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The game Fibbage is by Jackbox games and is a trivia party game that involves fooling other people in your team with the best lies It is best suited to smaller teams rather than larger groups and you will need to download the game application in order to play.

The person hosting can share their screen through Microsoft Teams and introduce the game to participants.

With the new breakout rooms feature, if you want to split people up into smaller groups you can do so, however it is important to note that each team will need to have a copy of the game to be able to play together.

The Trip

Explore the world without leaving home! The perfect game forthose experiencing wanderlust, travel lovers, or for anyone wanting to remember the world outside…

Solve 10 problems in The Trip to collect clues you need to reach your final destination.

With an interesting game logic, a whole set of fun and challenging puzzles, and some beautiful imagery, this game is perfect for remote and distributed teams looking to engage on Microsoft Teams.

If you are a team leader or event organiser you can facilitate this game for your group on Teams.


Mafia (also known as Werewolf) is a social deduction game. The game is a mystery-solving challenge, kind of like Cluedo.

The game models a conflict between two groups: an informed minority (the mafiosi or the werewolves), and an uninformed majority (the villagers). 

One of the players is the murderer and it's up to everyone else to figure out who has committed the crime.

There's a few different player roles to assign in Mafia like the Detective and Police, as well as for the villagers and you can do this amongst your colleagues.

The game can all be played over a Microsoft Teams video call using chat and a combination of video to enhance the interaction. Below is a great example (but using Zoom rather than Microsoft Teams).

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a fun game to play as a group, however a warning on this one is that it might not be appropriate for your workplace - depending on your team’s culture!

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. Then the person who has asked the question chooses the funniest response card as the winner.

You can actually make your own cards against humanity if you want to make them a bit more PC and workplace friendly!

To play on Microsoft Teams using virtual breakout rooms - each room will need a copy of the cards, otherwise you can play as one big group.

Pop Culture Trivia / Quiz

In case you are not already sick of trivia after working from home all year - a quiz works well for groups on Microsoft Teams and can be done using their virtual breakout rooms.

All you need to do is create the quiz and then share the link with the players so that they can access the game page.

With a time-based quiz, you can actually bring people in and out of the breakout rooms which really improves the user experience as teams can discuss their answers privately over video instead of just using a private chat.

To create a quiz try Kahoot.


Microsoft Teams is finally catching up to Zoom with breakout rooms meaning the options are expanding for the types of games and experiences that can be facilitated through the platform.

If you are interested in hearing about the different games we can offer for teams feel free to get in touch!


Microsoft Teams

Whether you’re working with teammates on a project or planning a weekend activity with loved ones, Microsoft Teams helps bring people together so that they can get things done. It’s the only app that has chats, meetings, files, tasks, and calendar in one place—so you can easily connect with people and bring plans to life. Get family and friends together to manage tasks at home or plan a surprise birthday party. Work with teammates via secure meetings, document collaboration, and built-in cloud storage. You can do it all in Microsoft Teams.

Easily connect with anyone:
• Meet securely with teammates, family, and friends. Set up a video meeting within seconds and invite anyone by sharing a link or calendar invite.
• Chat or in group chats with friends or colleagues. @mention people in chats to get their attention.
• Dedicated channels help create a focused workspace for important projects.
• Video call anyone directly in Teams or instantly convert a group chat to video call.
• GIFs, emojis, and message animations make it easier to express yourself when words aren’t enough.

Accomplish plans and projects together:
• Task lists allow you to stay on top of work projects or plans with family and friends. Assign tasks, set due dates, and cross off completed tasks to keep everyone on the same page.
• File sharing in chats makes it easier to coordinate on work assignments or personal projects.
• Cloud storage makes it easy to access shared documents and files on the go.
• Dashboard view neatly organizes all shared content—photos, files, tasks, links—so you don’t have to spend time looking for things*.
• Screenshare, whiteboard, or breakout in virtual rooms to get most out of your work meetings.

Designed to give you peace of mind:
• Securely collaborate with external partners for work assignments while maintaining control over your data.
• Store important information such as subscription passwords in a digital Safe*.
• Enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Microsoft **.

*Available when using Microsoft Teams with your personal account.

**Commercial features of this app require a paid Microsoft commercial subscription, or a trial subscription of Microsoft Teams for work. If you’re not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, visit to learn more or contact your IT department.

