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Even if you live in a city or the suburbs, miles from the nearest grazing cow, your young child has probably seen or heard about farm animals. Perhaps you’ve sung “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” or read a story featuring sheep, ducks, and horses. It may sound like simple toddler fun, but learning this vocabulary at a young age actually helps your child develop savvy pre-academic and social skills.

“When we teach children farm animal words and noises, we’re not only teaching them about the many sounds we make in the English language, but also about our culture and the world,” says Adiaha I. A. Franklin, M.D., a developmental-behavioral pediatrician at Texas Children’s Hospital.

In fact, farm animals have been a go-to teaching tool in children’s books for centuries. In , John Amos Comenius published what’s considered the world’s first children’s book, Orbis Pictus. It includes illustrations of various farm animals, with text such as “the duck quaketh” and “the lamb blaiteth.”

While nobody expects your toddler to utter quaketh, there are real benefits of teaching him the modern-day vocabulary. Start early: You’ll find that your kid knows quite a bit by the time he’s 3 years old, and learning farm animal vocabulary only further prepares him for preschool and beyond. That being said, there’s no perfect age to perfect a skill, and if your child can’t list all of the farm animals quite yet, simply seeing them in books and hearing their names and sounds will still provide him with a valuable foundation. Here are five surprising benefits of teaching farm animal vocabulary to young toddlers.

Many farm animal words — think “pig” or “duck” or “turkey” — feature consonants pronounced at the front of the mouth, making them more easily detectable to children. “These sounds are simple for children to learn because they connect different senses, including touch and sight,” says Lee Scott, an education and curriculum specialist and chair of The Goddard School Educational Advisory Board. Consider, for instance, how your toddler can see you bring your lips together when you say those words out loud.

“Farm animal words also provide an opportunity for babies and toddlers to practice the many sounds we use in English,” says Franklin. That’s because words like “Moo!” and “Chirp!” use a wide variety of phonemes, or the sound a letter or group of letters make in a word — language building blocks that prepare your child to speak, read, and write.

And embrace the baby talk: Phrases like “A piggy goes oink oink!” actually help your child learn new words. A University of Edinburgh study found that toddlers who heard diminutive words ending in a ‘y’ sound (such as “piggy” or “ducky”) and words that repeat sounds (like “oink oink” or “quack quack”) developed larger vocabularies between 9 and 21 months of age.

Book pick: Noisy Farm: My First Sound BookBring farm animals to life with this internationally bestselling book! Each spread has a button that triggers one of six engaging animal sounds to help your child pair farm animals with their unique noises.  

Once your child learns simple farm animal words, he’ll start connecting them together or with other words to create meaning. Combos like “cow moo” may sound simple, but they are actually the beginnings of sentences.

“Young toddlers between 1 ½ and 2 years of age who know around 20 words might start combining words like this,” says Scott. “It’s easy to do with farm animal words because they’re fun and engaging. They capture the attention of a child much more easily than regular, inanimate objects like a table or a chair.”

Expose your child to a mix of nouns and verbs to help these connections take place. By learning them early on, he’ll be able to understand and follow simple directions later on in school, such as “hop like a bunny” or “run like a pony.”

Book pick: A Squash and a SqueezeIn this charming story adapted from a classic folktale, a wise old man gives a little lady strange advice to make her tiny house seem bigger. With his short instructions to bring farm animals inside, your child will hear how words come together to create sentences and commands.

By age 3, your child starts to spontaneously categorize objects in her world, says Franklin. She may start to group both white and brown horses into a “horse” category, or big and small dogs into a “dog” category. Before this point, however, she needs to learn the words that define those categories.

Encourage this language developmental milestone by pointing out farm animals in real life (luckily, you don’t need to live by a farm to do so!). If you’re at the supermarket and spot a magazine with a horse, talk about the sounds horses make. At a petting zoo, point out the goat and talk about what it eats and how soft its coat feels. “Doing so builds children’s vocabulary and helps them have an expanded view of what an animal is,” says Franklin.

Book pick: Ten Pigs. Not all animals of a kind look the same, but they may share common characteristics — like pink, curly tails and a love for baths! In this hilarious tale, a pig with swimming trunks, a pig with a pirate flag, and many more unique pigs take part in an epic bath adventure that teaches categorizing and counting skills.

