it’s necessary to correct it, you may rock even blunt bangs. Complement them with angled front pieces that can be asymmetrical for extra interest points. To maximize the style, pair it with arched eyebrows and subtle winged eyeliner.

#32: Defined with Color

You don’t always have to use angled cuts to create length in your style with round face bangs. Sometimes strategic color placement will work just as well. By lightening only the bangs and the ends of the hair, you create vertical lines for the eye to slide up and down which is a famous trick that works for elongation.

#33: Minimalistic Side Bangs

One of the most exciting ways to create depth in dark hair is with a highlighted effect that almost looks as if it’s sunlight (or moonlight) catching your strands in all the right places. This technique is perfect for adding dimension within thin bangs and brightening your black hair look with cool tones instead of the usual warm shades.

#34: Side Layered Bangs Grazed with Color

Young ladies searching a hairstyle for formal events like prom or winter formal will love these long loose curls with side-swept bangs. The style manages to look glamorous and polished, but still youthful and fun.

#35: Not Heavy Horizontal Bangs

Generally speaking, horizontal bangs are not the best choice for round faces, but if you balance them with longer strands on the sides and don’t make them heavy, you may pull off the look. Jet black hair is always classic and full of luster, but sometimes it can get boring if you have been rocking it for a while. Blue is an excellent color to blend with black when you are looking for something different, because it will pop against the dark color, but won’t clash with it.

#36: Long Side Bangs

Round faces always benefit from long side bangs. If you want to try bangs and don’t know what type to choose, this is a safe solution. A long bob with side bangs will provide a more chiseled visage.

#37: Elongated Straight Bangs

Most ombre hairdos fade from dark and muted at the roots to bold and bright at the ends. But, this style flips the script to create something unique. By lightening the ends you are able to create weightlessness at the bottom of your hair and draw the eye up to the colorful bangs and crown.

#38: Funky Side-Swept Bangs

When you need to add some pizazz into bangs for round faces, you can’t go wrong with a bit of temporary color. Streaking a bright pop of electric blue and teal throughout the front of your hairstyle will definitely give you an edge. Plus, it is sure to turn heads!

#39: Long Side Feathered Bangs

The same philosophy that you apply to building a great outfit can also work for creating a stunning hairstyle; sometimes it’s the little details that make the biggest impact. From the long bang and the grey highlights to the cool sunglasses and red lips, this look is a winner.

#40: Two-Tone Layers

There are many different types of bangs that work for different hair lengths. To upgrade a pixie cut with round face bangs, try a super swoop instead of the typical side bangs. It mimics the layers throughout the cut and creates an interesting petal-like effect.

Well, hope you have cleared the question of bangs for a round face by now. If you are still not sure as to which hairstyles would be the most beneficial for your round face, look through the rich-for-ideas gallery with medium hairstyles for round faces, short haircuts for chubby faces or inspiring looks with pixie cut for round face.

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The Best (and Worst) Bangs for Round Face Shapes

"Which type of bangs should I get?" is a question I get asked a LOT. And my answer?

It all comes down to face shape*. In general, the goal with bangs is to find a style that helps make your face appear more oval, while also bringing out your eyes and enhancing your overall hairstyle.

I think there's a bang style to suit everyone, so I thought it would be fun to share with you what works and what doesn't—using celebrity red carpet close-ups to demonstrate, of course—in a series that explores each of the seven different face shapes. Like I always say, with hair, it's important to show, not just tell, so if these tips resonate, bring the examples to your stylist before you commit to a chop.

We'll kick things off this week with the round face shape, and then stay tuned for long, square, heart, inverted triangle, pear, diamond and oval.

* Besides face shape, the other consideration with bangs is what your natural hair type will and will not do. In general, naturally curly hair is going to require more work if you want bangs to lie smooth; you should also get your stylist to cut your bangs dry so you don't get curl "shrinkage" and end up with them way shorter than planned. Cowlicks are another thing to keep in mind—often, they'll force bangs to separate, but as you'll see, that can be a deliberate part of the look and absolutely fine.

Do You Have a Round Face Shape?

Ginnifer Goodwin is the quintessential round face shape example. As you can see, round faces are about the same width across as they are high. Unlike oval and long faces, the widest point is across the cheekbones, and then it narrows a bit at the forehead and chin (which are also rounded). There are no hard angles.

