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How do you make soil in little alchemy?

How do you make soil in little alchemy?

How to make soil in Little Alchemy 2?

  1. earth + life.
  2. earth + organic matter.
  3. land + life.
  4. land + organic matter.

How do you make soil plant in Little Alchemy 2?

plant Little Alchemy 2 Cheats

  1. algae + earth.
  2. algae + land.
  3. big + grass.
  4. earth + seed.
  5. land + seed.
  6. life + soil.
  7. rain + soil.
  8. seed + soil.

What is the soul in alchemy?

Soul Alchemy refers to the transformation of the self through Soul Work. Using timeless as well as modern tools of healing and inquiry, we can learn to listen to the guidance of Soul as Inner Wisdom. To be whole, we must tend to Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit.

How do you make land in alchemy?

How to make land in Little Alchemy 2?

  1. big + soil.
  2. continent + small.
  3. earth + stone.
  4. 2 × earth.
  5. 2 × soil.

How do you make big in little alchemy?

How to make big in Little Alchemy 2?

  1. galaxy cluster + philosophy.
  2. galaxy + philosophy.
  3. philosophy + planet.
  4. philosophy + solar system.
  5. philosophy + sun.
  6. philosophy + universe.

How do you make Godzilla on little alchemy?

How to make godzilla in Little Alchemy 2?

  1. city + dinosaur.
  2. legend + dinosaur.
  3. skyscraper + dinosaur.
  4. dinosaur + story.

How do you make plant on little alchemy?

Walkthrough for plant in Little Alchemy

  1. air + water = rain.
  2. earth + rain = plant.

What are the 7 stages of alchemy?

The 7 Stages of Spiritual Alchemy

  1. Calcination. Calcination is the process of heating and decomposing raw matter – or in other words, breaking down parts of ourselves that are in the way of our own happiness.
  2. Dissolution.
  3. Separation.
  4. Conjunction.
  5. Fermentation.
  6. Distillation.
  7. Coagulation.

What is divine alchemy?

“Divine alchemy is the art of transmutation, the application of spiritual consciousness to physical form, so profound that an entirely new form evolves. It is irreversible change. It is the coal transformed into the diamond, the lead of sleeping matter, awakened, into the radiant gold of consciousness.

What are the 580 elements in little alchemy?


  • Acid Rain.
  • Air.
  • Airplane.
  • Alarm Clock.
  • Alcohol.
  • Algae.
  • Alien.
  • Allergy.

    How to make soil in Little alchemy 2?

    Then you see below what to do with Little Alchemy 2 Soil element on any web-browser, Apple devices, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows devices, Google Chrome or other and where Soil uses. Shortly speaking on this page provides to you Little Alchemy 2 Soil cheats and guide.

    How to make bacteria in Little alchemy guide?

    Here is a step by step guide to make bacteria in little Alchemy. 1 Air + Fire = Energy. 2 Earth + Water = Mud. 3 Air + Water = Rain. 4 Earth + Rain = Plant. 5 Mud + Plant = Swamp. 6 Energy + Swamp = Life.

    How to calculate the energy of water in Little alchemy?

    1 fire + fire = energy 2 water + water = puddle 3 puddle + water = pond 4 pond + water = lake 5 lake + water = sea 6 earth + sea = primordial soup 7 energy + primordial soup = life 8 earth + life = soil

    Where can I find cheats for little alchemy?

    @GambleDude – Everything Little Alchemy. The GambleDude channel is dedicated to Little Alchemy, the casual game for iOS, Android, and Chrome browser. Here you find cheats for versions 1 and 2 of the game.

    How to make a Sun in Little alchemy?

    Walkthrough for Sun in Little Alchemy fire + water = steam air + steam = cloud air + cloud = sky fire + sky = Sun

    How can I make sand on Little alchemy?

    fire = lava

  • lava = stone
  • stone = sand

    How to make time in Little alchemy?