Not only can farm animal vocabulary boost your child’s ability to build and understand instructions, but surprisingly, it could help him express his emotions when words can’t. If a child doesn’t know enough vocabulary to talk about how he’s frustrated, but knows that a dog growls or a cow lets out a shrill “moo!” when upset, he may communicate his feelings in those ways. “I see this especially in 2-year-old and 3-year-old classrooms,” says Scott. “It can be a more appropriate way for children to express themselves than flinging a toy across the room.”

Farm animal vocabulary also naturally lends itself well to interactive activities, including books, games, and songs. When you and your child alternate saying “cluck cluck!” during story time or listen to a rhyme like “Little Bo-Beep,” he is subtly learning how to communicate, take turns, and imitate. “Those things play an important role in early academic skill-building,” says Franklin.  

Book pick: Old MacDonald Had a Farm.Take turns saying the exuberant animal noises in this beloved American anthem with your child! Young children will love following nimble-footed Farmer as he greets each of his farm animals during a morning jaunt, and beckons an array of vocal sheep, cows, pigs, and other animals to join him.

By engaging children in stories about farm animals, you’re teaching them how to love and care about the creatures in our world. “It builds upon their natural curiosity to help them understand that animals also need to be warm, fed, and cared for, and that also translates into caring about others,” says Scott. “It builds empathy, something that can begin at a very young age.” In fact, this is a particularly important time to share these lessons — research shows that the second year of life is the most critical period for the development of empathy.

Book pick: Giggle, Giggle, QuackShift your child’s perspective to see things from a farm animal’s point of view in this giggle-worthy tale. When Farmer Brown takes a vacation and leaves his brother in charge, Duck rewrites the instructions for the animals’ care. Soon, all of the farm animals are living a life of luxury! 


These Baby Animal Prints Are Perfect For A Nursery

We fell head over heels the minute we spied these baby animal prints for nursery ideas. This is the popular original collection that has been hugely popular for Etsy Shop LilaxLola.

You can select from all your favorite animals and there is something for everyone. The best part is you download the images and then present them in the way that you like.

Bunny Rabbit Nursery Animal Print

This Bunny Rabbit Print is an example of one of the best sellers for LilaxLola and how stunning does it look above the crib on the wall?

Another popular version of the bunny rabbit is this one that has flowers between the bunny ears. It really doesn&#;t get much cuter!

Baby Monkey Animal Nursery Print

There is very little that is cuter than a baby monkey and you can see just how adorable it looks especially when included in a set. We love this look and you will too.

Woodland Animal Prints For Nursery

These Woodland Baby Animal Nursery Prints are another best seller and they look wonderful when displayed together.

Included are a fox, owl, bear, raccoon, giraffe, and rabbit in the collection.

Baby Cow Animal Nursery Print

When it comes to baby cows, you have a choice between the two featured above or why not add them both?

Deer Nursery Animal Print

Another beautiful piece to add to your nursery is this breathtaking Deer. With a floral arrangement on its head, it&#;s truly stunning.

Safari Favorites Animal Nursery Prints

Another well-received collection is these cute Safari Favorites.

Included in the set are Zebra, Elephant, Giraffe, Hippo, Tiger, and Monkey.

Panda Animal Nursery Print

We never tire of Panda&#;s and this sweetie is the perfect addition to your nursery. You can download the image and print it onto canvas or frame.

Farm Animal Nursery Prints

You can add a duckling, piglet, donkey, horse, cow and baby lamb to your nursery too. As you can see, there really is something for everyone.

There are so many to select from and you will truly be spoilt for choice. The collection is incredible with lots of unique prints including flowers to choose from.

You can achieve all sorts of looks and they make the perfect gift for a newborn. There are 20 + sizes and also free resizing for the ultimate result.

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Farm Animal Preschool Activities and Printables

Free Farm Animals Crafts, Activities, and Printables

Farm Animals Centers

Small World Play Area
Make a farm in your sand table. Create different areas for the different farm animals. 

Fine Motor Skills Center (Finger Gym)
Provide plastic farm animals or farm animals cut-outs and a basket with small pipe cleaner pieces. Let children use tweezers to feed the farm animals.

Herding Sheep Fine Motor Skills Activity
Provide cotton balls (sheep), a plastic spoon, and some blocks. Let children create pastures with the blocks and pretend to be sheep dogs herding the sheep, with the help of the spoon, inside the pasture.

Block Center
Add farm animals, small pipe cleaner pieces (hay), tiny baskets, artifical grass, green and blue fabrics, and a farm to your block area. Let children create different pastures, fences, and barns with the blocks.