By downloading Teams, you agree to the license (see and privacy terms (see For support or feedback, email us at [email protected] EU Contract Summary:

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Play Trivia right inside Microsoft Teams: Make Remote Work Fun with quizzes, puzzles, and other interactive games!

Integrate Trivia with Microsoft Teams and fill your work-day with thousands of quizzes, puzzles, polls, and other team-building games. Trivia will make work fun and engaging for remote teams.

+ teams and ,+ employees use Trivia to build camaraderie, collaboration, and connection.

Bring social and fun back to your workspace (right inside MS Teams)

Now, we’re proud to announce Trivia integration with MS Teams. Users can now play s of quizzes, s of word puzzles, anagrams, bring a dose of healthy banter with opinion polls, and play Gotcha right inside Teams!

Trivia quizzes are fun, easy to launch and provide a quick 5-minute break to your workday. And they’re real-time, meaning the team comes together to play!

Trivia gif

Adding Trivia to Microsoft Teams!

Step 1: Follow this link to log into your Microsoft Teams account and install Trivia.

Install Trivia

Step 2: Pick the team you wish Trivia to join.

Step 3: Install Trivia!


How to use Trivia with Teams

First step: Run trivia command &#;@Trivia trivia&#; to start playing quizzes.

welcome to Trivia

And then, a next window will appear where you can select the channel and number of questions. You can select up to 5 categories for the quiz, and click send.

Play Quiz with Trivia

And all the channel members will get the notification that the game will be starting in X seconds. People can also see the quiz category and the total number of questions.

submit quiz

And then, the quiz will start, and participants can now start answering the questions.

quiz start

And once the quiz is over, you’ll get results and winners!

quiz results

Trivia Virtual Water Cooler

Recreate office banter and bonding inside Microsoft Teams with topics that inspire friendly conversations and debates in a Microsoft Teams channel.

From light-hearted conversation starters to thought-provoking questions, Trivia’s Water Cooler has got you covered.

Simply choose the date and time, and the Trivia will post a question in a channel of your choice.

Trivia water cooler question

Schedule Games for the future (Automate team bonding)

You can schedule Trivia games and play them periodically. Trivia’s scheduler will automatically launch the game at a time set by you in your desired channel.

A great rule of thumb is to schedule Trivia games to launch on a slow Monday morning. This can quickly lighten everyone’s mood and ensure they get out of the weekend hangover in no time.

To schedule a game, simply DM schedule to Trivia in the Chat.

Trivia Scheduler

Ready to bring your remote team together?

Want more information? Read these FAQs:

Q: What games can I play with Trivia?

We currently have these games in Trivia:

&#; Instant Quizzes
&#; Custom Quizzes
&#; (Un)Popular Opinions
&#; This or That
&#; Gotcha!
&#; Word Puzzle
&#; Pictionary

Q: How many categories of quizzes are available?

We have over 26K+ Trivia questions across more than 30+ categories ready to be played.

Q: Is there a limit for the number of quizzes you can conduct once a purchase is made?

No, you are open to access all our quizzes!

Q: Do you have any hot picks or trending topics?

Yes, we update our question banks for all our Trivia games from time to time with trending topics.

Q: What if the answer recorded by the app is incorrect? Can I submit a query to get the answer corrected?

Please chat with us here on website support. We’d love to talk to you.

Q: Can you help organize a tournament?

Of course! Please get in touch with us over chat here on website support.

Q; Is there a limit to the number of people who can respond/participate in a quiz?

No! Your entire workspace can participate together on a paid plan (or on our restricted/limited free tier).

Q: What happens if you join a quiz after it has started?

The quiz goes on and points are scored from that point onwards.

Read More: Getting Started With Trivia for Microsoft Teams

Last updated on July 8th,

Run a Kahoot Quiz within a Microsoft Teams Meeting - Microsoft Teams - Tutorial

Host your next virtual party in Microsoft Teams with apps and screen sharing games

Whether your team is working hybrid or working around the world, it’s always great to stay connected personally and professionally with members of your team. Many teams use scheduled get-together meetings in Teams to hold book clubs, celebrate a special moment, or just gather together and catch up on weekend plans. Conversations are always central in these meet ups – but we also know that every get together can be more fun and connecting with quizzes and games. Within Microsoft Teams, there are several good options for hosting these events, virtually.