The Best Bangs for Round Faces

Textured bangs: Ginnifer Goodwin again! As you can see, this style works better than the previous one to counter the roundness of her face. Here, she is wearing bangs with a choppy texture that end about half an inch above her brows. The texture is an important trick to diffuse the roundness, and the length—because it's hitting well above the eye area—elongates her face instead of widening it. Notice how she's pushed the bangs to one side; this creates the illusion of height. She's also got pieces of hair in front of the ears, which "cut" the width there.

Side-swept bangs: Here's another side-parted style, this time even more dramatic on Kirsten Dunst because they show off a lot of the forehead. Her longer bangs start to hit at the eyelash point before cascading down diagonally to end just below the cheekbones. This example demonstrates how creating a strong diagonal line really lengthens a round face.

Curtain bangs: Cameron Diaz is wearing a bang style that you might not have considered for a round face: the long curtain bang. These bangs work on a lot of face shapes; it's important to note here that they're parted slightly off-centre, which again creates a slight diagonal elongation for her round face. Then they hang down with some soft volume that is quite slimming, ending just above the jawline. This length is key; you don't want them to hit right at the cheeks and create more width.

Graphic bangs: Most hair experts will tell you that blunt, straight bangs aren't good for round faces because they just emphasize the width. I disagree—I've loved almost every picture I've seen of Christina Ricci wearing this style, so I definitely think it can work, with a few caveats. First, you'll notice that her bangs are cut above the eyebrows; as with Ginnifer, this opens up and lengthens the face. Second, the bangs aren't just straight across—there are longer pieces on the sides, which have a slimming effect. Last of all, I think the graphic nature of the cut is a great way to counter the softness of a round shape.

The Skincare Edit Recommends

Textured and side-swept bangs: Emily Browning here demonstrates a few of the things I've talked about. She's got the choppy texture going on, the diagonal direction and the pieces in front of the ears. It all helps give her a more oval-looking shape; I also think the way her hair's been highlighted helps add dimension and a visual lengthening effect.

High and off-the-face bangs: Last up is Jennifer Hudson, whose new short haircut is complimented by off-the-face, sky-high bangs. Anything that creates height is going to make your face look longer, so this is a great idea for styling a short cut on a round face. (I don't think you want to do this with longer hair, lest you look like you've had a "hair gel" incident like Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary.)

The Worst Bangs for Round Faces

Wondering what not to do? Here are a few noteworthy examples:

Wispy bangs: Besides the fact that they scream "1990s", wispy bangs like Kaley Cuoco has here only make a round face look rounder. They just don't have enough weight to make an impact that'll divert from the round shape; what's more, they add even more softness, when softness is exactly the thing you want to counter.

Rounded bangs: Guess what? Rounded bangs on a round face just enhance the roundness. Imagine that! I'm actually not 100 percent against these, as they've got a bit of that graphic touch that I liked on Christina Ricci. But they'd be much more flattering if the bangs were cut straight across, with longer pieces on the sides.

Bangs on a small forehead: Selena Gomez is rocking what looks like a hair helmet here, and the problem isn't just that the bangs are too long, hiding most of her pretty face. It's also that she has a small forehead to begin with, on top of a round face, which makes bangs—at least the straight-across kind—not the best choice for her. See how far back the bangs had to start on her crown? She'd be better off with very long bangs pushed to one side, or long curtain bangs.

Bangs without shape: Kelly Clarkson is a good example of what can happen when you ask for bangs, without giving it much forethought. Lacking a definite shape or any relationship to the rest of her haircut, they're not doing her any favours. The idea to push them to one side was a good one, but unlike Kirsten Dunst's bangs, they're not long enough yet—so they just fall into her eyes and make her face look wider. I actually think Kelly would look great with blunt, straight, eyebrow-skimming bangs (and long, straight hair on the sides).

Bettie Page bangs: This is a bad beauty pic overall (thank goodness Fergie has seen much improvement since then), and Bettie Page bangs aren't for the faint of heart—of any face shape. These bangs are graphic but not in the ideal way for a round face; you want graphic in bangs that are straight, angular and flat to the head. The curled-under ends create too much roundness. Don't even get me started on the streaks!

