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Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White

Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White,Electrical Switch White Bryant Electric RS115ILW,Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White - Wall Light Switches -,Online Best choice,Good product low price,Cheap Price with Best Quality, Easy Return. Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White Bryant

Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White

Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White
Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White
Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White
Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White
Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White

Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White

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Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White

Bryant Electric RS115ILW Electrical Switch White - Wall Light Switches -,Online Best choice,Good product low price,Cheap Price with Best Quality, Easy Return.

Bryant Electric Company

The Bryant Electric Company was a manufacturer of wiring devices, electrical components, and switches founded in 1888 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States. It grew to become for a time both the world's largest plant devoted to the manufacture of wiring devices and Bridgeport's largest employer and was involved in a number of notable strikes, before being closed in 1988 and having its remaining interests sold to Hubbell in 1991.[1][2]

Founding and growth[edit]

Bryant was founded by Waldo Calvin Bryant in 1888 (incorporated 1889) in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with seven employees working in a loft on John Street in Bridgeport. Waldo Bryant and others at Bryant invented and patented a number of switch and electrical component designs, including "the first push-pull switch".[3][4][5] Although responsible for more than 500 patents by 1935, Bryant's most significant contribution to the wiring devices industry was the idea of standardization. For example, in 1888 there were eight different types of electrical light bases. Bryant led the industry to accept standardized devices.[6]

Bryant grew quickly and, in 1890, acquired the Standard Electric Time Company and Empire China Works.[6] In 1891, Bryant relocated to a former school building owned by P. T. Barnum off State Street and, by 1905, employed 700 people.[7] Perkins Electric Switch Company was acquired in 1899, with the employees and plant relocating to Bridgeport. Waldo Bryant needed more capital for expansion and sold the majority interest to Westinghouse Electric in 1901, though he continued to run the company as the Bryant Electric subsidiary of Westinghouse until 1927. One reason for downplaying the Westinghouse ownership was to keep Bryant distributors who had exclusive franchises to sell products of Westinghouse's competitors from dropping the Bryant line.[6][8]

For a time, Bryant was Bridgeport's largest employer and, by 1912, its 200,000-square-foot (19,000 m2) plant in Bridgeport's West End was the largest in the world "devoted exclusively to the manufacture of wiring devices". As electrical components began to be made with plastic, Bryant acquired Hemco Plastics Company in 1928.[6] By that year, Bryant was selling over 4,000 different products.[3][9] By 1938, the plant had grown to 500,000 square feet (46,000 m2) and employed 1,537 people, increased to 1,600 in 1946.[6]

Labor relations[edit]

Bryant Electric workers - 1894

At the time of Bryant's founding and rapid growth Bridgeport's West End was a dense, congested working-class neighborhood and a large population of mostly Hungarian immigrants, as well as Swedes, Slovenians and French Canadians, lived to the south of the industrial zone where Bryant was located. Subsequently, a large number of Hungarians were employed by the company in its early days. In 1944, in an effort to maintain good relations with its Hungarian employees, Bryant transferred a strip of land to the Hungarian Reformed Church to be used for construction of a basketball court, gymnasium and auditorium.[6]

Workers at the Bryant plant were involved in a number of notable strikes over the years, including a 1915 strike when a number of Bridgeport companies were closed down amid demands for union representation and an eight-hour day[10] and a 1955 United Electrical Workers strike over working conditions and pay.[11][12]

1915 strike[edit]

While thousands took part in the Bridgeport strikes of 1915, few were actually union members and many were women who had been denied membership in craft unions. The Bryant Electric strike was started by five hundred women assemblers and a handful of men who walked off the job on August 20, marched downtown for a mass meeting at Eagle's Hall and elected a strike committee with equal representation for women. The company responded by shutting the plant and charging the strikers with "rioting." The remaining two thirds of the plant joined the strikers and after two weeks the company acceded to the workers' demands for an eight-hour day, overtime pay and union representation.[13][14][15]

Deindustrialization and plant closing[edit]

As part of a larger process of regional deindustrialization, Westinghouse shut down the Bryant Electric plant in 1988 after transferring most of the work to non-union plants in North Carolina, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.[6][12][16] The closing exacerbated the neighborhood's already bleak economic situation. Westinghouse sold its remaining interests in Bryant Electric to Hubbell Incorporated in 1991.[17] Bryant's 20-building, 6-acre (24,000 m2) site in Bridgeport's West End was torn down in 1996 to make way for a new industrial park.[6][9]

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  • Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) No. CT-155, "Bryant Electric Company, 1421 State Street, Bridgeport, Fairfield County, CT", 33 photos, 29 data pages, 5 photo caption pages
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Bryant Low Voltage Lighting

Both Bryant Uniline and mini rocker low voltage systems are compatible with GE parts, so use any GE switch, relay, or transformer to replace parts.

Replace discontinued Bryant system with GE low voltage parts.

Bryant Rocker Switches - If you need wall plates for Bryant's standard rocker switches, they fit GE's old style switch plates.

Bryant Uniline Trigger Switches - If you have a low voltage Bryant Uniline system with thumb shaped trigger switches that fit into small rounded openings, replacement switches and light switch covers are still manufactured and can be found under the Sierra Despard section.

Replacement Bryant Switches from GE - If you want to update your parts - whether rocker or trigger - they may be replaced with any of these 10 styles of new GE switches and these wall switch plates which are compatible with both styles of low voltage switches. A few popular choices are listed below.

Replacement Bryant Relays & Transformers from GE - Use any of the GE remote control relays such as the RR7 standard relay and the RR9 pilot light relay, as well as the RT1 GE transformers. See the GE low voltage relay page for additional styles, transformers, and other items. 

Vintage Bakelite Wall Plates - Bryant Electric of Bridgeport, Connecticut, produced beautiful Art Deco Bakelite switch plates as well as more contemporary ribbed light switch covers for their Uniline series. While those vintage wall plates are no longer manufactured, the confirgurations are still available and feature updated metal finishes and colors. If you are looking for replacements, see Art Deco light switch covers or Despard wall plates for attractive alternatives.


Original Low Voltage Bryant Light Switches
Replacement Low Voltage Bryant Light Switch


Note: Original Bryant switches are not compatible with the New Style plates & the new replacement switches (made by GE) are not compatible with Original Style plates (this includes your original Byrant switch plates).

Bryant Uniline Low Voltage Parts

Fix a Stuck Bryant Switch:

Upgrade to Modern Touch Plate Lighting:

Tips for Replacing Bryant with Touch Plate Lighting width=

You must replace every Bryant switch with 2 Touch Plate buttons - one will be an "on" button and the other will be the "off" button. Learn more about replacing Bryant with Touch Plate (and purchase lighting controls) at the bottom of the Touch Plate Lighting page here.

Combining Line Voltage & Low Voltage

Divided Box for Line & Low Voltage

You can have line voltage and low voltage devices wired into the same electrical box as long as there's a divider between the two.


Thread: Bryant Light switches

Back then virtually all the major brands had their own low voltage lighting system.

Safety was not an issue, however, over time, durability and reliability becomes a problem because most (in not all) of those low voltage relays are obsolete, making replacements difficult to find.

Re-wiring becomes a problem as the lights were connected to 120 volt circuits, but there were no conventional switch legs run to the switches, just low voltage wiring. I installed many of those systems with my dad back in the '60s. By the '80s relays were getting hard to find, thus here we are 20 years later - so I'm guessing they are even harder to find (of course, though, now we have the internet to help find them and buy them, so it may actually be easier to find them now???)

Jerry Peck
Construction Litigation Consultant - Retired


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