Who doesn’t love great trivia or a friendly competitive quiz? For hosting these for your team, a good option is to use Kahoot! – which is available as a standalone app and with an associated integration directly within Microsoft Teams. Kahoots are engaging quizzes and challenges you can create and re-use within your team. These quizzes can be questions for learning or adding interactivity to presentation experiences, and in addition, you can also use Kahoot! to create team trivia challenges for your next team gathering.

With the Kahoot integration inside of Microsoft Teams, you can see a dashboard of your designed Kahoots, and use them during meetings to spur friendly competition. Before the meeting, design your Kahoots and add questions and answers. In addition to exploring and using questions from popular Kahoots via the Discover option, consider mixing in various forms of general trivia, trivia specific to topics for your team, or maybe trivia about your team specifically.

When it is time for the meeting itself, you can launch a Kahoot from the Kahoot app tab within Teams. Expand the Kahoot! gameplay window, and then share that during a meeting by sharing your screen. Make sure to use the Include computer sound option when you share. Once the Kahoot! gameplay screen is shared, attendees can join in and answer questions from their own devices. Answering question quickly matters, and you’ll soon see a friendly competition bloom. You can find out more about Kahoot! on, and you can add the Kahoot! integration for Microsoft Teams from AppSource.



Jackbox Games are the makers of several party games that are great to play together in person or virtually. From speech games like Talking Points to drawing games like Drawful and witty quip games like Quiplash – there are a wide variety of games and styles to suit every taste. Most games run for about minutes with straightforward rules and quick tutorials, so they are easy to pick up and play. Most games support up to players, and some have additional audience viewing options if you have extra visitors.

Jackbox Games are available for a wide variety of devices and consoles, but if you want to use Jackbox within a virtual Microsoft Teams streaming session, we’d recommend getting Jackbox on your PC or Mac. The host of the virtual get-together will need a copy; the attendees in the meeting can follow along on their devices. Every player will join the meeting and then connect to the Jackbox game with a room code – which they can do in a web browser or on a separate device, like their phone. It is easy and takes seconds to get everyone started on a game.

You’ll likely want to use Steam – a service for purchasing and installing games – to get Jackbox games. These games come in Party Packs of 5 games each – so each Party Pack provides a lot of choices for different gameplay styles. No one will be bored, and any party pack will work well – the most recent Jackbox Party Pack 7 features both Quiplash 3 and Blather ‘Round which work well in virtual game settings.

As you host your virtual get-together, you’ll want to start up the Jackbox Party pack of your choice. Use the screen sharing option in Teams, and make sure you check the “Include computer sound” option.



From there, start up a game and your room code will be visible, and attendees can join in.


Tips for using Jackbox Games in a Teams meeting
As you start your Jackbox Games, we recommend a couple of options:


In almost every Jackbox Game, there is a “Family Friendly” checkbox – you may want to consider checking that for your work conversations.


In a few Jackbox Games, there is also an option to filter out US-centric content, if you want to have questions or prompts that are more broadly relevant to teammates around the world.

Jackbox Games.png


Also, to keep the sound of the game from potentially drowning out your virtual guests and conversation while attending, in some cases you may want to consider turning down the background music.

Jackbox Games2.jpg


Also, some more advanced tips can help your virtual party even more:

  • If you have it, hosting a game with two screens (e.g., your laptop screen plus a plugged-in monitor) can work better, as you can place Teams on one screen and Jackbox on the other. That way, it is always easy to see your teammates and the game at the same time.
  • Using headphones can also help with isolating the sound of the game from the conversation.

We hope you get to explore the wide variety of games and quiz options for having fun, virtually, with your teammates. While the centerpiece of any virtual gathering is the conversations that you’ll have, virtual activities through Kahoot! and Jackbox Games, you can help to break the ice, provide some memorable experiences, and heck – have some fun! - in almost any meeting you run.


Games microsoft app teams

You found our list of fun Microsoft Teams games.

Microsoft Teams games are games, competitions, and puzzles playable on the Microsoft Teams platform. For example: Trivia, Guess Who, and Scavenger Hunts. These games use the platform&#;s features like video, chat and white boards to engage remote workers and facilitate virtual team bonding during online meetings and conference calls. These activities are also known as &#;MS Teams games.&#;

These games are a subset of video conference call games and are similar to Zoom games, Webex games and Google Meet games.

This article contains:

  • fun Microsoft Teams games
  • free virtual games to play on Microsoft Teams
  • MS Teams games to play with coworkers

So, here is the list!

List of Microsoft Teams games

From Guess Who to scavenger hunts to truth or dare, here is a list of fun games to play on Microsoft Teams.