Long, straight-across bangs: Catherine Zeta-Jones is demonstrating, like Selena Gomez, that a long bang worn straight across isn't the best choice for round faces. It completely overwhelms her face, and because round faces by nature are not long, keeps most of the features hidden. These would be better with a trim, or longer and pushed off to one side.

What's your favourite style of bangs for a round face?

If you have a round face, which hairstyles have worked for you?

What's the worst style for round faces?

cutting Korean see through bangs//시스루뱅 bangs for round faces

50 Stylish Bangs for Round Faces Compatible with Any Hair Length

Do bangs look good on round faces? Of course, they do! Good bangs for round face vary significantly in their length, shape, and style, but together with your hairstylist, you will be able to find the fringe that best flatters your face shape and features. In this article, you’ll get inspiring ideas for amazing bangs that look good with a round face and suit all ages and lifestyles.

Best Round Face Haircuts with Bangs

There are several key principles to keep in mind when choosing between different types of bangs for a round face. First, the bang should visually elongate the face, making it look more oval. Long side-swept bangs cope with this mission better than any other.

Another secret is to make some volume on the crown when styling a bang. Textured bangs, especially those cut above the eyes, perform a nice trick: they diffuse the roundness and open up your face. One more way to “cut” the excess width is to leave pieces in front of the ears.

Straight full bangs are among the things to avoid, as they show off the roundness of the face. Nonetheless, a shorter length and longer pieces at the sides can make even a blunt bang flattering for the round face shape. The same goes for center parting: while this hairstyle is often the absolute no for round faces, curtain bangs may eventually shift the focus away from the face roundness.

Look through these 50 handpicked variants to choose a perfect fringe for your face shape.

1. Round Face Wispy Bangs. A long wispy bang might be one of the best ideas for a round face shape. Make it messy for a night out or switch to a center-parted hairstyle for a more official occasion.

2. Choppy Bang for a Round Face. Unlike straight or blunt bangs, choppy bangs are full of movement and texture. The uneven length helps to balance the roundness of the face.

3. Korean Bangs for Round Faces. Korean bangs end between the eyebrows and lashes. These create a fresh and dreamy impression and suit European ladies just as smoothly as Asians.

4. Jagged Bangs with a Layered Lob. The layered lob with a jagged bang slims down the face, turning the cut into one of the best medium hairstyles with bangs for round faces.

5. Round Face & Medium Hair with Bangs. A firm resolution to get rid of long strands and cover the forehead transforms any lady. You’ll seem deliciously naughty, sassy, cheeky, and playful.

6. Tousled Shaggy Bangs. The variety of bangs for round faces is striking, but long curtain bangs are the hottest trend these days! Such tousled bangs go especially well with a mid-length shaggy cut.

7. Front Bangs for Round Faces. Front bangs can look amazing on a round face, especially jagged or choppy bangs for a round face and big forehead.

8. Bangs for Curly Hair and Round Face. This “I’ve just woke up” mane generates a tender, innocent appearance. Trim your bangs monthly so that they don’t get into your eyes.

9. Front Bangs for Round Face. This bob haircut puts a meaningful accent on the eyes and eyebrows. For a neat, clean, and accurate impression, it’s important to fully cover the ears.

10. Curtain Bangs with Highlights. A round face and curtain bangs are a match made in heaven. Look how perfectly the strands parted in the middle frame the face, making it look longer and thinner, with highlights adding extra charm.

11. Cropped Jagged Bangs. Complementing a round face has never been easier than with this hairstyle. It features the best bangs for round face – feathered in the middle and elongated towards the cheekbones. The ombre effect draws the eye down and slims down the round face.

12. Side Bangs for Mid-Length Hair. Side bangs for round faces are the top pick for ladies of all ages. This hairdo looks especially stunning with shoulder-length hair styled in neat waves. Casual chic at its best!

13. Round Face Curtain Bangs. Here is a celeb-inspired look smashing the stereotype that there should be no middle part bangs for round faces. Curtain or parted bangs put the accent on the eyes, making the face seem longer.

14. Curtain Bangs for Bob Length. Do you think that a round face and short hair with bangs don’t match? Leave your worries behind with this simple yet gorgeous hairdo. Did we mention it takes only 5 minutes to style in the morning?