    Here is the Quick Walk-through For Make Time in Little Alchemy: Earth and Fire = Lava Air and Lava = Stone Air and Stone = Sand Fire and Sand = Glass Glass + Sand = Time

    How to make stuff in Little alchemy?

    Drag “air” onto the playing board. You’ll find the air icon at the top of the menu that’s on the right side of Little Alchemy.

  • which is represented by the equation for energy.
  • Leave the “energy” item on the board.
  • Create the “mud” item.
  • Create the “rain” item.

Little Alchemy 2 is a popular new game and a sequel to Little Alchemy. In the game, you are tasked with combining elements to spawn new creations. The goal is to combine new elements to eventually unlock every object available. In this guide, we outline the combination path you must take to make a Sugar.

For simplicity's sake, we're going to break this down into two separate parts: All the combinations you can use to make a Sugar and the most direct path to making Sugar from the beginning of the game.

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Sugar Combinations

The following list shows you all the possible combinations you can use to make Sugar.

  • Fire + Juice
  • Energy + Juice
  • Energy + Fruit
  • Fire + Fruit
  • Fire + Alcohol
  • Energy + Alcohol
  • Fire + Beer
  • Energy + Beer
  • Fire + Wine
  • Energy + Wine

Combination Path

The following list outlines the most direct combination path to make Sugar.

  1. Energy: Fire + Fire
  2. Puddle: Water + Water
  3. Pond: Puddle + Puddle
  4. Lake: Pond + Pond
  5. Land: Earth + Earth
  6. Continent: Land + Land
  7. Planet: Continent + Continent
  8. Atmosphere: Air + Planet
  9. Cloud: Atmosphere + Water
  10. Lightning: Cloud + Energy
  11. Life: Lightning + Lake
  12. Soil: Life + Earth
  13. Plant: Life + Soil
  14. Lava: Fire + Earth
  15. Stone: Air + Lava
  16. Metal: Stone + Fire
  17. Plow: Earth + Metal
  18. Field: Plow + Land
  19. Vegetable: Field + Plant
  20. Juice: Vegetable + Water
  21. Sugar: Fire + Juice

Once you follow the steps above, you've got Sugar. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Confused on how to make other items in the game? Check out our quick guide on How to Make Grass in Little Alchemy 2!

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How to Make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

Earth is the only planet within the solar system currently known to have the capability of supporting complex life. The reason? It has a unique combination of specific elements and conditions related to its distance from the Sun, the amount of liquid water on the surface, and other factors. 

Plants are one example of complex life on Earth, which is why “Little Alchemy 2” doesn’t allow you to throw together a few basic elements like Earth and Water to make the Plant element. Instead, you’re given 10 different methods to explore in the game:

1. Give Life to the World

Plants are living things, which means that they can’t exist without life. Scientists believe that one-way life might have originally started on Earth is in bodies of water from a combination of certain chemicals and one or more transformative energy sources.

As a result, one of the ways to make the Plant element in “Little Alchemy 2” is to start by creating the Life element. 

You can quickly create Life using combinations of water-based elements like Lake, Sea, or Ocean with elements of power like Lightning.

If you don’t already have Lake, Sea, or Ocean, perform these combinations:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Puddle = Pond
  • Pond + Pond = Lake
  • Lake + Lake = Sea
  • Sea + Sea = Ocean

If you don’t have the Lightning element, perform these combinations:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud
  • Cloud + Cloud = Storm
  • Storm + Land = Lightning

The Lightning element icon is a golden lightning bolt and the words “When clouds try to be flashy.”

Now that you have these elements, drag and drop Lightning on Lake, Sea or Ocean. The Life icon, an image of colorful DNA, RNA, and “It finds a way,” pop up on the screen.

2. Add Life to the Soil

Once you have the Life element, you need it to combine it with a plant-related element. You might think that the obvious answer is the Seed element. Yet, not every plant comes from a seed. You actually need a Plant to make the Seed element. 