1. Microsoft Teams Bingo

Microsoft Teams Bingo is a version of Online Team Building Bingo.

Gameplay for playing Bingo via Microsoft Teams is simple. First, distribute game boards to participants. Next, decide whether to play for a single meeting, or over a string of meetings. Whenever they observe a mentioned behavior in a meeting, teammates will mark a square with the name of the offending coworker.

We made a Microsoft Teams Bingo board template you can use:

Microsoft Teams Bingo template

Be sure to randomize the squares, so that not every teammate wins at once!

This game drives focus during meetings, as attendees will pay close attention to their peers in hopes of scoring squares.

If your colleagues master this version, then check out Remote Work Bingo, which focuses on working from home.

2. Espionage!

Espionage! is a fully hosted virtual team building game you can play on Microsoft Teams. The game uses elements of puzzle solving and social deduction to challenge your colleagues to work together. The game is spy-themed, which is a fun and engaging way to bring your people together.

Espionage! banner

The game is 90 minutes, and led by an experienced and engaging event host. We use audio and visual components to enhance the experience. Your team will love it!

Learn more about Espionage!

3. Just A Darn Fun Event

Just A Darn Fun Event is a mashup of trivia, mini-games, virtual &#;minute to win it&#; style challenges and more. The event is a smart, fun, a little quirky and one of the best darn way to bring your people together on Microsoft Teams.

Just A Darn Fun Event Banner

Just A Darn Fun Event is 60 minute, fully hosted virtual team building activity. Our hosts are experienced entertainers that will make sure everyone on your team is engaged and participating.

Learn more about Just A Darn Fun Event.

4. Microsoft Teams Trivia

Trivia is one of the most popular choices for remote team building, and one of the go-to games you can play on a virtual call. The Kahoot! app extension makes it easy to play trivia games within Microsoft Teams.

To launch a game of Kahoot! trivia:

  1. Add the Kahoot! app to a channel or group
  2. Login to Kahoot!
  3. Launch a game.
  4. Share the pin to join if any team members do not receive invitations.

Either select a pre-made trivia game, or write your own. Depending on whether you present a live game or assign a challenge, teammates can either compete simultaneously on a time limit, or can complete questions by a certain deadline. Players can join the game from any computer or mobile device.

Check out this post for more virtual trivia games.

5. Together Mode Guess Who?

Microsoft Teams offers a feature called Together Mode that displays meeting attendees lecture-hall style, placing the image of each participant in an auditorium seat. You can use this capability to play a modern, online-friendly version of Guess Who. Together Mode Guess Who is one of the best online Microsoft Teams games.

To play Together Mode Guess Who:

  1. Activate Together Mode in your meeting
  2. Choose a team member as the secret person
  3. Have players take turns asking questions like &#;does this person wear glasses?&#; or &#;does this person have a natural hair color?&#;
  4. Ask each player to turn off their video when eliminated by the answer to the question
  5. The game ends when only one player remains on screen, or when a player correctly identifies the person.

Because the characters are your coworkers, this version of Guess Who is extra fun! Plus, if players use non-physical characteristics, such as &#;does this person run marathons?&#; to narrow down the choices, then teammates can learn more about each other, too.

6. Who Scavenger Hunts

The best Microsoft Teams games incorporate the platform&#;s unique features, and Who Scavenger Hunt is one great example.

Who is a bot within Microsoft Teams that enables quick searches within organizational directories. Users can find answers to questions such as:

  • Who is
  • Who knows about
  • Who works with
  • Who reports to
  • Who is the manager of
  • Who has the same manager as
  • Who have I emailed about
  • Who was in the meeting about

Using these commands, create a scavenger hunt that helps teammates get acquainted with other members of the organization. You can combine prompts, such as, &#;who works with Gladys, knows about CPR, and was in the meeting about social media policy?&#; or can also pair Who prompts with non-widget trivia, such as &#;who has a cat named Fluffernutter?&#; or &#;who used to work in the entertainment industry?&#;

The game works best as a race, so set a time limit and award the first player or team who answers all questions correctly.

Check out our post on virtual scavenger hunts for a more traditional scavenger hunt experience online.

7. Microsoft Teams Family Feud

By using the Survey Monkey add-on for Microsoft Teams, you can quickly gather data to use for Family Feud games. Simply send questions to colleagues, and record top answers.