15. See-Through Bangs for Wavy Hair. Round face haircuts with bangs work as a perfect frame for your features. Longer bangs that fall over the eyebrows hide the forehead, shifting the focus to the eyes.

16. Messy Piece-y Bangs. Struggling with fine hair and a round face shape? If you wish to solve two problems at once, try this style! What’s more, it is practically universal, being a perfect fit for a round chubby face shape.

17. Trendy Thick Bangs for Round Face. If you have a round chubby face, wispy bangs may not be your best pick. Ladies with thick hair can get layers, wind-swept curls, and thick messy bangs for a romantic style that will be remembered by many.

18. Long Swoopy Bangs for Round Faces. The all-time classic bangs for a round face shape are swoopy side bangs. Curl them outwards if you feel lighthearted and want to ooze romantic vibes.

19. Choppy Parted Bangs. The parting of the bang accents the eyes and curvy lashes, making you look your best self without any additional styling.

20. See-Through Fringe for Round Face. If her ex-blond is currently growing to turn her into a full-fledged brunette once again, the darker bangs bring elegance to her image.

21. Slimming Sliced Bangs. These are the perfect bangs for a face shape that needs a slimming effect. The arched fringe with choppy texture visually elongates the face, making it look oval.

22. Airy Bangs. The graze of airy bangs is a nice match for round faces. Such a delicate hairstyle will always look chic and runway-ready!

23. Neat Middle Part Bangs. Long hair with bangs and warm highlights is a simple formula to look fresh and passionate. At the same time, with such flawless styling, you will always feel organized and ready for the day.

24. Long Straight Wispy Bangs. This style is a brilliant addition to the list of bangs for round face shape. Note how the mix of highlights and shadow roots complements the hairstyle, making the face look prettier and thinner!

25. Long Bangs with a Middle Part. Round face haircuts with bangs can also make you look younger. Here’s the secret to a sweet-16 look: straight bangs parted in the middle to complement a choppy haircut.

26. Luxurious Piece-y Bangs for Thick Hair. Round face and long hair with bangs – what a majestic combination! Tame that lion’s mane with voluminous bangs and bouncy curls.

27. Highlighted Side Bangs for Round Face. Professional colorists know that lighter strands around the face visually elongate it. Besides, highlighted long side bangs are a hot trend nowadays, so give them a try!

28. Layered Wavy Bangs. Layered bangs might help you create a well-rounded cut for curly hair. Having bangs that are above and below, but not at the same level with the cheekbones effectively masks their width.

29. Extra Long Curtain Bangs. The round face curtain bangs are to die for! If your hair is naturally wavy, it’s a plus! Check how the wavy pieces frame the face beautifully, making it look oval.

30. Uneven Choppy Bangs. The best bangs for round face in 2021 are definitely the messy-styled ones. Jagged bangs look cheeky and rebellious. If it sounds like you – give them a try!

31. Long Straight Bangs for Chubby Face. Naturally straight hair is not an issue when it comes to concealing chubby cheeks. On the contrary, long sleek bangs will make your face look narrower.

32. Round Face & Long Layers with Bangs. With this variety of bangs for round face shape, you’ll look like a schoolgirl. You’re young, smart, and serious, yet always ready to smile.

33. Long Flipped Up Bangs. If you want to hide chubby cheeks, thick hair is ideal for this purpose! Ask your stylist to create voluminous curtain bangs and let them flow freely – easy styling is guaranteed.

34. Swoop Full Bangs. It is quite risky for a thick-haired round-faced girl to opt for a bob, but the diagonal direction of the bang saves it all.

35. Straight Bangs for Round Faces. The shaggy layers add some flattering height and the straight bangs plus side pieces frame and slim down the face nicely.

36. Bangs for Curly Hair and Round Faces. Women with curly hair and a round face often shy away from a bang in order to avoid adding even more volume to the full face. The truth is, the right cut creates the opposite effect.

37. Bangs for Chubby Face. A well-thought haircut is crucial for balancing your facial proportions. Sometimes it’s wiser to leave the bangs thin — thanks to this approach the face won’t seem too “heavy”.