Soil is the only element that you can use with Life to make Plant. Before you can proceed, you need to make Soil, which also requires the Life element:

The Soil icon appears onscreen as two-toned, speckled dirt plopped onto the ground with the words “The organic scalp of the Earth where plants, not hair, grows.”

Now that you have Soil, you can drop Life on it to make Plant. A stem with two leaves and the words “The original solar-powered organism” pop up on the screen.

3. Alternative Methods for Making Plant

You can only make a Plant in “Little Alchemy 2” by combining elements that are related somehow to plants in the real world. For example, you can combine the plant-related Tree with the idea of Small or Grass with Big.

Yet, in each of these cases, you must already have Plant and idea-based elements that you acquire later in the game. You can also make a Plant by combining Algae with Earth or Land or Seed with Earth, Land, Soil, or Water, but you again need the Plant element to make these types of plants first.

The remaining options involve using your newly collected Soil element. You can combine it with your new Life element. You can also combine it with the Rain element. If you don’t already have Rain, combine the following elements:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud
  • Cloud + Water = Rain

When you create Rain, a rain cloud with “Tears of the clouds” pops up onscreen.

What Grows From Plant in “Little Alchemy 2”?

Although plants make the surface of the world more interesting and beautiful, they do more than provide decorative enjoyment. Plants are critical to the continuation of life on Earth.

Without plants, humans and a lot of other life forms would die because they wouldn’t have enough oxygen to breathe since plants absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen back into it. 

A variety of plants, including many fruits and vegetables, provide nutritious meals to animals. If our planet didn’t have plants, fruit and vegetable gardens also wouldn’t exist or the agricultural farmers needed to grow these plants as food for the masses.

Without plants, cats would never enjoy catnip, squirrels would never climb trees, and children and adults would never know the joy of carving a pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern. 

In “Little Alchemy 2,” you can directly make more than 30 additional elements from Plant:

  • Plant + Night = Carbon Dioxide
  • Plant + Carbon Dioxide = Oxygen
  • Plant + Sun = Oxygen & Sunflower
  • Plant + Dawn = Dew
  • Plant + Fog = Dew
  • Plant + Water = Algae
  • Plant + Lake = Seaweed
  • Plant + Sea = Seaweed
  • Plant + Ocean = Seaweed
  • Plant + Cat = Catnip
  • Plant + Earth = Grass
  • Plant + Land = Grass
  • Plant + Boulder = Moss
  • Plant + Rock = Moss
  • Plant + Stone = Moss
  • Plant + Swamp = Peat & Reed
  • Plant + Puddle = Reed
  • Plant + Pond = Reed
  • Plant + River = Reed
  • Plant + Big = Tree
  • Plant + Time = Tree
  • Plant + Wood = Tree
  • Plant + Tree = Forest
  • Plant + Dust = Pollen
  • Plant + Wind = Pollen
  • Plant + Pollen = Seed
  • Plant + Desert = Cactus
  • Plant + Sand = Cactus
  • Plant + Cloud = Cotton
  • Plant + Sheep = Cotton
  • Plant + Fabric = Cotton
  • Plant + Thread = Cotton
  • Plant + Wool = Cotton
  • Plant + Human = Farmer
  • Plant + Farmer = Vegetable
  • Plant + Field = Vegetable
  • Plant + Domestication = Vegetable
  • Plant + Fruit = Fruit Tree
  • Plant + Jack-O-Lantern = Pumpkin
  • Plant + Mouse = Squirrel
  • Plant + Flower = Garden
  • Plant + Grass = Garden
  • Plant + House = Garden
  • Plant + Lawn = Garden
  • Plant + Garden = Flower
  • Plant + Rainbow = Flower
  • Plant + Double Rainbow! = Flower
  • Plant + Blade = Rose
  • Plant + Love = Rose
  • Plant + Fence = Hedge
  • Plant + Wall = Hedge & Ivy
  • Plant + Bottle = Vase
  • Plant + Pottery = Vase
  • Plant + Aquarium = Greenhouse
  • Plant + Container = Greenhouse
  • Plant + Glass = Greenhouse
  • Plant + Fire = Ash & Smoke & Tobacco
  • Plant + Smoke = Tobacco
  • Plant + Deity = Green Man

Explore a Cornucopia of Plants

As you have seen, the Earth is teeming with plants and things associated with them. In “Little Alchemy 2,” the list of elements associated with plants doesn’t end with the ones outlined above.