We created some example Family Feud questions to get you started:

  • What is the biggest distraction while working from home?
  • Items you forget to pack when going on vacation
  • Movies with the word &#;love&#; in the title
  • Favorite waffle toppings
  • What is the most embarrassing thing that could happen on social media?
  • Name a virtual meeting faux pas

Ideally, your pooling pool should be larger than your immediate team. In fact, the more neutral parties you collect answers from, the better the game will be.

During your game, split the group into two teams, and challenge each team to guess the top answers for each question, and either speak the answer aloud, or write it in the chat box. Teams can confer amongst themselves by entering a private chat room. Each correct response nets the team an assigned number of points; the more popular the answer, the more points.

Here are more virtual game shows to try.

8. Microsoft Teams Pictionary

Pictionary is a popular video call game that you can play in Microsoft Teams, too.

To play this party game during remote meetings:

  1. Split the group into teams
  2. Use a Pictionary generator to select a word
  3. Ask one team member to draw that word using the whiteboard feature
  4. Give teammates sixty seconds to identify the word
  5. Award points if the team guesses correctly

Be sure to tally points, and give the winning team bragging rights until the next game.

Microsoft Teams team building games like Pictionary practice effective communication, a critical skill for remote employees.

9. Wiki Kingdom Founders

Microsoft Teams has a Wiki feature that allows users to draft and share notes and collaborate with teammates. While most folks use the Wiki for work projects, you can also use this function to create a fictional country as a team building exercise. Wiki Kingdom Founders is an ongoing game where teammates expand an imaginary world by adding or editing Wiki pages.

To start, create a name for the country, make a basic page, and invite your teammates. Then, encourage team members to add details like maps, laws, history, and customs. Sections can also be hyper-specific, for example, &#;Christmas traditions,&#; or &#;politician scandals.&#; Each week, send out a new prompt.

Participants propose new changes, and other players vote on which ones to keep. Players can also &#;go to war&#; over some of the updates!

Praise Compliment Tag

The Praise add-on enables users to send digital kudos to colleagues, making games of compliment tag easy and extra fun.

To use Praise:

  1. Install the add-on
  2. Look for the Praise icon in the chat
  3. Select a badge
  4. Write a personal message to send with the pin

To kick off a game of compliment tag, first set a time-frame, such as a week, and announce the game to the team. Players will spend the duration of the game &#;tagging&#; each other with compliments. When participants receive a piece of praise, they must reciprocate by sending a genuine compliment to another teammate. The fun part about playing this game in Microsoft Teams is that you can send Praise to individuals or groups, maximizing the impact. However, all compliments must be sincere.

At the end of the game, tally up the total number of Praise badges. While the folks who send and receive the most compliments get special honors, everybody who participates wins!

Snap Camera Photobooth

Snap Camera integrates with Microsoft Teams, meaning you can use filters to make meetings more fun. Typical Snap Camera filters include flower crowns, dog ears, cat hats, floating pizza slices, as well as lenses that transform users into potatoes or tigers. To learn how to use Snap Camera filters within Microsoft Teams, read this tutorial from TechRepublic.

These special effects make excellent online photobooth props. Once each teammate chooses a filter, snap a team photo by taking a screenshot.

GIF Story Challenge

GIF Story Challenge compels players to tell a story using only GIF images.

To play:

  1. Split the group into teams
  2. Send each team a tale to tell, either a famous book, movie, song, TV show, or an original story.
  3. Allow teams five minutes to strategize and select GIFS
  4. Have each team take a turn telling the story via chat
  5. Challenge the opposing team to guess the story

If the team guesses correctly, then award a point. You can award extra points for creativity, humor, and good use of GIFs, too! The team with the highest score after all rounds winds the game.

Trello Truth or Dare

To play a game of Truth or Dare in Microsoft Teams, use the Trello integration. First, install the app within your Teams chat. Then, create a board exclusively for the game, and invite all team members to join. Designate one column for truths and one for dares.

If you plan to play truth or dare in real time during a meeting, then pre-fill each column with cards. Label each card only with &#;Dare #1&#; or &#;Truth #1,&#; and type the question or command within the description section. Players will only read the descriptions after picking the card, and will answer or perform immediately on camera.

If you play on an ongoing basis throughout the workweek, then assign players to cards randomly, and take turns giving each other truths and dares. Participants type answers to questions in the comments section, or link to video or photo evidence of dares.