38. Bangs for Round Face with Glasses. Not all round face haircuts with bangs pair gorgeously with glasses, but if they do, the look will be smart, contemporary, and seductive.

39. Short Graphic Bangs. Blunt graphic bangs are no longer a taboo for round faces. Shorter bangs with pieces at the sides do not only slim the round face but also do away with its excessive softness.

40. Long Bangs for Round Face. You may cut cute long bangs to disguise your cheeks. It’s a very graceful combination of a round face and bangs.

41. Korean Bangs for Round Faces. Korean bangs that end between eyebrows and lashes add so much intrigue to the look, that a focus on roundness becomes lost for good.

42. Long Hair Bangs for Round Face. The wavy wispy bang seamlessly blends into the hairstyle creating an excellent look, which is also super easy to maintain.

43. Curtain Bangs for Round Face. This haircut will accentuate the beauty of your forehead and easily correct any imbalances. Style it differently each morning.

44. Silver Bangs for Chubby Cheeks. Color your hair with bangs silver to delicately hide your facial imperfections – wrinkles, rosacea, big nose, or chubby cheeks.

45. Asymmetric Bangs for Round Faces. An asymmetric bang is always a winning idea for a round face. Coupled with a layered bob that covers the ears, it leaves the round cheeks no chances to stand out.

46. Wispy Bangs for Natural Hair. Wispy bangs work perfectly fine for curly hair and round faces. To make the bang fit the rest of the haircut, make sure that your stylist cuts your bangs dry.

47. Thin Front Bangs. It takes just a couple of minutes to style this daring and dynamic haircut. Such bangs pair well with straight hair.

48. Bangs for Chubby Cheeks. Straight bangs can sometimes save the day in case your cheeks are chubby. This option suits best ladies with big facial features, curvy lashes, and sensual plump lips.

49. Chubby Face & Long Hair with Bangs. Geometric contrasts are surprisingly good for round faces. The attention-grabbing combination of long straight strands and thick short bangs lifts the cheekbones and slims down the cheeks.

50. Bangs for a Small Forehead and a Round Face. The curly strands draping the forehead make it look bigger. Styling the bang and adding more volume to the crown will create an illusion of a longer, oval face.

Now you know that bangs for round face can look great on hair of any length, color, and texture. Use your front strands creatively to accentuate your beauty, and feel free to experiment with fringe styles!


Round french face bangs

Bangs for Round Face Shapes: 22 Flattering Haircuts

Long Side Bangs for a Round Face Shape

Make these long side bangs your wash-and-go shag style. It offers chic long side bangs for round face shapes, which go very well with the chop’s layers. Ask for a mid-length cut with dark-rooted beige blonde shade to suit both your face shape and fine locks.

Textured Bangs for Round Faces

Textured Bangs for Round Faces

Instagram @gunnyhastings

Try textured bangs for round faces to add structure to your upper face. Bangs for a round face can be uncertain territory but texturizing the fringe creates a lighter choppy feel. The uneven length helps balance out a rounder face shape, too.

Long Shag with Feathered Bangs

Long Shag with Feathered Bangs for a round face

Instagram @accomando

This long shag with feathered bangs is beautiful. Wispy bangs on a round face that hang over the eyebrows is another way to draw less attention to a rounded face. If you want a shaggy look like this, ask your stylist for a razor cut.

Short Hair with Straight Bangs for Round Faces

short hair with straight bangs for round faces

Instagram @christian_cartano_hair

Choose short hair with straight bangs to achieve that classic, flattering look! The perimeter accentuates the jawline, perfect for rounded faces like yours. It features straight across bangs that work great on fine tresses, too. This short hair with bangs is so versatile and stylish when matched with a natural ginger color.

Long Hair with Full Bangs

Long hair with full bangs for a round face

Instagram @thefoundrysalon

A long hair with full bangs is a perfect choice to make a round face more oval and elongated. Round-faced women can bet on fringes to make the face more harmonious and delicate.

Thick Bangs on a Neck Length Bob

Thick bangs on a neck length bob for round faces

Instagram @hairstar86

This one-length haircut with thick bangs and with a little bit of an undercut. This hairstyle is great for women with round faces who want to wear there hair’s natural waves and texture. The blunt bangs give an edgy vibe.