You can discover and collect many more plant-related elements. With grass, for example, your collection can grow to include Ant, Carrot, Cow, Fence, Hay, Lawn, Lawn Mower, Park, Picnic, Scythe, and Wheat.

If you explore Tree, you can discover dozens of related elements, including Bonsai Tree, Christmas Tree, Family Tree, Fruit, Leaf, Nuts, Sap, Wood, Nest, Palm, Swamp, Ash, Charcoal, Smoke, Monkey, Sloth, Woodpecker, Dam, Beehive, Treehouse and Lumberjack.

You can even find the Norse sacred tree of life and the universe known as Yggdrasil and the Greek tree spirit called the Dryad.

How to make ALL SPORTS in Little Alchemy

How to make Land in Little Alchemy 2

Welcome to our Little Alchemy 2 Cheats Guide on How to make Land in Little Alchemy 2. Directly below you will see every step to making Land from the 4 base items. No more clicking around sites or scrolling to actually make what you want right now, novel right?

Table of Contents

How to make Land in Little Alchemy 2 from scratch

There is 1 step to make Land from scratch. You’re able to start from Step 1 if you are new and getting started in Little Alchemy 2. If you have made some of the items within these steps already, you are able to pick up from whereever you are at in your Little Alchemy 2 journey.

  1. Earth and Earth = Land

So there you have it. Simples.

If you are new to the game and would like further details or you’re sharing this with a friend who is just starting our, we do go into more detail below which may be helpful.

The following sections will guide you through in more detail if you require it. Where items in the steps have been previous created and posted before, we’ll simply provide the links by section to the post and you can open them up on other tabs.

Whether full details have been provided or a combination of details and links have been provided, you will have step by step details of creating each item with screenshots for every step.

How to make Land in Little Alchemy 2

Assuming you are already in the game:

Step 1 – Select EARTH from the Elements panel and drag it on the playing board

Step 2 – SelectEARTHfrom the Elements panel and drop it on the EARTH which you already placed on the playing board in step 1.

How to make land in little alchemy 2

Congratualtions, you have completely all the detailed steps on How to make Land in Little Alchemy 2.

Now you have made Land in Little Alchemy 2, you may like to visit the link below (if we’ve got to it) to see what Land is used in making to expand your item set:

How to make Electricity in Little Alchemy 2

If this was helpful please like, share this around with your friends and family or send us an email so we can all have fun together!


Land little alchemy

Little Alchemy Wiki Guide

Tip: Vegetation Gets You Going

Combine rain (air and water) and earth to produce the plant option, which expands your choices significantly. You can combine plants creatively to produce ponds, swamps, and gardens, for starters.

Little Alchemy Tip: Experiment Freely

There are more than 500 available combinations, and no penalty for exploring whatever notion might occur to you. Some interesting combinations result from the mixing of obvious components found in the world around you. Some results are fairly abstract, such as time itself. If all else fails, just try random combinations until you get something new and exciting. Before you know it, you'll open all sorts of new pathways to success.

Little Alchemy Tip: Is This Just Fantasy?

Most of the in-game achievements relate to the total number of combinations you have found, but there is one exception. To unlock the "Is This Just Fantasy" achievement, combine a ring (which is made by mixing a diamond and metal) with a volcano (which is created when you mix lava with earth. Apparently, someone likes a bit of Middle-earth on the side.

How to make PLANT in Little Alchemy 2

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