Since this is an office game, all content should be work-friendly! Here are a few PG truths and dares to get you started:

  • What non-work website do you check most during office hours?
  • How many dirty dishes are in your sink right now?
  • What is the biggest exaggeration on your resume?
  • What is the strangest conversation you ever had with a client?
  • I dare you to share your last five Google searches.
  • I dare you to message a coworker you have never chatted with before.
  • I dare you to show the strangest object in your workspace.

Trello enables due dates, so set a deadline for the player to comply. If your teammate passes, then assign a good-humored consequence like having to share an interesting article with the team, or listening to Hanson&#;s &#;Mmm-bop&#; at full volume.

Here is a list of more fun question games.

Online Team Building Quizzes

Online quizzes are one of the most straightforward Microsoft Teams games. To create quizzes for Microsoft Teams, use the Forms app. This function allows you to create and share quizzes, surveys, and polls. When making forms, choose whether to display results instantly, or keep votes anonymous.

You can use the Forms feature to play a variety of mini-games, such as:

  • Would You Rather
  • This or That
  • Trivia
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  • Fact or Fiction
  • Most Likely To

Here are lists of questions for would you rather and this or that.

Play live during a meeting or over the course of the workweek, and share results with the group at the end of the activity.

Or, make quizzes geared towards testing how well teammates know each other, or helping teammates know each other better. Either assign points for correct answers, or let participants play just for fun.

For more ideas, check out our ultimate team building quiz playbook.


Microsoft Teams&#; apps and add-ons offer many opportunities for playing fun games that drive engagement, banish isolation, and dispel virtual meeting fatigue. The games on this list are entertaining and engaging, but there are plenty of other challenges and virtual activities you can use to break up the monotony of web meetings. We recommend browsing the apps selection in Microsoft Teams to find even more game possibilities.

Next, check out our article on online games for virtual teams, this list of games to play on Skype and this one with virtual game night ideas.

FAQ: Microsoft Teams Games

Here are answers to common questions about Microsoft Teams games.

What are Microsoft Teams games?

Microsoft Teams games are online team building games that use the unique features of the Microsoft Teams platform to enable team bonding and remote worker engagement. These games are great additions to virtual meetings as icebreakers, closing activities, or breaktime re-energizers during longer meetings.

What are some fun Microsoft Teams games?

The best Microsoft Teams games capitalize on the platform&#;s special features and encourage full group participation. Some fun Microsoft Teams games include Microsoft Teams Trivia, Together Mode Guess Who, Who Scavenger Hunts, and Microsoft Teams Family Feud.

How do you play trivia on Microsoft Teams?

The easiest way to play trivia on Microsoft Teams is to use the Kahoot! app extension. Simply install the app on Microsoft Teams, then log in to Kahoot! and assign a game or challenge to your team. Or, you can book a fully-facilitated team trivia experience from an online team building company to drive virtual engagement among your group.

A list of games to play on Microsoft Teams. Great for driving engagement and team bonding.

P.S: Press "CTRL + D" or "Command + D" to bookmark this page - we update it often.

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% Online Team Building Activities

We run world class online team building events that remote teams love. Rated 5 Stars.

Game for Microsoft Teams

25 Team Building Games on Microsoft Teams

Don’t underestimate the impact a dance (and a good laugh from funny moves) can cure awkward silences, keep the energy high, and inject some fun and team building in your Microsoft Team calls.

Microsoft Teams Trivia Games

A fun and familiar game to most, Trivia is a sure game to get started with for your virtual team building. Creating a quiz is easy with a platform such as Kahoot and works for any group size on Microsoft Teams. Once your quiz is created, all you need is to share the link with the participants.

The trivia game can be time-based where players need to be in the breakout rooms simultaneously to play, or it can be completed by a certain future date. Find out more about trivia games.

The Puzzle

This team-problem solving game provides a good mix of challenge and fun and will fit any team, regardless of the size. It’s best for solving individual problems collaboratively and unlocking the answer after completion. These problems may be just about anything; think of riddles, logical, visual challenges, and more. Use the puzzle to have your team compete against each other and see who solves that tough problem first.

Interactive Magic Shows

Team Building Microsoft Teams

Few games match interactive magic shows in boosting a team’s creativity. Every team member will be amazed to participate in the playing of cards, numbers, colors, mind-reading, and see the impossible happen. They might even learn a trick or two to amaze their friends and family. Find some of the best magic shows.