This is perfect for women that have natural volume. Rock your natural waves and enhance your cheekbone structure if you have thick hair.

To style, add Oribe’s thick dry finishing spray and Oribe mate wave cream to give it the cool boho bob look.

Long Pixie with Swoop Bangs

Swoop Bangs for a Round Face

Instagram @tori_avante

Swoop bangs are another bang style to try. When considering bangs for round face shapes, face-framing might not be the best option. Elongating and angling towards facial features might be a better trick.

Middle Part Bardot Bangs

Middle part Bardot bangs on round face shapes are really cute. This particular cut was created by artistic director Thi K Nguyen of Honolulu, HI.

“The dimensions of the colors, texture, and voluptuousness are gorgeous,” describes Nguyen.

These bangs for round faces for women that like their hair long but stylish without trying so hard.

Nguyen suggests that girls who feel their face shape is round, should try a curtain fringe to frame and make your shape more oval.

Best Bangs for Round Faces: Heavy Bangs

heavy bangs for woman with chubby face

Instagram @looks_by_autumn

Heavy bangs are classic and versatile to any hairstyles. It’s a long haircut with layers that elongates round facial shapes when worn down. The soft layers around the face will break up any roundness of the face that most women fear. Heavy bangs also complement big, blue eyes.

Long Side-Swept Bangs + Angled Bob

These long side swept bangs + angled bob is also known as a stacked bob. It was created by stylist Sylvia York of Senoia, GA.

York reminds us when considering a bob for a round face with bangs, it’s important to look from not only the front but also from either side and the back.

“A longer side bang on a bob can change the look,” says York. “Regardless if you are trying to open or close up your facial features or not.”

She also recommends you decide whether or not you are okay with your hair being shorter than your shoulders. “Because keeping your hair at shoulder-length or longer won’t give you the same look,” she explains. “If you do not want to commit to bangs, a longer side-swept can be a subtle change.”

Asymmetrical Bangs for Women with Round Faces

“These asymmetrical bangs are edgy on this asymmetrical lob,” says licensed stylist Anastasia Lankford of Wichita, KS.

“It has a lot of texture throughout, but blunt lines through the perimeter. This creates an ability to have multiple looks with one haircut,” she adds.

Lankford notes that asymmetrical bangs have a bit of maintenance. “So if you’re looking for a wash-and-go style, this may not be the cut for you. However, if you’re a girl with a round face who loves the wild side and you have a bit of time with your hair in the morning, try these bangs.”

Soft Curtain Bangs for Wavy Hair

This long haircut with soft curtain bangs with round face contours is laid back, natural, and tousled. It was created by hairstylist Liz Guggisberg of Millersburg, OH.

“With all the layers and fringe it’s easily worn no matter which way it’s styled,” she says.

Guggisberg recommends you invest in great hair wax or texture wax to add texture and body to the bangs and layers.

This long haircut with bangs is flattering on ladies with round faces who feel like they can’t do a full fringe. It adds character to your haircut and the roundness of your face.

Pixie Cut with Short Bangs for Rounder Faces

A pixie cut with short bangs is one of those short haircuts that is both edgy and cute. Look at this black pixie cut with short bangs that complements a round face shape. The texture on the top gives these round face bangs an emphasis. Styling pixie cuts with bangs is effortless and takes minimal time. All you need is a pomade or wax while you run your fingers through the strands.

“This heavily textured pixie cut with short bangs uses different contrasting textures,” claims Aveda stylist Natalie Morrow of Santa Rosa, CA.

“There is chunky texture throughout the bangs,” she explains. “They combine with the top soft feathery pieces on top.”

Morrow believes any woman can rock a pixie cut, “just be mindful of the fringe area with your face shape. Fringe for round face types can be very appealing.”

Bangs on round face shape should have some volume through the top. To make it look like you have an oval face or long face shape, keep the sides flatter to help elongate the face.

Cute Bob with Baby Bangs

Bob with baby bangs for fatter faces

Instagram @rossetomar

A cute bob with baby bangs accentuates the jawline and gives strong contour lines on the face. Bangs for round faces can create a super modern and sophisticated appearance to any haircut style.