Farm Animals Circle Activities and Games

Five Cows All Black and White Felt Story (Patterns, printables, and activity available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Five Cows All Black and White
(Tune: Five Green and Speckled Frogs)

Five cows all black and white,
Chewed their cud from day to night,
So they could give milk sweet and pure.
Squirt! Squirt!
One left the barn one day,
So she could find more hay.
Then there were 4 cows black and white.
Moo! Moo!

Continue with 4, 3, 2, 1

Cows Headband Craft (Patterns and craft instructions available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Old MacDonald Had a Farm (Farm Animal Names)
Put some farm animal toys inside a pail and place it in the middle of the circle.

Sing the song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." 

Old MacDonald had a farm, 

And on his farm he had a _____ (Ask one child to pick out a farm animal from the pail, name the animal, and show it to the class. The class makes the sound of the animal.)

(Cow - moo, moo )

With a moo, moo,moo,
And a moo, moo there,
Here is a cow, there a cow,
Everywhere is a cow, cow,

Old MacDonald had a farm, 

Duck - quack
Turkey - gobble
Pig - oink, oink
Cat -meow, meow
Dog - bow wow

Farm Animals Stick Puppets
Print b/w farm animal pictures and let children color the farm animals and glue to a craft stick. Let children hold up the matching farm animal puppet while you sing the song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."

What Farm Animal is Missing? (Visual memory)
Place several plastic farm animals and a toy barn in the center. Let children name each animal. Instruct children to close their eyes, then hide one animal inside the toy barn. Let children open their eyes and let one child guess which animal is missing. Play the game the next day again and hide two animals. 

Farm Animals Math Learning Centers

Feed the Farm Animals (Counting and Measuring)
Prepare a container with cornmeal and number cards (). Choose three farm animal toys (horse, pig, cow) and place a plate in front of each animal. Let children choose a number card and use a spoon to count and feed the animals with the matching number of cornmeal spoons. Look at the different amounts on the plates. Which animal got more food? Which animal has the least?

Feed the Animals Number Sense (Printables and activity available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Hen and Chicks (Adding)
Print a hen picture and place together with 10 yellow pom-poms or chenille chicks in front of each child. Let one child roll a die and call out the number. Let children place the matching number of chicks on their hen. Let children count their chicks. Ask children to add one more chick. How many chicks does the hen have now? Write the number sentence on the board. Remove the chicks and repeat the activity.

Pig and Piglets - Number recognition and number sense activity (Printables and activity available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Farm Animals Language Learning Centers

A _____ lives on the farm - Farm Animal Names and Reading (Printables and activity available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)
On a sentence strip write the words "A," "lives," "on," "the" and cut out the words. Print and cut out pictures of a farm and farm animals. Create a card for each farm animal with its name. Let children place the words in order and place different animal cards in the empty spot. Then, read the sentence.

Farm Animal Names Writing (Printables and activity available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Farm Animals Printables and Coloring Pages

Learn Farm animals for kids - Farm Animals Names \u0026 Sounds

Free Printable Farm Animal Coloring Pages For Kids

Farm animal theme coloring pages are a great way to teach your kids about farm animals. Most kids love animals, and farm animals are no different. There is no doubt that they would love to apply colors on cows, hens, pigs, ducks, horse as well as other farm animals.

Baby Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Baby Farm Animal Coloring Pages


Coloring Pages Farm Animals

Coloring Pages Farm Animals


Coloring Pages of Farm Animals

Coloring Pages of Farm Animals


Farm Animal Color Pages

Farm Animal Color Pages


Farm Animal Coloring Page

Farm Animal Coloring Page


Farm Animal Coloring Pages for Kids

Farm Animal Coloring Pages for Kids


Farm Animal Coloring Pages Printable

Farm Animal Coloring Pages Printable


Farm Animal Coloring Pages to Print

Farm Animal Coloring Pages to Print


Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Farm Animal Coloring Pages


Farm Animals Coloring Page

Farm Animals Coloring Page


Farm Animals Coloring Pages

Farm Animals Coloring Pages


Free Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Free Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Here is a great collection for your kids to have fun with.

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Farm Animal Prints For Nursery

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Farm Animal Prints Set Of 8 Printable Art Set Farm Animals Etsy Modern Safari Nursery Baby Animal Prints Safari Nursery Prints

FOR KIDS: Baby animals on the farm, with their natural sounds - cute foals, chicks, calfs, piglets

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