War of the Wizard

War of the Wizards is perhaps one of the most unique games you’ll play in your team building. In a minutes facilitated event, you get a fun experience of different games: RPG games, puzzles, escape rooms, storytelling, and word-building. While this game is wildly different, it’ll challenge your teammates to think smart, making it perfect for your remote team building.

“Can You Hear Me Now?” Game

Contrary to what the name suggests, this is a creative game that tests effective communication. Begin by nominating a speaker who will use a random image generator to source a suitable image. Your colleagues are to describe this image in a way that the rest of the teammates (called artists in the game) can draw the image successfully. The fun bit is, the speaker can only use geometric shapes.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a really fun activity and is also easy to organize. This game can act as a perfect ice breaker for calls. The plan is simple – to have everyone on the Microsoft Teams on a challenge to collect a list of various items in and around the house. The first colleague to be back with the item gains a point or wins.

To make it more interesting, aim for the players to search for something out of the ordinary—something they’re not likely to find in their kitchen or living room. Get creative and let people have fun scrambling for the items.

Find some of the best scavengers hunts.

Truth or Dare

Team Building Microsoft Teams

You must already be conversant with this classic game that remains the same no matter the platform it’s played. The game challenges a player to act in the virtual meeting to which they must answer truthfully. If the person passes the challenge, they face a humored consequence. While it should focus on work-related actions, it’ll be more interesting if you mix the game challenge a bit. A challenge like sharing the most recent searches on Google can be an interesting truth or dare.


If you haven’t experimented with Werewolf for your team before, you’re missing out on a team building party game perfect for building closer relationships. As a social deduction game, Werewolf will be more fun if you play with the same team. It may take you a while to learn its rules, will require more coordination, teamwork, and knowledge of the character traits of the players. We recommend you jump right to it and start to play. As you do, you’ll learn about your teammate’s playstyle and their behavior.

Given the complexity of this one, it’s best to have the assistance of an experienced online game facilitator.

Virtual Talent Show Party

Talk of fun and interactive, this game should be top of mind. Virtual talent shows recognize team talent beyond the office performance. As a manager, it’s vital to recognize that your employees are talented individuals in other spheres of life. Some of them will wow you with their musical abilities, art, or even dance abilities.

In the same way that physical talent parties showcase these abilities, you can also provide an avenue for them to showcase their gifts. Even better, make it a competition and let you vote for the winner. Ready to go all-in on this one? You can find some top-rated talent shows.

Cocktail Making Virtual Experience

Assuming your teammates love a drink, let them learn and become brewers for the day at the comfort of wherever they are. Host them for this minute fun activity making a classic of their preferred cocktail. Of course, for this one, you need an expert brewer to give the live instruction. You want to also communicate the equipment and ingredients the team will need or have them shipped to them.

Check out some of the most incredible Happy Hours.

Classic Musical Chairs

Most people love Musical Chairs, and they’re more likely to love this classic virtual version of the same. You want to change the rules a bit. Instead of eliminating the last one standing, eliminate the one still dancing when the music stops. To get started, play a classic Spotify playlist and stop at random times.

Online Escape Rooms

The Escape Room is fun but beyond that is how effective it is in achieving the common objective of tightening the cooperation between the members. While it requires more time (one hour or more) and more effort to set up, it is an excellent team building activity on Microsoft Teams. There are a variety of Escape Room games, you just have to pick right, and it will be worth it.

Check out some of the most incredible Escape Rooms.

Three Truths and a Lie

Team Building Microsoft Teams

If you have a new employee you want to introduce to the team, this one will work well, not to say that you can’t play it anytime to know your teammates better. Plus, it’s one you can easily play on Microsoft Teams. All you need is to have one teammate list three statements; two of which are true and one that’s a lie. The others will then guess which of the three is a lie. If they’re right, they get a point. The game goes around until all players have given their statements.

You can always get a facilitated Virtual Team Building Game starting at $17 per person

Online Pictionary

If you’re looking for a good laugh, you’ll love the online Pictionary. It’s a draw and guesses game that’s mostly familiar to most of your colleagues. So why not play it to evoke those early memories and create new ones with colleagues. Not only will it boost your team’s creativity and imagination, but it will also be fun and lively.

Not everything is boring when playing Virtual Board Games!.

Things Game

Things Game is all about topics and talking. Each participant will add topics to the pool. The catch is, every topic has to begin with the word “things.” A good example is “things we want to do during our next retreat” or a personal one like “things my puppy wishes I’d know.”

