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Discord is an amazing application that lets you be a part of all kinds of communities. It is a complete social platform where gamers, otakus, and other users can unite and communicate with each other. Players can talk with others and find out common interests.

The best part about using Discord is that most of its services are completely free. Also, Discord is actually available on several different platforms. You are even allowed to use Discord on your smartphone, browser, or PC. It does not matter whichever device you decide to use, as the experience will remain pretty much the same.

How To Change Discord Sounds?

Whenever someone sends you a message, or says something in a text channel, you will receive a notification sound. This is to ensure that Discord alerts you about the message. No matter the type of notification, Discord plays one sound in all of them.

Most users don’t really like this as they want to be able to differentiate sounds between different notifications. If you are also someone who is thinking about the same thing, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be explaining everything you need to know about how to change Discord sounds. So, let’s get started!

Is it Possible?

So, is it really possible to change sounds in Discord? Well, it mostly depends on the platform that you are using right now. If you are using Discord on a phone, or a browser, then no. However, PC users should rejoice as they have the ability to change sounds in Discord.

Unfortunately, the application does not support changing sounds through the program itself. This is the main reason why you can’t change the sound in both phones and browsers.

However, PC users can do this by simply modifying Discord files.

How Can You Change Sounds?

In order to change sounds in Discord, follow these steps:

  1. Using your PC, go to AppData\Local\Discord\app-(version)\resources\sounds.
  2. At the same time, you will want to have a custom sound that you can play as a notification sound in Discord.
  3. If you don’t have any custom sound, try googling and downloading one online.
  4. Simply overwrite the sound files which should help you successfully change the sounds in Discord.


Keep in mind that the newer version of Discord has made a slight adjustment to Discord’s sound file directory. You may also be able to find sound files in App Data\Roaming\Discord\app-(version)\Cache. The files starting from f_ are all the sound files. If you mess up anything, simply remove everything and do a fresh install.

The Bottom Line

Ever wonder how you can change Discord sounds? Using this article, we have mentioned how you can achieve this.

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Discord is a famous voice-over-internet protocol(VoIP), that offers the standard services of voice calls, text messages, group chats, and video calls, etc. for users. Also, you can connect to groups of people in the form of chat rooms or as they call it, “servers“.

Evidently, Discord is extremely famous for the amazing features it offers. It has gained immense publicity due to its efficient delivery of services and free-of-cost service.

However, people who use it a lot often suggest to the app developers how they wish they could change the sound effects. Have you also been wondering How to change discord sound effects? Well, we have just the answer for you.

I always customize all my apps. The same goes with Discord. I will discuss with you today, how it is possible to change discord notification sound.

Ways of changing Discord sound effects

There are some ways you can change the notification sound effects in Discord. These ways do not work with the Discord phone or browser. We will discuss both the ways that work with the Discord app on the PC. Hope this helps you!

1. Using AppData

In order to use customized sounds in your Discord application, you will have to implement this method on the Discord app. Since the Discord app stores its data on the PC’s local folder in the AppData, this data can be overwritten with the data of our choice.

This is why this fix does not apply to the browser or the phone. It is also not applicable to the app itself.

How to change Discord notification chimes with AppData?

So, to change Discord rings, do the following steps,

  1. Download the sounds that you want to replace the default Discord sounds with.
  2. Go to your Desktop.
  3. In your search bar, search for ” AppData\Local\Discord\app-(version)\resources\sounds “.
  4. Open the folder that contains the sounds that you downloaded in step 1.
  5. Overwrite the sounds folder opened in step 3 by the sounds you have opened in step 4.
  6. The new sounds will now be played instead of the older ones.

This is a typical method of changing the Discord sounds which is mostly used by everyone.

However, after the new version of Discord was released, the file directory was adjusted such that the sound files also existed in App Data\Roaming\Discord\app-(version)\Cache.

In this case, there is a chance that you may mess things up and may have to reinstall the entire software.

Below I have discussed another method of discord change notification sound if you are not happy with the Discord sound files anymore.

2. Better Discord App

To apply this method to your system, you need to have the Discord app downloaded on your system. It will not work on the browser application. First, you will need to install a couple of things for this method like Better Discord.

How To Change Discord Sounds

To begin with, you will have to download BandagedBD or Bandaged BetterDiscord’s safer version from its website.

Is BandagedBD Safe?

Some people believe that it is an unsafe application but Bandaged BD is a safe app. You will have to be wary of 3rd party applications on the app that may infiltrate your system in the form of themes.

How to Download and Install BandagedBD?

After downloading, scroll down to the left side menu and find plugins. Here, open the plugins folder, which will be an empty folder. Now you will have to download the plugin folder fromhere. Next, you have to drag the downloaded plugins folder to the empty folder that you just opened.

How to change Sounds using BandagedBD?