Baby Bangs on Straight Hair

Baby bangs on straight hair with rounded face

Instagram @pris_p_hairstudio

Baby bangs on straight hair are seriously the best bangs for round face shapes. They work best on straight hair as require some maintenance with styling. The shorter bangs open up your face, giving an elongated effect.

Brow Skimming Bangs for Round Face Shapes

brow skimming bangs for round faces

Instagram @hairmettle

Brow-skimming bangs are an excellent option when wanting to accentuate the eye color. The fringe works wonders with most haircuts—whether it’s a short or a long chop. It’s the perfect type of bangs for round face shape.

Round Shaped Bangs

rounded shaped bangs for women with round face

Instagram @sarahgossetthair

Round-shaped bangs on a shoulder-grazing cut flatter and soften round facial features. Full-bodies bangs like these work best on dense hair. Pull it off with a stunning silver blonde shade for extra glam.

Beautiful Long Bangs and Layers for a Rounded Face

long bangs and layers for rounded face

Instagram @hairlife_by_genai

These beautiful long bangs and layers make a perfect combination. Both offer a stunning result, versatile to straight and wavy styles. Long bangs and long layers create an excellent haircut for women with chubby faces and fine hair.

Flattering Bangs for Thin Hair

Bangs for thin hair and round faces

Instagram @irina.brows.pmu

Flattering bangs for thin hair is attainable if you avoid a heavy bang. Instead, ask your stylist for long layers or wispy angles to frame your face well. For thin bangs to flatter women with round faces, ask your stylist to avoid bluntly cut ends.

Shaggy Bob with Blunt Bangs

The shaggy bob with blunt bangs is a great option for round faces. Style the haircut with waves and achieve a classic beauty. The movement, especially around the face, frames facial features. It will make the face appear narrower than before.

Balayage specialist Rebecca King of Manchester, UK created this shaggy bob with blunt bangs that’s a classic french bob that’s Parisienne Chic. This bob with bangs is perfect for women with round faces.

“This shaggy bob is perfect for that get-up-and-go ‘cool girl’ style,” says King. “It’s low maintenance and forever timeless! If you’re not too particular of the bluntness of the bangs, ask for rounded bangs instead.”

King says to ask your stylist for a soft sun kissed balayage towards the ends of your hair and a wavy textured bob. “Style using a wand for polished waves. Or wash and scrunch to enhance your natural movement and texture. Use a dry texture spray to finish,” she adds.

Curly Bangs for Curly Hair

These curly bangs for curly hair create a super cute, rocking hairstyle. Curly hair with bangs is inspired by the shaggy styles of the ’70s. Its curled fringe boosts the shape and texture of this hair trend. Women with round faces will love it, for sure!

Curly bangs for curly hair? Yes, please! This curly bob with round layers and bangs features framing pieces for a round face. It was created by licensed hair and makeup artist Erika St. Pierre of Portland, ME.

St. Pierre says this short cut on a round face is great for any woman with natural wave or curl.

“This was styled with a curl cream applied on wet hair and scrunched. Then left to air dry or diffuse. This is a low maintenance hairstyle that grows out well when the layers are balanced and blended,” she explains.

Light and Wispy Bangs on Long Hair

light and wispy bangs on long hair and round faces

Instagram @lizmariehair

Light and wispy bangs on long hair look gentle and cute. They are considered as the best bangs to frame a round face shape. This kind of fringe softens rounder facial features. And if you have long layers that you like to show off, waves do the job well.

How I Cut My Bangs (Taglish) - Reese Rivera

Bangs are one of those haircuts that can instantly change your look, especially when you take the different types of bangs into consideration. It's no coincidence that debating about whether or not to get them has become symbolic (even a parody) of a big life change—who among us hasn't texted “Should I get bangs” to everyone in their contacts after a breakup?

Though they can satisfy that itch for a change, bangs can also totally transform your face shape and play up your best features. Soft, wispy bangs, for example, help contrast sharper jawlines, while dramatic side bangs can visually add more dimension to rounder faces.

Of course, don't feel pressured to live by these rules. “If you style it and own it, you can rock any type of bangs no matter what face shape you have,” says Jon Reyman, hairstylist and founder of Spoke & Weal salons. But if you're looking for some helpful guidelines, scroll on to find the best types of bangs for your face shape.


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