The host will then read the prompt and have the other participants submit their answers. The host will then read the answers, and every participant will guess who said that. Change up the host for the next round, but keep the mechanics to keep things interesting.

Need more Games, check out our directory!

Spot the Difference

This game is a type of puzzle which challenges the players to tell the difference between two closely similar images. All you need is the images, photographs, or manipulated illustrations, and a team that’s ready to take up the challenge and pay close attention.

Find some of the best Improv Games.


Team Building Microsoft Teams

Scattergories is one of the easiest games to play on Teams. Besides, it supports a large group since all your colleagues need is a piece of paper and an appetite to create words. To start with, choose a topic from which words can be drawn, a letter the words have to start with, and watch everyone begin to note related terms.

Discover Visual Thinking

Perhaps one of the most effective games to play on Microsoft Teams. It encourages your team members to bring their ideas to life using basic symbols and short text. Talk of creativity and fun learning at the same time, this game is it. All you need for this one is paper, colorful and black markets, and you’re good to get started. Browse all you need to know about Visual Thinking.

Waffles vs. Pancakes

Are you ready to make decisions collectively as a team and see where that leads you? Get started with waffles vs. pancakes. The fun with this one becomes better with each round. In this game, the teams are presented with a question; what should we keep in the world: waffles or pancakes?” They have to collectively vote on which one to keep. In the next round, they add a word to contend the winner. For instance, the new question becomes; “pancakes or puppies.” To make it even more personal, change pancakes and waffles to fit your company offerings.

Murder Mysteries

Team Building Microsoft Teams

This one is all favorite in getting your team members to think critically and solve a mystery. If it’s new to you, think of it as a role-playing game that challenges the team members to solve a mystery. The host starts the game by crafting a creative story that he narrates to the group. As they proceed with the happenings of the thriller, the players must identify who among them is the criminal. Generally, this game will fit a small group of 6 to Read more about Murder Mysteries.

Together Mode Guess Who

The Guess Who game has been one of the best games on Microsoft Team games. Together Mode feature has made the game better by displaying the participants (with their image) in a lecture-hall style. What makes this game extra fun and engaging is having the characters as your coworkers.


This virtual game is one of the all-best team building games on Microsoft Teams. It incorporates various elements of social deduction and puzzle-solving skills to encourage teamwork. The spy theme makes it fun and engaging to have all players participating.

Rock, Paper, Scissors – Virtual edition

No one in your team doesn’t know the classic and simple rock, paper, scissors. So why not go all-in on it and even make it fun by changing the reactions instead of hand gestures.

Final Thoughts

Quite clearly, as you can see, online team building is much different than in-person team building. The platform you use highly determines the experience and extent of fun you and your team will have in your virtual team building.

Microsoft Teams is one of the best platforms to host team building games. The platform offers an array of games to accomplish the primary purpose of team building games; ensuring all participants have fun together. That’s our actionable list of 25 games that your teammates will love on Microsoft Teams.

But other than the platform, you need a fun and experienced facilitator for your games. Without one, you risk the problem of spending too much time on an activity that your team will not love. Let our facilitators take care of everything for you to get the most out of Microsoft Teams games. We get the groundwork done for you; we set and run the show, you only need to invite the team and come with a playful spirit.


Can you play games on Microsoft Teams?

Definitely yes. You can play all the games we’ve outlined above on Microsoft Teams. The platform also enables bonding and engagement with team members.

What games can we play on Teams?

There are numerous game ideas to play on Microsoft Teams. It’s best to become conversant with our top preferred games outlined above to select the one that suits your needs. You want to choose a game that offers fun but also engages all participants. Start with our preferred simple and best for team engagement games; Microsoft team Trivia, Puzzles, Scavenger Hunt, Microsoft Teams Bingo, and Visual thinking.

How do you play trivia on Microsoft Teams?

The easiest way to get started with trivia games on Microsoft Teams is to install the Kahoot app. Once you have the app, quickly assign a trivia challenge to your team. Alternatively, get a facilitator to organize and bring your trivia games to life. Good for you, you get to enjoy the party as well.

How do you do cool stuff on Microsoft Teams?

On its own, Microsoft Teams is a wonderful platform to play virtual team building games on. There are a lot of cool games you can play on the platform. Even better, it now has superior breakout rooms and massive game choices for your team. It’s highly interactive and offers maximum fun and collaboration for every of your team members.


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