Go back to the main window of plugins, you will see the option of notification sound. Check the box in front of it.

The sounds can now be changed by going to user settings > Plugins and you will see the option of adding a new song, implemented song, where you can change almost every notification sound. There are also other voice settings.

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How to add more rings and songs with BandagedBD?

To add more songs, make a new category in add new song, and browse sounds from your PC and add them to whichever category you like. For instance, you want to know how to change the Discord ringtone? Go to the category of ringtone and add the song that you like.

Similarly, you can change the Discord notification sound for PC.

How to change Discord notification rings with BandagedBD?

To summarize in a step by step guide on how to change discord notification sounds, do the following,

  1. Go to your web browser and download BandagedBD.
  2. Make sure that you chose the safe version which is displayed in white color, not red color.
  3. Open the downloaded Better Discord, scroll to the left menu.
  4. Next, find plugins, open the plugins folder, an open folder will open.
  5. Go back to your browser and download the plugin folder from this link
  6. Accept the download permission, the contents are safe in the folder.
  7. Further, drag the downloaded folder to the empty folder of plugins you just opened.
  8. In the plugins menu, you will see an option of “notification sound“. Turn it on.
  9. To change the sounds now, go to settings.
  10. Go to Plugins from settings.
  11. Add new songs, make a new category with any name and browse your PC for any sound. Choose the category for that sound.
  12. If you have set the sound for microphone muted, mute the microphone and you will hear the sound you just chose.

Although, this is a rather complex way of choosing customized sound effects for Discord but it functions fine with the Discord application. However, despite its complexity, it is a completely functional way to get your application’s sound settings customized.

Conclusion on Discord App Notification Sounds

In conclusion, it is completely possible to change the discord sound notifications on your PC. You need to follow some steps and have your new customized ringtones ready. I have discussed two methods of doing this, these are simple easy to follow ways that you can use to improve your Discord experience.

The BandagedBD method is a controversial one as some people think it has security issues.

However, on a broader level, it is a safe and great extension. One should be careful of the 3rd party apps that offer themes and similar services with every application suit. Plus, new notifications experience makes things fresh.

To summarize, changing Discord sounds is a worthwhile experience as it lets you have a better Discord experience and customize your application according to your preference. I hope you now know how to change Discord sounds but if something is not working, let me know in the comments!

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Discord is an amazing chatting and messaging platform especially designed for the gamers’ community while playing games on its servers. Discord allows talking, video chat, and hanging out with friends and in the community. 

It is available on major OS platforms but recommended is the Discord app. Discord provides servers to bring the gamers’ community together on one platform and exchange messages.

Discord allows creating new servers or joining the existing ones. Discord servers are game servers. In each server, you will find a group of gamers engaged in chatting and mumbling. Most services offered by Discord are free. 

Now the point is about the sound on Discord. Sometimes the same sound on Discord could be monotonous. 

Let’s dig deeper into the Discord audio settings and how you can make custom settings that suit you.

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How to change Discord sounds?

Discord does not differentiate in notification sounds. Whether it is a message notification or a notification in the text channel, discord sends you an alert on receiving the message. Discord plays the same notification sound every single time it receives a message or a text notification regardless of the notification type.

The Discord users like to hear different sounds for different notifications. The users can change and customize sounds in Discord. However, it is platform-dependent. 

If you are using mobile or a browser, you cannot change sounds for phone and browser at the same time. Discord does not allow you to change through the program.

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Steps to change Discord sound in PC

You can change the sound on your PC by changing the Discord files.

  • The PC users need to go to AppData\Local\Discord\app-(version)\resources\sounds.
  • You want to change the notification sound in Discord to have a custom sound.
  • If you don’t find a custom sound you like, you can download it by searching Google.
  • To change the sound successfully, you need to overwrite the sound files in Discord. 

This will change the sound to a custom sound in Discord.

Note that the upgraded version of Discord has changed the sound file directory of Discord. You can find the sound files in Discord in App Data\Roaming\Discord\app-(version)\Cache.

You can identify the sound files which will start with f_. If you make an error in changing the sound files, simply delete all and install them afresh.

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Audio setting in Discord 

open discord and select audio setting

Select user settings, the gear button at the lower corner next to the headset icon.

select user setting and gear from lower side

Scroll down to App settings.

Under App settings, you will find voice and video.

voice and video under app settings

You will see the Input & Output Device.

select input and output device under voice settings

You can manually select the microphone in the input device drop-down.

manually select the microphone in the input device drop-down

You select your output device from the drop-down under Output device.

Below you will see the input sensitivity. It is a noise gate filter. You can use the button next to it to enable. By default, it is disables. You can use the slider to decrease or increase the noise reduction. It is a great way to stop the background noise coming from your microphone.

The bottom Line

You can use the other options under Voice & Video to adjust to your sound and preferences.

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